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: Forced Induction

  1. A little turbo help for the new FI guy.
  2. Hello guys, need turbo information.
  3. new to the site...
  4. looking for parts list
  5. Nitrous Tunning
  6. who's useing vitara pistons and turbo?
  7. who's useing vitara pistons and turbo?
  8. who's useing vitara pistons and turbo?
  9. losing speed on hills-will header+CAI help?
  10. another damn distributo question
  11. zc/ex the gearing too short?
  12. Questions on Nitrous
  13. turbo rebuild?
  14. What injectors?
  15. Greddy turbo vs. Edelbrock
  16. coolant going into the overflow tank after boosting my car
  17. just put on dsm side mount
  18. how to hook up a bov?
  19. turbo timer????
  20. VENOM nitrous system
  21. How is too much?
  22. t25 manifold
  23. Tsi Extreme Turbo?? D15??
  24. My soon to be future setup
  25. Operation Turbo started today
  26. Which way should I go here? T28 setup or GReddy
  27. T3 question
  28. my project update.
  29. Innovate LM-1 Air/Fuel Meter and more.
  30. I went to the track today! Again
  31. Getting new turbo got questions
  32. Sidewinder?
  33. question on manifold
  34. my first turbo and it got loud after exhaust work..
  35. Built D16A1 lacking power (big time)
  36. turbo question
  37. My car sounds like ass.
  38. Aftermarket Intake Manifold, PCV Question...(Turbo Application)
  39. screw type charger for the D??
  40. will a d-series turbo kit work on a gsr swap?
  41. check out my 3" dp
  42. Porting for boost
  43. garrett tb0363?
  44. 345cc prelude injectors w/ stock pm6 ecu
  45. Help
  46. Ignition Upgrade
  47. manifold question
  48. TSI Extreme Turbo Kits
  49. turbo question
  50. Any mods for my ZEX kit
  51. Low fuel ...
  52. Turbo Going On Now, Wish Me Luck!!!
  53. Turbos and engine braking question
  54. adjusting the bost on T25
  55. My future setup plans
  56. Wastegate Setting?
  57. Turbonetics Turbo kits??????????????????
  58. what do you think of this ??????
  59. Turbo Kit: Whats what?
  60. T3s...
  61. Fuelling
  62. my build up
  63. Using suzuki vitara pistons in a d16
  64. Gas mileage on highway? d16z6 w/ t3/t4
  65. Tyrus vs. CCA FMIC
  66. what will my z6 run
  67. t25 witha t3 exhaust housing.
  68. Different Turbo Explaination
  69. question about intercoolers and t3 sizing
  70. z6 JRSC Help...
  71. what do i need to run 55 shot on stock d16y7 soon to have y8 manifold and head
  72. jrsc or greddy
  73. My DYNO session w/ NX Wet kit
  74. Bigwig's Deal of the WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  75. AC friendly HMT?
  76. RECLOCK'ing Turbos
  77. WTF is up with Companies these days!
  78. n2o exhaust
  79. ZC turbo Cam
  80. Best D-series buildup for JRSC?
  81. chhhhhhheeeeeeeap!!!!!!!! kit
  82. planning on boosting..
  83. crankcase filters with turbo setup
  84. Has anybody Boosted an A6-Z6 mineme?
  85. 10 psi too much....?
  86. hey everyone??????
  87. N/A or TURBO?
  88. I got bad new.. But yet funny and good news!
  89. where do you hook up BOV hose?
  90. what do u guys think?
  91. Melted Plug, why?
  92. My Checklist...
  93. Dyno session spraying nx wet shot
  94. turbo and nos
  95. 92-95 JRSC on 99' civic
  96. Fuel pressure regulator help needed
  97. Zex+timming=?
  98. NX TPS switch and MSD Window switch
  99. Which is better for boost y8 or y7 tranny?
  100. cheap idea for water injection
  101. Blitz BOV gasket...
  102. NooBz first post
  103. Condition of this turbo?
  104. Missing Link
  105. My nitrous Z6 55 shot and srt-4's
  106. My nitrous Z6 track times
  107. HF mani clear a/c?
  108. put my turbo kit on today
  109. wastegate confusion
  110. twin charging
  111. just decided to go
  112. Greddy kit max
  113. Buy a SMIC or Not? Need Help Quick.
  114. Hm, decisions decisions.
  115. Nitrous Q's
  116. my new project.....Turbo???
  117. NOS question?
  118. Blockguard
  119. new here intro and first question
  120. 75 shot
  121. Most ZC Powa
  122. y7 to y8 manifold install?
  123. look
  124. Header/Nitrous
  125. another quick question for you turbo guys
  126. SuperCharged D16Y8....
  127. 14b and t25?
