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: Forced Induction

  1. turbo or a jrsc
  2. What Turbo Should I Use?
  3. Slick Questions/Feedback
  4. Here is a turbo for you to identify
  5. Using both FMIC and H2O cooler
  6. Sohc Zc non-vtec turbo!!!
  7. lol wtf? AN fittings for dumptube
  8. d15z1 pistons?
  9. td05 Mitsu turbo ?'s
  10. garret tb25
  11. brand new turbo leaking oil
  12. GT28 coolant line
  13. SMIC to start my turbo EF!!!
  14. Is my turbo clocked too far?
  15. Super 60 good autoX turbo
  16. Ebay GT3076R Turbo ??? lul ???
  17. open downpipe ok for turbo kit and motor?
  18. Running Very Rich! .. I think
  19. Gt3076r with a cast mani???
  20. Headed to the track again!
  21. Daily Driver Turbo D16y8 suggestions please
  22. B-Series Part-Out??? D16Z6 Swap!
  23. Where to plumb wastegate vaccum line
  24. 14.1
  25. In the Defence of the "D series"
  26. D16Y8 Boosting @ 7psi 190~200whp DailyDriver
  27. HX35 with bov or with out
  28. Where to pipe boost only?
  29. 70mm Throttle body
  30. Types of BOV
  31. 89 Hatchback with a 4speed. Tranny swap necessary?
  32. boost/engine cut problem
  33. not makin full boost?
  34. How do i hook up an inline fuel pump and 10 gallon fuel cell?
  35. Garret or Turbonetics
  36. Exhaust question... I think
  37. diff. boost pressure in 2nd than 3rd?? creep??? help!
  38. Need advice on high HP turbo /mani setup/cam
  39. Horsepower??
  40. Whats your fav FPR.
  41. JRSC, Need Help
  42. Toyota Guy looking at 89 Hatch for a turbo build.
  43. !Turbo not spooling at idle!
  44. new to boost
  45. digital boost controller
  46. t4 on d16
  47. Engine caught fire today(ebay oil feed line)
  48. first time on the 1/8 mile
  49. Can i use 10ohm resistors instead of a resistor box?
  50. neeed help fuel map p28
  51. Nitrous On Vitaras
  52. new setup question
  53. New? Custom vitaras actual 75mm bore and teflon coated skirts
  54. RE: P2w Clearances and bearing tolerances
  55. First Time Turbo Questions
  56. My Turbo MiniMe Projekt
  57. y8 oil pump issues w/ vitara build!?
  58. looking for an opinion
  59. Fuel pump needed for low boost?
  60. Which manifold
  61. wastegate question??
  62. What turbo should I run?
  63. They said it couldnt be done. . .
  64. Whats the Elevation you race at??
  65. D16y7 High Idle? 2500 rpms!!
  66. Should i rebuild my Mistu TDO4H 15g???
  67. nos on y5
  68. Turbo HP rating
  69. Injector Fitment Question
  70. Which compression should i run?
  71. Whats the smallest turbo used on these engines.
  72. precision 6262 spool time?
  73. D15 nos?
  74. Anatomy of the Greddy Type-S BOV
  75. Semi Turbo my d15b1
  76. Dyno results!!
  77. Which intake gasket?
  78. Issue with Hondata 3 bar map sensor
  79. setting actuator to lower psi or higher psi before installing a boost controller??
  80. VITARA INFO Thread
  81. Thermostat question
  82. Boost help plz
  83. which is better for boost
  84. My upcoming plans, boosting d16y7
  85. Buying a Holset...MAYBE.
  86. Ebay water to air IC
  87. SOHC-IT07's Speedfactory dyno tune vid/dyno graph
  88. haunted by failure
  89. noob questions
  90. Stupid question ha
  91. first turbo build
  92. First turbo build
  93. Fuel filter? fuel systems?
  94. no
  95. will this catch-can setup work (i searched tons!)
  96. let me finish
  97. starting turbo build
  98. confused on eagle vs fj spec rods
  99. Smoking question?
  100. mini me turbo help?????
  101. low vacuum and not holding boost??
  102. Supercharger cooling
  103. 90 degree turbo fitting help
  104. dseries boosted
  105. Smoke on startup =/ low mileage vitara z6
  106. Turbo d15a3 manifold?
  107. Help with turbo identification
  108. turbo help
  109. Pistons and rod help
  110. Low idle after turbo kit install
  111. d16y8 turbo build question
  112. Running turbo on low-impedence injectors? Please Verify this.
  113. eagle rods or fjt cust ibeams?
  114. Mostly autocross and some DE, thinking of going Turbo
  115. gt28rs qeustion?
