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: Engine Building

  1. D14Z4 to D16z6 engine and box swap
  2. best deals on bearings and seals?
  3. Help is brake clean safe to use on seals/ rear etc???
  4. Quick question about timing belt covers.
  5. coolant temp gauge sender unit? (ect)
  6. VTEC wiring question
  7. racing season is over
  8. y8 headgasket blown
  9. D16z6 vtec solenoid same as D15z1 vtec e solenoid????
  10. blue smoke...comp test results..need some insight
  11. D15 Questions
  12. Overheating issues
  13. oil pressure d15b7
  14. D16z6 -oil strainer Mod/bigger opening/flow???
  15. D15 main bearings ???
  16. d16 build
  17. Fuel Emmisions and Starting Issues
  18. D16z6 notching block small dimple/hole cracked????? helpl
  19. d15b7 heads pm3 ? or pm9
  20. B18a integra rocker arms in dohc zc
  21. d16z6 75.5 vitara new Eagle H beam rods necessary to notch block only hit gridle?
  22. engine painting?
  23. Help. No spark after warming up.
  24. d15z1 valve cover bolts in d16z6??? will they fit??
  25. Normal? D16Y8 Cylinder Wall Wear
  26. D15B6 + D15B7 Head
  27. mechanical timing
  28. d15b7 sorta like d16a6....
  29. Spark plug tubes
  30. Random thought... Rod to sleeve
  31. y8 vitara build, first 2 miles, and dying between shifts
  32. D16z6 Cam caps rocker arm bolts hole thread stripped?????? top portion.
  33. Break in oil?
  34. PIC>D16z6 Cam seal cap gouged is it usable???
  35. >JDM D15B Y8 Mini-Me Head Bolts (I know; I'm sorry. -_-)
  36. Diagnosing fluctuating idle, EF mini-me
  37. Piston brand question
  38. d15z4 turbo build
  39. ok all im desperate
  40. boost in compression
  41. Will a d16a6 crank fit my d16y8 block???
  42. bracket of alternator
  43. d16a valve kit on a d15b head
  44. Help whith HEADER
  45. Piston Selection
  46. Looking for Advice on a new power plant for my del sol
  47. rod bearings color ?
  48. Built Y8 makes it ~10 miles
  49. calculations correct?
  50. Fresh b7/z6 mini me build, knocking loud on first start up (video inside)
  51. Help D16z6 head gasket /head installation. rockerarm assembly help?
  52. b7 computer/injectors on a 8valve for mo' power?
  54. Header Tech Info
  55. A6 Turbo Build for RT4WD Wagon
  56. D15b2 timing gears...aggravation
  57. help discover what D series head i have!
  58. Cam cap question?
  59. Rod bearing replacement went to s$&@
  60. D15b7 turbo build
  61. non vtec head on vtec-e block? For uk banger racing.
  62. humor me: zc cam into a 8 valve head?
  63. Remove the crank with engine still in the car...?
  64. bearing oil clearance
  65. B18A1 DOHC 1990''teg upgraded R1 camZ
  66. 76mm p2w clear & ring gap question.
  67. A6 with Y7 head questions
  68. no spark trouble shooting
  69. B18B1 into '97 EK Coupe
  70. need help!!!!
  71. d series head trauma
  72. Which Bottom End Kit Or Distributor To Use? B16A2
  73. Spun a rod bearing, or did I?
  74. Cracked ring land and rough bearings.
  75. Z6/Y8 In-Between ARP Stud
  76. putting together d16z6 head on Block ARP STUDS?
  77. Z6 oil pump on Y8
  78. Just Great!!!
  79. Motor Rebuilder
  80. valve keepers d16z6
  81. Homeless and have issues.
  82. y8 stock head bolts or aftermarket?
  83. Rebuild engine smoking under load (with video)
  84. What's this in my oil pan
  85. Help installing Oil pump slot to crankshaft shaft??
  86. Motor Choices
  87. Blockguard install
  88. D16y7 bolt-ons, looking for mild results. Opinions?
  89. Oil ring gap 75.5 vitaras
  90. D16ZC NA Build
  91. $$$ B18A1 dual cam off 1989" integra sedan$$$ sale or trade*
  92. Swap or not?
  93. D series racing block
  94. Piston ring gap
  95. Y8 vs B7 crank pulleys...
  96. Need DSO's opinion on noise reducing mufflers
  97. Future of my d15b depends on you
  98. Head Bolt Questions.
  99. d15z4
  100. Dropped valve. salvagable parts?
  101. head bolt specs?
  102. D15B7 (P01) vs D16Z6 (P08) Water Pump Comparison
  103. Unused ej1 for 6 months before engine rebuild, what things to remplace?
  104. my oil pump died on me
  105. NPR Top/Second ring confusion???? NPR facing Top???
  106. what size injectors do i go with??
  107. Project stock rebuild D16Y8 in the makings
  108. pulling my pan again
  109. d16z6 rebuild problem
  110. Several times chewed bone, I think. But here we go:
  111. fresh rebuild died
  112. Which headgasket to buy?
  113. Stock Parts build
  114. Moroso oil pan - oil return thred size?
  115. Need Gasket Numbers
  116. How to build: D15B7? I need some info.
  117. Tips for next season...maybe rest of this one.
  118. possible turbo cam?
  119. Lowering IAT's Experiment
  120. ONE question, MANY answers
  121. Z6 vs y8 Pan & Pickup
  122. d16z6 head help.
