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: Forced Induction

  1. o2 sensor
  2. Built Block. Stock Sleeves.Blown.. Need HELP!
  3. colder plugs
  4. Finally putting some engine behind this boost.
  5. z6 bottom end, a6 head ?'s
  6. 14psi internal wastegate + 18G + hondata PWM = boost spike??
  7. Problems
  8. New to turbos....
  9. Stock ignition system
  10. WWD-SD? (what would ..... Do)
  11. pushing coolant
  12. K04 on a 1.6 liter. Opinions?
  13. Problem after boosting
  14. Turbo mounting
  15. What the hell
  16. N02 wet kit fuel tap help
  17. Best Mani for GT25 Garret? BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK
  18. Bypass for turbo
  19. Thread locker on turbo assembly
  20. Turbo ready??
  21. What's going on with the USDM D15B forged rods?
  22. RC Ramhorn fitment
  23. Impressive dyno (not a Honda)... Some ?'s for the D-series Pro's
  24. What you reckon???
  25. Why don't people put fans on intercoolers?
  26. D16 vitara turbo , vtec not woking HELP !!
  27. D16z6 ARP headstuts in D15z6? What headgasket?
  28. JRSC to turbo?
  29. slums' y7 time attack hatch part 1
  30. Engine Break-in
  31. D-Series helped us make this power on 4AGTE....
  32. Catch can setup
  33. d15z6 turbo
  34. Boosted d16y7
  35. Which motor? A6 , z6 , or minime(both)
  36. current vitara build questions?
  37. 89 dohc zc nitrous advice
  38. Do i need oil catch can on breather on z6 boosted
  39. New Set up Need some Advice
  40. Shouldn't work but it does. 6psi on d15z1 no IC 87 octane
  41. need help
  42. Ignition timing woes
  43. D16 turbo boost leak into crankcase
  44. Need some advise.
  45. Which cam for turbo
  46. Going to turbo my d how much hp should i make
  47. Internal wasgate t25 turbo need info
  48. Picking a cheap turbo
  49. Turbos with 2.5" or smaller exhaust
  50. Effect of A/R on highway gas mileage?
  51. Plan to run n20 on my d15b7
  52. Stupid Idea Ahead, K03 ideas
  53. ...
  54. D16 divided housing manifold
  55. Problems spooling turbo
  56. New Track Times!
  57. DOHC ZC turbo?
  58. JRSC d16y8(d17) stroker will the pulleys match?
  59. Garret hybrid turbo (smoke)
  60. garret turbo help !!!!!!!!!
  61. Will changing to a different Spark Plug effect my tune?
  62. Blowing smoke like crazy (oil)
  63. Current setup and new shopping list
  64. Oil drain ok?
  65. Help fuel pump trouble sshoot
  66. Oil blowby? Or crankcase under high pressure what the ?
  67. Engine Swap questions
  68. Polyurethane Motor Mounts
  69. hx35 oil feed
  70. Turbo block
  71. D16z6 20-23psi bearing clearances?
  72. Greddy turbo kit question help !!
  73. very werid exhaust/turbo problem!!V
  74. Ford probe intercooler ?'s
  75. 310 injectors work? will be enough?
  76. Another boost problem *VIDEO*
  77. Help before i buy
  78. Turbo?
  79. Im coming to you guys for help...
  80. Simple turbo questions
  81. JRSC+Spray?
  82. Are 1000cc injectors too big?
  83. oil drain/
  84. oil drain/oil burning
  85. Turbo is shot.... Rebuild or buy another???
  86. Heat soaking problems.
  87. turbo bolts
  88. eGay BOVs?
  89. odd turbo questions
  90. 92 hatch turbo
  91. Need help on a aftermarket Cam
  92. Boost Question
  93. Turbo kit help
  94. I want some opinons
  95. Fuel injectors which should i get
  96. My wastegate size?
  97. turbo size help
  98. mix and match connecting rods
  99. high compression turbo tuning
  100. Injector questions.
  101. Water Outlet Adapter?
  102. What should I upgrade for turbo?
  103. Stock sleeves?
  104. Opinions needed..Y7/Z6 head JR Supercharged
  105. Need to find intercooler piping 92-95 civic
  106. Taking a Nap
  107. Setting timing after head rebuild w/o jacking up my tune
  108. Southern California Tuning spots
  109. Need new turbo with some advice still have ac
  110. Why aren't Eaton superchargers popular??
  111. need a little turbo help
  112. Jrsc=minime=bisi level 2 cam
  113. Holset divided housing idea
  114. Dyno Day - Stock Minime and 8lbs - Puzzled
  115. Meth Injection Questions, Snow or AEM?
  116. Questions on buying an eBay brand turbo
  117. For you vitara built people..
  118. Boost d16z6 sluggish outta boost
  119. Have problems Wiring GM 3 BAR MAP SENSOR, PLEASE HELP!
  120. o2 bung help
  121. Turbo h22 not start =(
  122. Oil Drain Problem
  123. Thoughts on this turbo kit?
  124. Topmount Manifold D Series (Pictures Insides)
  125. y7 intake handle boost?
