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: Forced Induction

  1. Intercooler Size?
  2. to4e?
  3. SO LOST? Someone please help!?
  4. is it the tune??
  5. My D16z6 Vitara Build
  6. Compression and Turbo
  7. would this fit???what do yall think
  8. is this enough notching?
  9. Blew my motor. Here are the carnage pics!
  10. TD05h
  11. Motorola 2.5 Bar MAP wiring to a crx
  12. vitara piston rattling?
  13. any h-beam/vitara build daily drivers...?
  14. MY free turbo parts (Im Remoer JR.)
  15. Crossmember
  16. Another Supercharger Thread
  17. So my axles won't hold up....
  18. anyone know what turbo this is??
  19. rev up n down on turbo set up
  20. Americans
  21. d15's
  22. d15b spark plug question . helpp
  23. d16z6 build not starting
  24. jdm D15B tutbo need help
  25. Advice please on turbo + manifold..
  26. quick injector question?
  27. Turbo or Supercharge?
  28. think my rings are gone
  29. My progress thread. (EG Hatch)
  30. Turbo setup
  31. track times.
  32. fixing the block for h-beams?
  33. my hf build.
  34. my hf build.
  35. is boosting a D15z1 worth it
  36. Vitara's / hasting's ring's what gaps?
  37. Wideband issue
  38. Newbie wants advice on turbo kit for y8
  39. Pics of the damage
  40. Water to air intercooler?
  41. running like a dog???
  42. ditch those lightend flywheels for boost boys!!
  43. odd fuel pressure readings and AFRS
  44. R.I.P. d16y8
  45. My engine damages !!!
  46. Tapping Oil Pan
  47. Look what I got
  48. Question about weights
  49. Loosing water!!!! please help!
  50. 14b oil feed fitting? restrictor w/ 3an?
  51. which turbo set up
  52. z6 build question
  53. hf mani w/ adapter or xs power mani?
  54. 400whp streetable?
  55. Jdm D15B Vs D16Y7
  56. bov causing boost not to hold?
  57. gaskets and others Qs
  58. chiped ecu
  59. Turbo D16y8 :rice:
  60. 95 civic problem
  61. larger intercooler?
  62. Vitara boost and nos??
  63. Looking for a good Chicago-area tuner
  64. Q? about Injectors
  65. What sould I upgrade to get a stronger engine D16Y8 with 7psi boost
  66. Good and bads news
  67. conundrum.. advice needed about setup
  68. Where to get new compressor housing?
  69. Jrsc 13 second passes
  70. cam question
  71. Teal Green EG Hatch <FIRST TURBO KIT>
  72. LPG
  73. So i was flippin through Honda Tech
  74. Should i build my D15B7 jspec?
  75. corys checklist for more boost.
  76. Can catch can install cause more boost?
  77. New info about my setup
  78. Jspec D15 Vtec TURBO 300whp goal
  79. Has any one seen these yet?
  80. Turbo set-up value?
  81. Interesting ... and potetially stupid idea
  82. JRSC Timing
  83. d16 accessories
  84. turbo carbs???
  85. copper spray gasket
  86. Best Turbo Pistons?
  87. 13s or 100+ traps asking to much?
  88. Methanol injection
  89. 15g to small?
  90. 59300 cam work well with JRSC?
  91. research on suzuki pistons...
  92. I give up ... I'm going to boost the bitch
  93. Sleeving, Headgasket, boosting questions.
  94. Justin's EK Hatch Project thread: engine build, turbo, more...
  95. motor mounts???
  96. Need Oppinion!!!
  97. i could possibly be a DA....
  98. T25 oil resistor...?
  99. Boost controllers ?
  100. cat blew out
  101. Best TOP MOUNT turbo manifolds?
  102. just got my kami header (jrsc related)
  103. wastegate question
  104. ((Project EG hatch))
  105. my build
  106. Anyone ever use one of these kits for a rebuild?
  107. injector question
  108. USPS dropped my damn 50 trim....
  109. i Need turbo install help in socal
  110. Question regarding Greddy turbo kit...
  111. Pistons
  112. ? for u E85 guys...
  113. shaft not spinning at idle,why?
  114. turbo my d serie
  115. the D is back :)
  116. looking for clutch advice for my setup
  117. sunday track test
  118. Scat rods
  119. D15B8 tuning near Winston-Salem, NC, any help?
  120. Wideband o2 and egt gauge?
  121. turbo dohc zc all mocked up!
  122. any one have a bad walbro pump
  123. where to get jrsc belts?
