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: Forced Induction

  1. Alternative Sc's
  2. HIGH boost is safer than LOW boost?
  3. need base map for my honda
  4. rage block guard special
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  6. External Wastegate and Boost Controller?
  7. Oil Lines
  8. oil catch can question
  9. safe boost for stock a6
  10. injector sat. or unsat.
  11. 12-14 psi streetable on jdm d15b?
  12. Greddy kit installed... Fuelp Problems... HELP!!
  13. Good y7 Turbo Kit??
  14. Injector outputs/fuel pressure
  15. z6 mani swap need help with hoses
  16. Any one heard of these kits ????
  17. 554 hp sohc d16
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  19. new turbo D15b setup with pics *56k grab a snickers*
  20. 42/.48 Garrett t3 D16
  21. How much boost Greddy turbo kit 96-00ex
  22. blown headgasket
  23. Upgrade stock fuel pump yay or nay.
  24. what turbo kit?
  25. my setup so far need turbo guru advice
  26. boost gauge install?
  27. more cheapy cheap-o questions
  28. Oil restrictor/regulator hole size
  29. What will a nitrous d16z6 run?
  30. How Do I Tell What Kind Of Turbo I Have?
  31. Jrsc Install Help
  32. taking the plunge ho do i go about it
  33. turbo d15b
  34. Greddy turbo ?
  35. Pics of Progress 56K maybe
  36. hf manifold
  37. My low comp rebuild
  38. mitsi turbo
  39. How Do I Go About Keeping My Ac?
  40. TD05 on D16z6 set
  41. Does anyone have a peakboost kit
  42. turbo question
  43. vacuum...
  44. y7 turbo help PLEASE
  45. Downpipe
  46. a summarization of everything i've learned on dseries
  47. running lean, in only 2 cylinders?
  48. who has a jdm d15b boosted? if you do, post your dyno #'s!
  49. sohc turbo not worth it...
  50. Cartech ADJUSTABLE FMU
  51. Ecu Chipped/Stand Alone/E-Manage
  52. T3 Question/Turbo question
  53. [email protected]#$in Cel!!
  54. hi i new to turbo help please soon
  55. Greddy 92-95 kit on 00 ex
  56. 14b vs t3
  57. D-series 400hp Ghetto Sled
  58. Can anybody make a 2.5" downpipe for greddy kit?
  59. milage limit for a bottom end
  60. Project Pics!
  61. any greddy kit owners ported out there elbow?
  62. Up to $500 rebate on Turbo kits...check it out
  63. D-Series Drag car I stumbled across...
  64. Want to build a boosted d15b eg coupe.
  65. SC'ing the Four Door EJ8
  66. turboing my Freshly rebuilt motor
  67. Zex nitrous and Cam>? good idea or no
  68. turbo on high milage??
  69. Greddy Turbo Timer HELP
  70. What shot?
  71. How Are Ihi Turbos?
  72. wet vs. dry
  73. Car has been driven!
  74. New to Turbo and want Manuals or Instructions - Links to Read!!!
  75. Wideband O2 sensor
  76. Does Greddy e-manage work with OBD0??
  77. universal turbo's
  78. *Updated ABT build ?s* pics, resistance, and more... (56k beware!)
  79. Was tuning a turbo B18B hatch last night...
  80. AutoMeter 30psi Boost/Vacume gauge installation
  81. oil return placement
  82. which injectors can i use
  83. Will it fit my 4gen ZC Civic??
  84. tune problems...i think
  85. jdm d15 thermostat?
  86. would you guys be intrested???
  87. JRSC+Hondata+FMU? Good or bad?
  88. Let Me Know What You Thing Of This Build
  89. opinion on set up and ?s about some components
  90. Boost? Where did it go?
  91. FuelPressureRegulator on Turbo w/Ecu Chipped
  92. thrashing the d series
  93. HKS SSQ BOV and greddy profec b spec II
  94. Will These Vitara pistons Work In A SOHC ZC?
  95. Smic In 88 Crx?
  96. Need help Please!
  97. It's Alive!!!
  98. D16Y8 turbo!
  99. d16z6 turbo bottom end help!
  100. fuel pump for sc setup
  101. what boost controller are you greddy kit users using?
  102. Frustrated
  103. Wastgate Set-up...
  104. steel vs aluminum intercooler piping..
  105. Mitsubishi 270's???
  106. Wtf
  107. MAP question
  108. Overdrive crank pulley for JRSC
  109. boost dropping ? boostleak?
  110. 14b Boost lowering
  111. What else do I need???
  112. should I use the fmu or
  113. 12 sec D16y8 hatch with greddy kit
  114. where can I get sleeves ???
  115. z6 Turbo Trouble..
  116. d15b6 mini me nitrous build
  117. What do you think of this turbo kit?
  118. JRSC Pulley Size
  119. mini-me....on behalf of (jdmfreak4door)
  120. So what am i missing here?
  121. d16y5 boost questions (fuel managment)
  122. trading my ls to get a turbo D few ?s
  123. forged pistons....
