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: Forced Induction

  1. jrsc and nitrous
  2. What tap location should I use for turbo oil supply line?
  3. another help me pick a turbo thread
  4. supercharger header thoughts.
  5. Sizing my turbo, help me understand.
  6. AC/PS Compatible Quality Turbo manifold or Kit?
  7. D16Z6 powered VW Rabbit
  8. AC Compatible Downpipe?
  9. Nice b.o.v for high boost on a dsm 1g flange
  10. Build d16 with a bb 5858 made only 280whp @ 22psi..some woes...
  11. Garrett T25 suitable for 2.5L ?
  12. Build Engine, High boost & Spray
  13. Turbo D16 questions
  14. Can i put a gt28rs center cartgage in my gt28r
  15. D17A2 ARP Head Stud Question
  16. Best turbo for stock block/head D16Y8?
  17. Thought I had a blown head gasket.
  18. AFR's jumping 17+ after warmed up!>
  19. Locked cause I didn't read the rules.
  20. Best A/C compatible Turbo Manifold?
  21. Delta cams?
  22. Help needed with nitrous
  23. When to port the oil pump.
  24. Injector sizing questions.. talked to hiprofile.. Need extra help. The_Acid_Beaver?
  25. Transmission + Turbo ??
  26. y7 turbo.swap to z6 head or keep y7
  27. d16y8 turbo project help!
  28. top mount manifold
  29. Traction control
  30. Buy & modify pre-made downpipe or make from skratch
  31. Z6 running S300 with out turbo
  32. Calling all boosted DD Vitara build owners
  33. Y7 bottom end questions
  34. Tune shop in queens ny
  35. Turbo vs N/A, noob question
  36. small turbo good for 8500 rpms
  37. question on chra
  38. exaggerated, but help me understand turbo sizing
  39. Spark Plug Gap
  40. turbo-boost-safe????
  41. Question on turbo kit
  42. Turbo problems
  43. stupid question
  44. Baller on budget d16z6 build
  45. Wastegate Porting
  46. Turbo Question After Initial Reaserch
  47. vtec jumper to test?
  48. DD Z6 build ideas
  49. how a turbo works and how to choose the right one for you
  50. ignition timing without jumper
  51. D16Y8 Build - Project Help
  52. Triple Crown athletics.
  53. Turbo Identification
  54. opinions about my nitrous setup
  55. D16Y8 Turbo sizing in need of suggestions!!!!
  56. Magnum Performance Turbo?
  57. best super charger for d series
  58. catch can setup a must or just optional.. vitara build gonna boost about 16-22lbs
  59. D16z6 CRX twincharge build with buick m62
  60. d series springs 700hp!!!
  61. Wastegate location question
  62. Portmatching a cast turbo manifold worth while?
  63. help with my setup ( D16Z6 turbo)
  64. D16z6 vitara turbo/choosing fuel injectors for boost?
  65. Fuel pump recommendations
  66. Dohc zc turbo suggestions.
  67. Crankcase Ventilation Idea
  68. Jackson M45 project
  69. NY tuning shops ANYONE?
  70. afr question on greddy kit
  71. Boost Leak Problems
  72. CPL´s D16Y8 Rebuild - Boost + Forged + EthanolE100
  73. Help with ycp pistons and cx racing rods
  74. Wastegate vac
  75. Fresh vitara turbo build, how long/miles before I can dyno tune it safely?
  76. What would be the cause of this FAILURE??
  77. Things NO ONE told me about TURBOS
  78. hx35 question
  79. Around The Radiator Intercooler
  80. ebay turbo ram manifold question
  81. Methanol injection
  82. Picking my first turbo
  83. CSS D16 block
  84. E85 turbo
  85. just wondering.
