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: Forced Induction

  1. 16g turbo lines broke
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  4. Help a noob out.
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  6. Questions about new FJT pistons+nitrous?
  7. Uberdata Timing
  8. What bit's for what rev's?
  9. Oil return line
  10. Ok, i was going to get a garrett but then i saw this.. try one before?
  11. Went to the track, turbo vitara mini me
  12. Turbo guys, what do you tq your arp headstuds at
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  14. Need help (JRSC related)
  15. My setup! (93 DX)
  16. Alternator solenoid valve fuse blew
  17. New boost guage problem
  18. My sohc turbo build.
  19. Remove AC to fit turbo
  20. Turbo choice help
  21. Rod and piston HELP!!
  22. Where's the o2 sensor on turbo manifolds?
  23. Smoke coming out of catch can
  24. NOS brand Nitrous jets
  25. DIZZY
  26. WTF boost gauge
  27. Does anyone know about D17 turbo kits?
  28. Charge piping/fog lights
  29. Finally I got my parts to finish my build
  30. Where do all my vac lines go?
  31. What do you think?
  32. tdo4-15g gasket set
  33. Normal to need higher amp fuse with Walbro?
  34. Crower stage 2 Turbo Cam-shaft question
  35. d15b(non vtec) Build suggestions.
  36. To VTEC or Not
  37. D16z6 oil pump
  38. Wastegate spring??
  39. Vitaras will fit right???
  40. Not a D, but...
  41. JRSC (or turbo) What VTEC crossover point are you using?
  42. Question on Turbo
  43. d16 jrsc help
  44. 3 final nitrous questions
  45. t3/t4 vs. dsm turbos
  46. Turbo setup/
  47. go-autoworks log manifold ?
  48. WTB: having trouble finding the marketplace here
  49. JR Supercharger Belt Jumping
  50. Took my Vitara build to the track for the first time
  51. turbo question and what to do???
  52. need help w/ my d16z6..
  53. D16 making 735whp/477tq.
  54. d16y7 automatic w/ t25 snail !!!
  55. Boost for the rex
  56. coolant in the catch can
  57. Air Blowing Out Of Breather Filter
  58. Apexi turbo kit ?
  59. motor issues...
  60. New engine in! valve problem
  61. Placed order for new turbo today.
  62. rebuild or ebay
  63. Anyone using E85 in thier boosted D
  64. bolt question??
  65. braided brake line for turbo feed?
  66. no more FI for me
  67. Lightened Flywheel on D16z6 Turbo
  68. blew my motor
  69. building turbo setup on my own?
  70. I'm going to be seeing the light...
  71. Top mount turbo mani
  72. Turbo build questions (D16z6)
  73. Supercharge build?
  74. Nitrous ZC project
  75. Does anyone make a camshaft for d16a6? (non regrind)
  76. Picking up a 93 tomorrow for boosting
  77. Turbo D16 verses Honda s2000
  78. Bit By the Boost Bug
  79. Need help finding an oil return line block / adapter
  80. I've Seen The Light
  81. First post : d16a1 turbo project
  82. jrsc d16y8 automatic?
  83. Well here is my build
  84. Lenso 13x7.5 drag wheels....
  85. Is this turbo good for d16? (T3 (55Trim))
  86. Where do i stand? (afr inside)
  87. D17 Valvecover = Better crankcase Ventilation...
  88. Went to the track today :)
  89. Vitara snap ring
  90. Turbo manifold question
  91. Almost done
  92. Which HF manifold adapter plate do I need?
  93. car still smoking
  94. Need some help diesel turbo's
  95. d14a1 turbo??som ehelp here plz
  96. possible blown turbo
  97. Turbo.......
  98. Help me turbo my d16 v1 2005
  99. Unsure about running vacuum line
  100. Zex 105900
  101. New to turbo D-series.. need help
  102. did u upgrade
  103. Lowest driveable Compression
  104. d15b turbo kit
  105. wierd vaccum on idle
  106. turbo on my d16 v1
  107. rev launcher???
  108. ok so i need a fast car help me make one
  109. blue smoke from exhaust...after removing nylon line from back of block
  110. plug gap
  111. should/could i use i bottle to spool my turbo quicker??
  112. Will I notice a difference with a intercooler?
  113. ebay wastegate spring color/psi chart??
  114. boost map programs
  115. New best time slip for my CRX
  116. Just got a turbo!!
  117. uht oh i got trouble
  118. Pros Chime in
  119. What's the weakest part of the D16z6 valvetrain?
  120. Spooling Times?
  121. Turbo Cooling Questions
  122. freaking problems
  123. recipe for 3" quiet exhaust system?
