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: Engine Building

  1. how do i check my cel code?
  2. My 97 DX Project is starting...
  3. lost motion assemblies...
  4. it's freakin out!!
  5. Found Problem on ECU check Engine light is on
  6. I am leaving the B for a D help me choose parts for my motor
  7. skunk2 mani install....help
  8. upgrading radiator?????...........
  9. CEL on after hitting VTEC
  10. Piston rod suggestions
  11. Edelbrock Performer X intake manifold dyno'd!
  12. IAC Swap Help
  13. whats needed for z6 swap on 90 si hb
  14. d15b vtec manifold?
  15. oil squirters
  16. compatibility of b16 ecu -> need a response asap...thanx
  17. piston/head combinations
  18. skunk2 manifold & TB, now have problems. help!
  19. anyone have a cam
  20. honda dog i got the hole engine
  21. what is the knocking from my head? updated pics. 56k killers
  22. d16a6 into my 91 dx
  23. ECU?? No problems with the knock sensor
  24. y5 roller rocker swap?
  25. Part compatibility (d16z6 swap..)
  26. head gasket shortage....
  27. 66mm tb too big?
  28. anyone herd of doing this
  29. z6 cam in a y8 can it work????
  30. What compression?
  31. air/fuel gauge install???
  32. Ls rod ?
  33. D15b2 questions
  34. What is the best ECU for a mini me
  35. 99 IM into Z6 head
  36. Ball honing
  37. Distributor Question
  38. jdm d15b vtec???
  39. y7 head oil pressure
  40. valve spring spring rates
  41. D16A6 Buildup Questions
  42. i'm going to redo my mini me swap this weekend!
  43. Need suggestions on my all-motor sohc
  44. AEM new V2
  45. D16z6 head on top of D16A1 shortblock
  46. what else do i need?
  47. what intake manifold to use on a y8
  48. Dizzy options for dual carb setup
  49. Valve Clearances question..
  51. Internal pressure problems!!!???
  52. y8head on a y7block..this is what i have what else do i need
  53. D15B2 Valves?
  54. best way to go????
  55. Dyno Tests
  56. another dx build up....
  57. New JG cam
  58. what do you think
  59. Connecting Rods
  60. Unique question.... I think
  61. jdm d15b vtec
  62. D16Y8 Kick @ss
  63. Need power
  64. Quick Reply Please
  65. All motor head setup?
  66. D15 Rod options
  67. OBD2a/b Questions
  68. Where to Start...?
  69. 96+ Civic coupes/sedans - not worth it?
  70. Ram air
  71. whats next?
  72. Intake Resonance
  73. zex cam... na or forced
  74. obd2 z6???
  75. front crank seal
  76. Ethanol In Fuel: Friend or Foe?
  77. Tranny ID---- CRX SI d16a6 tranny!!!
  78. Methanal
  79. Can you believe these people???
  80. knock sensor?
  81. i need help!!!
  82. Question on removing Catalytic Converter
  83. d16a1 piston ?
  84. cheap forged pistons?
  85. ZEX street/strip cam...
  86. Edelbrock Intake Manifold installed.
  87. Engine Balancing
  88. d17a1 conversion to a vtec d17a2 engine
  89. Head cover
  90. the 2-valve heads
  91. D15 to D16??
  92. Building up a D15B8
  93. Best Head Gaskets?
  94. not getting spark, wtf!
  95. What do you guys think about that OBX Sohc intake manifold??
  96. y7 to the max
  97. question on head-bolts
  98. D15B2 Building Questions
  99. What TB's will fit?
  100. Bosch Plugs
  101. D16z6 headaches
  102. input on d15b
  103. A1 rods in a d16a6
  104. D15B7-VS-D16Z
  105. B7 Possible Gains
  106. Z1 or Z6
  107. Dyno graph of Skunk2 IM?
  108. Engine Oil
  109. Cam gear / sprocket
  110. Cylinder Sleeve Wear
  111. sf bay D series cars, skunk2 mani dyno deal?!
  112. spark plugs
  113. z6 head to y8
  114. Lightened Flywheel--Recommended?
  115. anyone acl bearings 110 shipped
  116. The almighty 90 HB.. All motor...
  117. hey guys please help me out
  118. A6 valve springs, any suggestions?
  119. Z6 or Y8 mini me
  120. mustang killer.....
  121. 181 whp SOHC 1.6L
  122. who is all from nor-cal
  123. D15B1 is it worth doing a mini-me????
  124. any one with the Street Master Head Work from alaniz???
  125. B7 Build Q's
  126. ZC VTEC head on D16a?
  127. building a crazy sohc all motor
  128. how much power am i loosing?
