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: Forced Induction

  1. Turbo woes =[
  2. R/T Tuning dyno day saturday
  3. 5w to thin for a vitara buit motor with ACL race bearings?
  4. Turbo lubrication information
  5. Bov problem?
  6. D16y7 w/ y8 head
  7. HELP ASAP!!!!! NO START NO NOTHING HELP :willy_nilly:
  8. My Honda Rebuild Build, Afew Questions
  9. Does anyone have a dyno of a vitara build using GT28RS?
  10. Pump Gas HP #'s
  11. Valve cover w/ welded AN fittings.
  12. Match Throttle body size to plenum or not?
  13. Can hear turbo spinning even at a stop and not in boost?
  14. Coolant purging through radiator cap
  15. Motor bogs down around 10 psi? feels like boost cut almost
  16. SM-302-25 del sol starter work in 92 to 95 civic?
  17. Vac/Boost Diagram
  18. d16z6 turbo oil light on and off
  19. Precision SC60. Too big for a D???
  20. Blue Smoke Out Tail Pipe When Turbo Is Spooling
  21. Frozen Boost intercoolers effecient?
  22. Terrible misfires, checked everything! PLEASE HELP!
  23. 10:5:1//forged// greddy 18g 350whp posibilities? or am i dreaming
  24. Turbo ID, is it too big for a D?
  25. Best hone to use? Grit?
  26. Bye bye built single cam
  27. Surging idle?
  28. d16z6 vitara build wont start help!
  29. Advanced Exhaust Question
  30. oil return question
  31. Big 16g turbo + 18-20lbs of boost + stock internal wastegate
  32. How important are EL runners?
  33. HLP with return line problem
  34. 1/4 times.. feedback please
  35. Boosted , but STUMPED!
  36. Full throttle = no throttle?
  37. .........
  38. D16 Rods
  39. Wastegate Q's
  40. Boost Controller..Arrow?
  41. Weird 15g issue.
  42. Bigger turbo help!!
  43. mallory hyfire digital or MSD?
  44. Bolt and thread patter size to close up black box holes?
  45. Head studs question
  46. Manual boost controller piece?
  47. nada...
  48. down pipe and dump tube thru hood question
  49. Can a D16 make power with a log manifold? D16Y7/D16Z6 Build Inside.....
  50. new to honda
  51. Greddy turbo kit questions...
  52. Bosch 1600cc injectors
  53. turbo kit worth it?
  54. Running a t3 divided turbo on a non divided t3 cast mani
  55. Intercooler cores?
  56. 9.0:1 CR on vitaras ... say it a'int so
  57. Volumetric effeciency?
  58. What do yall think about this turbo?
  59. What and how much additives increase octane.
  60. What turbo would you use??? Options...
  61. D16a6 turbo
  62. Mbc help
  63. Wastegate Elbow to Manifold Bolts
  64. So Begins a Long Turbo Build
  65. Max comp for small turbo on pump?
  66. I Think This Is A Little Beyond "Boost Creep"
  67. What Size Throttle Body?
  68. nada...
  69. JRSC Bypass valve broken...damage to blower?
  70. Quick JRSC Question
  71. How much HP on d16
  72. Why don't they have compressor maps, for turbines?
  73. Tune Problem!
  74. Trying to find compressor maps for the garret tb stuff.
  75. D16 rods and pistons
  76. Mini-Ram vs Ram Horn
  77. Want to boost Z6
  78. Oen down pipe? or 3inch exhuast?
  79. .....
  80. Interchangable pcv valve with honda?
  81. Quick Turbo Help Please
  82. RC 650cc injector impedance??
  83. What fuel do you use/ how much do you pay?
  84. Pre-build double checking
  85. Walbro 255 fuel pumps...opinions
  86. Fuel pump question!!!
  87. I want to build an economy turbo
  88. Finally the d15 rods have arrived
  89. turbo question.
  90. 5 bolt downpipe
  91. Decent spool with .92a/r & dual scroll?
  92. Nada
  93. Tons of Garrett Info (PDF)
  94. Turbo questions?, Answered!!!!!!
  95. Best turbo for the job?
  96. Any tuners in the palm springs california area?
  97. Harness conversion kits
  98. Turbo Z6 cut out
  99. Precision SC34
  100. Best AC/PS Compatible Turbo Manifold?
  101. d16z6 on ef with hydro trans
  102. D16 arp bolts
  103. Anybody try Go Autoworks cam
  104. Cracked Ringland?
  105. Opinions on t3/t04b s trim from Blaast
  106. Garrett GT3076R to big??
  107. Turbo Setup...
  108. Turbine housing help pls!!
  109. Crome turbo map help
  110. Noob Turbo Question
  111. USDM D15 rods Video
  112. Help with creating the only one in the uk
  113. D16Z6 with D16y8 crower stage 2 N/a cam
  114. turbo question
  115. Reserach: Step down Harness?
  116. 2.4 Bisimoto Cam.Worth it???
