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: Forced Induction

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  20. What would you do??
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  22. Epic Fail at the dyno today. 123whp 142wtq @ 14psi.....WTF?!?!
  23. Buget build ?
  24. How to install a manual boost cotroller
  25. Does my turbo have a non-original compressor side? *pics*
  26. New Remote turbo (soon to come)
  27. Need Help With Homemade Turbo Kit
  28. 97 civic turbo with a/c pics????
  29. Took my turbo apart, people say its not a garrett but can you tell when its apart???
  30. Greddy turbo kit and Apexi N1???
  31. Installing a Dump Valve To a D13 Carb.
  32. Cheap, easy, small turbo "put-to-gether"...
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  34. Budget Forced Induction
  35. Ideal Air/Fuel ratio for turbo charge
  36. Manual Boost Controller????
  37. How to fix wideband o2 sensor
  38. How many psi on a 96-00 greddy kit when is out of the box?
  39. Gathering pieces for boostin, question Q?
  40. Turbo kit?
  41. Thought Process Help... into Build Thread
  42. Need help jrsc
  43. What's the max psi with greddy kit on emanage?
  44. Need some guys with nice HP to give an opinions
  45. Is block gaurd causing over heating problem?
  46. Search function won't do two letters
  47. Finally decided
  48. thoughts on this intercooler
  49. The New Project begins...
  50. Which gaskets to replace?
  51. t3 oil feed problems
  52. Barely used garrett i bought for 300 bucks, and has blown seals!!
  53. My idle keeps going up and down?
  54. What kind of oil do you use?
  55. which wire is the speed sensor on the ECU harness
  56. Yay Pic's
  57. Smic
  58. not holding boost to redline
  59. z6 turbo build idea
  60. Plan to turbo an auto D15B7... where do i start?
  61. How to build boost.
  62. New and Help with NOS
  63. kteller 2.5 inch downpipe QUESTION!
  64. Turbo install tips on d16y7
  65. Choosing slicks for a turbo car.
  66. Stay cast or go ram?
  67. Headwork questions
  68. Tips on d16y8.
  69. How to mount my intercooler?
  70. new numbers for my greddy kit.
  71. Head Upgrade plan, what cam? advice please.
  72. Looking for sohc zc turbo knowledge, previouse experience and problems incountered
  73. Cheap, quick, small squeeze on the go?
  74. Boost the D or just swap in a B16
  75. Turbo Feed line is leaking
  76. My oil catch can
  77. godspeedproject D15 Turbo Kit
  78. Help: DSM t25 fitment issues
  79. Compression test....
  80. 57 trim t3/t4 exhaust housings .48 ar vs .63
  81. Plug problem
  82. First Del Sol Build
  83. What Do You Think Of This Sound ??
  84. Supercharger
  85. D16Y8 fuel management
  86. Cheap mbc?
  87. 50-75+ HP z6 head! hahah
  88. Think this will actually fit right?
  89. Precission low impedance 680cc inj and 350whp?
  90. t25 d15 numbers
  91. tdo5 q?s
  92. Back in the game again. need some insight on the Y7
  93. A few issues...
  94. Any interchangable compressor's for a td04h 13c?
  95. Milling head with vitaras
  96. Boosted endurance-type motor?
  97. Injector resistor box
  98. Turbo CamShaft?
  99. Strange issue last night
  100. my turbo build.....
  101. Help Pick Turbo Kit!
  102. Greddy turbo kit
  103. AnyBody running the sc50 how is it compared to 57 trim
  104. Oil coming from my dumptube?
  105. t3/t4 on stock sohc zc
  106. Vitara Q's again... Yes, I've serched:)
  107. Can supra injectors fit on a y8 rail?
  108. What's the difference in exhaust size???
  109. The Junkyard Turbo ID list
  110. a6 block z6 head timing question
  111. Dsm tdo4
  112. My Build Idea
  113. Oil pressure questions.
  114. How many of you turbo guys run heat wrap on your Dp and/or mani
  115. Non-intercooled turbo setup ?'s
  116. vitara pistons on stock rods?
  117. Tired of seeing it on my shelf
  118. Reusing ARP's
  119. Greddy type s question
  120. First run for break-in and I dont like
  121. Manifold Help Please
  122. Planning My turbo setup
  123. This this turbo work
  124. Good deal?
  125. Which turbo for a built y8
  126. Wastegate spring colour
  127. My Build plans
  128. $2 cost my customer $2,000
  129. ?? about waste gate springs
  130. injectors/tuning for 3psi setup?