  126. Need suggestions about D15 turbo
  127. Air Filter Shield?
  128. New center sections?
  129. boost problem
  130. t25/28 Flange bolt
  131. New Dyno Numbers!
  132. Edelbrock Turbo Kit ??
  133. d16 wastegate question
  134. JRSC idle
  135. Beauty ring question
  136. What are the preferred bearings?
  137. budget turbo! advice please!
  138. Need help and thoughts on my problem
  139. Using silencer in exhaust bad for turbo?
  140. turbonetics t3 help
  141. Suggestions on the best ebay turbo to make 400+whp
  142. Best combo with 14b
  143. Advice for turbo selection
  144. boost control issue
  145. Problems with P75 Ecu/450cc injectors runs super lean
  146. Has anyone used a K04 turbo on a D16?
  147. JRSC Blower Pulley
  148. d16z6 turbo need help with
  149. Where to connect oil feed?
  150. p2m y5 piston qs?
  151. Afc questions
  152. D16z6 first forced induction..
  153. MY JRSC
  154. First "major" fab, advice wanted
  155. need help on turbo
  156. Cast Mani in EF?
  157. Ported A6 head intake runner Question
  158. My first turbo build
  159. Problem!!
  160. TQ falling off too Early?
  161. turbo ID
  162. what would you do?
  163. Clocking 9B turbo.
  164. mini me boost
  165. First turbo build
  166. d15b7/d16y8 mini meon nitrous
  167. Builders needed! engine bearing Question D16z6 turbo
  168. Small Turbo/Big Engine Question.
  169. home made intercooler piping.
  170. Demand for 14mm injector(rdx injector) orfice fuel rail
  171. Turbonetics charge pipe
  172. Breaks up out of boost stops after turning car off and on
  173. D15b8 turbo
  174. JRSC question
  175. Anyone have 2 wastegates laying around?
  176. Intake manifold gasket question
  177. Wrist Pin Knock? Or Valves needing adjustment?
  178. oil line
  179. Driving with turbo and no Tune.
  180. i need the nitrous?
  181. Borg Warner gm 5
  182. Turbonetics 62-1 opinions
  183. Forced induction with an auto gear box?
  184. Need help w/turbo kit assembly*d16y7 *
  185. Bracing the manifold, turbo, dp...
  186. how much power you think i will make!?!?
  187. lsv question
  188. Small fmic question
  189. Looking for Advice on my T25
  190. Turbo wastegate and ac lines
  191. Inline fuel pump switched 12v
  192. Help to identify a holset turbo
  193. Power from a 14b turbo?
  194. Civic suspension best of the best??
  195. Has anyone used Omnipower map sensors?
  196. Rod/main bearing clearances
  197. Ebay vs. Go-Autoworks Radiator???
  198. Xenocron ECU/Distributor questions?!?
  199. rb20 turbo good?
  200. Turbo for DD
  201. D16a6 boosted valve cover breather smokin?
  202. JRSC Intake/Exhaust Help
  203. Oil starvation?
  204. intercooler pipes
  205. Jdm sohc d16zc vtec build
  206. Endyn or vitaras
  207. Vitara Or CP!?!?
  208. Quick help here, engine dies when giving it Full throttle...
  209. My block guard!!
  210. Boost comming in later than usual
  211. My quest for 300fwhp, your thoughts...?
  212. Oil pressure on new motor
  213. DIY Supercharger
  214. Crank seal leaking? Cause my timing belt to slip occasionally?
  215. Questions for the lads who drag their Boosted Motors.
  216. sohc zc boosted mini me? wht you think?
  217. Need help/advice on what boost controller to run!! HELP!
  218. Spoon n1 replica
  219. 550cc injectors...big enough?
  220. Plug reading assist.
  221. D16Y8 srp/eagle... Build advice
  222. Problem occuring!!!
  223. Block heater
  224. Help!turbo d16y7
  225. Stock d16y7
  226. I think my turbo is ready for a rebuild and its new?
  227. intercooler question
  228. Thinking about doing an mpg build... Thoughts welcome!
  229. Boosting d15b7
  230. best boost combo?
  231. In line fuel pump fuse question
  232. djm injectors re post
  233. Quick Catch can question/black box
  234. Thoughts for seperate turbo oiling
  235. Coolant problem solved, now ign. breaking up?
  236. Check engine light sometimes when i boost
  237. dsm injector question
  238. Does boost hurt the brake booster?
  239. Turbo kit swap questions
  240. Issues after tune...
  241. i need a wiring dg for a z6 mini me swap
  242. Small twin scroll for 250whp?
  243. Who to contact for Neptune RTP demon?
  244. Trying to find info on this turbo.
  245. turbo y8 bogging at 3k help!
  246. Crower stage 2 street/strip
  247. Intake for Greddy 15g?
  248. Why is my 450s maxing out and only 178 hp
  249. 88 crx boosted injector help
  250. Resonator or test pipe?