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: Engine Building

  1. q's about cams
  2. y8 manifold on a '95 d15b7
  3. y7/y8 mini me help.....
  4. Engine Bearings
  5. z6 rebuild and options I may have...blah
  6. Oil Pressure
  7. si head ?
  8. First build...have some questions.
  9. Problem with oil pres
  10. need pics from jackson racing
  11. Need tuning help with my SLOW semi-built D16a6
  12. I Want to Build my Y8 for Boost $
  13. 89 DX hatch swap suggestions?
  14. New rebuild - too tight?
  15. Mini Me Or Turbo?
  16. How much whp ae you running out of your D15b7?
  17. URGENT!! Could you show me a VTEC Solenoid?
  18. Which manifold to use?!
  19. quick header question for you all.
  20. info on good machine shop in south florida
  21. Just Curious...
  22. How much milling can be done on a d15b or z6?
  23. built motor feels slower
  24. B7/Y8 Mini-Me Dizzy Help
  25. help me with my plan!!!! .....
  26. accord throttle body
  27. back fire?
  28. any hope for d15B8?
  29. Engine Rebuild - Tuning it afterwards
  30. 11.XX compression on y7/y8 mini me...how?
  31. Milling head. Advance cam gear, correct?
  32. Why is my car so slow?
  33. A6 and B2 parts interchanging?
  34. what crank for D15B -VTEC?
  35. got the wrong crower cam
  36. Head (chamber and ports) photos
  37. what kind of power?
  38. intake manifold check
  39. rings or valve guides??? some advice needed.....
  40. ZC PM7 pistons and rods in a D15/D16... Worth it?
  41. D16 crank into a D15B7?
  42. a6/y8 mini work or not?
  43. need help on type r cam !!!
  44. better way of getting high compression
  45. d15z1
  46. How's your valve clearance with P29 pistons?
  47. quick question for everyone
  48. Cam gear settings
  49. TB q's
  50. Vtec not working?
  51. AEM Intake.
  52. Engine Identification Help
  53. 160-170whp n/a?
  54. y7 pistons in a vx block with and milled y8 head
  55. CAT
  56. what to do...(i am confused)
  57. throttle body question.
  58. thermostat question
  59. Does this sound right?
  60. help, z6 wiring info
  61. D16Y7 block, D16Y8 head
  62. Whats the difference between peak/hold injectors and satur.?
  63. Is it necessary to have upgraded oil/water pumps for this?
  64. Engine for rally car...
  65. ok,gonna start a d15b7 build...
  67. Will a d16y8 oil pump fit on a d15b2 block???
  68. Y8 head on a Z6 block
  69. vx block with a y8 head, lacking power... please help!!
  70. Cylinder wall scratches
  71. damaged Y8 head repairable?
  72. Newbie question...please help
  73. Z6 or Y8 head swap for 99 DX
  74. D15. NA or Boost?
  75. question regarding zex d series ti retainers
  76. Whos running A6/Z6 mini-me?
  77. difference between a6 and z6 block
  78. milling a Y7 head?
  79. Help needed all you engine troubleshooting experts
  80. What do you guys think?
  81. Headers
  82. D15b7 Engine Question.
  83. quick question, y8 head vs z6
  84. DOHC ZC or D15vtec
  85. d16z motor rebuild question
  86. Anyone have any experience with the Holley adj fpr????
  87. gude.com racing head setup.... worth it for $1650??
  88. Copper head gasket install
  89. 2 cams
  90. 99 hatchback
  91. vx starter?
  92. Not a joke... Z6 pistons in A6 motor: Will it work?
  93. tbi to mpi conversion???
  94. WTH does the knock sensor do anyway???
  95. Cost of build (labor)
  96. z6 head on y7 block
  97. d16y8 intake Manifold on a d16z6 motor
  98. d16y8 intake Main on a d16z6 motor
  99. destroyed d15b8 pics ..
  100. Crx Engine Swap
  101. Oil preasure and where to tap (d16a6)
  102. calculating the piston dome displacement?
  103. Swapping Heads: d15b8 to b15b2
  104. sohc vtec zc questions UPDATED!
  105. PM6 pisotns + Z6 head + .5mm milled + 2layer HG?????????
  106. 92 si motor in 89 HF
  107. Ready to start the build up and need some advice.
  108. Turbo cam vs N/a cam and specs
  109. more mini me q's
  110. Stroking a d16 to a d17.
  111. y7 crank on y8 block?
  112. what should i do about my clutch?
  113. Head CC's and Milling
  114. Engine Bearing Thicknesses
  115. Wher can i geta Zc
  116. 99 d16 vtec head on 94 obd1 d15 block
  117. zc pistons in a d16y8
  118. distributor Q
  119. i've an EBAY question
  120. Has/Is anyone using LS rods in their D?
  121. mini me timing question?
  122. ARP main studs
  123. Building a D16Z6 for Road Racing...
  124. How Much Is This Worth?
  125. mini me startup problems
  126. difference between D15B2 head and D15B7?
