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: Forced Induction

  1. 5862 or 6262?
  2. Reusing OEM headstuds
  3. Camshaft Selection - Bisi 2.4 or 3.6
  4. Divided housings
  5. exhaust Q
  6. Need help using JRSC D16y8 on a D16Z6. Anyone have the D16Z6 4 rib pulley?
  7. Questions about my setup
  8. yonaka exhuast for boost?
  9. Freshly built motor, oil pressure won't raise above 20psi! Help please
  10. passenger side bumper exit exhausts
  11. an itch that needs scratched
  12. Car hits the wall....
  13. specs on a b7 z6 mini me
  14. Suggestion... Tuning thread
  15. Boost control. 4 port fault ?
  16. SVO t3 .60/.63ar turbo.
  17. PTE turbo question
  18. Good small turbo??
  19. no intercooler w/ intercooler difference
  20. 6262 turbo on ebay
  21. Can i use my stock injector to get to the dyno ?
  22. d15 mini me (z6) turbo advice
  23. Intake manifold
  24. Mount's now or later
  25. prefabbed turbo oil pan?
  26. Learning to read compressor maps/pick right turbo for build
  27. quick/small turbo ideas
  28. Spinning BOV
  29. Question about head gasket problem
  30. Piston Slap??
  31. Stock rods max torque capability
  32. A/C friendly manifold questions.
  33. whats a good turbo for a JDM D15B
  34. EMUSA kit oil feed touching manifold
  35. twin info if anyone know's
  36. fuel cut out when building boost?
  37. Outrageous or mild?
  38. Few questions "twin charging"
  39. how much psi on my d16z6 stock with S14a Ballbearing turbo
  40. how much boost on a stock engine but tuned
  41. thinking of turboing my y7 but what ecu?
  42. [email protected]
  43. turbo for 500whp
  44. Coolant problem turbo d16y8
  45. stand alone or piggy back?
  46. Ditch the piggy back or not?
  47. What Can go wrong now
  48. supercharger?
  49. Turbo ident again ;)
  50. problem found, new problem awaits
  51. Keep cracking ringlands/push coolant
  52. Percision 5558
  53. What radiator to use?
  54. D15B7 mini me with boost
  55. Legit rebuild kits for TD05H Turbo
  56. Intercooler to fit in stock bumper
  57. Time to upgrade
  58. Reuilding turbo with ebay rebuild kit
  59. NEED help on my build!
  60. Ams gt850r
  61. NO IACV or Fast IACV
  62. Apexi Boost Solenoid on Greddy boost controller?
  63. heat wrap really work for spool time?
  64. Re-tune Question
  65. ??? Timing trouble with mini-me turbo not starting????
  66. d15b block with d16y8 head
  67. Sohc zc non vtec tuning question please help
  68. T3 flange dimension help
  69. bseries with cast manifold Q's
  70. Turbocharged twin engine CRX build
  71. help? weiredness.
  72. turbo setup
  73. intercooler sizing question
  74. D15b7/Y8 mini me turbo max safe output?
  75. Ever used a t25 on a stock ls?
  76. 50shot to spool turbo
  77. WTF?!? F a Greddy turbo outlet!!
  78. weird AFR problem...
  79. need help! major blowby issue now with my new catch can setup
  80. What amount of timing on a d16y8?
  81. d15a1 is the a turbo manifold
  82. RX7 high imp 550cc injectors (red/purp top) any experience??
  83. BOV not working???
  84. Supercharged Questions
  85. Edelbrock turbo kit or something similar?
  86. New turbo...
  87. DSM 450's or RC's 440's
  88. Vitara build on NA
  89. Help making a build list???
  90. JRSC header
  91. Parts?
  92. Dare not to forget my name
  93. Starting to collect parts for first turbo . . .
  94. Cheap Reliable and kinda fast. Lol
  95. adjustable camgears for ds
  96. 3stage vtec s/c build
  97. 350-400whp what MM wastgate to take ??
  98. ebay turbo worth it?
  99. my mini-me build
  100. ARP headstuds question
  101. Odd compression readings
  102. What to put in my head ??
  103. Budget build? z6
  104. JRSC Injectors
  105. nitrous on 2000 si opinions
  106. light boost??? bone stock
  107. Iacv delete Q's
  108. Need some advice on a setup for my D
  109. high boost little power gains wtf
  110. overheating?
  111. Precision 6262
  112. cranks wont start
  113. D16Y8 Build Help
  114. BUDGET fuel delivery/tuning for low boost
  115. JSRC for D16Y8 Questions??
  116. low compression vitara piston
  117. healthy exhaust gas temperature
  118. Did everyone use the Siemens injectors?
  119. bisi 2.4 cam and adjustable camgear
  120. What garrett should i take ??
  121. limitations of stock CR-X fuel lines
  122. Holset H2E
  123. The "safe" turbo build
  124. Sell JRSC to buy a turbo kit?
  125. Keep AC or use smaller intercooler?
  126. Changed A/C on my 94 civic to a 99 integer
  127. Expert input needed from the d series masters.
  128. Name that turbo!... again
  129. Turbo fitment problem
  130. no boost after injector install wtf
  131. Y7/y8 on 10psi questions
  132. CARB turbo kit, passing smog with ECU and stock injectors possible?
  133. 14b turbo adaptor plate question?
