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: Forced Induction

  1. Turbo Flange ID
  2. Need some opinions on turbo charger
  3. TD04HL-13G questions
  4. Toto pistons for turbo D
  5. What spec do you have on your d16z6
  6. d16y8 turbo build
  7. Motor vs motor
  8. D16a6/z6 vitara at 10-12psi?
  9. Homebrew octane boosters
  10. Full Ram vs Mini Ram - Real Differences?
  11. What to pull from DSM for crx?
  12. OEM washer fluid tank with low level sensors?
  13. D16Z6 [email protected] Going for 640hp
  14. E85 and me...
  15. JRSC D16Z6 in CRX
  16. just acted up!
  17. grinding/polishing inside of cast manifold
  18. Turbo D16A6/ECU
  19. d15z1/z6 turbo project.
  20. Blew head gasket. Hows it look?
  21. 16g turbine flange help
  22. neccesity of an external wastegate
  23. Tial f38/ MV-S hybrid??? compatible-interchangable
  24. few questions with d15z1/z6
  25. JRSC on a y8 - what kind of HP numbers can be made?
  26. Resistor Box Plug Difference
  27. ek9 turbo "choice"
  28. Setting Boost By Gear.
  29. intercooler mounting tab/bracket what & where
  30. Can I hook up my BOV here?
  31. Boost Adjustment/BOV Problem
  32. D17A2 TSI Turbo Kit Review
  33. Oil Filter Sandwich
  34. Greddy Manifold with T25 turbo question
  35. Turbo choice conundrum
  36. Turbo D ?s
  37. 450 DSM njector question
  38. Oil for dyno time
  39. SARD FPR pressure drops
  40. 99 ex d16y8 air injection, plug or use for vacuum source?
  41. D16A1 boosted!! NEED HELP
  42. Ebay turbo smoke on idle
  43. 200whp goal, d16y8
  44. crayyy idle. fresh build.
  45. advice for my d16z6 turbo build
  46. she said no to 20 two
  47. D15B7 Turbo Build
  48. help installing hiprofile injectors
  49. Shooting for 300whp budget turbo advice
  50. Rebuilt and motor from hell!
  51. 4 Bar Map Sensors
  52. First engine build
  53. Small video clip of boosted D we finished up
  54. Michigan Dyno tuners
  55. exhaust discussion
  56. Budget manifold idea
  57. low compression same tune?
  58. Fresh engine, no start.
  59. Boosting D16A6, REVIEW MY CHECKLIST PLZ!
  60. TURBO D16 HELP!!! Huge problem
  61. Smoke after sitting stationary....
  62. Supercharger??
  63. manifold options for the 15g
  64. kamikaze header bung location
  65. Turbo d16z6 missfire
  66. Engine builders in dallas?
  67. Oil Cooler Advice
  68. Seperate fuel system for nitrous Q's
  69. Boost Control
  70. Emusa Ebay Turbo Kit Review
  71. Hy35 vs 57 trim
  72. Getting back into boost (BOV ?s)
  73. 270whp/207ft-lb Holset Vitara FJT Z6
  74. drain line question
  75. TurboXS HP Boost Controller adjust help.
  76. Will this take me to 350 WHP on a d16z6?
  77. Trying to understand clutch ratings.
  78. Mighty car mods Intercooler test black vs unpainted
  79. holset carnage
  80. Low Oil Pressure After Holset Install
  81. Holset H1C questions
  82. Anyone ever try modding oem civic clock to be a digital gauge
  83. Downhill deceleration smoke with JRSC
  84. One injector work intermitent
  85. Turbo DD Catalytic Converter Size
  86. d16 turbo build for Hot Rod Drag Week
  87. Troubleshooting - code 20 ELD/Car running badly
  88. 2 D16s to make a strait 8 3.2
  89. Diesel turbo's
  90. Vibrations from Innovative 85A Driver Side Mount
  91. Hard start and idle but won't Revs
  92. party at my house July 26th!
  93. Ej1 d15b boosted HELP
  94. 74 Civic 4x4 6 speed turbo for sale on ebay
  95. bisimoto 3.6 issue
  96. Wastegate dump help
  97. First time head porting
  98. Got a call to get tuned today :-D
  99. D15b7/y8 or z6, boosted, stock internals, tuned p28 s100
  100. Still waiting to get on the dyno...
  101. D16y7/y8 mini me Build for JRSC
  102. disappointing dyno numbers
  103. Questions about timing and knock
  104. Turboing a car with 185k pointers?
  105. New turbo/mani/dp and fuel set upů Questions...
  106. RC1200cc injectors deadtimes
  107. Trying to figure out what turbo i have.
  108. d16 greddy type s bov setup
  109. Burning oil valves seals or turbo?
  110. Engine Oil Viscosity (Built D16 Turbo)
  111. Prepping for turbo have a ecu question!
  112. What to do for a build????
  113. New setup off the dyno. D16z6 Turbo
  114. greddy bov fitting size
  115. 3 row 1/2 radiator and turbo will it fit? Fan push/pull
  116. how to tell greddy turbo 13g from15g ?