  128. Head Gasket
  129. D17a1
  130. Trying to boost the HX (d16y5)
  131. no compression...need help...will pay $5.00 with paypal for right answer
  132. i got a NEW turbo
  133. Zex Cam 105300
  134. JRSC pulley timing setting question
  135. pump gas question...
  136. Help: Windshield washer fluid w/ FMIC piping
  137. Decided to go turbo
  138. A Factory Honda Turbo?
  139. Questions for my setup
  140. Sleeper Civic Terrorizes Mississauga!!
  141. Bad News For My Civic!
  142. which motor is beter for boost
  143. Super Turbo setup Pics>>>
  144. HF manifold - to - T25 DSM turbo adapter
  145. Best kit for a D15B7??
  146. another inquirey
  147. decisions,decision,decision......damn
  148. Dynoed car at Conley's Performance Plus in Houston.
  149. Help sizing the right jets for my n.o.s. system.
  150. What shoud I set my fuel pressure regulator at?
  151. Heat Issues with a Turbo?
  152. e-bay turbo kits
  153. i got my manifold
  154. Skyline GTS-T Turbo Project Pics.....
  155. Turbo D: Does engine matter as much?
  156. Just installed My Zex kit but need advise.
  157. Just threw together a Junkyard turbo kit on 93dx...
  158. running rich
  159. My turbo build up
  160. Which Turbo Cam is the best to use with the Greddy Kit?
  161. Is This Fin To Broken? Or Is The Turbo Usable.
  162. What must you add to the Edelbrock Kit to run 10psi daily?
  163. oil lines for a T3 turbo???
  164. Building my D16y8, eagle rods, arp head studs...
  165. Intercooler
  166. VFAC on a turbo D
  167. Nitrous Project, Couple of question's
  168. My buddy's dyno sheet
  169. D15B7 Turbo Project Help.. Please Bare with me.
  170. FMU?
  171. hf manifold on d16z6
  172. Some Opinions Needed
  173. which gm 3bar mapsensor?
  174. Oil pan fitting and long return hose. Any problem???
  175. What is the best cam to run with ZEX wet kit?
  176. What would you do??
  177. Supercharged Minime
  178. vortech superchargers for a d motor
  179. Supercharger on y7 ?
  180. aem fpr good enough for turbo?
  181. Uberdata, Turbo Edit, Ghettodyne
  182. turbo/ compressio question
  183. 20g?
  184. JG supercharger on d15b
  185. cam gears
  186. P29 pistons and turbo? 10.5:1
  187. turbo oil pressure
  188. Turbod D
  189. cheap
  190. IDEAL CR ratio for running turbo
  191. turbo exhaust manifolds
  192. AFC hack question
  193. bov question
  194. Anyone Running Nitrous on there D15b7?
  195. where should I set my timing...?
  196. does turbo eat more gas so you don't get as good gas miles
  197. Manifold Comparisons...
  198. Turbo part listing and extras? question
  199. coolent question
  200. green plugs?
  201. Cams for supercharged motors
  202. Apexi CARB D16Z6
  203. Zex Kit And AEM FPR?
  204. fpr questions
  205. 8 psi pulley
  206. First steps going turbo on Y7
  207. how to make log turbo manifold
  208. Subaru GL Turbo.
  209. Twin turbo ls/vtec motor
  210. Turbo question
  211. ARP hardware for D16Y7
  212. quick injector question!
  213. Wich Turbo?
  214. stock D16Z6 - what's the common turbo size?
  215. quick help plz
  216. Is an uprated i/m bad or good for f/i?
  217. tsi extreme turbo kit for d-series
  218. "Need Turbo Knowledge"
  219. D16Z2/A6 turbo or SC dilemma!
  220. Anyone with the edelbrock kit?
  221. does anyone have a d16a6 turbo???
  222. supercharging
  223. Pulleys on 94 SC sohc vtec
  224. working on project all the time I can.
  225. Apexi V-SAFC on a non-Vtec motor?
  226. Oil pan????s
  227. trubo+a/c
  228. NE1 W/ THIS SETUP???
  229. stupid question maybe??
  230. Has this ever happend to U?!?!
  231. JDM D15B VTEC vs JRSC D15B7 review...
  232. turbo "recipe" for D17A
  233. flat top end?
  234. Laws...
  235. Fuel Mgmt necessary for supercharging a ZC?
  236. What is this?
  237. Spuercharging a D16Y8
  238. Notching block
  239. Everything you need to know about NOS...
  240. Thread on injector and resistor box
  241. NOS
  242. 55 shot not enough... (Big post)
  243. WOOHOO the goodies are all in!!
  244. nOOb question
  245. Where can I find a block guard for d16
  246. eclipse injectors for a n2o civic??
  247. take a look at this
  248. name that year!!!
  249. tryin to run 20 psi
  250. New to FI