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: Engine Building

  1. intake manifold swap
  2. D15B8 Build Up...Relief Questions
  3. Best oil cooler for the money
  4. i need a z6 bottom
  5. Engine Parts
  6. overheating problem
  7. After a Rebuild
  8. Vtec And Coolant Temp?
  9. y8 distributor on a z6 head
  10. Best size for CAI tubing?
  11. Timing Adjustment
  12. y8 and 7y parts
  13. D15b1=>sohc zc 89 ef
  14. y7 / y8 mini me and manifold questions.....
  15. Mini-Me setup???
  16. SR909 from Exospeed: A6?
  17. what can i build with this stuff i have laying around???
  18. motor swap question??!?
  19. Starting My Project... Any advice or help.?
  20. can someone piont me in the right direction?
  21. what does it mean to valve lash...
  22. i'm building an engine z6 head with either a z6 or y8 block
  23. My 93 civic si is cheap
  24. Car Wont Start
  25. Size of Crank nose(snout)
  26. Carbon Deposits
  27. Y8 Head with Crower Stage 1 Noisy?
  28. non-vtec pistons in d16 vtec engine....
  29. Anybody on this board with a NA 1.8 liter d16?
  30. how much WHP for a b7block/z6 head minime
  31. New D15b7
  32. Help : y8 block z6 head
  33. Mini Me!
  34. Who sells d16z6 crankshafts?
  35. d15b swap
  36. b15b2 head on b15b8 motor
  37. Induction hose on Mini-me to long!
  38. thrust washer size differences
  39. Valvetrain Rebuild
  40. EGR Valve and other hoses where do they go to?? (d15b2-d16z6 mini-me)
  41. Fel-Pro Cylider head gasket set
  42. Stock or Swap
  43. help with spun bearing
  44. Crome Column Question
  45. swap help....
  46. Ordering a D15b for an 98' Ex Coupe
  47. will these fit my y7 head
  48. CRX rant.... any suggestions for this mess?
  49. blown motor head
  50. started my swap tonight
  51. Non VTEC Head Question
  52. v-tec
  53. d15b7 with pg6b pistons clearance issue
  54. heads: z6 vs a6
  55. d15b7 with pg6b pistons clearance issue
  56. D16z6 Camshaft retainers
  57. building a d16a6
  58. d16z6 head gasket replacement...need help
  59. HELP on y7 with y8 head
  60. ZC/D15B Mini-Me
  61. d16 engine build .. need help!!!
  62. JDM D15B VTEC redline limitations
  63. idle problem
  64. y5 to y8
  65. Head Building Question
  66. Engine misfirining or skipping?
  67. D16Y8 or D16Z6 head on D15B7?
  68. My D16a6 is smoking
  69. cam gears
  70. p72 ecu
  71. z6 with y8 manifold idol
  72. my motor is here!!
  73. Skunk 2 Composite fuel rail
  74. Y8 brace for my manny swap or will this work?
  75. d15b2 a6 cam questions
  76. distributer
  77. d15b2 cam swap
  78. mpfi swap, wat manifold?
  79. How does R&D achieve a 2.0 liter
  80. IMPOSSIBLE to find 75.25mm rings.. need some badly
  81. Check engine Light on.
  82. Stupid question(s).
  83. How much boost can take rods take??
  84. using ls rods in a y8
  85. b16/gsr TB
  86. Building up my D15B7
  87. what can i do....
  88. intake manifolid
  89. where to get my head ported and polished
  90. any other motor that uses 3-wire IACV?
  91. Engen building...?!?!?!?
  92. A6 Head On D15B7
  93. Vitara Pistons?
  94. distributor ????????
  95. crespo valve springs
  96. head
  97. D SERIES d16y8 HEADERS?
  98. D15B8 Head and valve help!!!
  99. cometic
  100. Timing degree wheel
  101. mini me timing
  102. Engine building equipment
  103. Valves won't retract!
  104. Snapped bolt...
  105. D series compression calculator
  106. y8 or z6?
  107. b-series intake manifold on a d?
  108. reuse rocker assembly bolts?
  109. well, what is best??
  110. ecu to use w/ p29 pistons?
  111. Crx z6 swap help asap
  112. Building lower block - Looking for directions
  113. a6 block/ y8 head vtec???
  114. Low voltage with new battery even with car started???????
  115. rod bushing for b-series rods
  116. y8 head
  117. Need help with bottem end?
  118. The Best Reliable Route?
  119. i'm having a problem ordering the ARP HEadstud kit for a y8/z6 mini-me
  120. Vitara pistons help.
  121. Blown head gasket.... what to expect?
  122. timing question d16y8 with p28 ecu
  123. Vtec E/vtec?
  124. crower stage 2
  125. crower stage 2
  126. Do you use oem parts or any auto parts brand when rebuilding.
  127. not starting
  128. not starting
  129. Frankie A6 build
  130. machining Tuner Toys rods???????????????