  117. D16Y7 Stock turbo help
  118. Garrett GT25R
  119. Werid Boost issue
  120. Another stock sohc making power :)
  121. Excessive Blow-By
  122. Z6/Y8 - Main Bearings - How much clearance you run?
  123. B7 to Z6 intake manifold why no gains ?
  124. WTB Jackson Racing Supercharger
  125. Internal Wastegate Leaking At Idle - Closes Under Boost
  126. Compressor surge question
  127. Boosted EL....was the time
  128. PICS> D16 Turbo oil catch w/breather can routing???
  129. Turbo question ....
  130. Pressure testing wastegate
  131. So I inherited a turbo, is it too small?
  132. First start, SUPER HIGH idle. ?!?
  133. D16z6 turbo feed line?
  134. Got my car tuned. 255whp/210wtq
  135. Boost leak testing, BOV question
  136. D16z6 turbo feed line 4 AN line to oil cooler/turbo?
  137. Wolke Fabrications
  138. The myths about ecu chipping
  139. Tuning?
  140. D2B turbo build
  141. my black box catch can setup
  142. adapter plate fabrication: i need ideas/opinions!
  143. White smoke crankcase pressure
  144. Help with SWAP
  145. 15lbs?????
  146. holset boost to hp conversion?
  147. Y8 Turbo Building - Bearings Choice
  148. Anyone running a Garrett 45 Trim?
  149. d16z6 vitara boost slow build install fuel pump first?
  150. Should I fix my cam timing ? B2 cam Z6 block
  151. Oil smoke from exhaust?
  152. 4wd turbo questions
  153. What is the BEST manual boost controller to buy??
  154. Anyone ever seen a Vitara C-clip come out?
  155. 440 Injectors
  156. Resonator/muffler placement
  157. AEM Uego Acting Up
  158. Cast or ramhorn manifold
  159. streetable d16z6 - 220-230whp goal - which turbo?
  160. jackson racing supercharger in ek
  161. wont boost past 10psi
  162. Valve seals
  163. HELP spitting/ Backfiring while accelerating hard!!!
  164. Golden Eagle Intake fuel rail lining up issue
  165. RC injector help
  166. Ebay 50 trim vs Garett 50 trim
  167. Where to find 3.8" jrsc pulley?
  168. Mini-Ram drain
  169. Another d16y8 vitara build
  170. UncleSam'sBoostedD
  171. d16y7 greddy kit 7psi exhaust ?
  172. Valve cover venting
  173. My EJ1 Z6 Vitara Build
  174. nitrous question here
  175. What turbo pistons?
  176. My turbo d16z6 build
  177. Looking for Opinions for Turbine Housing GT3076
  178. D16y7 turbo setup
  179. TD04HL-13G vs GT1752
  180. Am I ready for the dyno?
  181. D16 turbo built
  182. damaged turbine wheel
  183. Best turbo for built d16z6?
  184. Pre-turbo build
  185. Forged Pistons, Stock Rods
  186. nitrous questions not in the FAQ
  187. Turbo failure
  188. d16y8 18g Greddy
  189. Help. Turbo Problem
  190. JRSC (supercharger) Is the 2 pulley bracket hard to get?
  191. d16 turbo looking for more
  192. Turbo question (unfamiliar)
  194. tail 38mm vs precision pw39? need your opinions
  195. HELP pls A/F ratios wayy off
  196. Thinking/Wanting to go turbo.
  197. Stock d15B pistons
  198. BOV Air Charge Vector
  199. Evo X 16g/14b hybrid
  200. Spark blowout with CD ignition
  201. Opinions on these injectors
  202. Dicked exhaust turbine
  203. Opinions on planned setup... D16y8
  204. Probably another what twin scroll manifold do I use for my HX-35 question.
  205. Wastegate Actuator Discussion
  206. RC's 550 on d16
  207. hood exit vs open dp
  208. Can anyone identify this turbo?
  209. CNC werx css d16 group buy
  210. Few questions, OK to turbo a mini swap with a td40h
  211. Finally got the sol tuned.
  212. First time boost build help
  213. overheat when boost
  214. E85 and stock D16Z6
  215. turbod d16z6 oil questions? zinc?
  216. Tuning turboed 96 civic
  217. daily driver delta cam ?
  218. new turbo, wat u guys think? garrett t25 i think
  219. compressor housing question
  220. turbonetics compressor wheel still good?
  221. D16Y2 Turbo Build
  222. Cx racing top mount manifold
  223. where can I find this BW flange
  224. Low mounted turbo?
  225. Borg Warner turbo
  226. greddy 15g custom downpipe
  227. Effects of larger throttle body on turbo d16
  228. Wet nitrous kit and boost
  229. precision 525 cc injectors work in d-serieS?
  230. Left High and Dry. Innovative Mount Dealer help please...
  231. Where to buy used Holset Housings
  232. compressor wheel upgrade
  233. Turbo build help needed!
  234. intake for boosted d16z6
  235. D series block plug.. Any issues or blow by?
  236. Bleed valves...
  237. On the road again
  238. What turbo is this?...
  239. Intercooler size recommendations
  240. d15b turbo vs b16a na
  241. hybrid turbo HELP PLEASE
  242. Garret 1.10 A.R turbo
  243. HP rating for Airesearch
  244. Compressior Maps?
  245. need quick help! TD04L-13T turbo what manifold!?
  246. JRSC on Ebay right now
  247. Head lift and blown gasket stock! :(
  248. Introduction// and FI questions
  249. Quiet BOV set up.
  250. Supercharger help