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: Engine Building

  1. Cometic hg on stock engine?
  2. engine is tapping
  3. IN Help car is running lean
  4. question about clutch safety switch...
  5. big problem-?
  6. timing belt help
  7. Mini-me Question NEED HELP!!
  8. minime nonvtec lives
  9. Urgent Help Iac Hoses A "d" Needs You
  10. unorthodox crankshaft pulley
  11. run car on jack stands?
  12. oe honda hg
  13. tork specs?
  14. No More Noise!!! Yay!!!
  15. have a major question
  16. can i install cams?
  17. Z6 camshaft and cam gear
  18. cleaning engine head
  19. Timing belt help!!!
  20. 89 CRX DX Building for drag
  21. y8 headgasket on d15b vtec
  22. cuts out at 4000 rpms and wont start back
  23. D15b.
  24. a6/y8
  25. burning oil help
  26. B16 TB without sensors. GOOD OR BAD?
  27. Does any know how much the stock Z6 head flows??????
  28. rpm guages starts skiping at 4,500 rpms
  29. d16z6 skimmed 0.35"
  30. where can i get a p29 ecu?
  31. bearing ?
  32. filling block?
  33. Does anyone know of a Honda mechanic in Scranton Pa??
  34. i need valve help
  35. Want to Build Car but I have a problem...
  36. sad day for me
  37. Where to send my D16Z6 Cylinder head to get modified
  38. 88 sedan lx
  39. turbocharging a d16z6
  40. 98 civic ex ecu and 97 civic dx gas tank= p1456
  41. Do i now have everything for my mini-me??
  42. Throttle Body Swap
  43. P28 Ecu
  44. Oil leak. Oil pan gasket or main seal?
  45. is the y8 mount the same as a6?
  46. help asap crazy swap
  47. Putting my new Head on...Stock Timing Marks?
  48. D15B3 head conversion
  49. Another D-Series build Crossroads
  50. future plans, give me some advice aswell!
  51. Putting a ZC head on a D16a6. pics.
  52. B series throttle body question
  53. Odd Little Problem
  54. Guy with a D15Z1 here!!!!
  55. JDM D15B head on a6 block???
  56. SKunk2 IM with b series TB?
  57. quick question
  58. Most Powerful SOHC VTEC Bolt-On...
  59. VTEC Wiring for z6?
  60. d17 blocks
  61. oil pans ?? help
  62. Y8 internals on a y5 head?
  63. Rod code question
  64. D15b2 w/ ZC sohc head...
  65. b1, b2, a6 difference
  66. running Akmee Type S Cams with...
  67. Building the ultimate Gas Mileage Car
  68. head milling d16A6
  69. y8 head question
  70. replacing d15 head with z6 head, help.. info!?
  71. engine rebuilt help/advice.
  72. d16w1 honda hrv mini me with d16y1=d16z6 USDM
  73. Is it worth doing Mini me
  74. HEAD work and improvmeants
  75. exospeed 4.9 final drive.
  76. D16z6 timeing
  77. Compatability of D15b2 with D16a6/z6 THREAD?!
  78. Difference between a A6 and a ZC(sohc)?
  79. junkyard oil cooler?
  80. D16y1/D16z6 HEAD !! READ
  81. D16Y8/D16Z6 Hybrid Distributor Question
  82. Skunk II intake mani question. . . Brace ? ? ?
  83. Will a D15z67 gasket set work for my D16z6?
  84. D-Series Engine Noise
  85. a6 vs z6 /strenght
  86. need advise on engine swap
  87. Finally decided
  88. better flow??
  89. Head milling + stock pistons.
  90. Need a good dyno tuner in new york
  91. D series rebuild or swap
  92. ...
  93. Help me decide! Compression for nitrous, or compression for N/A..?!
  94. Will a D15B1 Crankshaft fit in a D16Y8 Block?
  95. y8 with zc pistons
  96. Where to go
  97. D16y8 to d15B7 ?
  98. timing belt correct? *pics*
  99. need Y8 I/M help
  100. OBD I and OBD II
  101. (please help me) cam timing on nonvtec minime
  102. shaving the head
  103. Hey D15 ?
  104. stupid vtec
  105. Do you need to trim the rear cover for every aftermarket camgear?
  106. anybody know the valve clearance for pm3 pistons in a z6?
  107. building my d16z6
  108. How do u tell obd0 and obd1 injectors apart
  109. Time for a new engine?
  110. need help with wiring
  111. iTS ALIVE!!!!
  112. Oil filter is M18x1.5mm or M20x1.5mm ?
  113. Just blew my d16z6!!
  114. b16 TB?????
