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: Engine Building

  1. neuspeed header on a6
  2. b16 ecu for y8
  3. d16a6 9:1 vs 10:1 c/r
  4. outside opinion
  5. oil starvation issue?
  6. which set up is the best?
  7. overbore and milling d16z6
  8. D15BVTEC??
  9. D16A6 need advise
  10. How much HP is possible....?
  11. CRX HF MPFI Wiring Harness OK for DX Conversion?
  12. d16a/y8
  13. ZC PM7 DOHC Pistons work in a d16a6?
  14. zc pistons in a z6 what rods to use
  15. Glossary of Terms
  16. JDM D15b buildup
  17. y8 cam
  18. what can we do people?
  19. Z6 with P29's and Zex 59300
  20. D16A6 cam in a D15B2 (Questions....ANSWER THEM!)
  21. mini me goes bad and now a check engine light..help please!!
  22. mini me ques need extreme help
  23. shaved head
  24. FUEL rail problem on VX to y8 swap..
  25. REALLY REALLY need help
  26. CRX HF Engine Info - Please Help! Any Info Welcome!
  27. port matching
  28. TDC on crankshaft pulley
  29. Injector Choice
  30. Cleaning bearings after gauging
  31. just bought a jdm zc vtec motor/how should i build?
  32. i have to know/ d15b
  33. Highest piston can come above deck?
  34. b7 intake manifold on y8 head
  35. help plez diffrence between y7 and y8
  36. 94 civic dx d15b7 y8 head i have questions ,please help.
  37. What the hell is going on!?
  38. new set up almost done
  39. AEM cam gear help
  40. cam shaft choices??
  41. d16z6 and a CKF sensor???
  42. Head bolts
  43. what pistons?
  44. how to modify z6 distributor to work with a6 ecu (pm6)
  45. Question on Y7 and Y8 manifolds
  46. Whats the going rate for a Z6 head and manifold?
  47. Need quick advice! D16A6 minime to Y8 info..
  48. D16a6 mpfi links?
  49. crx header ????
  50. Ever heard of "Pro Clutches" ???
  51. Quick question about head gaskets
  53. what throttle body??????
  54. Difference in rods?
  55. D16 mini-me Specs - A6 block to Z6 and Y8 heads
  56. D16Y5 build up
  57. Finished my z6 and mpfi swap
  58. Install/Removal of cam in head?
  59. Integra Throttle Bodies and TPS Question
  60. Which head do I have? ZC or Si? Have codes...
  61. my project
  62. Block notching for eagle rods? EXPLAIN please!
  63. intake manifold question.
  64. Mini Me Swap - Success/Problems/etc?
  65. turbo mini me ques?
  66. PGMFI Intake Differences? Whats this for? Pics!
  67. z6 shaved head, z6 block, y8 cam. timing??? HELP NOW!
  68. HELP!!!
  69. 86-87 & 88-89 Stock Cam Gear Questions..
  70. 1990 d16a6 engine, 1993 d15 tranny /// what clutch/flywheel?
  71. d16z6 camshaft with a d15z1 motor
  72. iacv problem
  73. Crank Install
  74. checking bad rings & d15b swap
  75. Y8 head and Z6 block = y8 timing belt right?
  76. need power
  77. oil pan baffles
  78. ECU's with Head swaps
  79. New Member.....hydrolocked d16y8...????
  80. how to get shift linkage off???
  81. D16Z6 Automatic Rebuild
  82. d15z1 block with d16z6 head
  83. D16Z6 Rebuild
  84. d16y8 swap Need Advice From EveryOne...
  85. engine building
  86. d15b2 possibilities (on a tight budget)
  87. Best non-vtec head?
  88. Mini-Me help once again
  89. Problem2!!!!
  90. transex new question: please consider answering for dmoney
  91. pg6b bitch slap a valve
  92. cams
  93. You guys gotta see what happend..... PIC
  94. which is best
  95. porting questions
  96. piston help
  97. bumping up compression
  98. whats the ponit of a mini-me motor is it like a ls/vtec
  99. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!
  100. valve clearance
  101. y8 vs z6 crank pully
  102. D16A6 Problems - How do these parts come off! (pics)
  103. Mini me overheating
  104. What is the difference?
  105. b-series TB on my d-series?
  106. z6 head and a6 block
  107. Ported stock Y8or Z6 intake Mani or aftermarket ntake mani??
  108. ECU vs. V-AFC vs. fpr(?)
  109. Mini-Me Vtec hookup
  110. b16 rods & pistons
  111. transzex some D15 ideas
  112. Re: DH Racing Products...
  113. IAC: y8 wired to work with y7 ECU?
  114. Where to get D16a6 polyurethane Engine mount Bushings?
  115. "mini me" Q's
  116. MPFI swap with OBD1 injectors and injector plugs
  117. reference (link) to online helms- saw it like last month?
  118. Y8 question from the noob
  119. d16y8 zc pistons and what rods??? EXOspeedcam...
