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: Engine Building

  1. odb0 eacv compared to odb1 eacv
  2. d15b problem
  3. d15b problem
  4. d15b7 with a D16y7 head
  5. Any Idea's???
  6. dizzy help
  7. mini me swap for y7-y8
  8. Mini-Me noob question.
  9. help my new build Z6 "dirty" oil
  10. d15z1 block, d15b crank, d15b crank pulley, p08 head, y8 adjustable cam gear whats 0?
  11. Does it work??
  12. d14a1 to d15a1??
  13. Confused about timing gear for Y8 onto B1.
  14. AEM FPR on Edelbrock fuel rail
  15. sohc non vtec zc camshaft swap
  16. retainer/ springs with zex cam on turbo
  17. removing head
  18. what to do
  19. Hondata Thermosheild... Worth It Or Not???
  20. d15b7 question
  21. civic loom
  22. d16y7 swap costs
  23. thinking about a build..
  24. D series rods vs LS rods! PICS !!
  25. D16A6 buildup: All-motor Non-Turbo Non-nitrous "Budget Build"
  26. what else can i use on D16Y8
  27. 92 cx flywheel fit d16z6?
  28. What Header???
  29. Could use a little guidance with build
  30. MPFI help, Y8 head running OBD0.
  31. D16y8 Im To D15b7
  32. Z6 Intake manifold on Y7 Head
  33. reuse head bolts
  34. civic EG D15b2 to D16z6 complete swap.
  35. Cleaning a head
  36. what "IAC" is inter changeble with 96 y8, "IM"
  37. Question on what to do with engines
  38. JGE complete valvetrain with comp or crower
  39. Z6 into 1990 CRX help
  40. Someone with the ability to make ITBs?
  41. Engine mods for d15b vtec
  42. Y8 manifold w air injection problem
  43. y7 to z6 manifold quesition sorry
  44. 1/4 mile??
  45. need parts for my ride
  46. looking for low low 15's any help?
  47. Intake Manifold question
  48. Rods Torques right?
  49. notching a z6 block
  50. d15 min me with pics
  51. d15 min me with pics
  52. how can i build my d15b for SAFER higher revs?
  53. Engine Swap
  54. will a 96-00 oil pump fit on a 88-95 block with a 96-00 oilpan?
  55. engine..
  56. d16z6
  57. d16y4 cam question!!
  58. Mini me problems
  59. d15z1 mini me
  60. d16y8 blew up
  61. skunk2 cam+ ajustable cam gear. no hex key?
  62. Timing belt for Y8 head onto B1 block?
  63. Crank pully bolt stuck
  64. Z6 head, Y8 block combo
  65. d16y7
  66. d15b8 vtec conversion question
  67. My first sohc vtec
  68. d15b7 headgasket on z6
  69. ARP head stud installation
  70. Problem with head bolt being too short on D15B1 block with a Y8 head.
  71. d16a6 d16z6 crankshaft/girdle compatibility
  72. turbo build with stock parts.
  73. Head gasket!! and Oil pump
  74. Difference in intake/wxhaust springs in a Z6
  75. compatability of springs, valves and retainers
  76. Deciding...
  77. pm7 valve clerance
  78. timing belt slight hick up
  79. what pistons are in the sohc vtec zc???
  80. B16a throttle body
  81. what are the limits of reliability on d-series driveline?
  82. Engine stand bolts
  83. F-series Rockers?
  84. b15b odb1 vtec bearings
  85. Cam gear interchangeability (and timing) and VTEC pin question
  86. '90 STD D15(A1?) with D16Y8 head cam timing question.
  87. Run-in after new rings
  88. will d15b7 external parts fit on a d16y8?
  89. wondering if its worth it, pnp, cam, intake mani.
  90. what are good high comp pistons
  91. Crower Valve Spring Question, Intake = Exhaust?
  92. Compatability Q's
  93. valvesprings question......
  94. well, got the motor out of the rex!
  95. HELP...d15b injector clips wont attach!
  96. Where can i get...
  97. pro pnp'd d15b7 head or d16z6 stock head?
  98. any difference in y8 and z6 timing belts
  99. D15B head or Z6/Y8
  100. cam question
  101. P28 in Y8 = problems or not
  102. vtec solenoid..
  103. starter?
  104. doing a new mini me
  105. posts, block filler, sleeves or block guard? help me please
  106. Helllllp Plz
  107. Help with engine swap (87 crx d16z6 engine)
  108. d16a6 head on d16y7 block
  109. d16a6 and d16y4 question!!! helpppp!!!!!!!!
  110. D16Y7 whit PM7 piston/rods??
  111. Burning oil question:
  112. igintion for carbs
  113. responsiveness/ weak spots?
  114. I'm getting my Crower Stuff!
  115. does this apply for a b2/y8 mini-me
  116. rattle nosie coming from motor?
  117. D17A1 vs D17A2 pistons
  118. got a d15b7 any good info for performance?