  86. '93 Del Sol ESi with JRSC project
  87. What intake should I go with?
  88. Just got around to taking my turbo apart and saw this
  89. opinions on custom manifold and spooling estimates
  90. Which vented valve cover A6
  91. z6 E85 build questions
  92. Turbo'd D-Series vs. k20a
  93. The way you would spray
  94. zc jackson supercharger intake gasket
  95. Does XS Power make crap?
  96. "Higher" comp D16Z6 Turbo w/o Intercooler
  97. The Effect of Increasing Boost
  98. D17 turbo overheating
  99. Will upgraded coil prevent spark blow out?
  100. JRSC on D16y8 - throwing lean codes
  101. spring seat pressure? turbo build
  102. Honda - New 1.0L, 1.5L and 2.0L VTEC Turbo Engines + 2015 Honda Civic Type R Prototyp
  103. Won't rev past 6k w/ vtec
  104. Bisimoto level 2.3 cam
  105. HRV Turbo Project
  106. Garrett t25 help
  107. High hp AC builds?
  108. GodSpeed Turbos with Turbonetics Parts???
  109. edelbrock vs ge intake manifold
  110. Crane 251-0010
  111. Turbo/Rain/Hydrolock?????
  112. Cam and valvetrain question
  113. Wastegate fitment issues
  114. D16Y8 11-5-1 compression and Boost ??
  115. If you have a JRSC D16, I need your help
  116. 88 RT4WD build
  117. Rethreading downpipe bolt holes in exhaust housing.
  118. D16y5
  119. Leaking exhaust (Turbo to downpipe)
  120. Boost Gauge Off
  121. differences between t3 t4 exhaust housing
  122. new oil pan question
  123. 3" exhaust electronic butterfly valve
  124. Turbo manifold
  125. B20 vtec turbo reliable??
  126. step deck or o-ring
  127. d16z6 high compression, jrsc
  128. Does a flat vitara exists?
  129. 30 dry shot on d16y8
  130. What's behind the firewall? Aem water/meth injection
  131. Y8 turbo water plumbing
  132. water meth nozzle size
  133. d16z6 turbo setup/build 250hp-198trq
  134. First Startup
  135. Milling arias pistons to lower compression?
  136. 93 Milano Red Si resoration/ turbo build
  137. Any boosted y8's running oil coolers?
  138. d series turbo head gasket help
  139. Need help on build--y8
  140. Head gasket help, d15b jdm head d16y8 block turbo
  141. Help about turbo
  142. D15b7 with a Kia Optima turbo(Just begun si
  143. Y8 head Z6 block Turbo
  144. Bolt Kit, and Gasket kit options
  145. Tuning School Online
  146. Input on turbo kit for TT road racing with very low boost
  147. Checking shaft play *pics*
  148. 6z turbo build, do i have what i need?
  149. Next 1cambeast
  150. TD04H 15G compressor chart review
  151. EBAY turbo piping> painting with VHT wrinkle black finish?????
  152. Thread size for coolant water lines.
  153. Boost time! Stock internal d16y8
  154. Bone stock to boost
  155. Are you guys losing a lot of gas mileage with turbo?
  156. D16 vtec turbo wagon build
  157. Help guys
  158. turbo a stock d16y7 - greddy 15g - and stay smog compliant?
  159. Lets talk about Vitaras Old Vs new
  160. Piston selection
  161. Fuel pump comparison
  162. What plugs you guys running? d16z6
  163. oil on intake side of turbo!! problem??
  164. What do you guys run for timing? 450hp +
  165. D16Y8 turbo questions
  166. Do these injectors look legit?
  167. First Turbo kit
  168. El Majadero - [email protected]
  169. Are my current injectors big enough
  170. Liquid to Air Barrel Intercooler
  171. D16y8 Turbo Build Opinions
  172. Boost pipe size vs TB size vs lag
  173. 48 trim t3/t4. what size restrictor in feedline?
  174. Wastegate chatter?
  175. Is this a good deal on a used Greddy Turbo Kit?
  176. Injectors for D16A6
  177. d16zc turbo vs b18c turbo
  178. Copper o-rings
  179. Recommend me a clutch.....
  180. 10.53:1 static compression ratio
  181. Which wastegate?
  182. Vitara leak down numbers
  183. D16z6 Turbo - Post dyno Street engine performance & tuning issues
  184. Upgrade harmonic damper? Very extensive build...
  185. Wiseco forged pistons for D16Z6 in DOHC ZC
  186. wastegate clearance help.
  187. turbo vs exhaust questions
  188. D15B6/B7 Turbo
  189. insight needed
  190. D16y7 high compression piston's with boost
  191. Those familiar with stupid low cr vitara builds, please chime in.
  192. Bottle mounting opinions
  193. Engine making weird sound
  194. 95 Civic CX Yellow turbo 350whp time to let it go
  195. 600cc Bosch Injectors - Lag Times
  196. Pistons and rods
  197. Turbo choices madness :no:
  198. "o" ring head?
  199. Phase 2 turbo dohc zc build
  200. d15b7 header?
  201. tuning question
  202. Quest for 350whp
  203. D16y8 turbo iat sensor Problem
  204. which compressor housing should I use
  205. Anybody road racing with turbo??
  206. i don't read the rules.
  207. The benefits of meth injection on a typical turbo honda.
  208. First start, #1 cylinder flooded
  209. -----my d15z6 project-----
  210. t3/t4 t04e .48/.63 ar?
  211. Toyota CT26 A Turbo on Stock D16y8?
  212. Twincharger thoughts and ideas
  213. check out this cheapish kit
  214. 3 inch flex pipe actually 2.75
  215. My D16Z6 Build...
  216. D16 Ebay Turbo Build. Some Newb Q's
  217. KraftWerks D-series Supercharger
  218. Aftermarket cam install question
  219. My turbo build update/ need some advice
  220. d17 jackson racing
  221. Obd1 to obd2 and tuning help
  222. eBay greddy rs knock off compressor surge
  223. Replacement Piston rings. Which one are the best?
  224. Project Gather Exhaust Audio Clips - Let's do this!
  225. d17 coil on plug
  226. How much boost can you build?
  227. 3 Inch Straight Through Exhaust - What is Quiet and What Do You Run??
  228. turbo compression question
  229. Ok check list help
  230. stock 240cc injectors and 55 dry shot?? can it be done .
  231. V-band problem?
  232. Injector problem
  233. Turbo advice needed
  234. external wastegate spring??
  235. Exhaust Leak Tester?
  236. [Build Questions] Cheap FI set up for small amounts of PSI?
  237. YCP Vitara's Teflon Coating Rubbed Off?
  238. my del sol d16z6 turbo build
  239. custom or standard length h-beam rods?
  240. Catch Can (Diagram Pics) question
  241. Ideas for water-to-air intercooler reservoir
  242. Using an SC12-14 supercharger on D15b4
  243. fuel pressure?? TURBO
  244. Anyone rock a 5858 bb on a d16?
  245. Turbo plumbing help
  246. Pre Turbo Water Injection - Who's Doing It
  247. Check my math!!!
  248. Turbo coolers....
  249. High boost fuel issue ?
  250. Should i run this turbo or be patient?