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: Engine Building

  1. The 2nd one.
  2. GUDE cams, help please
  3. cam gear
  4. A sad day for my Honda D16Y8
  5. Y7 computer?
  6. WHATS NEXT?..
  7. y8 cam in z6 head with pm7 pistons
  8. Anyone actually have the Bisi/exospeed.com header?
  9. 1/4 mile time for mini-me
  10. y8 / y7 questions .
  11. shorter timing belt
  12. I'm a new member, have question
  14. belt pulleys
  15. Ecu tunning
  16. clearance problems?
  17. JDM D15B!!! What should i do?
  18. d17 blocks
  19. what's a good time for d16y7?
  20. d16a6 with z6 head and im
  21. GREDDY exhaust header..... HUH?
  22. COMBINED!!!!
  23. Confused about ARP head studs/bolts
  24. upgraded main stud kit?
  25. S2000 TB size
  26. 1996 H22a distributor cap
  27. look at what i got for free today!
  28. what would my compression ratio be????
  29. Zex cams D16Z6
  30. Fuel tuning questions on D16A6/Y8 setup
  31. timing question for d15 vtec?
  32. what crank crankshaft pulley for d16a6
  33. y7 cam
  34. arp rod bolts and head studs
  35. D16y8 into an eg? Help!
  36. will the intake valves of d15b7 work??
  37. engine bogs at around 4k rpm
  38. a1 pistons in an a6
  39. 95 civic service connector question
  40. Screw the ZEX camshaft
  41. MSD ignition questions...
  42. ok.. what do I do?
  43. Pistons and Rods in a D16A6
  45. 88 d15b2 mini me swap
  46. ECU chiped on JDM D15B
  48. wanna throw this out there.....f20 swap!
  49. Where to find a good rebuild kit
  50. fuel pump ??
  51. z6 mani Q's
  52. how to identify auto or manual ecus
  53. dpfi to mpfi HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  54. camshaft questions
  55. Question about ECU code...
  56. The New Valves are in !!
  57. what to go with
  58. post up your d16y8 setups here!
  59. D16A6
  60. skunk2 intake manifold
  61. ZC Pistons (p29) in a D16Z6? Should I Bridge Valve Reliefs??
  62. Skunk2 manifold
  63. Will a D16Z6 headgasket fit on a d15b7??
  64. 02 Sensor To Be used With Headers For a ZC?
  65. I give up on my SOHC vtec setup, who wants it?
  66. d15z1 and JDM d15b rod/stroke and compression height
  67. Oversized TB ?
  68. Cam ?
  69. PDN-A00 (USDM 98-00 GX) in y7
  71. Rebuild kit
  72. Non-vtec, vtec swap
  73. Clearances?
  74. are the 5th gen CX and DX shortblocks identical?
  75. Engine Pulling.
  76. dx block si head good bad?
  77. id a y7 head
  78. newb question
  79. CROWER STAGE - 2 CAM...
  80. timing belt Y7/Y8
  81. Build opinion
  82. which timing belt to use?
  83. Forged Pistons and Rods
  84. Y8 head swap on my d16y7? Worth it?
  85. wrinkle red valve cover (PICS)
  86. Rebuild kit question D16z6
  87. d15b vtec fuel mileage
  88. Displacement Uppage
  89. PDN-A00 (USDM 98-00 GX) pistons
  90. Possible - 81mm bore, b-series pistons, ls-rods?
  91. Spark plug gasket removal.....
  92. d15b questions
  93. Oil to use during engine break in?
  94. ready for the y8 swap and build
  95. B&M / Vortech fuel Pressure Regulator
  96. VTEC- How to hook it up
  97. Throttle Body size
  98. swap gone bad
  99. valve springs
  100. HELP WITH CODE - 43 (fuel system) ???
  101. Injectors
  102. Pros of adjustable cam gear in jdm d15B?
  103. D16A6 high compression block
  104. D16 BUILD
  105. Dumb question..
  106. 89 si with JDM D15B questions
  107. How reliable is Mini-Me with the stock long block B7?
  108. installing a zex wet kit and wonderin which fuel line to use
  109. Doubled up valve springs.
  110. p72?? will it work???
  111. D16Z6 mods recommandation
  112. Delta Cams D16A6 regrind?
  113. mini me swap vtec controller?????
  114. bit of an idle problem
  115. Y8 gaskets ok for Z6 head?
  116. where to tap fuel supply for nitrous????
  117. Head rebuild Options ...(56k dead)
  118. no better
  119. Most wicked cam for z6
  120. cylender supports?
  121. Do you lapp your valves?
  122. question about a part on a z6 head...
  123. d16y7 piston
  124. Visual difference between vtec and vtec-e?
  125. Exospeed SOHC CRX: piston pics
  126. nOOb here, but have a ecu question......
  127. Stock cranckshaft
  128. ecu connector d15b vtec
  129. P08 automatic to manual
  130. error codes
  131. engine damper install
  132. What would my setup be making...
  134. z6 Intake Manifold
  135. Cleaning Head Internals
  136. underdrive pulley opinions
  137. will a y8 dizzy fit on a z6 head??