  129. What is the compression on the sohc zc
  130. I need some clarification on what internals to use.....
  131. best a6 throttle body
  132. Port and Polish not worth it on D-series???
  133. Mini-me Vs. High Compression: Torque Comparison
  134. D-series Carb diet
  135. high comp. y7...what tuning needed?
  136. ITR AEM CAI fit into 95 civic chassis??
  137. cr on 93 oct fuel
  138. oem head bolts
  139. D16Z6, A6 differences in the pistons
  140. Need intake manifold flange, and throttle body flange.
  141. wondering what to do with a D16y8 and new cams...
  142. What can Z6/A6 mini me handle
  143. z6 block, b7 pistons, z1 rods..any tips
  144. Dynoplot Comparo web-page
  145. For those of you using d16a1 (dome) pistons.......
  146. Zex 59300 or Crower Stage 2
  147. Calling all Throttle Bodies 96+
  148. Z6 mani to Y8 not easy!
  149. New to the 6th Gens
  150. Correct Compression???
  151. y8, y7
  152. Best D-series piston combo for a z6 block w/ LS rods........
  153. D16A6 running too loud
  154. 99 civic ex auto to manual conv. help??
  155. d15b2/d16y8 Mini-me question???
  156. T/B swap
  157. O2 Sensor
  158. Needed*Y7 head bolt tq specs
  159. ecu and harness
  160. d15b or not?
  161. Good SF shop?????????
  162. What? y7/y8 mini me is BAD for mr engine??
  163. intake manifold throttle body parts. What car?? PICS
  164. post your NA dyno plots
  165. D15b2 with si parts in HF
  166. sleeper exhaust
  167. all engine or turbo that is the question
  168. J's Style Racing intake
  169. building a single cam, need help from the pros
  170. Combustion chamber mods
  171. si distributor in a dx motor?
  172. Need help with putting a D16z6 head on a D16y7 block......
  173. d15b2 power
  174. Over heating
  175. z1 mini me ?'s
  176. Mini-me... help me get everything ready, please
  177. High performance bearings
  178. Looking for some input.
  179. Check out these cam specs...........
  180. Stroking a d?
  181. PNP
  182. rsr on dx sedan??
  183. rsr on dx sedan??
  184. Y8 head on Z6 bottom Q's
  185. coupe exhaust on sedan
  186. pistons for D15B7?
  187. Y8/Z6 intake manifold on A6
  188. Inital timing on d15b2 mini-me
  189. D15B2 swaps??
  190. usdm d16y8 IM vs jdm d16y8 IM
  191. Has anyone put a zc dohc head on d16 sohc block?
  192. crank pulley question
  193. phantom grip experiences!!
  194. D17 Rod length
  195. Help: Head Gasket for 81mm bore
  196. mini me
  197. all motor
  198. pics of the new setup
  199. grn/yel wire on the distributor
  200. D16z6 with ZC pistons...?
  201. D15B7 cam/ecu ?
  202. Z6 into a Y7, what problem will I encounter?
  203. did mini now barley starts try to rev and dies.
  204. DP to MPFI
  205. head bolts and gasket
  206. sohc zc - please help, idle got ruff
  207. LS Rods into ZC block with ZC pistons?
  208. do anyone know if d16y8 cam and rockers will fit on d16y5
  209. 2002 civic DX
  210. Engine Management 101....Hondata, Chip or Stand-Alone???
  211. Dent in header
  212. question about throttle body
  213. did d15b8 mini me today and it won't run
  214. OBD2 injectors
  215. Aftermarket vs. OEM rods.....
  216. sensor help on the y8 mani swap
  217. my final y8 mani to z6 question
  218. D16 & D17?
  219. D15B2 Mini Me Swap
  220. Building NA Sohc ZC high compression motor.
  221. K...help me get this tuning stuff squared away!!
  222. IAC valve, 2 or 3 wire?
  223. d16a6 buildup
  224. what's best place to buy an engine online??
  225. y7/y8 minime timing
  226. What OBD ECU's....
  227. What timming belt to use with b8 mini me?
  229. Need an engine and tranny
  230. your max rpm
  231. D16y8 with bolt-ons???
  232. D16y8 with bolt-ons???
  233. skunk2 manifold??
  234. delta cam...
  235. what head gasket is thicker?
  236. d15b8?
  237. Best pistons for Z6?
  238. How to identify a geniune Spoon ecu
  239. CAN SOMEONE HELP?!?!?!?!?
  240. Comparing Y8 IM volumes to Z6 IM volumes
  241. y5 roller rockers
  242. Reactive 4-1 header(pic update)
  243. V-AFC Question
  244. d15b8 with z6 head
  245. z6 crank pulley radius
  246. 92+ pistons
  247. Lets talk cams.....
  248. All Motor D
  249. Mini me Dizzy?
  250. some really dumb mini-me questions