  131. Bobo GT30's on ebay!
  132. 4 sale
  133. D-series turbo size??
  134. boost controller question
  135. New Record for Vitaras!! 471whp
  136. Safe power level on pump gas
  137. Before I start Building....
  138. I need a d16 block asap!!!!
  139. Nitrous???
  140. Endyn jsrc setup
  141. D16z6 turbo build
  142. Greddy kit!!!
  143. greddy mani's
  144. Vtec+Supercharged+Turbo Charged D15/D16
  145. Boost Or Bust
  146. Any news on d15b2/7 forged rod?
  147. Ok heres some pics.. Got my new garrett installed.
  148. Full Y8 build..No oil pressure?
  149. Problem with Rods
  150. d16a6+ 100 shot wet= ???
  151. Super Charged
  152. I am also worried about downpipe/chargepipe clearance
  153. d15y7 turbo build
  154. How fast does your catch can fill up?
  155. The project begins...
  156. Which cylinder usually breaks?
  157. Need advice
  158. Where to get a tune
  159. 93 EG (Teal green hatch)Dyno (UPDATE)
  160. Worried about downpipe clearance
  161. So my new 600whp axles broke wtf! PICS
  162. Boosted build
  164. p29\nitrous - z6 in 93 hatch
  165. How reliable are darton open sleeves
  166. Stock sleeve max boost?
  167. Update on the Vitara's
  168. $100 bet
  169. Thinking about turbo
  170. Initial Start Up ?
  171. Cold idle issues
  172. Boosted y7 results
  173. Boost guage reads vacuum but not boost?
  174. NeED help! Axle problems
  175. Start Up !!!
  176. 8lb flywheel+boost=??
  177. Just got my car back, but i have one problem....!
  178. Opinions on 400hp manifold
  179. Fmic piping
  180. No pull just bull
  181. Need some help
  182. turbo help on d16z6
  183. tubo questions..
  184. Just a thought about widebands
  185. Dumb question... Axles...
  186. Exhaust piping suggestions
  187. 550cc Evo 8 injectors
  188. eprada87 d15built7 build. the beginning!
  189. Wrapped mani?
  190. Help ME!!! y8 turbo and y7/y8 built for turbo
  191. where do i hook up my vacuum block?
  192. Wanting to go turbo
  193. About to take a 400 mile drive...
  194. Cracked sleeve and a mint ass block
  195. Were to put my o2 sensor bung.
  196. Best head gasket for a boosted z6?
  197. Can I filter my setup?
  198. What u think of the Turbo Kit
  199. Massive Vacuum Leak and Rich Fuel Condition
  200. Torque specs
  201. Non intercooled?
  202. Godchilds 95 eg d16z6 boost build........
  203. 14b and 16g compatible?
  204. Turbo on a D15B DPFI, can it be done?
  205. Best emulator
  206. ImportHeaven's Build Thread V 1.1
  207. Ongoing question thread
  208. Greddy turbo kit ?
  209. finally my new build will be one the road in a few days
  210. New turbo came today. pics inside
  211. Boostin my stock D16z6...
  212. 11.4 compression?
  213. What trim size is my new garrett??
  214. spool up
  215. Almost ready !!!
  216. Neptune anti-lag...
  217. Rebuilding Ebay turbo with garret rebuild kit?
  218. Bored with my setup..
  219. turbo manifold
  220. Possible to put vitaras in backwards??
  221. My car
  222. Volvo turbo on my d16??
  223. going boost (d15z/auto)
  224. ?confused? Please help.
  225. D15B Turbo?
  226. Need help and advice on a turbo build
  227. Cheapest route for wideband
  228. New video Track and dyno..
  229. egcivic95 vitara build
  230. Holset HX30
  231. My new turbo came yesterday...
  232. WTF,Could this even work?
  233. What's the difference from 88-91 fuel pump and 92-00?
  234. 3 bar map install
  235. Greddy turbo kit in a JDM ek1
  236. Sleeved block
  237. Are you running 20psi? (vid added)
  238. What is this sound? WTF
  239. Turbo d16 Vs. Altima SE-r
  240. custom turbo manifold??
  241. This guy woulda laughed all the way home.
  242. Rip D16y8
  243. H22 Throttle Body
  244. Bisi 1.2 non VTAK turbo cam????
  245. Is an electric blower any good?
  246. Breaking engine with stock PCV or vented catch can?
  247. Boost related question
  248. Using DSM Parts on Hondas
  249. Gapping the plugs...
  250. Stock Sleeves