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  • Egwhite ·
    Hey man do you happen to have a place to rent out for like a month by chance? Just got here from TX & im job & housing hunting & dont want to sign a lease until i find a job and live in that area.
    Egwhite ·
    So you live on a military base?

    Btw i saw you were interested in meets.
    Sunday nights: Hwy 225 & Tamarac @ the Sonic
    Sunday night if not at Tamarac I think they got kicked out: I-25 & S. Colorado Blvd. @ Barnes & Noble
    Friday: Federal & 92nd in Westminster north of 92nd about 1/4 mile @ the Sonic
    IF not there they went to: 120th & Washington. Its far east of federal. Past I-25 by like 5miles id say. @ King soopers.

    I know of some other ones but dont know if they got moved or what have yo
    ©urbow ·
    lol, yea thats my ride! and thanks man. I drove up with there with a buddy (the red colbalt SS) for that "meet" that got reschedule at the last min. I seen a few red civics there while i was there... well, 2. Any destination things about your car?
    Egwhite ·
    You rent a place from someone or own your own? Looking to move back to the denver area. IDk about aurora though lol just curious
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