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: Forced Induction

  1. Well, It's my turn!
  2. Ported y8 mani+60mm Tb good for ~325whp setup?
  3. Killed my 5th engine, pics inside.
  4. How much boost can a stock 93' DX map sensor compensate for?
  5. Jrsc installedl HUGE PROBLEM no power
  6. Cannot locate where noise is coming...
  7. Valvetrain?
  8. Turbo HELP. Whats going on?
  9. Noob to turbos
  10. Check out my build so far!! I'm waiting on the motor!
  11. Turbo exhaust
  12. D15b turbo Bogged to death...
  13. Garrett turbos maps/pics/info, everything you need :)
  14. Which arp head studs and cometic head gasket for 3stg d15b w/ viataras and d16 eagles
  15. What do you think?
  16. Finally about to be boosted!!!
  17. Still smoking.
  18. FMU?
  19. Turbo leaking?
  20. Guys Turbo kit need help!!
  21. My turbo build!!!
  22. JRSC Whistle?
  23. Turbo'd DOHC ZC
  24. Other 38mm external gates
  25. Oil pressure too low!!!
  26. Rich or lean?
  27. Went to the Dyno today
  28. Will these injectors work???
  29. Welding dumptube to downpipe .. good or bad?
  30. My new plans
  31. Need some help
  32. Ghettofabulous air duct
  33. I'm back!!!!
  34. To Buy or not to Buy?
  35. t3 com 60 trim 60a/r or t04b 42trim 60a/r
  36. Which one to Boost?
  37. Temperature question
  38. Another 400+ whp build thread
  39. Got bored, extended my dumptube
  40. Crankshaft questions.
  41. Ebay Turbo Timer anybody?
  42. Ramorn heat question..
  43. D-powered Drag Car.
  44. Went to the track
  45. Need Feed Back Plz!!
  46. GT1752 Compressor map?
  47. Is a good idea ???
  48. Wondering why
  49. Please Help
  50. Talk about disappointment damnnn
  51. I think i hurt my turbo :(
  52. Vtec problem...
  53. Thinking about putting a turbo on my Del Sol!
  54. Turbo seals went after 2 years need a lil help
  55. Catch Can?
  56. Clutch Selection
  57. Stock injectors and fuel pump?????
  58. Valve Assy., Purge Cut Solenoid
  59. Holset H1C on a D16
  60. Turbo size
  61. Cluth, Press Plate, flywheel for a turbo setup... need help
  62. First Motor Build Just Lookin For Some Pointers
  63. Are ebay cast manifolds alright?
  64. Adapter plate
  65. Edelbrock Performer X
  66. Gaskets and bolts
  67. Misfire 4k-4,5k
  68. Injectors
  69. How do you determin how many bar?
  70. Valvetrain
  71. Got It!!! Take A Look
  72. 325cc with small Ihi RHB5 turbo ?
  73. 200 bucks... what should i get.?
