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: Forced Induction

  1. 3 inch exhaust, need help!!
  2. d16y8 vtec turbo build? plz help..
  3. Interesting spool-valve read.
  4. ko3 on a d15b7
  5. Will it work Turbonetics T60-1 .77 a/r
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  7. turbo questions
  8. Has anyone used this less expensive electronic boost controller?
  9. Crx HF under boost
  10. Identify my turb0!
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  12. Looking for some advice on this build
  13. HELP with my boost spike
  14. What spark plugs and gap
  15. horribly failed emissions...... really high numbers inside lol
  16. t70 turbo on a small D16
  17. 350whp with 18g? curious any one run into traction problems @350
  18. 250 hp stock block?
  19. jrsc intake gasket
  20. Jrsc stuff
  21. 59500 snapped
  22. Garrett T3 60 Trim max power
  23. Compressor surge in boost: Turbo sizing issue?
  24. Honda stuff????
  25. eBay T3T4 turdblo compressor map???
  26. a/c friendly mani on z6???
  27. Not Honda, Really Weird?
  28. Wanna go boost on my d15b7 jspec
  29. Turbo spool up guesstimating.
  30. Stock Sleeves
  31. D16 Turbo setup HELP!!
  32. t28 oil feed inlet
  33. fj distributors help
  34. Turbo build Finally
  35. Milwaukee area! i need one of you
  36. D16z6 turbo build...block and head????
  37. Good honda shops in md????
  38. Greddy turbo installation?
  39. Intercooler piping
  40. To Good of a Return Line?
  41. D16 First Track Day: need advice.
  42. No go
  43. Comp vs. Quench?
  44. Short gear or long gear transmission?
  45. Intercooler / piping question
  46. Kind of vague E85 tuning question
  47. Starter engagement
  48. Stock map sensor?
  49. Turbo seals gone?
  50. Journal bearing T25 parts a dead breed?
  51. Spark plugs and Gap for E85
  52. What's the lowest CR i could run on a d16 boosted....pls read
  53. Noob needs advice
  54. Turbo.. what size exhaust????
  55. Wastegate on turbine housing?
  56. Intercooler Fitment?
  57. d16y8 part list
  58. JRSC with power steering
  59. turbo setup.....(custom work issues)
  60. another noob question.... notching???
  61. d16z6 turbo build questions... please
  62. Little problem
  63. T3/t40e = t3/t04e?
  64. Basic tune for dummies
  65. Engine wont Idle
  66. True Street class D series from Mazworx
  67. Been contemplating a turbo... Sugesstions?
  68. Painting a china made cast iron manifold
  69. Jrsc questions?
  70. Crower stage 2 Na cam
  71. Tial 50 mm bov VS anything else?
  72. E 85
  73. Twin Turbo Anyone?
  74. d16y8
  75. I need a nitrous guru!
  76. Which BOV i should buy for my first boosting?
  77. y8 headgasket with 75.5 vitaras?
  78. Dyno'd today, some small issues.
  79. Help. D16z6 Wont Start
  80. Looking for Hybrid Parts for TD04
  81. Jrsc problem!!!
  82. dsm downpipe
  83. Looking for Hybrid Parts for TD04
  84. Ceramic Core or Metal Core High Flow Catalytic Converter?
  85. oil leak.
  86. Budgetbuild advice
  87. Exhaust manifold studs/ lenso vpd wheels???
  88. D16y8 semi built, wit JRSC kit, any possible???
  89. W2A Cores: Garrett vs Laminova
  90. Post your turbo build, and how long it lasted.
  91. Boosting for the first time!
  92. Tuner toyz rods question
  93. O2 sencer
  94. ..........
  95. Anyone???
  96. Cast manifold users
  97. Tials 50mm bov spring question
  98. Headgasket thickness for my setup?
  99. Bad Water Pump on Boosted Z6
  100. Thoughts of a Planned HMT Setup
  101. i beam rods?
  102. Borg Warner 46trim.....price?
  103. Changed turbo manifold and now this.....
  104. Why does everybody hate JRSC? I just want valid opinions.
  105. cast mani
  106. Tapping into stock oil sender for turbo feed
  107. nada...
  108. blow off valve question
  109. 300whp??
  110. ????for turbo gurus
  111. Time to refill.
  112. d16z6 arp headstud length
  113. Has anyone used this turbine housing? Special Turbine Housing T25-EWG-44
  114. real or fake hks ssqv... searched
  115. Can anyone offer some input
  116. Need some advice
  117. Bore sizes and boost
  118. d15b crank
  119. Boosting my a6
  120. PWM boost controller help
  121. D16y8 turbo build help and sugestions
  122. whats the diff?
