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: Forced Induction

  1. Finally ordered my injectors!!!!!
  2. Finally ordered my injectors!!!!!
  3. looking for turbo setup
  4. help trying to boost
  5. help!! Z6 manifold on Z1???
  6. is this a good wideband?? and more q's
  7. turbo kit basics?????
  8. uht oh, forced induction related i guess. mods move it if its in the wrong spot.
  9. 75 shot. how much timing
  10. D15 swap to a.....
  11. went to the track for the first time with turbo
  12. am i screwed?
  13. how much is this kit worth
  14. painting intercooler (yes ive searched and didnt find shit)
  15. rear mounted turbo
  16. a good turbo idea
  17. supercharger for D16Z6
  18. Greddy kit on 91 hatch
  19. larger injectors but no afc, need car for work im stuck
  20. Feels so good!!!
  21. Best or the biggest Intercooler size for a 92 Hatchback?
  22. nitrous question
  23. options for a street legal ef in ca??
  24. Finally hit the 12's
  25. watercooled turbo..
  26. How much Boost
  27. boosted b7/y8 mini me
  28. hyundai turbo?
  29. manual boost cont. problem
  30. Safely boost my mini me?
  31. Urgent Help Needed! Turbo Not Sppoling!
  32. kteller???
  33. How much on average will something like this cost?
  34. Turbo setups -Good shops in T.O.
  35. 20% race gas mix? should I be O.K?
  36. Turbo kist from ebay
  37. FMU ???
  38. What o2 wideband?
  39. How the %^&* are people getting past the 14 psi Barrier?
  40. GREDDY KIT OWNERS - Post your HP numbers!
  41. Greddy turbo kit?
  42. Buying my turbo tomorrow, but another q just popped up
  43. FINALLY got my setup all i need is time to install
  44. Whats up with the Greddy knock-off?
  45. mini me turbo questions
  46. Ok check this!!!
  47. Anyone Using a Greddy Profec B
  48. Lightened Flywheel on F/I vehicle?
  49. can I use a K04-15 Turbo?
  50. JRSC question
  51. External Wastegate Dump
  52. zc sohc non vtec
  53. Whats going on guys, new here :)
  54. MAP sensor showing ~2psi less than gauge and dyno
  55. HOLY SHIT!!! remember the stock z6 making 308hp?
  56. Please Help!! Flashing cel while driving, can't pull codes. I'm lost!
  57. MSD or Crane Cam, which cap,rotor kit is proven to be the best?
  58. overheating question
  59. Carbed turbo set-up soon!!
  60. ok list of parts needed no faqs
  61. question about open dump tube
  62. turbo build am i missing anything?
  63. better turbo greddy 18g or t3/t4
  64. Turbo Install Questions
  65. looking for a y7 basemap
  66. zex and crower question
  67. pg7 with boost
  68. dsm turbo question (14b)
  69. Compression Test
  70. What is the best option for me? YOUR OPINIONS NEEDED
  71. Vitaras making 400hp!
  72. What's up with my torque curve?
  73. Intercooler trouble!
  74. t3 gasket
  75. Boost a Z6 or DOHC ZC?
  76. What can I expect to run? How much Boost?
  77. Log Manifolds
  78. turboing y7?
  79. Wastegate and BOV vacuum source??
  80. Choosing camshafts
  81. has anyone tried ebay nitrous kits?
  82. gotta a question regarding p28 ecu
  83. equal-length ram vs. log spool times
  84. Apexi Turbo?apexi ball bearing turbo for sohc civic
  85. Project planning... Need your valuable recommendations...
  86. wtf!!
  87. ???
  88. pre-turbo upgrades
  89. im a noob to this stuff
  90. Turbo Kit for D16y7??
  91. removing A/C
  92. turbo manis
  93. Some turbo choosing help please.
  94. To boost or not to boost.....
  95. D-series I need your help...
  96. help a lil?
  97. the big question...
  98. Is making a mani hard?
  99. Im so fucking pumped!!!!!
  100. need help
  101. *where To Buy A Turbo Kit*
  102. dose anyone run boost with this cam?
  103. where to buy manifolds?
  104. sick ass deal on rods/pistons!!!!
  105. Beating the odds... help me?
  106. Injector question
  107. nitrous on stock block
  108. what size turbo?
  109. couple questions
  110. which mani is better for boost
  111. cant deside on wat i wanna do help please
  112. who runs nitrous with their setup?
  113. getting closer to 12's
  114. EGT VS blown engine??
  115. TT rods
  116. help!
  117. best pistons for nitrous set up???
  118. JRSC installation ?
  119. another fmu question
  120. Questions about small turbo
  121. turbo wont move
  122. d16a1/z6 head with nitrous...anyone???
