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  1. Ebay Injectors
  2. Injector size
  3. FJ R Spec rods comeback?
  4. Another noob ? pcv with turbo?
  5. High Compression Turbo Build on LPG - Advice needed!
  6. how to get the rotary cap in line with #1
  7. boost table for free crome
  8. turbo oil feed line d15b7
  9. What Are the Limitations On 91 Pump?
  10. Bosch Injectors for d16y8?
  11. D16 TURBO cams
  12. Which injector are good for me ??
  13. radiator shield?
  14. D16y7 turbo manifold question
  15. Magnuson M45 info
  16. Tial 38mm vs turbosmart ultra-gate38
  17. D16y8 turbo with ac question
  18. D16Z6T Question?
  19. Holset in CRX...Why you no FITT!!
  20. no boost until vtec? 5200-8k
  21. Looking at a new TURBO !!! NEED OPINIONS
  22. 1.06 a/r vs. 0.82 a/r turbine housing (gt30r)
  23. Fuel Pressure...Static or Vacuum/Pressure Assisted
  24. How much do shops charge?
  25. JRSC Pulley Offset
  26. Time Attack Civic - Turbo Manifold Stud Problems
  27. Map Opinions
  28. Pre-build plans d16z6
  29. IHI VF22 on d15b7???
  30. Greddy Turbo manifold
  31. Narrowed it down to 3. Which intake manifold?
  32. BOV stays open?
  33. Clarification on Bisi spec cams and Web
  34. lets discuss your exhaust setup for the street
  35. Went to the track
  36. AEM 35 psi Electronic Boost gauge sensor?
  37. Turbo piping kit
  38. Virtual dyno
  39. Designing W2A Intercooler and Reservoir
  40. 96-00 greddy intercooler piping
  41. low boost after 1st gear..
  42. Stock Mini with t3 airreasearch turbocharger
  43. Vitara build. Ditch the bisi cam and valve train??
  44. First ever dyno run
  45. Looking for a quality intake manifold
  46. dump tube
  47. open down pipe or closed 3"
  48. Best setup for roll racing?
  49. Crazy D16Z6 HP Numbers?
  50. finally got it tuned
  51. 100 wet shot B18b1 tune or no tune??
  52. d16z6 jrsc build help
  53. low boost, lag, creep, something
  54. Working the kinks out of my first real setup,got a couple of questions
  55. exhaust flange quick question
  56. Do i absolutely Need a tune after swapping camshaft ?
  57. Supercharging the D
  58. D16z6 JRSC Questions
  59. Braided fuel lines
  60. Fuel Pressure Regulator?!? Stock with walbro 255?
  61. DSM 450cc Resistor box / Inline Resistor HELP!!
  62. Catch Can Idea
  63. Dsm 450cc Injector and Resistor box HELP!
  64. Questions after melting down my new turbo
  65. Vitara/supercharger build questions
  66. new car
  67. First turbo build. questions
  68. What turbo spec you guy's are running on d's
  69. untuned accidental boost
  70. Oil coolers and daily drivers?
  71. Tial 50mm and Boost Discrepencies
  72. for those seeking a filter with passenger side exhaust
  73. stage 2 or stage 3 wheel
  74. New car Problems.
  75. build is almost done.
  76. D16 turbo new build problems HELP!
  77. 13G turbo, 390 injectors on a 8valve CX 1.5?
  78. d16z6 first turbo build
  79. best fuel pressure?
  80. gt35 boost creeping
  81. First pull on turbo setup (video inside)
  82. D16y8 Turbo Build
  83. Pic of new setup
  84. Needing a 90 degree fitting for feed line
  85. Overflow tanks fills up :(
  86. Engine runs hot... Looking for a new radiator.
  87. What is a safe limit for semi built d16
  88. What BOV Sounds Best?????
  89. D15 and D16 Build Thread
  90. 1990 ef civic rad tuck and boost question
  91. turbo water lines?
  92. Need help with drain line
  93. Tuner in san antonio
  94. Paranoid about my first turbo job, please double check my list.
  95. Turbo coolers
  96. Turbo Shenanigans
  97. What do you guys think of this turbo?
  98. injectors or fpr
  99. Injectors not working?
  100. proper intercooler size.
  101. D16y5 Turbo or D15Z1?
  102. help jdm d15b turbo build
  103. Limitations of a stock y8 head?
  104. Need some help finding a turbo!?!
  105. Not a D but turbo
  106. HX35 with .63ar T3 housing
  107. HX35 Oil Feed fitting leaking
  108. how much potential does stock d16z6 w/ vitara pistons,rods setups have?
  109. Valve strength on y7 vs y8 vitara build
  110. boosted d16y7 helppp
  111. I bought a new to me turbo without an exhaust housing.. pics... help me id
  112. Short 3" Air Filter Options
  113. Delta 272-2 WTF?
  114. 70mm throttle body OVERKILL???
  115. Your EGT's & AFR
  116. Help bearings for eagle rods????
  117. Figuring Out Map Sensor Scalar and Offset
  118. y7 turbo build
  119. Puttin Turbo on my built N/A D16Z6
  120. what rpm to have vtec engauge?
  121. suggestions on first boost build
  122. Mitsu turbo indentification. Pics included
  123. porting cast mani with little 15g
  124. Check this out
  125. New Setup: Air Research 50trim/Spoolin Performance Log
  126. Picking a proper turbocharger from my local vendors inventory
  127. who makes custom JRSC pulleys?