  123. Low Oil Pressure.
  124. OoAoO's D16 turbo build
  125. xspower turbos
  126. Generic SQV not blowing off
  127. H1C baby on D16
  128. Opinions on fuel pump
  129. built d16z6
  130. Turbo exhaust manifold
  131. Ping when there was no ping befor.
  132. no tune
  133. Jrsc without tune
  134. 5w50 killed my journal bearing oil seals?
  135. D16y8 Turbo Setup
  136. Not a D but still a honda gotta give props
  137. JRSC owners: PLEASE post up #'s!
  138. Injecting fuel pre blower
  139. Log Turbo Manifold
  140. Cam suggestions? Power falls off
  141. Oil drain line?
  142. d16z6 turbo
  143. Dear friends that live where it snows...
  144. The great intercooler debate
  145. What upgrades?
  146. oil slightly dripping afta removing pcv
  147. just a heads up
  148. Return line on top mount
  149. Some FI Karnage...
  150. Need help from someone who knows
  151. This is why you dont buy Ebay manifolds
  152. Turbo Help....
  153. Is my turbo too big?
  154. Good D series for turbo???
  155. Tubular Manifolds
  156. More vitara info
  157. Couple questions on setup
  158. Coolant question...
  159. Twin Charged...a world not so familiar
  160. Another question about ebay product...
  161. Rods
  162. Who can identify this Garret
  163. Maxing out at 5-6psi with 8.7psi spring
  164. Turbo kit quality
  165. dsm turbo mani fit on d16?
  166. D15 Vitara Rod Groupbuy Feeler
  167. Boosted d16y8 99 civic cutting out over 4000rpm...ideas?
  168. Need some info about this turbo.
  169. Sorry so late and vid quality sucks
  170. aem wideband install
  171. Innovative engine mounts
  172. Best bearings and seals to use.
  173. obx ram horn
  174. Ebay turbo overhaul kits
  175. Normal oil consumption for boosted d series
  176. Am going Turbo
  177. wrong downpipe???
  179. Build my first turbo manifold!!
  180. 3-wire IACV question...PLZ HELP!!!
  181. Vac-u-pan on stock D
  182. zc/d16a6 turbo???? plz help...
  183. New direction in FI
  184. What would cause this to a piston??
  185. P29's with boost?
  186. D15Z1 head.
  187. D16y8 not able to tune
  188. 97 ej6 turbo project
  189. BOV One Way Valve
  190. Delta 272 Camshaft
  191. considering selling JRSC, P29 and crower I beam
  192. Exospeed 707 cam
  193. More boost in higher gear??
  194. Turbo and nitrous????
  195. Low 7.7c/r compression turbo question?
  196. Defining my goals, what do you think?
  197. T25 PC
  198. Doubt about Turbo Mini Ram.
  199. td04 turbo
  200. Boosted crx problem need help
  201. d15y7-auto Nitrous/turbo setup Help
  202. help!! estimated track time? anyone opinion...
  203. 99 se jdm d15b turbo install.Vtec wiring/resistor box HELPPP
  204. NEw setup need advice
  205. DOHC ZC oil pump?
  206. boosting, but not revving past 3k in 3rd??
  207. Spun bearing on Y8... Time to build for boost!
  208. d15b7 turbo info?
  209. waste gate
  210. Turboing a D15vtec or a d16z6
  211. Y7/Y8 mini-mi with spray/sc?
  212. good tune shop in MASS
  213. D15b7 N.O.S set up
  214. head gasket?
  215. Decisions decisions...Block? Sleeves?
  216. 400hp clearances
  217. Help save your journal bearing turbos!!!
  218. hmmm I wanna turbo my d15b7
  219. b2 turbo
  220. Recommendations?
  221. d16y7 build..ideas?
  222. Piston Ring Gaps. Loose Outta The Box
  223. How high can the D series rev
  224. wastegate problem on D16Y7
  225. turbo my 1993 cx?
  226. Cam choice thats better than 59300
  227. dont wanna run a jrsc.... check this then
  228. JRSC running like crap
  229. 45 Degree Drain Fitting?
  230. Freshly installed ebay turbo
  231. RC Engineering Injectors
  232. Wtf is this.
  233. Soo.. This is what I found when I pulled the head
  234. jrsc vaccum lines?
  235. turbo d16z6 starting problems
  236. almost got a turbo at the JY today, was i a fool not to?
  237. Finally Got to the track
  238. boost gauge doesnt zero out.
  239. help with vitara piston
  240. Block guard necessary?
  241. Turbo video thread
  242. my z6 vitara build with your help
  243. Mani choice
  244. help plzzz! looking for the right turbo
  245. Beginning my Z6 build...need some specific setup advice
  246. Way too much blow by help me pls
  247. Oil restrictor
  248. Precision Rebuld Kits
  249. Some Building Guidance?
  250. my custom turbo vs ebay t3/t04e "57 trim"