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: Forced Induction

  1. Overheating going uphill
  2. How much crankcase pressure is normal?
  3. Retuned D16z6 Turbo **Goodies inside**
  4. Garrett 57 trim slow spool?
  5. To E-85 or not to E-85
  6. D16Z6
  7. Rocket stage 4 camshaft
  8. Having hard time hitting 300hp
  9. Fuel pump rewire relay
  10. smoke on full boost(turbo or oil restrictor)
  11. Kraftwerks Rotex Kits
  12. Coolant leaking out of fuel rail
  13. DD pcv idea
  14. Adjustable FPR
  15. Finally found the issue with my tune, wrong crank pulley
  16. Boosted D16z6 turbo oil cooler possible?
  17. Need to figure out hp and advice for this car with D16A6
  18. Help turbonetics journal bearing t3t4 turbo ex.bolt size?
  19. Using a Bov with M62 supercharger
  20. Injectors not pulsing.
  21. Intercooler piping fitment
  22. odd problem air in radiator
  23. ????????Head package for turbo Y7??????
  24. Turbo sticking out too far?
  25. White smoke after engine rebuild(hibryd)
  26. What turbos is everbody using
  27. Oil psi drop on boost, smoke
  28. D16y3 turbo oil pump upgrade
  29. Warner Ishi outlet adapter?
  30. Temperature gauge is always low/cold
  31. Low oil psi after turbo
  32. Tuning boost with nitrous '
  33. Super 60 choice
  34. Which Chinacharger for "high" Boost
  35. PA bucks/montgomery county fabricators?
  36. Cam card Bisimoto Level 1.2 D16z6
  37. About to begin my turbo build..have some questions
  38. Timing belt +timing advance
  39. gasoline direct injection
  40. looking for turbo kit
  41. D15b8 Turbo
  42. ARP2000 for p2p0 rod TIGHTENING TORQUE
  43. Only catching a few threads on feed fitting
  44. d16z6 won't start
  45. Exhaust system recommendation
  46. Another Turbo ID lol
  47. D16 vitara+p2po+kompressor-knock and oil consumption
  48. More WHP
  49. Dragweek 2015 dates and locations!!!!
  50. turbo identification help
  51. 450hp+ build help
  52. How much power?
  53. D16 set up for Boost
  54. Complications & Limitation of Nitrous & Boost
  55. Electric oil pressure gauge - no signal, help to troubleshoot ?
  56. Walboro fuel filter ?
  57. Need input for housing size on precision 5558 bb
  58. Oil restrictors
  59. E85 Conversion ?
  60. 50 trim stage 3 vs stage 5 turbine wheel choice?
  61. Valve issues still
  62. d16y7 turbo coolant pressure issue
  63. help with d16z6 precision turbo choice!!
  64. Dry shot nitrous fueling and cam options
  65. D16y8 all stock Turbo
  66. turbo ID
  67. Looking for turbo setup
  68. D15 turbo plan,need help
  69. S300 code help
  70. Blown head gaskets? (pics)
  71. Timing light question
  72. ever have the iacv stick open?
  73. D16Y8 Stock Internals... some advices!
  74. Anybody understand this design?
  75. Limit of e85 on d16's
  76. check over turbo build plz
  77. Ignition timing maxed out 15deg
  78. Digital aftermarket dash - Motec c125 or similar
  79. Help! Have a dead pedal. Car will bearly make it over 25mph.
  80. boosted d16z6 5 psi oil leak
  81. Garrett3071r
  82. Extra oil line to y8 Head ?
  83. mini ramhorn
  84. weird issue with FITV
  85. D16y? Which is best to boost and why?
  86. Nj inspection
  87. y7 weird puffing sound and bog down at boost
  88. Which clutch should I get from this list?
  89. D16 Precision 6262 ignition\fuel problem on boost
  90. High Compression and small turbo...?
  91. Electric oil pressure gauge - no signal, help to troubleshoot ?
  92. Hopeful first build, input welcome!
  93. turbo flange gasket
  94. Underboost condition
  95. Switching to fuel cell
  96. Acceptable Temperatures - Circuit Racing
  97. chinese knock off fuel pump?
  98. Oil feed and drain line T3/T4
  99. Notching block
  100. Another twin scroll Evo8 16g Dyno
  101. Need turbo help!
  102. A few D16 Turbo questions.
  103. Stock d16z6 maybe turbo for daily
  104. Hydrogen Peroxide Injection
  105. d16y and spun bearings thread
  106. what clutch is best for 200-300whp
  107. oversized turbo?
  108. Intercooler Water Spray Bar.
  109. Precision turbo SMH
  110. Finish GT2554R Install
  111. Help with choosing turbine housing size
  112. HE351 cast mani?
  113. new project
  114. Turbo em1 b16a2 problem
  115. precision turbo hp ratings
  116. D16y8 turbo Breaking up above 4k
  117. Lean A/Fs when getting off throttle
  118. 1G-GTE piston setup
  119. Best 3" muffler on the market?
  120. Golden eagle IM throttle body hole?
  121. Obd2 d15bT vtec-e skipping
  122. Fresh build left tuner and boom. Lots of white smoke
  123. BISIMOTO 2.4 Turbo Camshaft Users
  124. Nippon Racing VS YCP Vitara pistons.
  125. My D16Z6 Vitara Build
  126. Ebay Find Jackson racing super charger!
  127. CxRacing Turbo Kit..Thoughts??
  128. Turbo not fitting how much can I shave
  129. block rebuild kit
  130. Ebay turbo downpipe vs garrett
  131. GT2554R Build.
  132. DYNO HELP/opinions??????
  133. Small Turbo for a D15Z1
  134. 3000GT injectors + resistor box reliability?