  115. Knife-Edging
  116. Which block should I focus on building for boost? Poll inside
  117. B16a Intake Or B18a1 Intake?
  118. Oil Level
  119. need some info on swap
  120. Headlights Dim When On Throttle...
  121. TDC When Swapping heads?
  122. Ringlands weak?
  123. Oil and Spark dont mix....Help!
  124. aftermarket cam in a mini me
  125. head gasket
  126. HELP!! what cam gears are interchangeable with d16y8
  127. Distributor Seal Question...
  128. Swap help
  129. more mini me q's ugh
  130. Which forged high comp pistons will fit my engine....?!
  131. Can someone please confirm what timing gear i need??
  132. what intake pls help desprate
  133. Finished My Swap, Need Some Help...
  134. Good engine rebuild kit ?
  135. Want to rebuild my D15B6 for more MPG
  136. ZC head swap questions
  137. D16Y8 motor build
  138. p08 piston rings for a d15b? should I use d15z1 p07 rings?
  139. What can i do to get forged rods in my d15
  140. Y8/Z6 fuel rail & injectors compatible?
  141. My Mini-me Engine Rebuild/buildup, D15b2 bottom end - D16z6 Head
  142. Engine building - suggested "tool kit"?
  143. Will these piston rings fit a EDM D15b2??
  144. Underdrive oully timing
  145. skimmed d16z6 head 0.88mm
  146. Using a 91 SI Engine in a 91 DX
  147. getting another motor z6
  148. Head Gasket
  149. y8 manifold...
  150. stupid question
  151. zc piston help
  152. Will these dizzys fit a D16z6?
  153. hi new to the board and arldy need some help
  154. Installing oil pressure and oil temp senders
  155. b7 cam in a b1
  156. Cam for a D15?
  157. civic d16z6 flywheel
  158. D15b2 with D16Z6 head
  159. Another mini-me timing thread from the numbers guy.
  160. Compression ratio VS Compression test results?
  161. got some questions about a build
  162. D15B2 Questions
  163. IACV required for d16z6?
  164. Underdrive pulleys(and other cheap power adders)
  165. Quick Question!
  166. dh racing head?
  167. Questions about cam setup and nitrous..
  168. best spark plug for D15b vtec
  169. are z6, zc, a6 fuel injectors the same
  170. carnage pics. Salvageable? <56k warning>
  171. high revving d series
  172. D15B Cam in Z6 head?
  173. eg d16y7 to d16z6
  174. obx cam in y8
  175. D15b head.
  176. how much port and polish is too much?
  177. Fly cutting tool for Z6
  178. Is this head thrash?
  179. mpfi conversion worth it?
  180. mpfi conversion worth it?
  181. What head is this?
  182. question on oil cooling systems.
  183. A6 rods VS Z6/Y8 ?
  185. cam gears
  186. whats better
  187. Timing issues
  188. What internal motor upgrades to prepare engine for boost?
  189. Another Question!!!
  190. Distributor Housing Compatibility
  191. Step by Step on D15b2 - D16y8 mini-me
  192. A6 pistons and rods ?
  193. skimming/milling d16z6
  194. what the hell is a z6 dizzy?
  195. d17 rod = 140mm or 137mm?
  196. mini-me problem, please help
  197. can D16y8 be used for D15 mini me??
  198. D16z6 pistons in D16a6 question
  199. iraqi mods
  200. Burning oil. Replace block?
  201. d16y7 build
  202. Help calculating Engine compression ratio.
  203. Vtec engagement tool
  204. Headwork/engine builders.
  205. biggest cam to run with PG6B pistons
  206. skunk 2 intake manifolds on ebay
  207. how do u polish a head?
  208. Header fitment
  209. what is the best head gasket for my setup?
  210. jdm d15b quick swap question....
  211. I need Valve Springs d16A6
  212. n/a daily driver build
  213. OBD0 DPFI distributer with D16Y8 head, timing issues.
  214. odb0 or odb1 injectors
  215. question about cleaning motor parts?
  216. i need opinions d16a6
  217. civic drive shaft change
  218. anyone aware of a write-up about a y7 block/z6 head in EK?
  219. D15b engine code
  220. Need help w/my Mini-Me swap
  221. D16A1 ZC motors!!
  222. d16y8
  223. what can i do to this motor
  224. Pgm6
  225. D16Y7, my next step???
  226. Which block/head combination is best for a Mini-Me?
  227. Valves
  228. Adding a knock sensor?
  229. D16Y7 valve lash clearance??
  230. sensors question
  231. Piston question?
  232. D Series Swap ??s
  233. building z6/y8 for boost
  234. AEM cam install
  235. gas mileage build
  236. building an SI d16a6
  237. mini me question
  238. Engine Gods need your opinion! Bent valve again.. :(
  239. d17 pistons
  240. engine booring
  241. d15b7 head
  242. Moroso oil pan question...
  243. D15b injector resistor, should I remove it?
  244. looking for d16 bottom end `96-00
  245. So im wrapping a header
  246. crower stg 3 in a z6 with zc pistons?
  247. Looking for a cheap TB for my jrsc
  248. oil pump
  249. Order a 59300 cam. Valve springs/ret???
  250. Mini me