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: Forced Induction

  1. O2 sensor yes or no
  2. oil drain hose
  3. Long wait, but I went to the track
  4. Boost leak testing: What it is and how to do it
  5. Turbo smoking too much
  6. Vitara buildup Big Power Questions???
  7. not boosting
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  9. High comp JRSC idea.
  10. My build?
  11. something alittle different 4g63 twin charges coltevo build.
  12. Running like shit...
  13. Turbo Help/advice school me!!
  14. Plug readers check this out..
  15. Build Advice
  16. D16v1 jrsc 12psi p29
  17. turbo problem
  18. Turbo Street / Track Build - Wiring, ignition, fluid selection
  19. Turbo not spinning
  20. Can my AC fan lower my IATs?
  21. HG recommendations?
  22. Injectors and catch can?
  23. breather pipe
  24. New to turbo Need Help
  25. Hondata or S300????
  26. Car smoking between shifts *video*
  27. holset h1c 16cm housing :)
  28. E85 Tuning - Timing? 300+whp build
  29. EF 4g63t swap coming soon!!!
  30. Good head gasket for d16a6???
  31. I need help identifying this turbo.
  32. turbo build
  33. Supercharged/ turbo with N2O??
  34. Looking for Data Sheet on stock Y8 Map Sensor.
  35. turbo problem
  36. take a look please
  37. Greddy 15g upgrades?
  38. Greddy Kit d16y7/z6 300hp/260 tq
  39. should i get bigger injectors?
  40. Blox vs Supertech
  41. My z6 turbo question
  42. something i bought last night, a few questions
  43. My parts list* what whp should I see*
  44. 95 fourdoor turbo build
  45. Need help troubleshooting
  46. Bisimoto level 2 N/A question?
  47. i put a hood on it lol... figured i would post pics of my new parts.
  48. Burning oil, cant figure out why
  49. Full-Race vs. Go Autoworks manifold ?
  50. Opinions on turbo selection
  51. Wrx vs civic?
  52. Turbo with p29 pistons
  53. Vitara build running really bad rich
  54. Anyone use this manifold and keep a/c?
  55. Looking for more powers....
  56. First D build
  57. fj rods
  58. where to get fittings
  59. what oil
  60. where can i buy a toga oil pump?
  61. y8 pvc problems
  62. Ideal turbo bottom end
  63. 114 Oct. Vs E85
  64. d16y8 turbo questions
  65. low cost fuel pump for turbo set up???
  66. degree cams?
  67. fuel pump tank/inline
  68. greddy turbo question?
  69. b7 crank questions...
  70. GT2860RS Oil Restrictor
  71. 1st time going turbo
  72. how to replace a waste gate.
  73. Nitrous gurus come here and let's discuss..I need your help.
  74. I need a 15g circlip!
  75. no bov sound ????
  76. Big Turbo CRX
  77. need help with GM 2bar map sensor!!!
  78. e tunes, turbo timer, innovate a/f gauge
  79. injector size?
  80. JRSC porting / eaton M's
  81. more problems, car smokes a little bit...
  82. which kit?
  83. need some advise turbo gurus
  84. Oh no not another vitara question
  85. tdo4hl 13t
  86. Compressor Housings
  87. 1618cc - D16Y8 - Golden Ratio
  88. turbo swap. tell me what you think...
  89. Fuel Cell
  90. stock turbo/ injectors no or yes?
  91. Choosing proper turbo and exhaust manifold
  92. Really need HELP.. Intake manifold problem
  93. turbo exhaust housing
  94. Ebay turbo?????? Link to the kit too/ help!?
  95. So who's running the Edelbrock secondary fuel rail
  96. Got Boost Sag?? Don't need that fancy EBC!
  97. Trash Ebay turbo(gt35r)
  98. fuel pressure problem
  99. boost fluctuating, cutting out??
  100. hello new here
  101. zc vtec boost build in making
  102. alcohol fuel tuned.
  103. Oil cooler idea
  104. White smoke coming from catch can breather
  105. dsm 450cc blacktop in 90 civic (HELP)
  106. Windows, sunroof, and wipers not working?
  107. Another Y8/Z6 Intake Manifold Thread
  108. I reallllly need some head......
  109. nada...
  110. turbo smoking at idle
  111. defi egt probe location?
  112. mounting iat flange to charge piping
  113. B series throttle body swap with bouncing idle problems
  114. Charge Piping
  115. adjustable F.P.R. question
  116. built d16z6 on nitrous
  117. evo 8 intercooler
  118. turbo timer problem
  119. Clutch Selection
  120. Looking for a thread, high comp turbo build, made 180whp
  121. Thanks Greddy Turbo Installed
  122. ebay turbo timer not working???