  120. Valve seats
  121. 89 d16a1 electronic's on the 87 d16a1
  122. dohc zc
  123. D15b2 Cam in a D16a6 head? Please help!
  124. Another mini me question
  125. will 88-91 dist. fit on y7 head?
  126. Second o2 sensor problem with test pipe
  127. 10.5:1 compression D16Z6
  128. any tips on removing/ installing my engine?
  129. i blew up my mini me
  130. Read My Dyno Sheet... WTF?
  131. Head stamped P08-2 ????????????
  132. motor rebuild for 85 crx hf for autocross
  133. d15 blocks
  134. Where can i get one of these
  135. throttle body???
  136. D16Y7 block same as D16Y8/Z6/A6????
  137. mini Me, head gasket swap.
  138. Swapping heads question
  139. y7 crank question
  140. temporary NA motor before turbo.....
  141. A6 block swap Questions....
  142. distributor identification
  143. what cat do i need?? im puttin in d16y8 in a vx
  144. timing ???????
  145. d16a6 adj cam gear onto d16y8???
  146. I need help fast! Please help!
  147. what o2 sensor do i use for my swap???
  148. Cam question
  149. Can someone give me some advice?
  150. D16A6 block
  151. D16Z6 Comp Cam into D16Y8
  152. I figured out why they think DOHC is better.
  153. Z6 build question
  154. d16y8 cylinder head bolts?
  155. Qustion about a head swap for my ZC single cam
  156. Oil pressure light on in y8 swap in obd1 car
  157. Just dropped Z6 head on the b7 and some laughing gas......
  158. fel-pro head gasket set ?
  159. a d16y7 has no knock sensor correct???
  160. dizzy ? for mini-me.. help please
  161. 250k miles and I tore it down!!
  162. Japan is now making JDM parts for chevy. You have to see it.
  163. Engine install opinion.....
  164. Advantages/disadvantages of a block guard??
  165. What should I do next???? I need help
  166. which wires to run?
  167. lot of parts, lot of idea , i need help!!
  168. whats involved in changin valves in a y8 head?
  169. Do I need a FPR
  170. D16Z6 Questions
  171. does a d16 have to be notched to install eagle rods???
  172. Cheap Power Mods
  173. Problems with head swap
  174. will d16a6 srp pistons and eagle rods work in d16y8
  175. HELP?????
  176. Which spark plug wires
  177. A6/Y8 combo Techincal Qestion.
  178. Block decission for "mini me"
  179. Z6 and Y8 Aftermarket Crank Pulley SAME???
  180. VTEC E head replacement
  181. doing d15b2/d16y8 mini-me...
  182. How do you hOOk up a auto tach for a vtec controller can u?
  183. ? Questions about ARP Head Studs for D16z6 ?
  184. d15b7 buildup
  185. How to build a head.
  186. vafc on stock d16y8 motor install or something else?
  187. d16z6 build tons of questions
  188. Cams
  189. weird d16a6 question
  190. SI brake conversion to a HX
  192. checklist
  193. removing ac
  194. Pistons in a stcok D16z6,what works?? PM7's,PG6B's,P29's etc
  195. best head on y8?
  196. PM7 in D15
  197. Intake Questions
  198. Bearing Differences
  199. Z6 in a 95 CX
  200. which crower cam z6?
  201. jdm d15b Q's...
  202. does anybodys (d) use a little oil between changes?
  203. Which connecting rods for d16a6?
  204. Oil pump ?
  205. d16y8 question's...
  206. valve size post?
  207. Y7 valve cover on a Z6 head???
  208. SOHC ZC Cam Spec comparison
  209. d16y8 going into my 92 vx hatch
  210. Im lost on the mini me swap
  211. head swap?/manifold swap
  212. importstore.com
  213. Difference between the ZC and Z6 TB and IM?
  214. Is the Y8 and Z6 intake manifold the same or not.
  215. cooling system question
  216. D16a6 into 86CrxSi need help!
  217. JDM ZC specs
  218. Which ECU I NEED HELP!!!!
  219. how to mod a d16 engine (JDM)? what do u need?
  220. Headers for D16Z6
  221. z6 fpr on a y8 intake manifold?
  222. New fuel injectors
  223. skunk2 intake manifold
  224. Please help me with a mini me swap
  225. valve springs question.
  226. Roller Honda
  227. Which Intake
  228. Which compression
  229. Crank ?
  230. Mini me swap question
  231. D16y8 Head verses the Z6 head, I need HELP .
  232. pistons ?
  233. DH racing on...ebay?
  234. JDM D15B Smog
  235. a6 head flow rate
  236. Knock sensor do i need it?
  237. anyone know
  238. d16z6 with pm6 pistons?
  239. D15b2 and D16a6 Oil Pan Interchangeable?
  240. Flow of z6 injectors?
  241. Regrind Camshaft - What the?
  242. D16A6 Intake Manifold work with z6 head?
  243. What motor?
  244. d16z6 in a 99 DX
  245. tapping from head???
  246. Y7 head on A6 block
  247. y7 cam gear on b7 cam?
  248. Cheap (inexpensive) flow bench
  249. cam swap- start up problem
  250. D16A6 / D16Z6 Mini - me