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: Forced Induction

  1. So I'm really concerned with these coolant lines. fresh build/tune D16
  2. D16z6 Turbo Build
  3. dyno results!
  4. turbo a/r and trim info hungry
  5. My ROF BOV started sounding like a sequential BOV
  6. Is my BOV not working because it looks like i am overboosting??
  7. Front mount manifold ??
  8. 44mm wastegate dump
  9. Dseries manifoldO
  10. keep burning up alternators obd2a civic
  11. PTE 58/58 questions
  12. Turbo question?
  13. Boost not increasing with MBC?
  14. D15b Vtec E turbo build!
  15. let's discuss this before my tune friday - z6/18G
  16. y8 turbo DD
  17. what to do with a ching chong turbo
  18. ac compat. and carb legal turbo questions
  19. 550whp turbo selection on pump gas
  20. GO-AUTOWORKS Street Kit
  21. Mounting turbo help?
  22. How to Run Open Downpipe Safely
  23. how to pick a turbo???
  24. 400 hp on sc50?
  25. Having timing issue Z6 block Y8 Head
  26. buying a used turbo
  27. stupid but good question
  28. Diff between a cam for SC and TC
  29. blown turbocharged civic, looking to replace engine
  30. t3/to4e 57 trim .63a/r vs. 18G
  31. anyone used an HX35W?
  32. Coltcams - D16y8 Try flow
  33. MTX-L questions
  34. Random Greddy 15g, Crome, Clutch, Oil, Boost Gauge Questions
  35. Turbo leaking oil, possibly oil drain??
  36. noob to turbo. questions.
  37. High Speed on Boosted Motors.
  38. Oil light / knocking around 2000-3000 rpm
  39. Ripper videos
  40. Bosch 1600s vs ID 1000's
  41. Fresh motor having cut out issues.
  42. Where can i get a precision turbo rebuild?
  43. Oil for a boosted motor.
  44. HKS BOV issue
  45. Boost control - 4 port need fine adjustment?
  46. JRSC catch can setup
  47. First/Final Build
  48. d15b7 stock greddy kit
  49. Anybody tried this turbo. TD04L
  50. lightened pully / flywheel combo a good idea?
  51. Fuel Temperature & detonation
  52. New Build with mystery problems...
  53. d16z6 18g
  54. D16Y8 Boost Plans. What to Think?
  55. Feed and return lines ?s
  56. d16z6 shuts off when iacv is unplugged
  57. how hard can it be to put a h22a in a civic?
  58. Precision turbo b or e cover with ac
  59. One week away from boost!
  60. Spoon Feed Me Please!!!
  61. No nipple on compressor housing dilemma?
  62. d16y7 turbo build plan
  63. Need help with filter
  64. Timing issues
  65. Turbo d16z6 idle and boost problems HELP please.
  66. Anyway to eliminate or get rid of all that hissing?
  67. D16Y8 Daily Turbo + Ethanol E100 + Piston Rods + DIY Rebuild
  68. idling issues up and down after taking the civic for some spirited driving
  69. Engine life on Turbo's
  70. Wanted good base map for a hondata s300 system
  71. My Del-Sol Dilema :( PLEASE HELP!!
  72. 3" Open DP -> 3" to the back. Will it be quieter?
  73. SuperCharged or Turbo Charged?
  74. Fully Built Daily Turbo Q's on Piston Comp.
  75. changing hot side of turbo???
  76. Help d15b7 or d16z6 turbo
  77. Deatchwerks 300lph
  78. What kinda of hp & torque # are people making?
  79. how mutch HP can i make???
  80. Pulley..........PSI?
  81. D16y7/y8 turbo build.
  82. Relationship between EGT's & Ignition timing
  83. k03 turbo
  84. Water-Cooling TiAL Wastegate
  85. A Deal or Not A Deal....
  86. Wideband questions!
  87. Ain't no happy Camper Sporadically getting all kinds of idling issues :-(
  88. Oil cooled turbo?
  89. mounting BOV directly onto FMIC
  90. Go Autoworks or.....
  91. 801whp @ 35psi
  92. Tuners in Florida?
  93. hondata s200
  94. Smoke and losing boost!!
  95. HKS GT2530 Turbo problems
  96. Dso i need your help!
  97. Mustang guy entering Honda world - Boosted y7 help
  98. Turbo selection Help
  99. BlaastPerformance Ebay Turbo Upgrade/Rebuild
  100. tb2518?
  101. engine life?
  102. ebay turbo
  103. Will my head be fine
  104. Got a little debate
  105. Piston?
  106. injector question
  107. Turbo ideas.
  108. BOV Issues
  109. D16Y4 (non-vtec) turbo cam help
  110. normal to be getting some wastegate flutter?
  111. turbo
  112. High mileage D15B turbo question.
  113. Egay turbo kit
  114. Turbo d16z6
  115. Finally up and running
  116. Needing Opinions on High CR with JRSC.
  117. My Super Uber Water/meth injection / IC spray.
  118. recommendations for a quick spooling turbo
  119. Turbo build recommendations?
  120. Comp Cam 59500 + Turbo?
  121. D16Z6/Y8 Turbo Kit Possibility?
  122. help with checking a turbo kit
  123. noob on d-motors with boost
  124. how safe am I?
