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: Engine Building

  1. Installing Eagle Rods and c clips pin install?d16z6
  2. Rebuilt engine not running right.. ?????
  3. Leaking valve seal?
  4. Head gaskets
  5. Which route to go? Zc/p2e pistons
  6. Cam and Journal Wear question
  7. Lost...
  8. Huge vacuum leak.
  9. Camshaft Vote
  10. low buck build?
  11. Help Please! Complete Rebuild won't start.
  12. Boosted D15 Mini-Me timing
  13. Jdm d15b vtec-e rebuild
  14. d16y7 with z6 head
  15. Anything else before I put my engine in?
  16. P2W clearance Bock from shop Dial bore gauge or telescopic gauges??????
  17. Overdrive alternator D15B2 use Y8 Crank?
  18. question about dizzy
  19. To balance or not to balance??
  20. Carb'd D-series..
  21. camshaft idle issues
  22. D16z6 Vitara 75.5 NPR Piston ring end filing necessary?????
  23. Tips for Doing a Good Head-Gasket & Timing Belt Replacement
  24. vitara build sheet?
  25. Blue Smoke - Freshly Rebuild Vitara D16
  26. questions about turbo
  27. 1 piece main girdle zc block torque specs?
  28. Chain sounding noise at 2500rpm
  29. HELP !! bolt
  30. Ebay header - o2 placement?
  31. y8 mani on a6 issue
  32. Did I Mess My ARP Studs Up? :/
  33. Broke the timing gear on my GSR, halp!
  34. Strange oil leak issue...any ideas?
  35. Delta 272-2 Specs
  36. Using an engine that has been stood for five years.
  37. Crazy ARP stud situation
  38. d16z6 intake manifold hose identification
  39. 89 civic build Need help
  40. y8 throttle bracket
  41. zc oil pan and pick up problem!
  42. Forged piston and OEM rods question?
  43. z6 mini me wont start, HELP.
  44. Oil pan bumps
  45. 96 EX.....help concerning exhaust noise
  46. Block notching Tools carbide tools???
  47. d15b2-d16z6 motormounts???
  48. Hasting VS NPR piston rings, Your personal experience/Preference.
  49. Valve lash/valve adjustments
  50. GSR bearing code help
  51. bouncy idle fresh build. also wont tach high.
  52. D15b2 Running rich trouble
  53. Intake/Throttle body help
  54. 200hp project help
  55. d16y8 complete turbo build HELP
  56. Block notching for Scat's
  57. D15B Crank
  58. Block and Head Milling Limits
  59. Questions about crankshaft and clearances before machining/assembly
  60. bearings rod and main
  61. Info: Wiseco 75.5mm Actual Bore
  62. Casting Flaws (Porting And Radiusing)
  63. What Motor Mount is this.
  64. d16z6 vitara turbo Plastigauge what clearances???
  65. sohc zc block with z6 head timing question
  66. zero compression in third cylinder
  67. z6 swap help
  68. Cam Journals
  69. d16z6 build
  70. A CRX love story.
  71. swap out d16y7 for jdm d15b timing belt help!!!
  72. D15B2 D16Y8 change to help
  73. d16y8 custom rods cant find them anywhere... Help??
  74. Can I re-use a headgasket that has not been driven on?
  75. is this block scrap?
  76. valve springs
  77. broken cam end?/ pm7 regrind possible?
  78. replacing old d16y8 with new d16y8 head, NEED HELP!
  79. D15B vtec Head, Z6 Block, Y8 Cam Gear Timing
  80. d15-d16 swap and rebuild help
  81. 150hp goal
  82. D15b7/y8 mini me noob help
  83. Walking before crawling
  84. Fuel pressure regulator modification question
  85. Piston ring gaping went wrong!!
  86. Regarding Pistons
  87. I should of boosted. so unhappy.
  88. PLR (D17) Pistons vs Vitara for boost.
  89. JDM d15b/y8 Mini
  90. y8 mani on a6 help
  91. Vacuum hose close to rad. Ideas?
  92. D16y8 cam and assembly change.
  93. d16z6 help> whats the reliability in swapping to a used crankshaft???
  94. Where to begin? D15b
  95. Rebuilding a JDM d15b. Dont know what parts to order!
  96. d15/z6 mini me
  97. D16z6 sent block machine 75.5 w/pistons...Bearing questions...
  98. Y8 Block Stage 2 Cam
  99. sleeves
  100. d16z6 Nightmare
  101. D13b block and D15Z7 head?
  102. D15 Arp Head Studs
  103. Fuel filter
  104. Sohc zc first build
  105. just had a thought
  106. putting her together/ last minute tips
  107. D16Z6- Turbo Build Help!
  108. D17 crankshaft oil holes?
  109. B8 Throttle Body vs Z6 Throttle Body
  110. Not sure about this fuel rail...
  111. I cannot decide on a cam!
  112. oil control jet question
  113. D16Y7 Build, doing a mini-me, but now i have a question o pistons and camshaft.
  114. d15b block d16z6 head
  115. Fuel line order
  116. porting oil pump
  117. D16z6 help rebuild vitara/eagle deciding bearings.
  118. z6/b2. dd mild head build help
  119. Striped engine mount threads.
  120. Delta Cam
  121. D15b vtec with i/h/e
  122. anyon got hookups / dealers for oem headgaskets + other Gaskets?
  123. help is my d16z6 crank useable pulley key way damaged???