  123. Rebuild Questions
  124. tap for head studs
  125. Looking for some answers
  126. say it aint so!!!
  127. Honda DUMBASS here who needs help
  128. d16 N/A high compression
  129. Head/Valvetrain Questions
  130. Engine building myths and facts
  131. Are OEM rings worth the $?
  132. Looking for the next step: Boost or NA
  133. D16Z6 - My first build
  134. Spun bearing...Crank f***ed?
  135. Oil Pumps, where to buy?
  136. Vitaras and rods combo
  137. Catback help
  138. What is this Spring?
  139. d16y7 Mechanical timing
  140. My build thread
  141. D16Y8 overhaul and now I have issue
  142. d16z6 head upgrade question
  143. 90 sedan ex d16a6
  144. Oil pan choice; PWJDM baffle vs Moroso
  145. crank question
  146. 98 civic dx d16y7 wanna upgrade
  147. Engine building and troubleshooting/maintenance chart
  148. Help, Where does this go PIC washer >>>>>>
  149. Overhauling my D16Y8
  150. Tapping after engine overhaul
  151. D16y7 with y8 head obd2a-obd1
  152. Minime timing, need further advance?
  153. D13Z
  154. high idle
  155. z6 head build need some info.
  156. 1990 std hatch dpfi to mpfi
  157. low compression and dull spark
  158. what TB and IM to buy?
  159. Blockguard
  160. Project D13b7
  161. build gone wrong?
  162. d16z6 build
  163. will it work
  164. D16y8 Turbo Build
  165. rebuild wont start
  166. Zc(d16a6) with z6 head swap! Help
  167. Difficulty in finding high mileage z6 block that doesn't need boring?
  168. Ring gap orientation
  169. Better starting ground (z6 or y8)
  170. greddy elbow cleanup
  171. Acl race mains with full oil groove?
  172. Water Pump question
  173. Best 70mm Throttle Body
  174. head rebuilding
  175. Valve adjustment or bearings?
  176. D16z6 with 59300 comp cams rebuilt for top speed put h beams or oem??
  177. D16Z6 Blown engine
  178. lightweight pulleys
  179. No spark still
  180. Honda race crate engine builder
  181. mpfi swap question.
  182. Y8 cam gear
  183. intake manifold questions
  184. WTF. ROD BEARINGS ACL .001 vs. .0015???
  185. 99 D16y7 Mini-Me questions.
  186. My old D15B was just laying around
  187. D16z6 rear main seal - ARAI or NOK?
  188. Y7 BLOCK Y8 HEAD, which cam gear?
  189. Father's Day first start!
  190. d16z6 main bearing cap griddle torque what to put on threads???
  191. rokers !!?
  192. No spark no cel but fuel pump primes?
  193. possible rear main leak?
  194. New Guy here, Building JDM D15b with y8 head.
  195. d16z6 head w/shimmed valve springs. turbo vitara pistons.
  196. Is it possible remove the camshaft and rocker arm assemble with out taking it part?
  197. ARP head stud problem !!?
  198. slight engine miss while cruising
  199. takin the a6 cam/b7 head to the shop tomorrow, milling question
  200. gittin ready to start er up!!!!!!
  201. My little nightmare (carnage inside)
  202. tips to help build monster d16
  203. What caps do you use to block off coolant nipples?
  204. new cam valve lash adjustment
  205. piston to valve clearance ??
  206. what is this coolant nipple for
  207. d17 rod width
  208. could this be my iac power wire
  209. d16 a6 inntake manifold swap to z6
  210. d16y8 no start
  211. Installing ARP rod bolts on stock rods
  212. What connectors to use for MPFI swap
  213. short ram intake idea
  214. 95 EJ D15B Vtec Swap help!
  215. Z6 Rocker Arm Assembly Diagram
  216. 94 civic ex performance build
  217. D16Z6 Map Sensor Issues HELP!
  218. ACL std vs ACL HX bearings???
  219. Quick exhaust question
  220. valve cover breather
  221. D15 cam gear problem please read
  222. Different crank pulley?
  223. D series choices for OBD-2a car (98 hatchback)
  224. d15b7 d15b2 con rods the same?
  225. sorry if this is already been asked about mini me
  226. civic si shaved head idles only
  227. d17a1 block & d16y7 head?
  228. Y7 build
  229. Cylinder 4 EGR Port
  230. Adjustable cam gear 4.5deg +or-?
  231. Y8 head on my A6 wiring
  232. D16Y7 Delta 272 Info
  233. what the hell is going on
  234. D16A6 engine: OBD1 Manifold/T.B. questions?
  235. Spark plug gap, plus heat range question.
  236. Second Guess's
  237. D16z6 Vitara Eagle Rods/plastigauge Readings what bearings to use??
  238. how much oil pressure is too much
  239. Rev limit/vtec engagement problem
  240. First Oil Change after rebuild.
  241. My D15B2/B7 Vitara H-Beam Rods!
  242. Porting a b7 head
  243. Boosting the D15B7
  244. Is this block scrap?
  245. Code 9 on ZC SOHC VTEC
  246. PICS ->HELP Clocking Piston Pin C- CLIP vitara eagle rods???
  247. turboing an 8valve b8....
  248. D15 Rebuild Kits
  249. Rocker / Valve alignment issue on D16A6 - I'm stumped.
  250. new motor wont start