  128. Anyone running cast stainless manifold?
  129. Whining noise from exhaust (restrictive cat maybe)??
  130. Need help for JRSC
  131. Upping the Boost
  132. TwinScroll Turbo for 700whp D16z6
  133. Turbo selection discussion, or "why greddy kits top out at 300whp"
  134. TiAL Q BOV Spring
  135. Z6 with jrsc engine rebuild
  136. how many members using them blankets?
  137. d16z6 build quest for 600hp almost done
  138. D15B7 vs. D16Y7
  139. intercooler piping route help.
  140. random misfire/lean condition
  141. Oil cooler for DRAG Racing
  142. Sohc jrsc supercharged help
  143. Turbo kit build
  144. d17a1 turbo question
  145. Crx d16z6t wiring nightmare.. Map sensor?
  146. Long Tube Bottom Mount Twin Scroll
  147. Cast Topmount Manifold. A unicorn?
  148. Keeping water out of daily driven turbo
  149. Cam Shaft Suggestion
  150. wrx sometimes wont boost
  151. Evo turbo manifold on D16 possible ?
  152. Lord. give me patience with this d16z6 turbo build
  153. 12.5:1 Turbo questions
  154. Apexi/IHI RHF5 oil inlet size
  155. prosport gauges
  156. My z6 in progress..
  157. Half an Edelbrock turbo kit
  158. y7 turbo exhaust suggestions?
  159. Z6 burns oil runs rich and rough idle after rebuild
  160. going from high to low boost
  161. Can't make up my mind - Exhaust Ideas
  162. holset
  163. 35 dry shot on auto trans, opinions.
  164. h1c/h1e hybrid
  165. Difference between these kits
  166. Can I use brake lines for Turbo Oil lines.
  167. TiAl Q 50mm BOV Question
  168. Divorced internal wastegate port or not?
  169. Downpipe-to-turbo leaking
  170. Everything Bone stock d16z6 200-220hp?
  171. Best budget D16Z6 turbo kit? Of these 3?
  172. I want 600whp!?
  173. Comp turbo ?
  174. twin scroll A6Y8
  175. installing my last head gasket before throwing in the towel
  176. turbo z6/y8 build
  177. Knock Off or Real Deal
  178. 88-91 w/b16 turbo radiator question
  179. D-13 mini me turbo
  180. Need To Balance My Crank After This...? (Picture Inside)
  181. My built D15b on 28psi + meth + nos
  182. Blown Turbo?
  183. Electronic boost controler ?
  184. Greddy Turbo Options
  185. max safe psi/hp with head bolts, not studs
  186. Valve Cover Baffling/Mods
  187. water injection vs extra fuel
  188. D16y8 turbo Advice
  189. got a noob question. turbos?
  190. Is this a good deal for a JRSC?
  191. D16y5 turbo help
  192. Turbo Choice for 300WH ( Pics Inside )
  193. Thoughts about building a manifold.
  194. New Oil Pressure Record!
  195. Wideband recessed too much?
  196. intake manifold drama
  197. 15g upgrading manifold??
  198. I bled my cooling system for an hour..still had air in the system.
  199. Is this oil return line too low?
  200. LSD dragger clutch slipping???
  201. Help me spend 1000 bucks
  202. Stock ls B18b1 300whp Goal , Details Inside
  203. t3t4 .60/.48...anyone have experience with this set up?
  204. Brass fittings and Exhaust Manifold
  205. turbo choices, RB20DET turbo on d16?
  206. Clutch whining after new clutch kit installed
  207. When to stop using pump gas/stock FPR
  208. soooo I changed all coolant lines and now this..
  209. what is dso's take on picking up a GT28RS?
  210. Contemplating a Swap
  211. 3an fitting, fitting doesn't fit?
  212. need help getting the right parts turbo y8
  213. Boosted (D16y8), AEM F/IC piggyback or Chipped P28
  214. Car bogs after max boost
  215. Semi-built z6 Quest for 11's
  216. Internal WG Actuator Line source
  217. Just about to get tuned...a quick question
  218. Request for Logs.
  219. Stock d16y8
  220. old stelthmode aluminum bolt on type oil return at pan
  221. Crack in Manifold related question.
  222. injector placement question
  223. another nippon vitara piston question??? :(
  224. How much Hp can 400cc High impedence precision injectors Handle??
  225. Starting gear in a drag
  226. Pistons best for boost
  227. need help with d16 turbo.
  228. dsm t25 manifold option
  229. Twin Scroll Manifold Wastegate Question
  230. What to do after post turbo installation
  231. ITB's with supercharger how to map
  232. noob but not a noob.
  233. new to turbo, need help please.
  234. new to turbo, need help please.
  235. downpipe size
  236. Twincharged D16
  237. need help and advice on my d16y8
  238. compressor and turbine trim size for d16z6
  239. Pte5558 cea JB
  240. Where can I purchase some fj I-beams?
  241. Camshaft for JRSC
  242. Unknown starting issue
  243. Over stuffing on cylinder #3
  244. Head Gaskets
  245. oil restrictors !!!!need answer
  246. hanh 20g 10cm vs gt30r
  247. what do you guys think about turbonetic turbos ?
  248. New comp reading post rebuild.
  249. how much should ambient temp and elevation affect A/F ratio
  250. Need help melted a pistion D16a7 Turbo