  127. Y8 head and mani swap !! HELP!!
  128. bent valves ????'s
  129. where can i get info on the 3stage v-tec D15B
  130. Need help Y8 swap Q's
  131. Zex cam flaw?
  132. project cheap ass/prove everybody wrong
  133. Engine/Parts Guide - post pics
  134. D16y7/y8 intake manifold swap, somebody help.
  135. Civic GX D17A Pistons in JDM D15B?
  136. a6 tb-z6 intake manifold
  137. D15b Vtec/Sohc ZC that is the question!
  138. mini me sawp Question
  139. D15b7/D16y8 Mini Me Timing Belt
  140. Injector wiring for DPFI to MPFI OBD1 conversion
  141. Big ass coolant leak under MPFI manifold on a 'b2...
  142. ***solved!, thank you***
  143. timing belt cover?
  144. Bearing cap B16A1 vs D16A1/ZC1
  145. Got my cam!
  146. ARP head stud/bolts D16A1
  147. turbo mini me vs k20?? cost and reliability
  148. Mini me Questions
  149. Fuel Injection question, n00b question, easily answered.
  150. good price
  151. HELP..y7 to y8 i/m swap problems.
  152. yay, i got it back!
  153. pm7 pistons d15b7 block?
  154. My JRSC civic is down, but not out. Time to build!
  155. d16z6 timing issues
  156. vtec cam lobes
  157. Is a block guard a piece of crap?
  158. y7 to y8 I/M swap..whats needed
  159. D'oh!! I have a different engine!!
  160. mini me or y7
  161. Swapping a D16Y7 for...
  162. Compression ratio of this combo?
  163. Finished Mini-Me, now getting a CEL, code 8. Need info help
  164. D16V1 VTEC-II modifications..?
  165. D16A6 => Y8 head swap - Odd questions!
  166. Installed Delta 272, lots of noise and no power need help!
  167. Question about D15B rods.
  168. stacking head gaskets
  169. ZC head on D16A1 block???
  170. Are these springs and retainers any good???
  171. need belt
  172. what do pm3 pistons come in?
  173. Z6 block with Y8 head - what to expect?
  174. Very quiet exhaust
  175. y8 still likes its coolant
  176. Dumb question on a ZC Longblock
  177. Milling an auto manifold to a manual.
  178. Which pressure switch will fit?
  179. pulley
  180. d16z
  181. Which cams do I have?
  182. who all has exospeed cams in their d-series!!!!!!
  183. Oil buring y8 mini me CRX
  185. d15/d16 oil pan interchangable?
  186. Si cam in a dx head?
  187. d series build up on this sizzle
  188. D16y8 help..
  189. Need some opinions & advise here
  190. Difference between a z6 and a y8 head??
  191. timing belt
  192. D15B / D15Z6
  193. Blown Head Gaket??
  194. D16Y8 Head Swap Help
  195. Highest compression OEM piston for my d16z6?
  196. 11.58 Compression on a daily driver?
  197. I need help with my JDM D15B
  198. 2 piece valves and ti. retainers
  199. y8 iacv question
  200. Where to buy cheap cams and valve springs
  201. Vtech Head SWAP on a DX
  202. p08?
  203. sohc d16zc vtec info
  204. Are 88-91 DX and SI valve covers the same?
  205. i need advise
  206. sohc zc questions??
  207. Best cam
  208. I'm redoing the Compression Calc on www.knology.net/jediklc
  209. Hello All!
  210. Codes thrown by ecu
  211. Motor question!
  212. race car
  213. Y8 crank pulley question.
  214. ZC motor question
  215. low - no oil pressure?
  216. d15b2 dist on a6??
  217. vx ecu with jdm d15b
  218. pistons questions please help
  219. blueprinting
  220. help! intake swap
  221. racing chip with nos
  222. JG 301x camshaft
  223. Y8 mani with b18c5 throttle body pics
  224. Y8 ecu code
  225. DPFI and MPFI MAP sensors
  226. LS rod mod for D16?
  227. why wont arp headstuds work in y7
  228. D15B7 Rebuild...
  229. Rods
  230. got a no start PROBLEM NEED SOME HELP JUST Swapped in y8!!
  231. Converting bearing colors to size
  232. New and looking for some advice
  233. little help please
  234. z6 y8 crank pulley.
  235. y8 mini me 02 question
  236. ? about tb and IM
  237. p28 on my dx
  238. Torqueing Head bolts
  239. Help on wiring a 87 zc-1 crx with a swaped d16a8
  240. d15b7 and b8
  241. hydrolocked......fixed......COMPRESSION QUESTION
  242. oil pan compatibility
  243. hf+dx head
  244. timing compensation?
  245. how could i run this?
  246. n00b question on engine swaps
  247. d16z6 vs b18b1,b16a,gsr
  248. A partial end to the D series rod debate
  249. neuspeed header on a6
  250. b16 ecu for y8