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: Forced Induction

  1. Turbo build Rough idle when warmed.
  2. To cam or not to cam
  3. Anyone ever seen this happen?
  4. Fitting an hx35 under a crx hood?
  5. Dyno Advice - Built Engine
  6. deciding engines to boost!
  7. Pic of Holset ON a LOG Manifold.
  8. oil T for turbo feed fitting
  9. Oil Pressure vs Viscosity
  10. new to nitrous
  11. running too rich?
  12. Godspeed or CXRacing Turbo Kit
  13. Garrett Turbo
  14. exhausted my resources.....
  15. Need setup advice please
  16. Change in Vtec Switch point NA vs Turbo
  17. WG Recirculated or No?
  18. boosted d16z6
  19. Turbo'd b18b advice
  20. t3 .60/.63 Will 20+ psi be bad for it?
  21. IATs on your turbo builds.
  22. Basemap help, afr,timing
  23. can someone learn me on upgrading turbo internals..
  24. To turbo d15b7 or not
  25. Vortech Super Chargers anybody got exp ?
  26. Mini me turbo psa!
  27. Bov noise threw turbo inlet???
  28. Ball on my piston???
  29. Need help with turbo setup
  30. Stock gap of 0.044 good for turbo?
  31. Girlfriend borrowed car, put 87 octane in, what to do
  32. First Time Build- Could Use Some Guidance
  33. D16 Skunk2 Manifold and 70mm Throttle to Much???
  34. Vitara/Rod combos?
  35. is this vacuum suitable for bov?
  36. External Wastegate for T25?
  37. E85 Questions
  38. what do you suggest i do for my PVC outlet on the VC?
  39. Boosted z6 acting strange
  40. Lean on Boost
  41. Stuck Wastegate and turbo question
  42. Precision Turbo
  43. Stock Honda Exhaust mani for Turbo.
  44. Intercooler, is 3" width overkill? Is center in/out best?
  45. What are the specs of this borg warner?
  46. Couldn't pass up this deal
  47. Buying a Turbo
  48. anyone know of a t25 miniram or ram manifold?
  49. just ordered 8.5:1 wiseco pistons..questions.
  50. Just dropped $1500 in 3 minutes, thats alotta stripper money
  51. d16zc vtec vitara rev limit
  52. Manual boost controller - this one or this one
  53. Intercooler, trust this sellers specs? 21X7X2.75 core good for 350whp?
  54. Spinning Rod Bearings
  55. eagle rods versus scat rods
  56. Doubt about catch can.
  57. d16z6 stock sleeves max power limit??
  58. RallyCross build advice - V2.0
  59. massive blow by?
  60. map sensors
  61. Wideband & o2 sensor install
  62. Intercooler. I need one back door, one side outlet. Not common??
  63. Garrett .60/.63 off a supercoupe, plot nicely??
  64. Stock Clutch/ Catch Can/ Plugs
  65. New dyno!
  66. changing charge piping need to retune?
  67. 1998 ex t3 turbo block question
  68. Turbo and Nitrous. Small Turbo vs Larger Turbo
  69. Hondata S300 Base Map
  70. Good Turbo Related Links.
  71. high comp turbo build? Worth it?
  72. Swap or turbo
  73. What TURBO do i need to hit high 11
  74. td04h from greedy kit. good for what?
  75. 4 bolt turbonetics turbo
  76. Looking for an A/C & P/S Friendly Manifold
  77. My day at the junk yard.
  78. building up a 300-350whp d16y8, need turbo input
  79. putting together d16z6 intake manifold.
  80. Dual Stage Turbo on a D?
  81. Which intake to take ???
  82. Suitible for 200hp build?
  83. Suggest me a turbo for 350HP-400HP
  84. Eagle rods
  85. Front Bumper Options
  86. Stock D15b7 Turbo Setup
  87. SRP D15b pistons - opinions needed please.
  88. Engine Idle Misfire
  89. d15z1 turbo build need help
  90. 42/48 or 60/48 ?
  91. D16Y8 turbo ethanol Vitara custom rods
  92. 97 Del sol
  93. Downpipe to cat
  94. y8 turbo build questions
  95. what are the critical gauges you should have with your FI build?
  96. Exhaust change : AFR
  97. what to do?
  98. the cheapest no frill fleabay turbo kit do you suggest?
  99. Got my Delta 272-2 Yaaa
  100. desperate for help!!!
  101. Did I score a Bigbore T/B on my Z6 mani
  102. got my 10 second pass last night!!!
