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  1. Szady's Not A Build, Build Thread
  2. d16zc sohc vtec - tons of problems
  3. RadekSkylark boost questions!
  4. Injectors not opening, need help.
  5. what rods came on a zc sohc??
  6. D16Y8 ODB1 or ODB2
  7. I'm poor, homeless, unemployed and have a turbo Civic.
  8. Best factory turbo to use for budget setup? Mitsu? IHI? KKK? Air Research?
  9. Worlds fastest D16 street car 9.65 @ 153.8mph!
  10. Best cast manifold for budget turbo build?
  11. Overboost again is killing me
  12. Car wont/cant build power past 6,500
  13. Anyone using this ebay connecting rods???
  14. p29's and N20
  15. d15b2 turbo help
  16. Thoughts on this idea for a turbo setup.
  17. Fix my manifold or sell it and buy another?
  18. H2E
  19. Cam and rev limiter Question.....
  20. Greddy turbo mani question
  21. few question about my second turbo setup
  22. Fresh build Smoking uncontrollably
  23. 9.86 @ 150+mph D16 on the Vitaras!
  24. 14b turbo running VERY lean.
  25. Oil Cooler..?
  26. Older Greddy Kit on Newer Civic
  27. Wastegate Thread
  28. Over heating
  29. 4 Bolt downpipe gasket???
  30. A bit about my build and a question
  31. d16a6?
  32. 76mm Boosted D16Z6?
  33. Boost Problem Help!
  34. Best cam for a y7 block/y8 head
  35. Twin turbo V8 diesel CIVIC
  36. nada...
  37. Best intake?
  38. in need of ONE arias piston
  39. map sensor reading 4.5-5 volts
  40. Custom 3" Exhaust
  41. Quick question
  42. Piston Ring Gap Quick Answer!!!
  43. Need some help and ideas.
  44. Juice Tucks....
  45. 9 second track wanna be car built!! haha
  46. Where buy cheap Flex Fuel Sensor ?
  47. How does zex box work... lol
  48. SRP Pistons?
  49. i need a base map
  50. E-85 question....
  51. My swap is cmplete
  52. Max of a d16??
  53. JRSC + Nitrous?
  54. 90 civic want start
  55. Why not 3.6 cam?
  56. dsm injector question
  57. JDM D15b Vtec turbo map sensor
  58. Map Sensor problems please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  59. few question about running zex kit
  60. Nitrous Noob over here!! Help Please?
  61. Quest for DD 350-400whp
  62. Tuning Problems, Need help diagnosing possible problem
  63. I need some advice...
  64. Help Quick Please... Vitara Timing Question!!!
  65. DIY Bead Rolled Charge Pipes
  66. Turbo B7
  67. Down Pipe/O2 Sensor Question
  68. Filterless street setups
  69. SMOKE !!!!!
  70. y8 gasket kit work on a z6?
  71. Identify intercooler
  72. High Pressure oil line.
  73. Supercharger
  74. Dsm 450cc injectors/ resistor box
  75. Buying used turbo kit
  76. Greddy turbo wastegate and spark plug help
  77. Oil Return Question
  78. Bullseye t3/t4 50 trim.... who has one?
  79. tial 38mm with greddy profec ebc
  80. Need help with a turbo (pics inside)
  81. y7 iat on a mostly y8 motor
  82. Launching, and 60 ft times.
  83. How Do My Spark Plugs Look? (Nitrous) 56K Beware!
  84. D16.
  85. Ignition System Upgrade?
  86. Painting intercooler bad for flow?
  87. Just got back from tuner today!! guess how many psi i made??
  88. Turbo D15b build.
  89. My First Build: Vitaras, Custom Rods, Greddy 15g
  90. ordered 2.5'' intercooler piping, half 2.0''
  91. Turbo PVC Question.
  92. Front mount D16s
  93. [email protected], Stock bottom end D16z6!!
  94. Turbo y8 not going over 5k rpm
  95. How important is a Resonator?
  96. Good Tires for street use on 250whp
  97. s/c d15b fuel pressure issues
  98. Undoubadly Stupid but opinions valued....
  99. help me find the rules
  100. Am i using the right ecu for my setup?? noob please help!
  101. Filter selection for my turbo...AEM Dryflow OK?
  102. Want to intercool a supercharger?????!!!
  103. cometic hg ?
  104. Fmu on low boost
  105. Intercooler question
  106. 11.3 @ 124
  107. 350whp...we'll find out.
