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: Engine Building

  1. D16z6 with p29 pistons timing
  2. any one got a d16y7 head??
  3. Wrist pin too long?
  4. d16y8 lowcompression. after fresh build
  5. Valve Spring opinions needed
  6. D16Z6
  7. Looking for some input on a D16Y7
  8. Would you use this crank?
  9. Poll: Lightweight flywheel or stock?
  10. High comp A6
  11. d16y8
  12. cleaning the fitv
  13. first time porting
  14. D16y8 questions engine break in
  15. New Build Troubles..
  16. Coated Engine Bearing
  17. Cam: Bisi 2.4 Vs Comp Cam 53900
  18. Recommended Head-Gasket for D15B8
  19. Looking for a company that resurfaces cams
  20. Destroking d17 with d16 crank
  21. Brisk Multispark plugs. experiences?
  22. D16z6 on d15z1 block dowel pins????
  23. f the ks and bs! wanna hook up the deez
  24. What to build next??? Need imput
  25. which piston design
  26. D15A3 Rebuild, Go for it or don't bother?
  27. couple of questions regarding driving on a fresh build with no tune.
  28. Ides to deal with the slack on LMA with re-grind.
  29. How much is too much?
  30. Best fuel rail?
  31. Supertech
  32. Enlarging the oil pickup opening?
  33. new to rebuilding d16z6 turbo first build list help....
  34. Question on Edelbrock Mani.
  35. Oil Pan Crisis
  36. Main girdle / Bolts
  37. Simple ways to tell if you have a good cam.
  38. Timing belt d16y7-d16z6
  39. What cam do i have????
  40. help a noob
  41. axles
  42. B18 help needed!
  43. D17 crank, D16 block, B16a rods?
  44. New guy
  45. Proper way to store Engine head?
  46. d15b block d16y5 head
  47. D16Z6 Custom camshaft for N/A
  48. D16A6 crank install
  49. D16z6 king vs. Acl bearings?
  50. giving upů
  51. D16A1 #3 bearing oil clearance
  52. Change of heart. Going Darkside...
  53. getting frustrated
  54. d16z6 swap hunting idle and dies?
  55. new here
  56. D16y7 with a vtec head
  57. hi-comp d15z6
  58. d17a1 mods
  59. D16z9 turbo build question
  60. Do i have to remove flywheel to remove Crankshaft???
  61. Torque spec for allen head plugs on both girdle and oil pump
  62. Valve stem seal puller.
  63. need interchange help
  64. d15b d16y8 or mini me
  65. noob to d15b2 and d15b7 similarities
  66. D17a1 girdle and piston install
  67. Piston ring help
  68. gude throttle body
  69. oil ring gap question.
  70. d15b7/z6 mini me help
  71. Blox stage 1 valve lash?
  72. Timing belt came off
  73. Bearing / crank polish advice
  74. D16Y8 Build, New to the Game need Some Suggestions...
  75. Maximum Headflow
  76. y8 and z6 cam gear
  77. Question on Y8 Head Rocker Bushes.
  78. Help Me Make a Wishlist for a Turbo Z6 for DD
  79. Noob building first single (more hp for less)
  80. D17a2 block build (money is NOT an issue)
  81. Ring compressor plier style troubles
  82. anyone use tucked rywire harness?
  83. Highest lift cam with P29?
  84. ARP Head Stud Not Level Install Issues - RESOLVED
  85. Am I ready to drop my head on the block tonight?? PICS!! Few concerns
  86. buying a d16z w/rod through the oil pan, what to look for
  87. sohc zc block what head should i use?
  88. D15B7 (Pm9-2) Head Clarification Needed
  89. Bolt stretch method for big ends
  90. A6 Cam in D15B7 - Which belt?
  91. Help Pistons and Rods for jdm d15b
  92. Build questions
  93. Need a hand on selecting head gaske
  94. Rods for sohc zc itb supercharged build
  95. moving back the dividers (headwork)
  96. D15B7 oil pan upgrades?
  97. i wanna boost my ef
  98. Minime keeps jumping timing
  99. FJ R Spec rods
  100. D16z6 on D15z1 block, p28 ecu,4 wire -drivability???
  101. decisions decisions decisions.
  102. Oil pump gear washer question
  103. cam journals scratched any good?
  104. Y8 Head skimming info needed!
  105. engine heating up faster after rebuild
  106. Pick up Z6 head
  107. well buildin the [email protected] b2
  108. Winter Projects!
  109. its almost that time.
  110. let's talk bearings..
  111. engine noise at start up
  112. y7 makes grinding noise at start-up...help please
  113. Vtec Solenoid does NOT cover all ports?
  114. Back Of Block Black Box Diameter
  115. Piston ring compressor what do you prefer
  116. 93 del sol off the road...
  117. Fresh head, fresh studs - why won't head sit flat?
  118. Surface rust on big end of rods
  119. Hopefully i didnt fuck up too bad
  120. Fun and Reliable D15B7 Build
  121. B18b Rebuild Kits?
  122. Custom Forged rods for Vitara's - Where?
  123. Broke a Vitara 75.5mm piston ring, where to buy another set?
  124. Y8 intake mani on B7 head...fitment issues
  125. This is a picture of a Billet Camshaft
  126. D16 VTEC Block Off Plate?
  127. Fresh d17a1 back from the machine shop - Clearances
  128. Piston ring clocking and installing
  129. Oil pressure problems in high rpm
  130. 91 civic hatchback engine concerns
  131. d16y7/z6 mini me swap advise?