  125. Heat Management Testing and analysis (DEI Heat Wrap, Turbo Blanket, Reflective Tape)
  126. Random Leaning
  127. I got a retune today
  128. My first turbo bulid- d16z6
  129. Change Exhaust manifold ?
  130. Exhaust decisions
  131. running catless update with no CEL
  132. Single Scroll manifold, twin scroll turbo with Quick Spool Valve (SPQSV)
  133. D16A1 turbo build
  134. Help Identify/Verify Compressor Flange
  135. Turbo Downsize & Twin scroll
  136. Endyn m62 Supercharger
  137. Is this turbo worth looking into
  138. D16z6 build, and questions.
  139. Traction Problems?! Fixes?
  140. Any one useing GT35r
  141. d16z6-T build engine parts
  142. Cry02 intercooler spray
  143. my idle bobs up and down woes again :(
  144. is this the most common trouble free setup that everyone uses?
  145. New guy, greddy set up
  146. Oil Leak!! Ontop of my manifold flange...
  147. Edelbrock intake install, should i retune?
  148. Noob Q - What is the oem component
  149. Will This Kit Clear AC?
  150. Intercooler for an ed w/ no cutting
  151. Quick advice needed.
  152. Diesel turbo questions
  153. turbo zc
  154. Light Flywheel and Boost. Pros/Cons? Factual Data?
  155. Questions on Jackson Racing Supercharger in an EK Hatch
  156. Catalytic Converter for Emissions
  157. Injector Identifacation
  158. Quick question regarding fuel...
  159. Wastegate has 3 ports. What the best way to run lines to MBC and WG
  160. Best pistons for boost
  161. Are Rich AFRs REALLY Needed?
  162. Question about Turbo Term cm2
  163. D15B7 Turbo??
  164. turbo options d16z6 current ebay
  165. Need help supertech pistons!!
  166. which gen vtec to turbo is better?
  167. built Turbo y8 ate up number 3 main bearing in 276 miles. :( any ideas?
  168. Open Dp Fab, straight down or under the pan?
  169. D16Y8 Turbo Rebuild
  170. New to Turbo, in need of help
  171. AEM Wideband Air/Fuel and Boost in One Gauge
  172. performer x d16y8
  173. Good Reason to not run Closed Loop
  174. Two nice reads on the future of Turbos
  175. Who sells best IC piping for CRX?
  176. Garrett internal wastegate fitment issue, help!
  177. How much can i mill my y8 head?
  178. Camshaft Selection - 300/350 D16y8
  179. Most common reasons for spike in Temps?
  180. D15b7 and Nitrous
  181. D16z6 Turbo Build
  182. Some info on Air-Air vs Water to Air
  183. I need opinions on throttle body selection.
  184. Ported y8 head
  185. Turbo Y8, os LSV Swap
  186. Relationship between boost and Timing.
  187. rc sl4-0370 injectors
  188. Machine shop questions
  189. Boosted d15b (jdm) charade
  190. Mornin all
  191. New Crank, when can i boost
  192. Water/Meth D16z6 W/JRSC
  193. my setup what you all think
  194. Any real world experience with a rising rate fuel regulator and a small turbo?
  195. D Series with Evo 8/8.5/9 Turbo and Divided Manifold. Who's done it?
  196. induction hardening cam or turbo shaft?
  197. Help With D16Y7 Turbo Build
  198. How much difference can one tooth make?
  199. Ceramic Coating. Benefits/Drawbacks. What’s Good and What’s Not.
  200. need help with turbo d16 build
  201. boosted ef, z6 @ 8 psi, low numbers???
  202. 50 Shot on stock D16Y5
  203. what do you think about this turbos?
  204. Has anyone seen a 36"+ intercooler thats only 6-8" tall?
  205. comparing turbine housings
  206. turbo
  207. Putting numbers to the words quick scroll.
  208. D15B2 Turbo setup WITH DPFI
  209. Noob with aspirations to boost
  210. Need Help with my civic
  211. Upgrade axles
  212. Evo 3 Big 16G
  213. What tires do you guys run?? Street only!
  214. turbo noob input would be awesome
  215. JRSC Snout Rebuild
  216. T4 flanged turbo, an Xmas gift to myself
  217. Boost Mini Me
  218. Twin Scroll Manifold building
  219. Blower RPM/pulley size VS motor RPM
  220. cfm
  221. TIAL 38mm WG Won't Open..
  222. D16A6 JRSC Map/hose line Diagram, is this correct?
  223. final pics of the rebuild and AEM UEGO/BOV problems..
  224. D16Z6 Turbo Vs 4EFTE
  225. Need Votes! Finally doing another crazy single cam build!
  226. Colt Cam valve spring question
  227. coolant smell??
  228. Jrsc replacement parts
  229. Water to Air Intercooler Choices
  230. Sprung a leak from spirited driving.
  231. DIY Turbo Setup - D15B
  232. Lean a/f raitios while cruising....
  233. How hard would it be to rebuild a Greddy turbo?
  234. More Power + Response?
  235. first honda from fallen hero.
  236. my lame rebuild thread.
  237. Couple questions on z6/build list
  238. 2G DSM Garrett T2566 Compressor Map
  239. greddy profec b spec ll solinoid hook up
  240. Need help choosing a quick spooling 400hp turbo
  241. Read my plugs PLZ
  242. Manifold and Turbo help
  243. Gauge Hose Kit question
  244. Can we have some specs on G Values.
  245. Looking for info on water to air IC
  246. Camshaft Timing - Z6/Y8 hybrid
  247. Turbo Decision
  248. 1st time building need guidance.
  249. How Did I Expect this to Hold?
  250. Delta 272-2 Cam