  119. aem cam gear. no key
  120. torque setting
  121. changing from a6 im to y8 help plz
  122. Got a D15b1, what can i do w/ it?
  123. Omnipower valves
  124. Engine Rebuild
  125. R/s Ratio
  126. Swapping a y8 intake manifold onto a y7
  127. Y7 with Y8 IM
  128. rod lengths
  129. valve seals
  130. Head stud for D16Z6
  131. help with my y8
  132. Few mini me q's
  133. Anyone got a write up for LS rods in D16's?
  134. NGK Spark plugs? ZFR4F-11?
  135. ITB question
  136. throttle body not going whole open
  137. EG8 engine build (any nashville or atlanta area d-series fans?)
  138. Bracket interchange
  139. Cam Gear? Need quick help
  140. need help z6 into 99hx
  141. D17 crank on D16 block
  142. what will the d16a6 mount into with out changing mounts?
  143. Simple questions about valve springs...
  144. pm7 pistons/rods on d16a6 crank in d15b7?
  145. Rods....
  146. eg and ek motor mount difference?
  147. need opinions
  148. need wiring diagram
  149. A little info about d15b2 head needed!
  150. Competition Clutch USA
  151. jdm d15b ignition timing
  152. Oil burning mystery solved!!!
  153. so i think i found my problem
  154. D16A6 swap to d15b
  155. ...
  156. best thing to do with d16 block
  157. y8/b2 what do i need?
  158. vitara piston
  159. need 99 ex camshaft!!! WTB
  160. Connecting Rod bearings
  161. callin 3-stage vtec guys
  162. Is there a 10's d series
  163. Skunk2 Pro Series Intake Manifold Fitment
  164. y7 block w/y8 head
  165. My Z6 build with pic.
  166. d series gods help!!!!
  167. best budget swaps?
  168. Radiator Question!! PLZ HELP!!
  169. Y7/Y8 ecu/ harness help?
  170. Lookign in to buyign a camshaft need help
  171. gas mileage
  172. ITR throttle body onto A6 intake mani.?
  173. Clearance question?
  174. timing belt question
  175. building internals
  176. Fixed the speedo... still bogging, possibly detonating
  177. Speedy Sleeve, Ware Sleeve ????'s
  178. how to identify distributors
  179. Wtf!!!!!!!!???????!!
  180. lol crank bearing question.
  181. what should i do
  182. D16Y7 to D16Y8 swap?
  183. Mini-me hesitation
  184. ideas and suggestions
  185. ZC and Y8 debate
  186. Engine Stand? Embarassed... but please help!
  187. Valveseals the same? A6/Y8
  188. d16 internal in a d15 block??
  189. intake mani wtf
  190. crower or zex z6 cam in a jdm d15b
  191. Question for the Mini Me guys
  192. tell wat u think about my set up
  193. Y8 intake manifold on a jdm d15b
  194. PROBLEM: single cam vtec help.
  195. D15B7 timing belt
  196. Del Sol radiator
  197. D15b2
  198. adjustable cam gear
  199. D15b2 to D16z6 COMPLETE SWAP
  200. dirty valves ?? how to clean ?
  201. Eagle rod, how much Torgue?
  202. fluidyne radiators
  203. Cam gear and timing belt?
  204. Swapping oil pumps
  205. So uh, anyone running a mini-me on DPFI?
  206. Price?
  207. Skunk 2 pro series intake manifold into ef
  208. sohc zc no-tec rebuild--cam?
  209. b series tb on d series intake....
  210. Can I use These Wires?
  211. a6 on b7
  212. dpfi-mpfi dizzy swap wiring question
  213. D16a6/y8 mini me-turbo build!!!!!!!
  214. Mini me...just making sure
  215. Am I Getting My Hopes Up?
  216. lower comp pistons and performance
  217. D16Z6 Head On A D18Y8 Block...Which Camgear?
  218. What to look for when buying a block
  219. What springs and retainers for 272?
  220. d16z6 .030 bore over GOOD?
  221. Matching crank bearings???
  222. anyone know the spring rate for stock a6 springs?
  223. cam ?
  224. Retorquing headstuds?
  225. high comp + reg gas??
  226. Dyno results of various mini-me engines?
  227. jumped timing belt
  228. Fuel Rail Q
  229. help: eagle rods in D16Z6 ??
  230. D16Y7 Colt Cams...
  231. Trying to find mini-me?
  232. d16a6 o2 sensor
  233. EVAP Purge
  234. P32 Intake Manifold?
  235. this is why you don't use copper spray
  236. D16Z6 removal
  237. D16y8 intake manifold worth how much??
  238. Ls rods bolt ?
  239. msd ignition....?
  240. not so ghetto compression test
  241. ebay block guard?
  242. Yet another Mini Question
  243. Connecting rod end side ?
  244. buying vtec and going under the wrench in one week
  245. Whitish powder on spark plug
  246. Limp Mode perhaps?
  247. Machine to lightened stock D16 crankshaft?
  248. knock on d16y7
  249. I Need Swap Help!!!!!
  250. Forged rods help