  123. Best place to buy Brad Penn??
  124. White smoke, no compression, and plug soaked in oil?
  125. Gapping rings for Vitara setup
  126. Cheap turbo build
  127. need some help on compression
  128. hc1 vs gt30r vs sc61
  129. Exospeed RaceA6 cam in A6 with boost...ANYONE?
  130. Help!!! fuel pump change..
  131. Can a dsm smic supports 200-220whp???
  132. Sick nasty jdm d15b build
  133. civic bogs around 5k
  134. What cam is this???
  135. catch can install
  136. Help!!! 2.5 bar map sensor???
  137. pressure in the coolant system?
  138. supercharging/turbo charging
  139. Plug on Head near Vtec
  140. Car wont rev past 6K
  141. What RPM for VTEC on??
  142. Catch can and Ice box
  143. xenocron's $30 manual boost controller?
  144. e85 question
  145. boost drop off at high rpm?? other possibilites??
  146. Ac turbo setup pic
  147. Help on mount return like on pan
  148. Ebay BOV
  149. gsxkids quest for the 10s
  150. D16a6 Crankshaft
  151. Smoke when letting off boost
  152. Y8 manifold VS Y8 head
  153. reliable turbo set up?
  154. which d series motor is the best to turbo
  155. Tech forums are not for build threads!
  156. Just rebuilt turbo. problems.
  157. Go-Autoworks SS Log manifold
  158. Ported y8 head flow numbers/pics
  159. looking for feedback before i start building
  160. im going turbo...but it needs to be reliable
  161. Thinking about going turbo
  162. Just got my intercooler piping....
  163. t28 or hx35
  164. my turbo build...soon lol
  165. Does ANYBODY make the HF/14b adapter anymore?!
  166. If you have a USDM D15B2/B7 enter here
  167. new head
  168. boost falling off??? NOT A BOOST LEAK!
  169. Anyone using vitara's on stock rods???
  170. exhaust end on HX35
  171. injectors?
  172. Which turbo rebuild kit?
  173. Fully sealed oil return setup? (e.g. earls fittings)
  174. Turboing my EK hatch
  175. y7 to y8 manifold
  176. Garrett 42 ar?
  177. No, no at the track again.
  178. d15b7 turbo build (The beggining)
  179. Turbo Mini me Question
  180. Gauges - what range & elec or mech?
  181. best turbo for decent gas milage
  182. Slotted P28 with J1 jumper question...bad ecu question
  183. Godspeed Ramhorn With HX35
  184. On the far side of identification (used edelbrock kit/turbo)
  185. mini-me turbo question
  186. Boosting my si del slo!
  187. need help, noob to turbo
  188. Recurring Cooling Issue on boosted z6 *1st Post!!*
  189. Noob question about Removing my turbo to get it fixed?
  190. Built A6/Z6 finally tuned
  191. Porting cast turbo manifold?
  192. Top mount manifold????
  193. injector problem...send them out or good to go
  194. Boosted D16Y7 Vacuum pressure
  195. some e85 suggestions needed
  196. Mitsu flanged D series turbo mani
  197. No Boost!
  198. Thinking of making the jump to E85
  199. Is idle RPM also adjusted from the ECU? *D16Y8+T on Crome*
  200. Question about vented BOV
  201. crx IC piping
  202. HX35 Wastegate Block off ?
  203. spark plug 101 differance between hot and cold
  204. Noob D16y4 EK1 boosting questions
  205. A couple video's from the circuit
  206. Opinions on Oil Pump
  207. dsm turbo?
  208. cant decided, what u guys think? which turbo
  209. D15z1 with Basic Turbo
  210. Bisimoto cam install???
  211. New best time, [email protected] Stock bottom end D16
  212. Autometer gauge "stuck" on 8psi?
  213. Got tuned on 8 psi with turboedit!!!
  214. Boosting a d16z6...
  215. charge piping/tune question...
  216. 400 hp questions
  217. Dynomax VT Muffler: Turbo Application?
  218. Oil light help
  219. Not making boost part 2. Real help needed... Basics covered.
  220. 99% stock boosted Z6 making 400+whp!
  221. oil filter sandwich?
  222. waste gate spring???
  223. injector question
  224. hello turbo newb quick question D16z6 turbo
  225. Just ordered my turbo =] but had a question
  226. turbo rebuild
  227. Compound Turbocharging
  228. Just a few questions.. 15G / y7
  229. wastegate testing
  230. is my turbo setup safe before tuning?
  231. D16y7 turbo question
  232. Turbo Mini me help
  233. Possible solution? Turbo bullshit inside.
  234. Please recomend a clutch.
  235. EH3 + greddy kit, brazillian power =]
  236. d16z6 cp pistons compression ratio???
  237. vtec pressure problems? ls vtec turbo monster
  238. Help! Built SOHC blowing head gaskets
  239. Intercooler concern
  240. Runing 8 psi on stock ecu!!!
  241. Mitsubishi TD04L-10T ????
  242. Knockoff downpipe ID questions??
  243. I cant get my oil return to not kink
  244. Connecticut Machine Shops
  245. Will not rev past 5000rpm
  246. D16a1 tune decision?
  247. fuel pressure regulator
  248. Spool time gradually getting slower...
  249. Call me stupid!
  250. Not Making Boost