  124. Yet another head stamp/code thread
  125. Opinions on direction
  126. Main bearing installation help
  127. Some info on cam tolerances.
  128. Head codes
  129. Y8 head swap
  130. swaping a camshaft and cam caps from a y8 into a z6
  131. d16y7 higher c.r.
  132. Electrolysis Cleaning Tank F*** Up. Is this salvageable?
  133. D17a1 engine queztions.
  134. Should i keep D15 or go D16?
  135. fake oem p08 head gasket beware!!
  136. scat d16z6 h beam rods
  137. car uhh
  138. P32 intake manifold
  139. D15z1 with d15b vtec or d16z6 head ?
  140. Camshaft identification??
  141. Y8 won't run with y8 ecu
  142. D17 to d16 tranny
  143. No More ARP Moly Lube, What Do I Use?
  144. D15B7 Head on B8 Block
  145. d16z6 skunk 2 manifold and fuel rail ???
  146. factory wiring good enough for walbro 450?
  147. Non-turbo cam on turbo build?
  148. D15z6 internal change
  149. a6 head/cam, z6 intake mani, b7 injectors on b8 head?
  150. Would you round the edges on these pistons?
  151. you guys have to shave a lot of your hasting rings to get right gap?
  152. Mini Me Swap HELP
  153. How Do I Use an Automatic Y8 Manifold on a D15B7 Head/B8 Block
  154. Help slight build for my new jdm d15b vtec! Honda heads only !
  155. D16Z6 Build
  156. OEM honda head gasket for 75.5 bored d16z6????
  157. High Zinc - Petroleum / mineral oil - brad penn / joe gibbs etc
  158. d15b7 in a obd2b...
  159. d15b block (obd2) .. y8 head..
  160. Question about d16z6 head
  161. Freshing up.
  162. 99 d16
  163. where can i find a 75.5mm piston
  164. A WTF Moment when assembling head
  165. jdm d15b (obd2) questions
  166. Head milling, chamber question
  167. Engine Stay question.
  168. 2000 Civic Lx Engine.
  169. Fresh rebuild, Crank hard to get to rotate
  170. HELP!!!!! EK minime
  171. d16y7 aftermarket exhaust, o2 sensor question!!!
  172. d17 vtec help!
  173. D16Y8 swap...now idle is surging
  174. To All the Skunk2 haters...
  175. Looking for good parts for my rebuild.
  176. Stock z6 rods
  177. Are There Gaskets Under the Rocker Assembly for a D15B8?
  178. pm3 rod to fit on d15b crank
  179. What Did I Do Wrong?
  180. the right radiator hoses
  181. Thrown rod... Worth fixing?
  182. oem vs. aftermarket keepers
  183. Throttle body and intake tube sizing.
  184. 70mm throttle body with what cam?
  185. Needed or not the FITV...
  186. D15B2 mini-mee build with OBDO
  187. Question about my build...
  188. d16z6 rebuild for boost
  189. d15b8 to zc head intake swap?
  190. I want exact info on a y8 head z6 build
  191. 95 Del Sol Project~~Where to Start?
  192. 1.3 turbo build help
  193. D16z6 vs y8 iacv
  194. Bearings too tight
  195. head studs jdm d15b
  196. Y7-Y8 IM Swap Idle Issue
  197. Clean under main bearings?
  198. Question for people with catch can.
  199. z6 crank replacement
  200. Does Rod Bearing Clearance = Extra Quench?
  201. d16a6 y8 mini me clearance
  202. IDK wtf im doing..
  203. New vitara build headgasket won't seal !
  204. gonna start on a d17y8 build have a question
  205. Thinner main bearings for D15
  206. Vitara build
  207. Rebuild questions
  208. rotating pistons/rods
  209. 95 civic hatch cx, d15bv advice.
  210. Intake manifold options for B7 head?
  211. identifying iron cast cap/journal
  212. Can you use an automatic intake manifold on a manual?
  213. d16a6 camshaft
  214. d16a6 camshaft
  215. Is this an effective method for putting on new studs?
  216. Im Baaaaaack!!!
  217. D16Z6 head torques
  218. Brian crower 6344 cam
  219. MPG - Build N/A vs. FI - Power Levels?
  220. CX Racing Rods
  221. Head bolt/stud ideas? d16a6 y8 mini
  222. d15z6 with a d16z6 head
  223. Is it possible to do a $1000 Mini Me Build?
  224. To file or not to file... SRP Pistons; relief cutout..???
  225. Injectors not working
  226. what to do when black main bearing discontinued?
  227. Removing water pump gear and impeller off the shaft
  228. D16Z6 short block costs
  229. Z6 JRSC
  230. D15b pistons
  231. Valve Guide Questions
  232. Sohc zc block
  233. Crankcase pressure cause blown head gasket?
  234. Z6 rocker arm side play
  235. WTF TDC!!
  236. d17 pistons valve reliefs
  237. block swap wont start
  238. ROD bearing size/type
  239. cut or replace?
  240. ARP Studs for D15B8/Mini Me
  241. d15b / y8 ????
  242. Help! Head gasket problems!
  243. b18 idling issues
  244. After Market Rods?.
  245. b18b1 throttle body on d15b7 stock intake manifold
  246. d15b7/y7 mini me timing belt confirmation incite?
  247. Porting guestion
  248. can i still use oem headgasket?
  249. Porting an assembled head.
  250. d16a6 vaccum advance dizzy questions