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  • 88-ED9 ·
    yo man im new and i dont know how to make a forum for a question i would appreciate any help or advice
    boosted brit ·
    Hey nice work on the motor that thing looks like it hauls ass.
    I hope you dont mind if I bug you a bit, Is there a reason you used a external wastegate instead of the 16g's internal? Also do you have anymore engine shots just so I can see where you ran the water lines and such, I was thinking of using the stock waste gate and a dumped o2 housing.
    Thanks for your time :)
    oemeg4UK ·
    Hey buddy flange arrived to day mega happy..bit gutted as i got stung 20 dollars on import fees but what the hey im over the moon with the flange! your a top man, how do i rep you using i trader bro?
    oemeg4UK ·
    hey dude, i dont suppose you could put together a ramhorn set up for me i could buy from you-all the piping?? minus the fab work etc?? its just i think im going to get burnt on import tax etc on these only after the piping-no flanges or collector..obviously id pay you extra for doing this its just you obviously know what your doing interms of what bits il need and what grade stainless etc..dont worry if you think im being a cheeky noob i was just curious as you said you had access to these parts ) thanks all the same dude looking forward to recieving the header flange :)
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