  132. TaDa cams
  133. Stock D15B7, head swap advice?
  135. would you run 0.025" 2nd ring gap with 75.5 vitaras?
  136. Thrust bearings - how exactly and when do you install them during re-assembly
  137. 100Whp OEM D15B7 ?
  138. Thermostats, what temp do you run?
  139. d16a6 clackin issue
  140. engine build ideas d15-B series -d16
  141. D15B 3 stage into 99 ej8
  142. Delta cam question
  143. Main bearing oil hole Alignment
  144. 87 CRX Swap Ideas?
  145. 96 integra jdm h22a trouble
  146. D16Y7 Melling oil pumps good?
  147. Noob needs help with general questions?
  148. Assembling a D16 block. Where do you start!?
  149. 1st start issues need help fasst
  150. Exhaust size question
  151. ring gap problem should i run or buy new ones?
  152. crankshaft kit
  153. B20VTEC help, first time B builder.
  154. Minime swap helppp
  155. Another Hydrolock Damage
  156. D15b7 turbo build
  157. Help!
  158. B20B swap
  159. b18c1 rod info
  160. Rebuilding my Z6
  161. Favorite way to clean!!
  162. Took the plunge....
  163. (FROM HK)Questions about Building JDM D15B w/ PMS pistons
  164. 100 Octane Low Lead Airplane Fuel
  165. first rebuild need help
  166. D16a6 build questions.
  167. B18B Automatic into a 1992 Civic 4Dr
  168. No map sensor??
  169. 1999 D16Y8 motor into 1998 body--help
  170. Oil pressure, vtec problem
  171. A little more gitty up?
  172. Head block aligning pins
  173. D16z6 oil pan interchangeable ?
  174. D15b7 injectors wont fire
  175. Stripped main cap threads.....
  176. D16y7/z6 won't start no cel no fuel
  177. How long should it take new rings to seal properly?
  178. 3 stage vtec broken cam
  179. JDM D15 Intake manifold Q
  180. should I enlarge the bearing oil hole
  181. Motor Mount Inserts Question
  182. WTF!?!
  183. d16y7 block compared to d16y5 block
  184. Doing a mini me swap
  185. Y8 mod help
  186. Valve seat pressure in Psi WHy ?
  187. JDM engine source WA
  188. Moroso oil pan.
  189. !!!! FAIL !!!!
  190. Common Honda Problems.
  191. Z6 Build - 160whp? n/a
  192. machinist didn't number my pistons?
  193. ARP General U.S. Torque reccomendations
  194. Retainers
  195. Help whit pistons on D16Y4 !!
  196. CamShaft Tuning?? Need Advice
  197. Cylinder one keeps blowing head gasket.
  198. Newer rebuild head, bad valve, replace one or all?
  199. Anybody got Volume Numbers.
  200. Which setup is better for a small turbo?
  201. D16a6 build
  202. P2W tolerances
  203. install valve cover studs with soapsuds???
  204. D16Y8 into 96 cx hatch help!
  205. D15 / 16 Bearings
  206. Squish and MSV
  207. Single valve springs vs dual valve springs?
  208. head stud install
  209. d16z6 fresh build, need help!
  210. Help with axel knuckle
  211. Low oil pressure
  212. B16 parts in a d15b
  213. D16z6 head > D15z6 block
  214. built z6 head
  215. D16z6 Oil dip stick size
  216. Axel broke.. need some help
  217. Some Heat Transfer Questions
  218. ZC Stroker questions
  219. Skunk2 intake manifold D16y7 worth it?
  220. jdm d15b vtec rods
  221. Modifying pistons?
  222. looking for opinions. b7/a6 port + polish and valvetrain
  223. WTB PG6 76mm Pistons
  224. Change pistons, in-car?
  225. new vitara built with to low of compression?? :(
  226. tuning or not tuning
  227. Ongoing Problems w/ D17A2...Need Advice Please!
  228. need input on y8 modds
  229. Help with z6 build!!!!!!!!!!!!
  230. aftermarket pulley vs harmonic balancer
  231. Fully Built D16A6, sat for 5 years, can it be saved?? Carnage pics
  232. d16y7 w/ z6 head vtec issues
  233. Still Looking for good Injectors.
  234. Need help with d16z6 with rod knock
  235. D16y8 rebuild kit
  236. D16Y8 Throttle lag
  237. d16y8 crank timing belt gear on d16a6 engine?
  238. Standard Vs Low temp Thermo stat & Switch
  239. Crower cam gear clarifications.
  240. d16y7/z6 mini me manifold question
  241. Balancing rot. Ass.
  242. new build d16y8 head with d15b block
  243. Coolant Connecting Pipe seems is different.
  244. new build d16y8 head with d15b block
  245. Car will not start, rpm tach jumping
  246. help finally getting back to my project
  247. Help!! cars runs fine, wont start
  248. First Head Gasket Problems
  249. Daily Driver Build
  250. Y8 head gasket on stock D15B2