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: Forced Induction

  1. turbo nitrous anything
  2. Is this c/r too low
  3. mini-me y7\y8 with jrsc or y8 engine with jrsc?
  4. check this stuff out!!wtf??
  5. Just saw this on my group buy center email....
  6. hard start since trubo done
  7. Tell me about tuning.....
  8. Tell me about tuning.....
  9. Boosting ZC question
  10. Anybody tried to boost a civic EM2 ?
  11. Has anyone boosted an HX????
  12. Which EMS for my 96 Civic
  13. total newbie to a turbo what do i need to check before turbo
  14. Pics added: Project "mini-money-pit"
  15. y8 turbo
  16. My 95HB Turbo Civic Si
  17. woohoo, i have $5000 to spend on an engine.
  18. turbo rover
  19. Hey Bone got any ideas yet?
  20. OBD2 to OBD1 conversion question
  21. Civic HF Turbo manifold on D16A1 block?
  22. d15b management
  23. boost or juice??
  24. newbie's first post and question
  25. Wow I need some fresh boxers after seeing this.....
  26. HKS turbo manifold questions!!!
  27. T25 on a 1.5L VX block ??????s
  28. z6 and greddy turbo kit, what times?
  29. Okay so I need a little help....
  30. y7 greddy kit on a 92-95 hatch
  31. misfire question
  33. what's the best turbo kit for a d16z6??
  34. WHat should I do with my Y8 "Please be critical"
  35. Electronic boost controllers.
  36. Noob turbo question
  37. D16A6 with greddy turbo
  38. will
  39. what turbo
  40. Howdy, I'm new to
  41. teo4h help
  42. oil pan question
  43. Engine specs.
  44. injector specs for most hondas
  45. d15 turbo setup
  46. board personal issues....
  47. Do you think it would worth it?
  48. quick question for you turbo guys...
  49. spark plugs
  50. anyone on here spraying on pm7 pistons?
  51. Crane stage 3 turbo cam
  52. need things clarified
  53. Oil lines - where do they go?
  54. Total timing advance, discuss!
  55. how much juice?
  56. Does this turbo look busted?
  57. Carbs and boost
  58. Pistons and rods?
  59. Updated pics of my Hatchie, LINK to it!!!
  60. Z6 woes :( Need opinions and help.
  61. Performance Cam in f/i setup bad or good?
  62. Too good to be True? Edelbrock Turbo kit for $400?!?!
  63. pistons and rods
  64. Best complete turbo kit for 92-95 D16Z6?
  65. what you think of this idea
  66. Newb, going to be building my car soon, need a bit of help.
  67. CAI as intercooler piping?????
  68. Bigger injector with FMU
  69. i'm hooked!!!(updated)
  70. nitrous, stock z6
  71. 250whp is the goal, here is my setup, critisizm wanted
  72. how much does vtec add for JRSC engine?
  73. d15z1 turbo??? worth it?
  74. Need some help on building Turbo Z6...
  75. D16Z6 Turbo Question
  76. emange pretuned?
  77. story time....
  78. safest shot?
  79. Oversized TB on FI ?
  80. v-afc and nitrous, good or bad?
  81. hows this setup sound?
  82. whats teh best engine to go turbo with?
  83. Question about blocks
  84. my turbo from this summer
  85. Injectors ?
  86. E-manage & CEL
  88. NEW FORUM! Engine Management! -> CHECK IT OUT!
  89. Spark plugs ?
  90. 8 psi pulley
  92. Greddy kit for 92+ EX will it work on a b7??
  93. d15 sohc vtec jdm engines good for boost
  94. Is this too much boost
  95. lowering the boost level
  96. nice nice setup
  97. How much to sleeve a block
  98. Nitrous questions......
  99. Best clutch for XXX amount of power???
  100. why does d15 seem to have more power than d16
  101. stock y7 turbo setup ?
  102. Dyno Run Long Time Coming
  103. Rods and Pistons?
  104. F/I setup for scottish noob?
  105. dyno run .. d16z6 turbo
  106. Engine smoking
  107. beating the Smog
  108. BOV question
  109. turbo safe?
  110. Turbo With VTEC
  111. anyone experienced a revhard turbo kit?
  112. new engine
  113. Stumble before boost??
  114. Boost lost
  115. Looking for more pownies, what next?
  116. Disadvantages of cross breeding turbos?
  117. can civic engine oil pump handle turbo or supercharger?
  118. thinking of turbocharging
  119. what to look for when buying a used turbo
  120. having trouble with turbo?
  121. Turbo D16 Raffle!
  122. My Dyno Day
  123. cant think of a title...
  124. dry shot on a z6
  125. rebuild turbo or not? 14b tdo5h dsm.. now with pics!
  126. turbo on a Mini-Me ?
  127. edelbrock 92-95 turbo kit ?