  124. greddy kit on del sol
  125. Got another D16Y7..
  126. Need some serious, hardcore, deep help for a complete idiot with uberdata/crome
  127. do you guys hear vtec from your jdm d15?
  128. T-28 Power potental
  129. Free Turbo kit project......
  130. hi peeps....turbo question
  131. What's the secret to installing 450's??
  132. psi to hp ?
  133. my turbo d build is about to begin
  134. 14b air outlet hits engine block! F#[email protected]!!
  135. m turbo story with a shitty ending! help me guys!!!
  136. What do you think of this setup ??
  137. tuner.....FL?
  138. tdo4 wastegate not bolting up
  139. Awesome adjustalbe oil valve
  140. Thermostat for boosted civic
  141. Low Boost On High Compression Y8
  142. New member, just saying hey.
  143. turbo d15b6 help on buildup
  144. DP problems
  145. Another Hx owner
  146. Nitrous Leak
  147. My turboD16 @ 8psi
  148. z6 engine
  149. boosted mini-me?
  150. boosting a d15b
  151. overheating with front mount
  152. Y7 JRSC on a Z6
  153. Intercooler Piping Diameter to Clear Foglights
  154. Finished car and stupid turbo poops out
  155. Whats the most power made on a stock d block ?
  156. NOS @ 170000 mi?
  157. help me buy a turbo
  158. right direction?
  159. Tuner comming to dallas/ft.worth area
  160. Turbo Out Of A Porsche Cayenne Turbo?
  161. which turbo kit
  162. need some creative ideas
  163. What do you guys think of this kit
  164. post your turbo exhaust setup!!
  165. How to suck more out of a JRSC
  166. What cam for turbo/ REV faster
  167. Sneaky Pete?
  168. Innercooler?
  169. rebuilding a turbo
  170. high comp nitrous
  171. Need help
  172. best for my setup
  173. can anyone provide e-manage install instructions?
  174. HKS gold and silver inserts revealed
  175. d15b1 supercharged
  176. injectors too big
  177. T3 intake/velocity stack
  178. HELP! crazy carrr
  179. Duties
  180. internal waste gate at 8 psi
  181. 14b on stock internals
  182. good-bye turbo... hello supercharger(s)
  183. Walking Though my future turbo kit
  184. Tuner came and went., Results
  185. bumper trimming for ic
  186. whats the going rate for dsm 450's?
  187. ic piping question
  188. my current turbo setup
  189. Another "Guess This Turbo" game... Yay, It will be fun!
  190. Does this turbo kit look OK?
  191. afcII + cam gear for tuning?
  192. question about turbo
  193. new to turbo
  194. Anyone know if Saab turbos are T3 Flanged?
  195. rebuild turbo or new center section?
  196. oil line kit firewall fun!!
  197. what to expect?
  198. Tuner comes this weekend.
  199. what turbo you using/what spools quicker?
  200. how much does a wastegate open?
  201. BOV on a JRSC
  202. D17A1 Fuel Injectors needed to complete Turbo Kit
  203. coolant lines 14b turbo
  204. D16y7 Need Help Building Turbo Kit
  205. well i went to the darkside
  206. will this turbo work ?
  207. Base map question
  208. My Story....its a good read... almost 1 year
  209. 15.6 @ 95mph
  210. y8 14b turbo ???
  211. turbo d16z6 dead. jdm d15b turbo?
  212. 14b o2 sensor
  213. 450cc injector install question ASAP!!
  214. D16Y4 + JR Supercharger??
  215. Buying a turbo
  216. AEM EMS traction Conrol
  217. compare turbo's
  218. New guy, JRSC help.
  219. Small turbo?
  220. Help identify Garrett Turbo
  221. quick
  222. smoke
  223. t3/t4 57 trim good for low 13's or high 12's????
  224. DIY guys post up your full true costs.
  225. Safc Hack!!!!!!!!!!!!
  226. Turboing my car Opinions...
  227. yeah payday, which should i get
  228. help with my build
  229. Need Exhaust Advise
  230. rod bearing question
  231. Anyone have this turbo?
  232. So why Exactly arent you supposed to use rubber?
  233. need to modify radiator for turbo... :'( Any ideas how to?
  234. finally got a d16y8
  235. cracked ringland?
  236. Garrett T3 .48/.60
  237. log or equal length turbo manifold
  238. how to hand an h22 crx his ass!!!
  239. d16y8 block d16z6 head?
  240. getting close
  241. d15 Supercharger?
  242. D16Z6 Head build... oversized valves?
  243. Worth-while to moidfy stock manifold on D17?
  244. not d-series but had to post 11sec crx
  245. 2.25" exhaust good enough?
  246. Can anyone tell me the difference?
  247. cast manifold
  248. Turbo?
  249. Some sort of boost leak...
  250. turbo and nitrous