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  • BigJnWorldWide ·
    Ever thought of a pad with lighter dust. I know the EBC green stuffs have a light grey dust as well as the AEM pads. A quick wipe once a week should keep Em clean. I'd almost trade you straight up for my blades. I'm wanting a 14" wheel anyways. Sounds crazy right?
    BigJnWorldWide ·
    I did my GSR blades in black with an R-81 lip with OEM touch up pen. My next set was gonna be exactly what you did......if I can find a set of Hx wheels that is.
    Pata ·
    don't worry bout that. I'm sure you will have no problem finding another cutie out there :TU: getting good at drinking? Well then when you're drunk, find a random chick and ram the shit out of her lol.
    Nasty_Canasta ·
    Life's been pretty good, man. How's Hawaii?

    I haven't been doing a lot of riding. Sucks. I am, however, in the process of
    restoring a 1987 Dyno Compe. I got all the parts to restore it to a Team Model
    with the old school 3 piece crank and high end GT parts. Prepping the F&F for
    paint at the moment. What's the last thing you did on your bike that blew your
    mind? Might give me some inspiration to get off my lazy ass and get my lungs
    back in shape.
    Khnemu ·
    Shittttt... I was giving out rep to a bunch of people, I must have not checked approve. Is there any way to change it?
    Nasty_Canasta ·
    Right on. ECU and a tune is next for me. Then suspension. I know what you mean
    about the noise. I had a crack in my stock exhaust manifold and it was loud as
    fuck. Not good loud either. The kind of loud that annoys the piss out of you. :)
    andrewknoll523 ·
    no its not its retards that put a body kit on and leave it primer and not symetrical and have no motor work dne and a big fart can or alot of nos stickers and seat covers o and dnt forget the street glow stickers just a good clean bodykit painted does not look bad
    Nasty_Canasta ·
    Sheeeeeiiiiit. I used to buy from Dan's all the time. I saw an ad for them a couple
    years ago but wasn't sure if they were still around. Yeah, I need to hit Albe's
    in a couple days. All my boys used to work there but most of them have moved
    on. Still might be able to get the hook-up. If not, I can check out bikes there
    and then order one cheaper. What was cool about having my friends there is
    that you could check out and actually ride new shit before you just ordered it
    up or bought it.
    Nasty_Canasta ·
    Gotta wait till October to hook up with a new school bike. That's when I get my chunk of extra change. Need you to help me out. I decided I want to ride something light but strong. I'm gonna start riding brakeless when I get slow transition. The bike will be weird enough for me anyway. Like a completely different animal. So I may as well tear any brakes off that come with it. I've built tons of bikes up..but I think I need to buy something complete and then start replacing shit as I figure out what I like and don't like about them.
    Nasty_Canasta ·
    All mine are bent except the Odyssey Excaliburs on my bike now. Sucks. I'd love to help a rider out. He should go 3 piece. I sold my good 3 piece set a while back and now I regret it.
    slo_eg8 ·
    92-00 HONDA CIVIC EX BBP HEADER+CATBACK EXHAUST 2DR 4DR:eBay Motors (item 360175163906 end time Aug-27-09 14:31:37 PDT)
    Nasty_Canasta ·
    Sometimes Photoshop just HATES certain computers. What version are you running? I run a well tuned, older computer ( '03 Dell) and I've found that newer versions of Photoshop hate it. I'm running the under rated "Photoshop 7" with all the goodies and it runs real smooth. When I had CS2 on this thing, it was about to crash all the time.

    I just did my garage (the storage side)..sucked in 70 degree weather! You couldn't pay me to do shit right now. I'm about to go scare the neighbor kids out of their Kiddie Pool and take that bitch over. Get some cans of beer floating in there and relax.
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