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: Forced Induction

  1. Went to the track. 1st time after boost.
  2. T3 Super 60 4 bolt discharge
  3. checked out but have some unanswered questions>>>please read>>
  4. local guy's boosted d16
  5. retorquing arp head studs?
  6. Tuners - Post Your Bin Files!
  7. 15g Rebuild kits??
  8. z6 BOOOOST vid rep me
  9. Newbie with CROME needs help...
  10. Head Lift?
  11. Variable Geometry Turbochargers
  12. head studs?
  13. 568whp @ 34psi
  14. d16 14b oil and coolant lines
  15. Waste Gate question
  16. supercharger
  17. New build for the summer
  18. greddy 18g manifold made for D series?
  19. oil drain question
  20. injector plus other questions will be added onto this post later on
  21. sick of searching low boost setup just using stock head gasket and head bolts
  22. intercooler question
  23. whats full spool on a 14b
  24. I want to run this through you guys....
  25. where to find a turbo rebuild kit?
  26. offset IC piping? will it hold 18psi?
  27. melting filter?
  28. T25
  29. Turbo Question
  30. rebuild kit for NOS solenoid 16020
  31. comptech electric signal modifier
  32. Turbo sizing
  33. confirm My resisitor box wiring diagram.
  34. Y8 head set up
  35. Catch can blowing oil
  36. Turbo Cam for D16A??
  37. Should i Turbo a d15b7 or a D16z6
  38. Anyone Running this? good deal
  39. please post pics of your return drain line!!
  40. what you guys think
  41. unwelded mani's
  42. D15b7 with vitara
  43. stock psi
  44. resistor box
  45. Questions about D16Z6 turbo build
  46. T25 with HF mani fit with A/C?
  47. a few questions
  48. 0.5 sec less
  49. Idling problem after fuel pump swap
  50. t25/t28 turbo on a t3/t4 manifold?
  51. Nitrous Pressure Gauge Not Working
  52. d15 boosted
  53. Greddy kit
  54. Boost noob needs help
  55. $2k to spend
  56. Where are the TT rods for d16s?
  57. Lets see your no budget build...
  58. Anybody ever used this manifold?
  59. What manifold for T25/28 Turbos
  60. boost with some mods ?
  61. Exhaust piping?
  62. Ebay turbo?
  63. D16A Turbo
  64. Need opinions on idle problem...
  65. 14b question
  66. Water Injection BUT no IC
  67. three runs on track
  68. nitrous+ITB's
  69. new radiator
  70. air filter on turbo question
  71. 13 second car or not??
  72. putting together a d15 turbo build
  73. 11psi ok with 10:1 compression and 93octane?
  74. oil pressure?
  75. lets see your setup
  76. this makes me confused... possible thermostat problem?
  77. bad spool time
  78. A n00b that needs help
  79. Need some dyno's
  80. place to buy my turbo built engine goodies?
  81. Compressor calculations
  82. dsm injector question
  83. driving on rainy day.
  84. question about oil drain line from turbo....someone help me out!
  85. how much difference would you notice?
  86. GT2860R
  87. Here is the start of my vitara build.
  88. how much??
  89. boosted zc question....
  90. idle to rich?
  91. oil drain 45 degree adaptor fitting?
  92. first time engine start with brand new turbo?
  93. y8 camshaft in a z6 head?
  94. *I might get SHOT for this, BUT...I have to ask* SKUNK 2 IM...YAY OR NAY?
  95. Engine wont rev past 2500rpm?
  96. Just my Luck...
  97. Grand Finale
  98. SLS manifolds... A/C compatable?
  99. vitara??
  100. coolant reservoir plastic tank
  101. New record On Vitaras
  102. Turbo burning lots of oil, help!
  103. just dbl checking
  104. tune wit vafc
  105. turbo troubles
  106. open down pipe question
  107. Exhaust sizing
  108. 300zx turbo?
  109. b-series nitrous question!!!!!!!!!!!!
  110. put turbo setup on now car want start
  111. question on vitara piston size
  112. Turbo Set up with ITB's
  113. Is this ok for a d16y7 turbo setup?
  114. FMIC fitiment
  115. got catch can today.........what the hell is this?
  116. i just installed all fittings for oil feed line......can you tell me if it looks ok?
  117. TT H beams or Eagle H Beams?
  118. z6 any ideas or comments??
  119. eeeep....
  120. ebay intercooler what do you think?
  121. FAST CADDY video
  122. throttle body
  123. Chiovnidca's run that broke axles!
  124. vitara confirmation
  125. sunday track
  126. 350 whp on pump gas?
  127. Boost Motor Prep?
  128. boosted!
  129. possibility?
  130. Post up your intercooler setup!!!
  131. wastegate ?