  116. T25 boost creep/spike
  117. IAT on charge pipe
  118. Is this turbo salvageable?
  119. What injectors do you use?
  120. JG ED 85VT35 cam
  121. whats all hanging off the back of your block? :D
  122. Boost Creep from exhaust leak ?Help?
  123. hy35 or hx35
  124. D15 turbo help. and buy turbo kit
  125. cheap wideband
  126. Lets talk manifolds...
  127. turbo QUESTION
  128. Vacuum manifold question?
  129. d15b7 stock turbo need help
  130. Electronic Boost Controller
  131. Can't decide on turbo
  132. Stock Sleeves Strength- d16y8
  133. Engine life question.
  134. Toy-BO Lag?
  135. Degreeing a SOHC motor? and rant
  136. Vitara pistons why so special?
  137. Need help can't boost!
  138. Boost controller Help
  139. Junkyard Build Questions
  140. Downpipe Sizing
  141. Cheap turbo...
  142. older generation Jackson Racing Supercharger
  143. question about "Nippon Racing Pistons"
  144. How cool is too cool? (ECTs)
  145. price for dyno tune
  146. Mac Solenoid power source
  147. Making my setup more efficient
  148. Manifold choices...
  149. Gearbox ratios: Whats the best?
  150. Charge pipe help
  151. borgwarner turbo from a 6.5 chevy diesel
  152. XTD clutch kit: whats your opinion?
  153. Charcoal canister
  154. Headed to the track tonight! oh yeah
  155. Civic White Smoke, Air breather
  156. built motor
  157. HELP: Car high idle, Backfire, No power!!
  158. Best turbo on a vitara build?????
  159. Question about mesh used to cover turbo inlets
  160. I want 300whp
  161. Budget build question
  162. Adam00's build thread
  163. Need Help Identifying My Crank Pulley
  164. How many psi on a stock ecu??
  165. Anyone Ever used ebay cast t25 mani with greddy kit?
  166. Went to the track. blah!
  167. Possible Turbo?
  168. New dyno numbers
  169. Need help diagnosing my no start condition...injector related
  170. Question about turbo rebuilding
  171. My potential build
  172. !*D15b2 Turbo direction/Clearance*!
  173. Twin charged z6
  174. t25 oil drain question
  175. nothing
  176. wat else do i need
  177. Soo i think my turbo is on its way out, Agree or disagree?
  178. HELP: trouble removing pcv valve off black box!!
  179. B series fuel rail work with a d series
  180. D16y8 P2W clearance with vitara
  181. Afi catch can/knock sensor issue
  182. shaft play?
  183. Need some help and ideas
  184. Made some decent numbers today..
  185. Went to the track, not happy yet but better
  186. Did a compression test
  187. 3" exhaust on stock block Y8
  188. wat do i need to piece together a turbo kit
  189. Does this manifold exist/other place to buy it
  190. D16Z6 - Garrett 50 trim - Pump Gas Dyno Tune
  191. Car dies whenever I push in the clutch / idle probs
  192. Boosted CRX - Need advice before purchasing...
  193. DSM 450cc injector spray patterns blue vs black
  194. D16Y8 Where Do I start to build cheap hp
  195. anyone running this ebay turbo chip???
  196. 14B Turbo Water Line Question
  197. low boost ?'s
  198. smoking from the catch can??
  199. Changing downpipe.
  200. BOV Question.
  201. Rev issiue
  202. its back
  203. Welp went to the track tonight...
  204. Emusa Intercoolers anyone used them?
  205. Merzzzedes benzzz turbo build 1984 280
  206. Oh no, Not another vitara piston question
  207. Turbo Question.
  208. water lines source for a bb turbo d16.
  209. **URGENT Car Wont Start Kpro D17 What's the issue (have a movie)
  210. OBX intake manifold.
  211. D16z6 turbo 75mm or 75.5mm vitaras?
  212. Smoking after wot pulls
  213. One Cammer Jammers!!!
  214. Drag slicks and Launching??
  215. i need vitaras!!
  216. need help finish peice together my turbo kit!!!! XD
  217. Steed Speed Bov's
  218. questions regarding setup
  219. HELP: Rebuilt turbo and allready leaking oil??
  220. Anyone using turboedit???
  221. FMU users plz help
  222. f20b vtec turboing (new to this)
  223. ACT 6 puck or Competition 4 puck?
  224. boost leak
  225. spark plug
  226. The D's you Dream of....and Im not talkin about Pam Anderson!
  227. Intercooler sizes...
  228. flange diffrence??
  229. PM6 ecu chipped turbo set up???
  230. need help asap w/ gm 3 bar install
  231. anyone had this problem?return line?
  232. wideband o2 bosch sensor keeps going bad
  233. how complicated does a freaking catch can need to be???
  234. Possibly a stupid question
  235. nitrous back in
  236. Ahh only couple days left tryin to gather all information
  237. neukin manifold
  238. d16z6 300 whp build questions
  239. Stolen car!!!!!!
  240. Hx35 vs hx40
  241. building 4 turbo
  242. Street tuners in los angeles
  243. d15 help plz?
  244. Ignition question
  245. Smoking like a freight train
  246. Is this a good deal?
  247. Need info on wiring up a simple switch to my 2-STG MBC
  248. quick vitara piston ring gap question
  249. is this a good deal?
  250. 300-350whp....will a t28 get me there?