  135. Turbo flange question
  136. B20V + 14B TD05 (1g DSM)
  137. need a little input (400 WHP)
  138. Intercooler Too Big (Bernoulli Cooling)
  139. Help with turbonetics turbocharger choice!!
  140. D16 Nitrous Build
  141. Gtx3076r .63ar
  142. nawz!!!!
  143. Where to mount O2 sensors on the down-pipe and what size drill bit O2 bung?
  144. TURBO 101 - For 1st timers
  145. Seemed like a good deal.
  146. Is my turbo intake too small
  147. Do I need valve springs?
  148. D15B7 turbo build question
  149. Jasma Racing Camshaft - anyone tried it?
  150. crower 442 n/a cam in boosted vitara/eagle y8
  151. Turbo blankets benefit? yea or no?
  152. Electric Oil Pressure Sensor/Sender Voltage Readings
  153. Mocal take off plate
  154. Help d16z6 turbonetics t3t4 install backwards???? WTF help.
  155. TD04L - Cast iron VS Ramhorn
  156. Anybody understand this design?
  157. How do i install a manual boost controller, is it necessary?
  158. black box vs 12AN delete fitting
  159. Finally decided have a build thread on piecing my turbo kit First timer!
  160. what size turbo should i use? Big camshaft, stock rods/pistons
  161. Good place to buy/order double threaded bolts?
  162. which turbo for a z6 with headwork?
  163. How to tell if TB is restriction on FI?
  164. opinions bov piping
  165. Plumbing everything up for evo 3 16G
  166. Looking for best turbo on a y7 block & y8 head
  167. Holset Turbo and manifold questions
  168. cheap tubro kits?
  169. Y8 cam on z6
  170. Whats a 3x3x3 Turbo?
  171. Another d16 turbo build
  172. I want a lopey cam
  173. Edelbrock Turbo manifold & downpipe
  174. Turbo oil line restrictor and drain line question
  175. Injectors 1000 vs 1200cc
  176. choosing internals so i can install a turbo later
  177. d15b2 bov problems
  178. T3/T4 Rebuild
  179. Turbo oil lines Piece it or buy a kit?
  180. Anyone use this style ebay intercooler piping?
  181. living with a screamer pipe
  182. d15b2 turbo in progress tuneing questions
  183. TD04HL-14T questions
  184. Thunderbird IHI turbo
  185. Greddy 15g - HELP
  186. would a ford powerstroke turbo work decently on my 1.6 sohc?
  187. Stock fuelrail good for 300whp?
  188. Safe boost on stock d16z6
  189. D16z6 vitara pistons and eagle h beam rods comp. test?
  190. Torque optimizing bolt ons
  191. Water meth or lht mod?
  192. Please help: Multiple issues turbo ef d16a6
  193. Cam identical Bisi 2.4
  194. JRSC Instructions. Download it now.
  195. (BUDGET BUILD) Need a confirmation on my list (AUS)
  196. Daily 200-ish whp D16z6 Build Help
  197. Strange new problem
  198. Throttle cutting out
  199. Turbo Z6
  200. Can i?..Supercharger
  201. OCC help
  202. nitrous refill Socal
  203. built d15z1? anyone done it?
  204. Getting into autocross Setup Help
  205. half radiator question
  206. Wrx Turbo noise
  207. uprated cam and emmissions
  208. help with d17 turbo
  209. Best Source for W/G, compressor or manifold
  210. looking for a jrsc
  211. Performance Oriented IACV Delete
  212. maf clamping
  213. d15b7 turbo build options. advice
  214. Ebay turbo failure question
  215. Divorced 3" downpipe with external wastegate. Td05hr custom twin scroll manifold.
  216. misfiring. after d17 install
  217. Suzieboy D16y8 turbonetics build
  218. i think im gonna turbo my new z6 after i rebuild it
  219. d16y7 Stock Turbo Build (Need Help)
  220. hitting a brick wall....tune..
  221. 299WHP d16y8 Greddy turbo kit
  222. Which Intake Manifold?
  223. Worn valve guides ?
  224. 22-8-15 slicks for turbo car?
  225. stock z6 turbo question
  226. AEM and waste gate
  227. mini me turbo bogging down
  228. need some help from experts
  229. Help blox oil sandwich plate bolt size???
  230. D15Y7 Turbo Franken build
  231. D16Z6 Vitara Build Evo 8 Twin Scroll - Dyno Numbers
  232. Open D/P at the track, will the tune lean out much?
  233. HF manifold users have A question about adapter plate!!!
  234. d16a greddy turbo kit
  235. Ac manifold and water intercooling
  236. TD04-13T Question
  237. Cranks sensor
  238. eBay turbo compressor wheel replacment..?? Mistake.. Options??
  239. Compressed-Air Supercharging
  240. D16y2 turbo build - rod problem
  241. HX-35 exhaust housing options.
  242. wow, im suprised..
  243. Acura Turbo K Series
  244. Catch Can Line Length?
  245. Manual boost controller maxed? bov soft? flutters @ 20psi
  246. Distributor timing blew my hg?
  247. first start
  248. E85 tune running lean...
  249. my thoughts of a y7/z6 build
  250. d16y5 turbo build(2014)