  132. boost controller hook up
  133. How many miles to the gallon do you turbo guys get?
  134. my aim convo with automotivepr, ycp vitara ebay seller
  135. Got the a6 going!
  136. oem suzuki vitara pistons ok for 300whp?
  137. gen 1 dsm turbo
  138. Flange adaptors?
  139. quick question about resistor box
  140. been a while question
  141. What pistons do you like?
  142. another catch can question........sorry.....couldnt find an answer to my questions
  143. Weird Misfire
  144. boosting a 92'si z6 hatch stock block>> have some noob questions???
  145. Got my Valve Cover back WOOT
  146. New Spark in her step
  147. It has begun
  148. charge piping, flaring ends?
  149. Cars idling weird??
  150. Re garding fuel pressure gauge
  151. My d-series, crazy build!!
  152. Is this TurboKit Worth the $$$
  153. which clutch for a turbo build?
  154. resistor box install.....
  155. Where have you all mounted your Intake temperature sensor???
  156. injector clip removal?
  157. Post up pics of your boosted EF intercooler piping routes!!!
  158. TT vacuum manifold install....?
  159. what type of solder not to use on resistor box install?
  160. What bolt downpipe is a 14b turbo?
  161. best place for an egt and o2 wideband sensor
  162. i need filter or screen reccomendations.....
  163. Opinions please! t25 or t3?
  164. pics of my spark plugs and oil
  165. sve 3 bar map sensor install......?
  166. mounting vacuum manifold and sve 3 bar map sensor?
  167. What Head Gasket
  168. b18a TB work on s2 IM?
  169. question about gasket between turbo manifold and turbo.....?
  170. knock off BOV question
  171. bov question
  172. finally got some vids... W00T!!!!
  173. Ever blow oil out yor BOV? i did!!! PICS!!!
  174. question on a 14b
  175. this freakin sucks.......DP doesnt work......
  176. ran into problem mounting wastegate......please help
  177. anyone running an open downpipe?
  178. EVERONE what turbo you run
  179. another issue with my turbo sol
  180. mechanical boost guage install.....where to pull vaccum from?
  181. BOV
  182. crower stage 3 for turbo?
  183. Tuner Toys Officially Annnounces Turbo Manifolds
  184. finally gonna be turbo'd
  185. decent boost controller price
  186. halfway done with IC install......tell me what you think.
  187. d16 turbo injectors
  188. Vacuum Line Size
  189. oil return line pics?
  190. Good and bad news from my old car..
  191. turbo d15b2
  192. Dangers Of Running a Turbo Set up N/A
  193. boost problem
  194. Anyone using Buddy Club Condenser? YAY or NAY?
  195. relocating horn with IC install?
  196. 2 good 2 be true???
  197. Help!!!!!
  198. oil level when tapping pan?
  199. First time turbo build, advice and such...
  200. valve body gasket??
  201. Did my Oil pump take a crap??
  202. water injection
  203. first time on track with my new turbo setup
  204. cousin gave me some monster 4" pipe...
  205. anybody used the y7 manifold whille turboed?
  206. finally getting dyno'd tommorow...
  207. Good Place for an oil return>?
  208. Intercooler with No Turbo
  209. HF questions
  210. some sound clips.. w00t
  211. need help asap
  212. d16z6 turbo kit or custom?
  213. Thanx for the help, heres pics!
  214. car problems
  215. egay turbo(sorry i know people do this all the time)
  216. turbine A/R.
  217. dsm d series?
  218. Picking a manifold with the correct bolt pattern to match a turbo
  219. Probe vs. TT connecting rods
  220. Rate My GFs setup on a budget
  221. Look what USPS just dropped off!!!
  222. IhI question
  223. weird noise
  224. running stock injectors with boost??>>>
  225. PCV Valve Routing Question
  226. hlp findin cheapo stuff
  227. boost on auto tranny
  228. What happens when you overlook the PCV system and boost
  229. Anyone familiar with Crane Cams Fireball Hi6 Ignition system??
  230. vitara pistons questions
  231. evo8 turbo
  232. Injector Question Help Asap!
  233. Oil Restrictor
  234. planning on boost for my car...
  235. mazda mx6 gt turbo injectors???? will they work?>>
  236. new set up failed
  237. WERD...My new setup!
  238. TT rods and vitara pistons
  239. overheated
  240. Radiator leaking
  241. dyno'd sunday
  242. OMFG Finally
  243. Running a motor built for boost with no boost.
  244. when a GT42r is baller enough, hks t51r
  245. Radiator hose inlet and outlet size??
  246. turbo d15 mini me
  247. Simple turbo setup?
  248. help me spend my money... lol
  249. ARP head studs
  250. 404whp -- 300lbs/ft