  117. W/M Legal?
  118. Jrsc help please
  119. Inline fuel pump wiring?
  120. d16z6 vitara build help
  121. 96-00 turbo build2
  122. d16z6
  123. JRSC questions
  124. ............
  125. Wideband problems please help
  126. 96-00 turbo build
  127. Turbo Specialties
  128. Is this a good turbo/match?
  129. Blew Turbo...upgrade or rebuild?
  130. HKS BoV question
  131. new guy to d series but not to cars
  132. My first motor build-----help!
  133. Port & Polish 60mm tb.
  134. Wastegate problem?
  135. Need some educated opinions on a JRSC high compression build
  136. jrsc IT
  137. Injectors?
  138. EFR Turbo worth it?
  139. limiting boost - JRSC
  140. 91 crx si zc sohc obd2 engine management?
  141. Nitrous or turbo?
  142. GT eBay Turbos = Real BB?
  143. volvo turbo
  144. A Better way to make eBay turbo's last!!! Get rid of that restrictor!!!
  145. Custom made JRSC pulleys
  146. Not sure if it is a blown head gasket!
  147. Hx turbo
  148. Vitara piston cracks *pics inside*
  149. No start... only 3krpms at full throttle.
  150. DIY Injector Cleaning?
  151. Confused by a recent car magazine article....
  152. Where do i go next?
  153. jdm d15b 3 stage after market rods and pistons help
  154. Head gasket question
  155. Found a good deal on a built a6 short block; help
  156. Turbo Inlet Gasket Question
  157. B-series turbo question
  158. Pressure in the cooling system
  159. Blew my headgasket
  160. boost surge??
  161. Can I use a caterpillar turbo?
  162. ARP dilemma
  163. dsm resistor install question
  164. jrsc + n20???
  165. Takin my civic to cali got some turbo questions
  166. oem piston/rod hp cap?
  167. Cheap Rods
  168. Can I afford to boost my z6
  169. Help plzz
  170. Question about Zex purple box
  171. joshk5145's build
  172. Another emissions question
  173. d16a6 cam gear snapped?? 10psi
  174. Some turbo related info.
  175. How to go about getting tuned for nitrous
  176. Wastegate Porting?
  177. NooB wants to turbo his D15b7
  178. Tune or not?
  179. Best clutch for D15z6 turbo (6-7 psi)
  180. Looking for a good book to help with a d16y8 build
  181. Vitara Ringland Thickness?
  182. I love china's turbo manifolds!!!!
  183. Any help with Budget ICs
  184. turbo
  185. D16z6 FROSTY!!
  186. Making Ebay Turbos Last
  187. Decompression Plate feasibility question.
  188. Where to place the wastegate merge? What size pipe?
  189. Heat range of plugs for N2O
  190. Jrsc help
  191. JRSC intercooler
  192. Somposite HG safe?
  193. Temporarily removing turbo system for emissions have a question
  194. New Here...Need Help With Turbo Civic
  195. Budget bodge build :)
  196. High lift cam + milling + vitara's ??
  197. What to do
  198. Do i really need new valves??
  199. No tech: used to be boost'D
  200. d16z6 low oil pressure when hot
  201. JRSC Discovery!
  202. Need some help for my turbo setup
  203. Please help fast
  204. First ever d build
  205. D16z6...TDI turbo?
  206. My d16z6 Vitara build, need some advice/ rod knock??
  207. .82 a/r VS .63 a/r housing
  208. Boosted z6/y8 hybrid 15psi all day
  209. ebay kit question..
  210. Loose Turbo/DP/Exhaust Bolts
  211. Z6 Turbo build Questions
  212. JRSC
  213. 3" vs 4"
  214. Exhuast set up
  215. 16g turbo question?
  216. Help ID Sohc Vtec Cam
  217. RC 750cc injetors question??
  218. Reliable source for garrett rebuild kit
  219. Broken bypass valve on jrsc
  220. Let the build begin, any input would be appreciated
  221. Nitrous what do you think
  222. walbro 255 gss342
  223. Mechanical vs Electrical boost gauges
  224. ac+ps turbo setup question
  225. Spark plug boot keeps popping off...cracked head??
  226. t25 or t3
  227. Does anyone know what the base timing is for a d16y7
  228. Nitrous guru's.. 100-125 shot single or direct port?
  229. 525cc on Ebay. Has anyone tried them yet?
  230. Equal length manifold
  231. Bisimoto vs. golden eagle. vs oem headgasket?
  232. KMS oil pump vs stock?
  233. greddy 19t kit
  234. Need help identifying an intake manifold on my car
  235. E bay H beam rods
  236. just picked this up!!!!
  237. Just bought a turbo, critique my set-up
  238. Do i need an evap purge valve to pass az emissions?
  239. my dyno numbers
  240. Not sure where this goes, but purge valve question
  241. Got dyno'd, my numba's
  242. Filter size question.
  243. Is fj distributor reliable?
  244. Going turbo
  245. Turbo set up???
  246. Love-fab log manifold any good?
  247. boost question ??
  248. Building a Z6 for Boost
  249. a/f ratio wacky as hell!!!
  250. JRSC injectors