  103. Should my wastegate look like this?
  104. Vacuum readings with tubo.
  105. Stock sleeve Vitara
  106. Thoughts on this turbo
  107. Turbo Stroker D16?
  108. Valve cover venting, is the oem vent enough? *PIC*
  109. Turbo Water cooling connection
  110. LSD Motorsports Clutch Kits. Which clutch type for daily driver, weekend racer
  111. Finaly went 11's
  112. Mini me turbo build
  113. dohc zc turbo build advice needed
  114. Tunning Help
  115. Some ramblings and questions about selecting a turbo for 1.5
  116. D15z1 stock boost? 5 -6psi will the five wire o2 sensor be good ECU?
  117. piping
  118. Kinugawa Turbo's
  119. Need Help with JRSC for D16y8 on a D16z6
  120. new here
  121. hondata boost controller
  122. Guys using DSM turbos, need your help.
  123. How to set timing on a d16y8? Confused!!!
  124. Whats the proper way? d16y7 w/ Greddy kit
  125. Sohc zc non vtec turbo first timer
  126. Fuel Filter Affecting Tune
  127. What is the best turbo for 200-220 whp.
  128. Little taste of power and now I want more.
  129. Let's try and source this engine noise..round 2
  130. Quick advice from the pros
  131. fjt rods with wiseco pistons
  132. Wastegates. Are the slim knockoffs as reliable as the knockoff tials
  133. Exhaust wrap...thin?
  134. E85 tester
  135. Wich cylinder block? z6, y7,y8?
  136. My Jrsc'd D
  137. aem fpr
  138. D16 turbo in Aus
  139. New Cast Mani design? WG clears hood without elbow?
  140. Z6, PM6, t25 dail driver?
  141. Noob needs help building d15b7 vtec
  142. The truth about turbo camshaft selection.
  143. Help rebuilding a turbo(chosing a wheel size)
  144. flange help
  145. mixture problem after full load acceleration
  146. JRSC 8psi pulley??
  147. eg intercooler piping on ef
  148. first major problem in years overheating boosted y8
  149. hp on stock fuel system with upgraded pumps
  150. Throttle Body size
  151. ran a new personal best tonight!!
  152. What gap to run
  153. carbon fiber intake manifolds
  154. Go-Autoworks cast v2, does the wastegate hit the crx hood?
  155. Any Exp. with Spec-D Tuning.
  156. Oil On Spark Plugs
  157. JRSC and Ignition timing? MAP sensor?
  158. can some one identify this
  159. Tuning... My forever dead end.
  160. High compression + boost ≠ blown motor
  161. Looking for an expert on the IHI Turbo.
  162. Water temp gauge..install
  163. Random no start issue
  164. Just Starting
  165. ignition question
  166. Sinktrap Manifold - big HP for little pesos?
  167. Turbo header
  168. Dump tube question.
  169. dead end clip help
  170. pump gas high boost afr?
  171. I should i go untuned
  172. High Compression turbo
  173. Worth it!?!?!?!
  174. Reliable Turbo Oil feed line
  175. Cant decide.Target 350whp.Damaged d16y7.Knowledge needed.
  176. Dam turbo driving me up the wall.
  177. Wideband O2 ( DEPO Racing )
  178. JRSC lower idler tensioner pulley Where to buy?
  179. Turbo Dilema
  180. Head Lift - From cylinder Pressure, not detonation
  181. Turbo Noob - Planning JDM D15b Build
  182. d16y8 capabilites
  183. ARP flywheel bolts..
  184. montero injectors
  185. Ever feel up your Turbo ?
  186. Bone Stock D16y8
  187. turbo coolant lines.
  188. wastegate size and small turbine a/r performance
  189. 450cc DMS blue top injector question (resistor box)
  190. just my luck
  191. Questions pertaining to my Turbo Build.
  192. Couplings
  193. A/F differences between 91 and 93 octane
  194. Need some help with BOV Tuning.
  195. boosted hx couple quick questions
  196. FP red on a d16a6?
  197. na p2p0 custom rods vitara pistons
  198. Opinions on exhaust with catalytic converter
  199. D16Z6 bottom with D15B7 head turbo set up??
  200. Max HP out of 850 injectors?
  201. EP2 Turbo Kit for a D16v1
  202. Mini Ram Warning.
  203. D16A8 aftermarket internals advice required!
  204. injector+fuel rail+stud help
  205. To boost or not to boost that is ?
  206. D15B7
  207. HX35 Questions
  208. z6 lossing oil pressure
  209. Water meth / timing / boost - rule of thumb
  210. D16a6 MiniMe twin scroll setup ?s
  211. DIY - nitrous install
  212. Picked up this b18
  213. Turbo ID Garrett
  214. My real world Twin scroll experience
  215. Rc Engineering 750cc high impedance - Dead times
  216. My built d16 lives!
  217. Another turbo smoke issue
  218. Delta 272-2/bisi cam
  219. Water/Meth injection + IAT
  220. JDM d15b forged rods
  221. Cutting down on under hood temps
  222. Turbo dohc zc
  223. D16Z6 vitara, no turbo, advance timing?
  224. Best place to order arp
  225. Were's my tune going
  226. Vitara off boost
  227. Ss auto chrome
  228. Good Near Complete kit comptaible w/ go-autoworks manifold? help!
  229. Urgently need Edelbrock turbo gurus to chime in
  230. spark plugs gap and redline question
  231. weird AFR problem
  232. d16z6 JRSC on a d16a6
  233. Nos or Water meth Injection?
  234. Good turbo manifold? help
  235. what do you think? plenum design
  236. Which NGK spark plug to use with D16Z6 and JRSC
  237. Thinking of switching to a T3/T04e 40 or 46
  238. boosted and need further info?!
  239. could this work
  240. AMSOIL Signature Series 100% Synthetic 10W-30 Motor Oil, Tell me what you think?
  241. bisimoto level 2.3 vs 2.4
  242. I love taco taco ebay. mini ram?
  243. Quick Help, blown headgasket
  244. brian crower cam?
  245. Skunk2 alpha series rods
  246. Becareful guys ( injector rant )
  247. Oem or Ycp
  248. Hi guys, I want your opinion..
  249. \new head gasket on and a lil worried now/
  250. d16y5 build help