  124. a few questions with vitaras
  125. quick intake mani question
  126. Dx or Ex??
  127. Wastegate spring?
  128. do i need to get a new map???
  129. Getting the right fuel?
  130. drags and wheels
  131. finally got a vid from last summer!!!!!!
  132. Best turbo cam??
  133. what turbo kit ??
  134. head porting+cam worth it on jrsc setup?
  135. which clutch to use.. hmmm..
  136. barely boosted z6 wont start i want to kill myself
  137. exhaust question
  138. how to install MBC
  139. my hf build x2
  140. so any ideas on what happened to the bearings
  141. Time to Rebuild the Turbine?
  142. restriction question
  143. help with my used JRSC kit...
  144. Mild Steel vs Stainless Exhaust
  145. mbc question
  146. boosting y7-questions
  147. is this the right kamikaze header???
  148. Vacuum Cleaner Intake FTW!!
  149. how much to put my engine together?
  150. dump tube?
  151. 2 stage launch
  152. 506hp d16z6 stock sleeves
  153. Need To Find An Old Thread I Found A While Back
  154. learned the hard way!!!
  155. Question about preloading
  156. Where to buy VItara's and eagles
  157. can I use this port for pcv route
  158. manifold O2 sensor with turbo..
  159. what compression for supercharger
  160. tubo guru's, i need some advice
  161. turbo opinion
  162. which turbo?!?
  163. Boost VS Nitrous
  164. 2000bucks for Turbo and 300whp
  165. drag day
  166. D16z oil pump
  167. noob needs a little help
  168. turbo install
  169. Will these pisons work
  170. YAY finally a video of my vitara....
  171. Headgaskit????
  172. My Mechanics Hatch v's Bike
  173. yeah so i killed her! so what?
  174. good question about pcv / catch can
  175. Performance Y7 camshaft??
  176. Too much lag !!!!
  177. doing my own air intake
  178. turbos in need a lil help NOOB
  179. Airesearch Turbo.
  180. boost gauge help
  181. Turbo manifold (Type)?
  182. turbo setup?
  183. damn wastegates
  184. Turbo housing!!!
  185. Opinion on What Type
  186. quick guestion regarding boost, and boost controllers
  187. used turbo spins slow...
  188. d15b2
  189. ENEOS oil good for FI hondas???
  190. Quietest blowoff valve?
  191. valve cover breather setup (i think)
  192. sc14 in honda
  193. A Good tuner In WA
  194. D16 Z6 build thread
  195. oil pump question
  196. Opionions on what to do with my single cam
  197. Anyone here own this BOV?Who makes it?
  198. farewell to the D
  199. Bench racing
  200. Not safe to turbo?
  201. which oil line for my turbo?
  202. Why am i getting DET in random places?
  203. Speedfoos dyno vid!
  204. No boost pressure
  205. Went to dyno todays
  206. Turbo Time!!
  207. vitara pistons
  208. Is a VAFC absolutely necessary?
  209. D15 turbo??
  210. The D16 that could
  211. Oil Pressure...kinda issue?
  212. map
  213. final try! then i am done!!
  214. Ebay tsunami manifold...?
  215. JR Crank pulley
  216. I wanna turbo my Pilot.
  217. greddy 18g internal wastegate interchangable with 15g?
  218. street tune vs. real tune
  219. JRSC Relay Wiring Help
  220. Over boosting w/ 14B w/ internal WG
  221. Head lifted or head gasket blown?? help
  222. wtf? greddy wastegate wont hold 6psi
  223. ZC SC cutting out at 3000rpm
  224. problems after turbo timer instal
  225. Newbie to turbos and d16s period
  226. Newbie new turbo setup
  227. Motor Oil/Spark plug recomendation and gap for a boosted Z6?
  228. What viscosity and brand oil do you prefer on your setup and why?
  229. Anybody useing HKS EVC 1 boost controller???
  230. dsm 02 sensor housing
  231. a customers request
  232. fidanza
  233. Some idle questions...
  234. timing for nitrous....
  235. upgrading from DSM 450 injectors
  236. well i want to be sure!
  237. D15b non v-tec....
  238. Any who has a turbo xs RFL help
  239. Fuel psi??
  240. Seal question
  241. How to keep A/C?
  242. newbie questions
  243. The DIYer home made catch can in 15 minutes haha!! tell me what you guys think of it
  244. Turbo and radar detector
  245. hondata s300?
  246. do I need new valve springs and/or retainers?
  247. Wanna Build a D15B vtec to about 230whp
  248. Ready to send my P28 computer, what should I do?
  249. cam question....
  250. code 5 i think!