  124. Please advise me... D16 Turbo
  125. Stage3 clutch q and Video of Starting Turbo D15B7 for First Time
  126. Block guard
  127. Centrifugal supercharger
  128. Building the best Turbo Head
  129. this sucks...
  130. making turbo manifold ?'s
  131. Any u Turbo guys ran any bikes!?!?
  132. turbo good on stock?
  133. tuner in the twincities
  134. help answer my noob ?s
  135. help answer my noob ?s
  136. woohoo im done FINALLY (1 question also)
  137. Silly question
  138. made my own flange, will this hurt performance?
  139. best place to run waste gate line to?
  140. Pics.. Vitara piston with new Custom Length I beams
  141. IAT sensor options?
  142. The Best turbo
  143. Rev Speed Turbo?
  144. Supercharger build need help (d16y7)
  145. boosted z6 with stock internals
  146. vitara's ??where to get 'em?
  147. intercooler size
  148. Any nitrous guys shatter pistons?
  149. best cam
  150. Car won't time up, belt stretched?
  151. Cast Manifolds
  152. Boost Creep
  153. 500+HP ???
  154. bc and cooling question
  155. Shorty's Rex Build
  156. Search = no luck... Boost/Vacuum question...
  157. d16y7 turbo
  158. rebuilding a turbo
  159. hey im pissed
  160. polishing topmount manifold, good or bad?
  161. Air-to-liquid intercooler?
  162. Just bought a JRSC kit for $550 for my D16. Took it apart and this is what i found.
  163. Crx charge pipe fitment
  164. oil temp gauge install
  165. OBX turbo manifold?
  166. Nitrous D17A2
  167. my progress
  168. Motorola 4 bar map sensor
  169. injector question
  170. looking for turbo manifold please help
  171. My vitara build progress PICS
  172. just makeing its correct
  173. Budget E85: high-CR 1.5L or low-CR 1.6L?
  174. need help choosing pistons
  175. weird vacuum gauge reading
  176. where to find electronic boost controller
  177. in-cabin mbc install
  178. Identify this turbo
  179. manual boost controler
  180. Camshaft description
  181. mini me nos?
  182. Best Turbo for a B16A
  183. Turbo D16 OR SWAP?
  184. My build. (finally getting some momentum)
  185. nada...
  186. Supra pistons B16 rods
  187. Will this manifold and turbo fit?
  188. biuld for 250-300whp?
  189. 140,000 miles
  190. how would you do this...
  191. any one every used this turbo?
  192. Skunk2 Manifold help with turbo D16Y7?
  193. treadstonepreformance
  194. Anyone Boosted a f23?
  195. Max EGT
  196. Need help i had a shop do my head bolts and they used an impact gun to tighten my...
  197. Car won't Start after installing 450cc DSM injector
  198. to much comp?
  199. AC clearance on turbo?
  200. Who to believe, the map sensor or the gauge?
  201. PICS of my build so far
  202. How to find where the turbo are made ? please help.
  203. Vented vs Recirculated Wastegate...?
  204. How to rebuild Greddy TD04 15G Turbo
  205. injector question
  206. Greddy manifold with t3 turbo
  207. sucky gas milage
  208. Anyone here know the mechanics behind meth/water injection?
  209. Help selecting turbo
  210. B16b out d16z6 In BAck to boost
  211. Read or face thread deletion
  212. 15g Help....
  213. my d build
  214. Lets talk about some electronic boost control
  215. How much oil pressure???
  216. turbo selection help
  217. turbo manifold
  218. turbo help (with paint picture) sorry
  219. need some advice
  220. head work
  221. Vitara Compression
  222. Nitrous filter
  223. ways to improve cooling on a turbo EF?
  224. cam for D15B7
  225. Mad Tyte Superchaaaaaaaaged
  226. DC SPORT turbo manni d-series
  227. new to site where to post l/f turbo?
  228. Which Headgasket do i use?
  229. My turbo build set up + Ecu from Xenocron. Expect?????
  230. some updates and some problems
  231. zex/comp cam
  232. please help
  233. whats your oil pressure?
  234. stupid idea?
  235. my 91 civic si (dyno vid)
  236. looking for bone stock sohc zc 5-8psi dyno sheet
  237. Max boost pressure on stock Z6 injectors?
  238. exospeed cam
  239. Turbo Build - Need opinions....
  240. Can't a find a good FMIC kit
  241. Need help on d16a6 block/d16z6 head
  242. Fuel pump upgrade...
  243. 97 ex, PS/AC, and boost?
  244. Engine Worth Boosting?
  245. a6/z6 mini me good for jrsc project.
  246. Coolan in Oil.. Compression is
  247. cam cover d16z6 d16y8 same?
  248. DOHC ZC JRSC in 96 Civic
  249. where to get type-s bov springs??
  250. What's needed to run 6psi