  108. Best turbo to knock on 500whp door?
  109. I hate to ask a turbo question like this but...
  110. Do i need a resistor box?
  111. Let me try this agin..
  112. Clutch question
  113. help me plZ
  114. t3/t4 50 trim
  115. Turbo d16z6
  116. What am i doing wrong??
  117. Just a quick question.
  118. Queries regarding Vitara pistons and rods.
  119. Vented catch can help!
  120. New setup for turbo ed/crx?
  121. Looking for a better drag time
  122. D16Y8
  123. I need a diagnosis!!!!! please!!!!
  124. Stock B7 with Jackson Supercharger??
  125. D16y8 block
  126. Guess what
  127. Exhaust
  128. Alright need some help for first timer on parts!!!
  129. Overboosting is my enemy !
  130. TURBO
  131. Startup questions need help!!!! please
  132. Turbo Build
  133. My Jrsc Build
  134. Noob greddy oil return question
  135. Vacuum line size Tial 50mm bov and
  136. Car runs completely different in daylight/dark
  137. Help m45 supercharger
  138. Oil poring out of feed line Help!
  139. Precision 880cc or 1000cc
  140. GT28rs water cooling question...
  141. Decent Ebay kit?!
  142. Questions about boost in 93 si hatch
  143. Greddy turbo kit on d15b7 problems
  144. Turbo mod
  145. Boosting my D15b7
  146. Hey guys, need help/opinions..
  147. Turbo worth it or a waste ??
  148. Question for all boosted D members w/ catch cans
  149. Fmu question again
  150. Turbo?
  151. d15b7 build?
  152. LowBudget Turbo Build on German D16Z6
  153. Boosted 93 hatch si, need some answers...
  154. Opinions!!! boost or b?
  155. Cast Manifold bolts
  156. parts I need
  157. Radiator Hoses Choice for boosted set up
  158. Spark Plugs for Boosted D16Y8
  159. Need help w/ turbo build
  160. 440cc or 550cc injectors?
  161. Crower Stage 2 Turbo
  162. tapped oil pan ?'s
  163. D-series Turbo Build Threads
  164. Fuel pressure regulator + gauage
  165. Vitara Builds Dyno Vault/ HALL OF FAME
  166. Tial gate vac sources
  167. Cooling and Turbo
  168. Hondata K-pro for D17+T. Does it works?
  169. Turbo d15b7
  170. Question for you guys running vitara pistons
  171. No boost first gear is this normal?
  172. Any tuners that tune via specs?
  173. Another Vitara build - 487whp/376tq
  174. Turbo oil feed line, too low?
  175. Gauging Interest: New Vitara piston
  176. Long Awaited!! USDM D15B2/B7 rods
  177. Rpmīs problem
  178. Distributor Questions
  179. Test and tune today 6/5/10
  180. so i have doubters!
  181. JRSC on stock D16z6
  182. Pictures of oil return line set up with driver side dp exit
  183. Pictures of oil return line pictures
  184. Back to the bottle....
  185. All in one solution engine vital monitor
  186. Has anyone used a T3/T04E 50 trim .55 A/R on a d16?
  187. What size catch can fittings on vc?
  188. Just got my first N20 kit.
  189. Joe P MBC vs. hallmans PRO MBC
  190. JRSC Hondata Gasket question
  191. Need help deciding which hotside to go with
  192. IAT on charge pipe vs IM, pros and cons
  193. Radiators for boost set up 250whp
  194. I have a free 62mm throttle body..
  195. Ebay follow up
  196. Boost on n/a cam?
  197. Engine cuts out when at operating temps
  198. nada
  199. I think i hurt it
  200. Air injection holes do i need to block off???
  201. GT35R twin scroll w/ sound performance spool valve
  202. Bisimoto vs Zex/Comp vs Crower vs Blox Cam test
  203. Overflow tank emptying?!
  204. 70mm tb?
  205. D16y7 turbo setup question
  206. ATTN: turbo ED's with A/C
  207. Suzuki G16KV pistons
  208. To all with ebay turbo kits
  209. Aftermarket fuel pressure regulator
  210. adding defi fuel pressure sender
  211. AiResearch turbo.....worth it????
  212. 99 Civic Dx Greddy turbo
  213. Trying to keep my turbo motor cool
  214. Headlift?
  215. Aem fuel rail and rc injector fitment issues
  216. turbo d16z6
  217. Hi guys!
  218. Boost.... well sort of
  219. turbo d16y5
  220. Bisimoto or Vitara???
  221. hey question
  222. Piston/rod question 400+whp builders HELP!
  223. Venting Valve cover but no catch can?
  224. So what's with all the vitara set ups?
  225. t3t4 57 trim spikes @ high boost?
  226. JRSC Kamikaze header question
  227. Ask your water meth questions here.
  228. Sohc turbo or swap for dohc?
  229. BISIMOTO Engineering
  230. Torque on ARP2000 w/ FJ Rods
  231. Borla exhaust with 2" inlet?? sell it or use it
  232. Need some help
  233. Oil Drain Clearance
  234. Anyone here running a T2 on his z6?
  235. Nitrous Setup on d16y7/z6 mini me?
  236. TDO5H turbo question
  237. Anybody running a gt35r turbo?
  238. ihi turbo?
  239. Oil Drain Clearance Issues
  240. 386whp/305tq d16z6 turbo
  241. EGT sender
  242. Who here is NOT running a BOV?
  243. My boys y8 on 22lbs
  244. About to rebuild turbo tips?
  245. d15b d16z6 questions
  246. New give away contest up and running
  247. 500hp with a/c on cibic
  248. Gsxkid's 10 sec build (hopefully)
  249. 3 port catch can?Where to find...
  250. JRSC Water/Meth Question