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: Forced Induction

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  8. OBDII resistor box wiring
  9. Ditched b-series new to d-series ed/ef looking for tens!! help appreciated
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  12. Advice wanted
  13. Injector help.
  14. Is anybody elses dipstick get brittle and fall apart
  15. ht-18 88 Turbo Rx7 Twin Scroll on a D16?????
  16. Forged pistons for a EUDM engine...
  17. How Do I correct this problem?
  18. ARP head studs question
  19. Do i need a retune?
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  21. Which head?
  22. Blowing oil in the mornings
  23. gt28r
  24. Turbo and what size exhaust is ok.....
  25. Boost just drops off over 7 grand.
  26. Experience with Bullseye-BEWARE!
  27. Cooling system problem
  28. My build for 2010
  29. Wastegate ???'s
  30. Intercooler Piping Size Help needed
  31. TT setup electrical help
  32. BOV filter
  33. Best turbo for d16y8????
  34. Lets talk BOV operation
  35. Turbo D15b7
  36. Wtf ???? oil on the exhaust
  37. 10's in 2010
  38. My boosted a6 in an ek build
  39. DEI Cry02?
  40. fake greddy type r?
  41. Need Muffler Advice
  42. Will no go above 14 lbs
  43. d16a6 turbo setup
  44. Which direction to go in ?
  45. Should I deck the block?
  46. D16z6 spray or boost
  47. Turbo d16y7 first start up
  48. About to boost with fmu....quick question
  49. Please help hep turbo d16z6
  50. Couple noob questions
  51. Parts missed on a boost controller ???
  52. Shopping for injectors(noob)
  53. so does this sound right.
  54. t3/t4 turbo
  55. Wastegate washers
  56. D16Z6
  57. TOP Mount or Ram Horn Manifold for 500+HP D16????
  58. D16z6 build
  59. Vtec e + boost
  60. DSM exhaust manifold?
  61. Lets see your vids running ebay turbos..
  62. Manual boost controler
  63. MW_Rexer88, My Build, Crx z6/T ....dyno charts inside---->
  64. Jrsc tuners only
  65. Crower stg. 3 on boost
  66. For those who have an issue with block guard
  67. My wagon will be turbo soon
  68. maybe a repost but worth a shot
  69. So I finally started my d16z6 build
  70. Resistor box question
  71. b16 stock internals how much hp can it handle?
  72. Thinking about a Lil' Juice for my Turdblo...
  73. Timing with turbo
  74. Difference between a cast iron mani -vs-greddy mani
  75. Dsm injectors
  76. Manifold??
  77. 14b dsm
  78. Sounds like a Leak
  79. Downpipe Exit on Driver Side Or Passenger Side?
  80. Please read if you want to race at BOTI events
  81. i need to read the rules
  82. air fuels are fine but still breaks up
  83. Adjustable Cam Gear
  84. Oil line broke, now afraid somethings damaged
  85. Ramhorn manifold
  86. I am now boosted
  87. D16z6 turbo hesitation
  88. I'm back<3
  89. Any turbo?
  90. Killer deal off craigslist need some help with ID
  91. I is scared of m0ar boost. . .
  92. a stuck bov??
  93. First day of the spec turbo at the track.
  94. 3" downpipe to 2.5" exhaust ?
  95. How to never get a blown Head Gasket
  96. D16 to d17
  97. Turbo choice for Y8 build
  98. 20psi Realistic for Daily Driven on built bottom end?
  99. WWU Engineering project.
  100. Looking for broke ass couplers!
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  102. I got my new turbo-
  103. Fresh turbo install
  104. Bov not working
  105. Overflow tank throwing coolant
  106. d16y7 turbo question
  107. Turbo mounting problem
  108. Help plz!!
  109. Oil pump porting
  110. Any high hp NON Vtec guys out there?? i.e. boosted y7's ;)
  111. EK Turbo Piping, will it fit EG?
  112. D15B7: Turbonetics T3/T4 5 psi - Pump Gas Dyno Tune
  113. Name this fitting
  114. Oil pressure sensor threads
  115. Vtec doesnt kick in
  116. Overheating/ Resivoir keeps overflowing
  117. Wastegate issues?
  118. Aem fuel rail and fpr for tuning
  119. Cam and valve suggestions needed
  120. Posting this up for a new member 600+hp B series inside
  121. te04h oil and coolant lines
  122. Building custom turbo kit!!!
  123. oil pressure sending unit
  124. Oil pan question
  125. Turbo, fuel questions
  126. Turbo help/advice
  127. Where best place to tap oil pan ?
  128. Running hot....need advice
  129. What intercooler size shall i go for guys..running a t28??
  130. Boosting question
  131. Another Twin Charge Question
  132. I beam rods with increase Compression ratio better?
  133. Pics of my turblow !!!
  134. Help d15beast7 turbo setup fuel management Q's
  135. Boost for the daily beater
  136. Vitara Pistons
  137. Oil feed line size
  138. Vented Catch Can Fumes/Issues
  139. 2.5" or 3" Inch exhaust all the way back?