  134. stuttering/hesitation through boost
  135. Name that turbo!
  136. z6 head rebuild/boost
  137. Car runs crappy sometimes
  138. hard starting after warm 1000 cc id
  139. Question about my build
  140. crx dx b20vtec turbo
  141. Anybody running any greddy intercoolers on there y8 setup?
  142. need help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  143. anyone run precision injectors fitment issues
  144. going a different turbo route
  145. how to modify EG/DC pump into EF?
  146. Boosting my Bone Stock D15b7 need HELP !!!
  147. d16y8 Experience
  148. first turbo build
  149. high output ignition coil d16z6 dizzy
  150. THIS is the future of spooling turbos:
  151. First build
  152. Turbonetics turbo identification help
  153. I need some advice.. please
  154. d14a4 trubo help
  155. Compresor O-ring
  156. Spark plugs
  157. Rebuilding a D16y8 and going to boost need help
  158. blows oil while in boost
  159. sc12 supercharger will it work
  160. Converting my downpipe to Vband.
  161. Decisions....
  162. boost gauge
  163. gasket help asap
  164. i'm back
  165. Running only 3psi, what gives??
  166. Vaccum lines.
  167. Eaton M45 oil change
  168. stock injectors and pump bad?? z6 t3t4
  169. I need NGK 7s help!
  170. How Much Boost Can You Run On Crome
  171. Hitting up the dyno today
  172. Over heating issue.. WTF!
  173. D16Y7 turbo but still OBDII
  174. Fuel pressure
  175. b15b pistons and rods
  176. twin scroll cylinder match Q, link to site
  177. HELP!
  178. Pistons any good? how much hp can they hold?
  179. DSM intercooler sensor?
  180. Ring end gap
  181. d16z6 jrsc help
  182. catch can? maybe im thinking differently
  183. car hits wall at 5psi boost
  184. Full out d16z6 build for jrsc?
  185. D16y8 ex turbo build questions
  186. turbo d16! help!
  187. D-series Members Stock block builds
  188. 2mm/ .080" headgasket
  189. Turbo leaking oil from...everywhere.
  190. Is this piston reusable?
  191. blew my turbo, Ready for round 2.
  192. d15b7 turbo build
  193. Decrease spool time
  194. Skunk2 Intake
  195. Video of D15b, LS Viata 1.2 bar
  196. 400 hp on stock head
  197. my friends set up we installed today. k04 z6.
  198. Car keeps breaking turbos
  199. oil weight and brand
  200. Edelbrock Secondary Rail (Fittings)
  201. Breaking up in 3rd
  202. y8 head or aftermarket cam?
  203. bone stock d16z6 goin' turbo
  204. internal wastegate actuators
  205. Pushing coolant slightly after new headgasket
  206. boost increased but power stop increasing
  207. Vtec oil leak
  208. Need help d16y5 cvt turbo build
  209. Kteller Greddy downpipe
  210. Help!! Unknown black box in engine bay..
  211. What heat range plug for b7 on 12 lbs?
  212. BOV placement (another old write up)
  213. Understanding Intercooler Efficiency
  214. How to read compressor maps, and size up a turbo.
  215. Boost gauges
  216. Who has a JRSC installed on a 96-98 civic?
  217. Dilemma jrsc, calling all jrsc members
  218. compression/leak down test, delta272-2
  219. help Hondata Map
  220. bisi 2.4 cam with supertech Valves and springs?
  221. Project "La Civica" is going to the track.
  222. Batmowheel or percison 6262 or 6265 (I think)
  223. Water Meth + 93 i/o Race Gas/E85
  224. ODD vitara build troubles..HELP
  225. Any one have any experiance with the HKS GT SS Turbo,,,
  226. Compression test results. To boost or not.
  227. wastegate probs
  228. How does Skweekz's motor sound to you guys??
  229. Wiring wideband o2 with hondata s300
  230. Is teh turbo wagon build!
  231. Dynomax super turbo muffler question about the sound ?
  232. Edelbrock intercooler - noob moment
  233. injector for turbo
  234. Max RPM Redline?
  235. Turbo placements
  236. Wanting a new set up..
  237. Adjustable cam gear
  238. Compressor Surge
  239. Question about a cooler thermostat
  240. new to website, need help chipping a ecu
  241. Help me indentify a map sensor
  242. intercooler piping size?
  243. headgasket/piston woes.
  244. obd 1 wanting to run low impedence injectors
  245. 2Step Question
  246. Smoke Problem Found, How To Fix?
  247. gt4294r on a d?
  248. Wiring dsm injector clips.
  249. crazy compression
  250. y7 build, couple questions