  138. Fuel gauge seems dead after reinstalling engine?
  139. P29 Pistons in D16A6-Ring Gap?
  140. DX hatchback, header to cat to exhaust question
  141. can i use d16z6 pistons and rods in a d16y7 with a y8 head?
  142. z6/y8 vtec solenoids interchangable?
  143. Cam question for d16y7?
  144. Whats the best ecu for me??? please please o please help lol
  145. do it urself port and polish?
  146. camshafts
  147. 2.25" vs. 2.5" exhaust piping for N/A...?
  148. P07/D15z1 Questions
  149. Does anyone have the edelbrock IM in a EF?
  150. JDM D15B Vtec Swap
  151. stock injectors/sensors on aftermarker IM?
  152. bullfrog or zex 5300?
  153. What's the best lightenflywheel to use with my set up ?
  154. MY Y8'S GETTING OLD!!
  155. Carb setup ?
  156. cheap hp
  157. hey im new here's my setup:
  158. Dreaded oscillating idle after starting up new engine . . .
  159. Diffrences between b2 and b7 block??
  160. jdm d15b rod length,what is it.will d16 rods work
  161. raising compression
  162. pin tool
  163. cylinder position sensor
  164. STUPID D-SERIES questions!!!!!
  165. D17 base + y7 Head
  166. Can u chip an obd2?
  167. low Idle problem
  168. iac valve manifold swap
  169. eagle rods in a z6 block
  170. Y8 IM on to y7 problems!
  171. D16A6 block & D16A1 head?
  172. What timing belt do i need? D16Z6 head on a Y8 block.
  173. head swap
  174. d15b y8 or z6 head swap???
  175. ok back to some a6 head on d15b7 '95 DX questions
  176. are the DOHC ZC pistons the same as D16A1 pistons?
  177. head bolts
  178. Anybody using this on there car?
  179. well hello yall
  180. For DPFI to MPFI can i use the full HF intake mani etc.
  181. Just swapped a Y8 manifold onto Z6
  182. DPFI to MPFI swap problems
  183. some progress...
  184. My All-Motor SOHC Build-Up....2 much compression?
  185. whats happening?
  186. Need block help/info
  187. I have a few questions.......
  188. which cam should I use
  189. MINI-ME timing advice
  190. A6, Y7 or Y8 head?
  191. Engine Damper
  192. ported a6 head with z6 cam?? work yeah? or work no?
  193. What to Look for when buying a High KM engine
  194. Where can you buy a D16Y8 2 - layer head gasket?
  195. Pistons info
  196. Firts post hope it is ok!
  197. Connecting rod about y7
  198. help need more power
  199. GS-R throttle body on a Y8 question
  200. Are any of you guys in the 14's?? what is your setup?
  201. z6/y8 Comparison
  202. Z6/Y8 cylinder head comparison thread
  203. Z6/Y8 cylinder head comparison thread
  204. Z6/Y8 cylinder head comparison thread
  205. Z6/Y8 cylinder head comparison thread
  206. D16a1 pistons on d15b2 rods????
  207. will a 88, 89-91 crx head bolt onto a 95 d15b7?
  208. D16y7--> D16y8 Timing Belt MiniMe
  209. clay checking???
  210. what are my limits on a cam?
  211. Y8 Manifold running OBD1 P28...how to hook up?
  212. will Edelbrock tb of integra fit on SOHC?
  213. retainers...
  214. Valve covers...
  215. D16y8 into a 92 Si...distributer?
  216. Crower stage III all motor race cam?
  217. Piston Choice for mini me
  218. dh-racing
  219. d15b2 or d16a6 which is better??
  220. all motor hf
  221. Let The Block Party Begin, 56K Maybe
  222. 88 Dx Hatch can i reuse the 88 dx tranny on a z6 motor?
  223. Hondata/H-T intake manifold gasket?
  224. Weird ball-bearing-thingie behind the IM in a D16Y8 head???
  225. p28
  226. Which bolts do I use for an engine stand?
  227. Port & Polishing
  228. Advancing timing on d16z6?
  229. Help with swapping in good parts on a6 build up...
  230. 16z head and a d16y distrib
  231. back to the basics
  232. black smoke
  233. Map sensor???
  234. man i didnt think i would find a forum site just on d motors
  235. What Cam's are street legal/pass emissions in PA?
  236. exhaust manifold/header
  237. LS pistons
  238. Questions about 1.5 liter motor
  239. Exospeed heads
  240. Valve cover
  241. Z6 Buildup Questions
  242. Y7-Y8 Motor Swap question
  243. d15b2 with a d16y8 head
  244. 92 cx to sohc v-tec ex motor what is needed?
  245. this may sound crazy
  246. D16Z6 head milled .035 with p29 pistons
  247. what is everything I would need to build a d16z6?
  248. d16a6 w/ y8 head
  249. Valve springs noob question
  250. heat range?