  140. Oil drain angle
  141. My project delsol
  142. Running H beam rods with Vitaras
  143. Which D series Throttle body to use for boost?
  144. Camshaft question
  145. Full ram _ small turbo question
  146. te04h shaft play?
  147. Intercooler Install
  148. Boost driving me crazy !
  149. y8 block
  150. Crx charge piping
  151. Is this turbo fit for my application?
  152. Any body remember this setup?
  153. H 23 turbo build
  154. GO autoworks kit, what else do i need in supporting mods?
  155. Fueling question
  156. Borg warner turbo
  157. Need a head gasket
  158. Fabricate piping or not to?
  159. Need your advice on EGT
  160. Map sensor question
  161. Holset Turbo Specs. HY, HX, H1C/WH1C, H1E/WH1E
  162. D15b7 Turbo internals
  163. Hard Line for Oil Feed?
  164. Precision 6169sp?
  165. Engine dyno
  166. D16Z6: t3/t4 ebay turbo - Pump Gas Dyno Tune
  167. 95 civic EG hb Is drivers side mount 2 bolt or 3 bolt?
  168. B18 robs and what pistons???
  169. Breaking In Engine with YCP vitara and H beam rods
  170. Best Place To Sell my Apexi Power FC + Commander
  171. Excuse the dumb ass question but...
  172. Boosted car which mounts? Innovative mounts 85a? or 75a?
  173. y7 turbo in ef question
  174. d-series piston rings. what's best????
  175. Irritating Problem
  176. Internal to external wastegate..
  177. Tap Oil pan or Tap block?
  178. PSI required to make 300whp with Go-Autoworks Street Kit
  179. d16z6 built need help on turbo size
  180. Getting tuned...
  181. Crome boost cut
  182. how much to notch
  183. Waterfeeds..t25-t28..??
  184. RCautoworks blog now up
  185. Help With My Honda
  186. Rpms goin up and down
  187. -8an turbo drain?
  188. What boost will a subaru turbo tdo4
  189. What forged pistons to use with fjt rods
  190. 10:3:1 CR Pistons for boost?
  191. Leaded Fuel Ban in Canada
  192. Which fuel for Tuning?
  193. FJR H Beam rods and Vitara YCP Pistons
  194. Injector question
  195. My a6 turbo build
  196. How weak are D15 rods really...
  197. Turbo prep...
  198. JRSC Question
  199. Boosting and Redline
  200. Oil Line kits
  201. Your advice needed on a DD build..
  202. New head build
  203. Help with Turbo D16z6 Running like crap!
  204. Boost controller turned up all the way! how to get more boost?
  205. Painting Your Intercooler
  206. T3 to T3 turbo flange adapter.
  207. Good idea to use a 2 layer HG with boost?
  208. Preping Engine For Boost
  209. YCP pistons + H Beam connecting rods?
  210. o2 sensor woes
  211. (Hastings or NPR) For Piston Rings?
  212. htht
  213. Feeler for a 16g..
  214. FJR or Eagle Connecting Rods? same quality?
  215. What do i do with this?
  216. Picking cam for a small turbo setup
  217. greddy e manage tuning
  218. Post your 300+ hp videos!
  219. on an obd2 car with an obd1 ecu...
  220. In car Video Setups.. post them.
  221. Oil feed line
  222. RCautoworks / Project Scion
  223. 550 RC injectors..
  224. D15B2 turbo ;)
  225. Idle Problem< help
  226. What happens if my ECU harness doesnt have an A11 wire
  227. Finally making progress..
  228. What size feed line should I get for my greddy 15g
  229. ebay turbo feedback questions..
  230. More Vitara questions for a Noob
  231. im a douche
  232. How many guys here are running dsm turbos?(want pics)
  233. Any suggestions/info...
  234. If u were me,what should i do first?
  235. Hmm turbo questions..
  236. fabricating a ramhorn mani
  237. hp goal?
  238. The waiting is ova !!!
  239. Alternative to tapping...
  240. Air Filter for Turbo
  241. Anybody have problems with oil leaking from the copper line to the oil pressure gauge
  242. TUNER list (sticky maybe)
  243. New wideband + rich = turn boost up?
  244. Need some help
  245. CP/Eagles OR Vitaras/FJ Rods
  246. Another Boosted D Project! - Progress Thread
  247. Junkyard turbo
  248. What to expect from a 55 shot zex?
  249. Yet ANOTHER Z6 Turbo Build
  250. Got tuned today. big surprise inside.