  128. My d16z6 turbo build
  129. What happeend to the forums?
  130. Garrett Turbo ?
  131. Bov question
  132. 1/8 mile times
  133. Turbo D16Z6/LS Swap
  134. Turbo Charging a D17a2
  135. Turbonetics
  136. turbo books
  137. tell me what i need to run 250whp??
  138. Some EASY questions for you guys
  139. N -cooler kits
  140. Turbo Break N
  141. sohc turbo.. street tires
  142. Turbo D16Z6 dyno tuned w/uberdata ::PICS::
  143. Best place to buy a new turbo???
  144. whats the toughest dseries block to boost??
  145. Very Explosive Topic----nitrous user friendly or is it
  146. Exospeed-questions on build
  147. turbo question TE04H
  148. My new dyno graph inside
  149. Turbo D's and engine cooling issues.
  150. just smoked a h22 prelude
  151. gunna step up and build turbo motor got some questions
  152. Will i be able to run the turbo.
  153. turbo sohc vs b16 del sols
  154. Garrett GT28RS turbo
  155. how to make a homemade turbo
  156. ACT STreetlite flywheel????
  157. WTB:turbo parts or turbo kit
  158. Zc VTEC 1.6L
  159. Clutch/Nitrous
  160. Cam swap for nitrous/turbo
  161. Mini-me swap boosted
  162. dohc zc turbo how much horse's she be pushing
  163. Best price on Greddy kit?
  164. Turbo or supercharger
  165. dsm injectors 5G D16Z6
  166. j.r.s.c. or stay with the bottle?
  167. JRSC with high compression?
  168. turboed mini me b7/z6
  169. HOW TO MAKE 300hp out of sohc vtec
  170. where to put zex nozzle
  171. boost controller?
  172. boost controller?
  173. new buildup
  174. greddy turbo kit, best place to buy?
  175. mini me with zex kit results.
  176. 95 SOHC Civic 20psi with a few victims to tell u about
  177. d16y8 injectors
  178. rods that dont require notching??
  179. DOHC vs SOHC TURBO debate at work.
  180. will d16a6 pistons and eagle rods work in d16y8
  181. turbo gas milage?
  182. T-28
  183. which head for turbo d16
  184. mista HELP, zex wiring ?
  185. RC Injectors Info, Red Vs. Blue
  186. Turbo D15B???
  187. Stock d16y8 motor w/ small turbo
  188. i got screwed, need zex nmu help
  189. WTB: turbo kit or nitrous kit.
  190. Differences in turbines?
  191. Any good Turbo manifold companies?
  192. just opened my used zex kit. what size jets for what shot?
  193. manifold help
  194. 100 shot on stock internals...
  196. Nos
  197. * Sleeves!? -- who makes for d16's?!?!??? whats better!? *
  198. greddy turbo timer
  199. d16y8 turbo set up
  200. d16y7
  201. I gotta kn0w - who is tha Fastest?!!? MOST WHP here!??!
  202. d16 with a 75shot.
  203. Do you guys want some input from me?
  204. exhaust temp gauge
  205. boost question
  206. The Plans for my D16Z6....
  207. Boosting and engine cooling issues.
  208. turbine question
  209. Admins why are posts being removed w/o notifiication?
  210. best turbo
  211. Wet or Dry kit?
  212. 91crx si, can you use a Intercooler with a JRSC?
  213. What set up is better for BOOOST'N?
  214. engine package
  215. Super charged D dyno numba's
  216. Turbo manifold question
  217. Plan... hows it sound?
  218. Makin the jump!
  219. d16y8 Turbo - Hondata Expierences?
  220. help me decide what turbo to get!!!
  221. Edelbrock or Greddy? Which kit gives best price/performance?
  222. someone stoll my points
  223. Edelbrock Turbo Replace
  224. homemade turbo setup
  225. help me choose a turbo kit!!!
  226. knock sensor
  227. What size charge piping to use for custom turbo setups?
  228. Benefit of a Larger Intercooler?
  229. B20Z Swap or D16Y8 Greddy Turbo for 99 Civic???
  230. T3 56 trim .56 a/r
  231. A lot of hostility
  232. quick question......
  233. cold weather issue??
  234. Greddy Profec B turning off?
  235. 2 QUESTIONS- turbo coolant line and smoking
  236. in what order?!!
  237. wat pistons???
  238. Replacing Pistons, Rods, Cams With turbo?
  239. zex pressure gauge?
  240. New supercharger kit, what do you think?
  241. California Carb legal turbo kit 4 my crx Si.
  242. Evaluation of my Turbo D16 project. What do you all think?
  243. Tial Wastegate springs
  244. turbo daily drivers...
  245. turbo questions
  246. Greddy Kit Max
  247. how about these flames??
  248. Just Curious
  249. To build or not to build?
  250. zc turbo or b16a?