  74. Turbo'd civic not starting?
  75. Tuners in florida....
  76. Just got my b7 boosted
  77. What would take boost better?A d15b7 with z6 head or a d16z6?
  78. Directional question!
  79. New turbo not pulling hard?
  80. Some Supercharger questions!? PLZ
  81. How much... sorry?
  82. Arp rod bolts?
  83. Light weight pulley question....
  84. Anybody have dyno graphs with there ebay cast manifold?
  85. What else do I need to turbo my car???
  86. What map sensor do i need?
  87. Need Help Please. Idle rough
  88. I need a voice of opinions.
  89. Guesstimated results???
  90. Best Turbo Manifold Need Info
  91. Injector's Size
  92. Exhaust selection
  93. Need help, have a d16z6 with a jrsc
  94. Anybody have experiences with these air-to-water intercoolers?
  95. If its not one thing. It's another...
  96. Looking for a bit more....
  97. D16 and d17
  98. Cool turbo assembly video.
  99. Is NOS good with high compression motor?
  100. Erratic fuel pressure!!
  101. How bad would it be?
  102. Biagio turbo
  103. MPG and Turbo
  104. What bugs?
  105. Want to go boost!!!
  106. Wiring boost controller to TPS?
  107. Low comp in cyl 2
  108. Do i need an air/fuel gauge?
  109. Breaking shit..
  110. Chipped ECu ?'s
  111. Pulls hard but funny idle after boost
  112. Intercooler tech question
  113. Another vid
  114. Project 300!! Mini me build
  115. Does anyone use any extra oil for their turbos?
  116. Nitrous Cam
  117. D15b7 rods?
  118. 1st time start
  119. Best Oil For Turbo
  120. Considering a Garrett M27. Looking for 'reviews'
  121. Engine out again :(
  122. Fuel pump issue..
  123. Turbo selection help
  124. Inline fuel filter as an inline turbo feed oil filter
  125. Crome Pro GOLD or EcTune for Tuning my car
  126. Is sleeving a good idea
  127. Random no start problem.
  128. NGK Iridium plugs with turbo???
  129. Ok, here is a tough one... has to do with an engine mount.
  130. Cooling in hot traffic?
  131. Garret gt-17 turbo
  132. Maps for Turbokit d16Y8 Hondata s300 310cc
  133. Turbo downpipe
  134. New plans for my car
  135. Just a couple of ?'s
  136. Shaved pulley question
  137. Couple Questions...Please Help
  138. D16y8 blower??
  139. Turbo y8 gas question.
  140. D16y8 turbo question.
  141. Improve my times by 0.10
  142. What is duty cycle?
  143. D17A2
  144. 2005 Honda Civic EX SE VTEC D17A2 Question.....Please help!!!
  145. Should I boost my d16y7?
  146. Ring gap for nitrous?
  147. General questions...
  148. Turbo went tonight
  149. Oil Pan question!!
  150. What turbo?
  151. What's it worth
  152. Temperature of turbo
  153. Re-using bearings????
  154. Are my injectors big enough....
  155. Td05 flange question
  156. Breaking up bad...
  157. Most boost on your D stock only, sorry no fully builts here
  158. Building a manifold
  159. Ring set.. What's good...
  160. Eagle rod bolts ARP 2000 7 16th bolts torque
  161. Extra stuff
  162. My vitara build
  163. Turbo choice yea or nah
  164. 300 whp a realistic goal?
  165. EJ1 Rebuild
  166. How small is too small?
  167. Supercharged d16?
  168. Wastegate Spring question
  169. Boost d16z6 or swap b16 (first post)
  170. Well, i got bad news. Broken timing belt.
  171. What size turbo to go for? (first post)
  172. Turbos that can fit a 2 liter bottle in them?
  173. Top mount turbo manifold... what do you guys think? or a log manifold?
  174. D-series twinscroll mani...
  175. Help me sort out this stutter
  176. Turbosmart manual boost controller Boost Lag
  177. Is it too expensive?
  178. Cr 10.5.1
  179. B20a1 rods in d-series??
  180. Turbo z6 tuned with 94 octane, switching to 91 octane?
  181. Need a fire ring for a 38mm W/G
  182. Dual Exhaust
  183. Block guard dumb question
  184. Threaded IAT?
  185. Buying a clutch...we affiliated with Kteller?
  186. Need some help form all the jackson supercharger guys
  187. N/A to boost need advice
  188. In a pickle...
  189. Quick question about smoke from exhuast
  190. Another Vitara Build, Couple Q's?
  191. Block gaurd
  192. Skunk2 IM with holley tb
  193. How Does This Set Up Look
  194. Oil restrictor
  195. Finally went to the track with the boost setup.
  196. More efficient air cooling for cheap
  197. GT28R on Greddy manifold
  198. Not makng boost now... WTF
  199. Looking for head parts
  200. Can anybody help me rebuild my turbos?
  201. Need some advice
  202. Time for a cam?
  203. 3bar map sensor voltage...... WTF.
  204. Basic Turbo build, tell me what you think.
  205. 500whp sohc/stock sleeve d16zc
  206. Ahhh to boost or not to boost that is the question
  207. To FI or not to FI
  208. N2O exhaust size poll
  209. 2 time slips from last nights race
  210. D16 to d15 fitment question
  211. Idea for torquy high rpm power
  212. Greddy turbo mani question
  213. Back to the dirty d!!
  214. Water / Methanol injection.... Before or after the supercharger?
  215. GT28 turbo?
  216. Vids of last sunday at the track
  217. Turbo build
  218. 1990 Crx
  219. Question For You Turbo Guys
  220. ? about turbo clocking
  221. Drove home from work and the cell came on code 9 WTF?
  222. H beam or I beams
  223. Difference Between ZEX 105300 and Crower Stage 2 NA
  224. Greddy injectors
  225. Which wire do I tap into???
  226. Finally my ebay mani is cracked
  227. Well... another tune tomorrow morning..
  228. Torque 4 engine
  229. Vitara + Custom I-beam compression...
  230. Wastegate question.
  231. Where did you mount your fuel psi gauge
  232. Garrett Vs.Turbonetics
  233. Fuel Question
  234. New and looking for boost
  235. 94' EJ1 turbo build!
  236. Pre tune question
  237. d16z6 head
  238. Need opinions to fix the blow-by issue
  239. Porting a turbo for better flow, ideas/feedback
  240. Adjustable internal wastegate...
  241. N2o q's
  242. Are turbo seals bad?
  243. Well its my turn getting the green thing tuned tomm
  244. Turbine housing bolt torque specs
  245. Uberdata BIN files..
  246. Quick question about vitara pistons
  247. Gas coming from exhaust manifold
  248. Few quick boost questions - Greddy kit is in the mail
  249. Track results, I´m happy.
  250. Nitrous?