  123. another noise
  124. me and friend at the track
  125. need help identifying noise... have video clips
  126. To do a mini-me before turbo?
  127. turbo choosing help pls.
  128. cheapest intercooler piping setup
  129. timing
  130. Greddy Oil?
  131. importance of a turbo timer
  132. s/c the sohc .. worth it ?
  133. TT rods
  134. no oil
  135. T3 .42 .48 help me please??
  136. planning on boost what kind of things should i do to prepare?
  138. ssauto chrome and xs turbo kits? mixed feelings
  139. water vs water/methanol injection
  140. Best combination set up for my goal?
  141. what turbo timer
  142. evaluate my ET (vid inside too)
  143. My Vitara piston measurements
  144. turbo + nitrous = ????
  145. More Pics Of My Vtec Turbo
  146. boosted b7
  147. How is T3 for z6 engine?
  148. Problem w/ my 15g Greddy Kit HELP!
  149. idle problem?
  150. waste gate dump tube
  151. is this for real
  152. What can WATER INJECTION kit do for my setup?
  153. Z6 pistons???
  154. putting stuff together
  155. Bottom end build kit?
  156. making a sidemount a small fmic
  157. Question about the greddy turbo kit
  158. budget turbo D project
  159. Turbonetics kit help
  160. high compression turbo setup
  161. Map Sensor Check Valve Problem!!!!
  162. what did u do with ur air filter/ BOV vac line
  163. oil feed, need help
  164. Honda Rear Mount Turbo?
  165. Just got Dyno Tuned
  166. Oil drain measurment.
  167. PM7 pistons + nitrous = really that bad ?
  168. Injector Question
  169. DSM injectors question.
  170. supercharger or nitrous?
  171. D15B7 Head sutds??
  172. Intercooler size options for 88-91 civic/crx?
  173. identifying a garrett turbo.
  174. What to buy
  175. fried seals?
  176. What Turbo Maifold Are People Using
  177. fmu question
  178. Recirculated Dump and mani pics.
  179. jdm d15b + vitara / vitaras (anyone ran this setup?)
  180. Do I need a gasket on my downpipe?
  181. Intercooler kits on ebay, What you guys think?
  182. Finally got my car back from the dyno...
  183. nitrous jets and fuel pressure
  184. Fuel Pressure/Pump
  185. johnny race car?
  186. d15b7
  187. turbo and my A/C
  188. eletric supercharger
  189. Wet or Direct port zex kit
  190. Question about intercooler piping. need help!!
  191. Turbo manifold, Cast iron vs Tubular Stainless steel
  192. boost prob
  193. 10 second D-siries
  194. Your Thoughts?
  195. o2 sensor CEL with HF manifold
  196. What to do with IAT Sensor
  197. Dyno Day
  198. White Smoke HELP!
  199. I want a Daily Driven Turbo Setup.
  200. where to find mani for td04 turbo?
  201. IACV hose connects to where? please help!
  202. welding while drinking malt liquor fri nite styles D series lovin
  203. rebuild high mileage motor before boost?
  204. running IC piping
  205. oil pump for d16z6? (goin turbo by this year)
  206. The infamous which head to use question
  207. Planned turbo need opinions
  208. fuel/ timing problem
  209. can anyone help?
  210. D-series=gay
  211. Doing A Mini Me Turbo But Need D15 Block Help!!!
  212. Want turbo, need opinions before going all the way
  213. help! fmu and obx boost controller installation!
  214. 38mm Tial Wastegate Springs
  215. is the dohc zc good for boost
  216. What injectors
  217. Whats my bore size??
  218. Highest Hp on stock Block.
  219. most boost on stock internals?
  220. Jackson SC boost leak??
  221. Nitrous mount
  222. 2,25 turbo outlet >> 2,5 downpipe
  223. sc compatability
  224. Bolton kit. Good or Crappy?
  225. little eye candy for you guys, it finally happened. topmount madness...
  226. Rod Question
  227. setting up a ebc
  228. Exhaust Muffler
  229. where does ths go???
  230. DEI CO2 Kit
  231. Boost Gauge Vacuum Level?
  232. What else do I need?
  233. what platform to turbo
  234. jdm d15b
  235. Trusting a basmap.
  236. Trusting a basmap.
  237. WTB Jackson racing S/C
  238. dyno results are in... 2nd highest hp vitara set up???
  239. greddy kit with y7 question
  240. what would you do?
  241. ugh
  242. ZC DOHC Supercharger by HKS
  243. d15 + boost WILL it hold??
  244. Apex-I World Sport II Exhaust Question
  245. adapter plate (56K beware)
  246. Need some help with Timing a d16y8 head/ d16z6 block combo...
  247. [email protected]
  248. ...
  249. need a little enlightenment
  250. THis piston ligit