  131. this has to do with the IM swap..y7 to y8
  132. Skunk2 Cam?
  133. Compression ?'s
  134. Y8 head on D15b2 block
  135. Where to start
  136. Head Building
  137. just running into alot of dumb s#!t
  138. new battery not starting, just clicking?
  139. y8 head components
  140. Aem fuel rail fitting
  141. which way do LS rods get installed?
  142. 2000.00 .... Where would you guys spend it.
  143. Where did you guys start your build at and why?
  144. Place To Buy Motors
  145. valve seal=smoke??
  146. PG6b rods, oil squirters.
  147. Starter or Battery???? Issues at start-up!
  148. DPFI (OBD0) to MPFI (OBD1)
  149. d15b z6 head
  150. Whats a good Head gasket size/ thickness for a mini-me
  151. are all the z6 head studs the same?
  152. Performer X mani
  153. Do any companies make forged 10:1 pistons for the d16s?
  154. head casting numbers
  155. Now that the ARP hot line is closed for the weekend...
  156. What is up with my block [2 Big pics]
  157. engine swap wireing
  158. is it gonna be worth putting a Z6 head or Y8
  159. WELL
  160. head studs
  161. S**T! previous owner screwed up the z6 head...literally.
  162. piston and rod "?" floating pin install.
  163. Main bolt kit?
  164. installed zex 105300.. trouble..help
  165. jsut a quicky peeps
  166. 1-2 wire knock sensor
  167. Upgrading valve train, retainers?
  168. how to remove valves and cam
  169. prep for valves
  170. Y5 cam? anyone
  171. LS motor or D16a6
  172. Debating
  173. Block modification for Eagle Rods
  174. itb help
  175. help!vtec not working!
  176. Zex stage-2 cam..7 WHP untuned :S ?!?
  177. supercharge or turbocharge d15b
  178. D15 Rods!
  179. Plug Tube Help
  180. Before I put my new head gasket on...
  181. did i do something wrong?
  182. d15B V-TEC
  183. Building my Head
  184. Z6 intake manifold on d16a6
  185. Head?
  186. How to break-in a cam?
  187. need build advice
  188. Intake manifolds.......make power?
  189. o2 sensor question
  190. questions about d16a6 block and z6 head?
  191. clink...clink..clink...BABOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!!! :*(
  192. bolt specs for a z6head/y8block mini-me
  193. Vtec stages...?
  194. Coolant leak on the D15B
  195. Regrind Cams?
  196. D15B rebuild
  197. wtf happened?
  198. Beware of JGE titanium retainers!!! *** with pictures!
  199. building a d15b7
  200. Something i am wondering about
  201. ok heres the deal...
  202. d16y7 into a honda that had a d16y8
  203. z6 head and y8 block. BIG QUESTION!
  204. cam question.
  205. y7 with pm7 pistons?
  206. Vitara pistons, where to buy?
  207. valve spring question
  208. D16y8 Head, 3 angle valve job.. is this normal?
  209. can i do this to my z6/y8 mini-me?
  210. half tooth off, wrong pulley?? Z6 w/ rage z6 cam
  211. how much horsepower?
  212. when removing the cam gear does the head have to be tdc?
  213. My Z6 Cam Gear Wont Come Off!
  214. DOHC and SOHC D crank??
  215. Z6-Y8
  216. z6 Cam Gear with Y8 Head?
  217. a6 block, z6 or y8 crank, just need the roght oil pump right?
  218. gsr tps question!!!!
  219. z6 head with y8 block questions. please help.
  220. d16Z6 crank, A6 connecting rods
  221. what head is this?
  222. on a balanced rotating assembly, would a dampener be neccessary?
  223. question about the Z6 valve springs
  224. INH's super a6/y8/gx/ls corn fed engine build
  225. I calculated the dome size of the GX pistons :D
  226. kinda noobie vtec solenoid question
  227. Doing a MINI ME
  228. Mini me B7/Y8 idle problem
  229. D16Z6 and D15B
  230. ReBuilding a D15b7....Where should i start
  231. P28 Pistons
  232. Results of my leak down test - A6
  233. mini me questions
  234. D16z head removal
  235. D15b6 head swap for a d16a6 head
  236. Why in the hell...?!?
  237. valve cover filter....
  238. header ?
  239. stock vavle train limits
  240. Budget build help
  241. power numbers
  242. Mini-Me Q..
  243. Crankshaft Pulley Bolt
  244. Anyone heard of this company?
  245. z6 with y8 cam?
  246. C/R on a mini-me swap
  247. obx valve covers ok?
  248. New valve train for jdm D15b vtec
  249. Plastigage results....first time
  250. d16z6 block and head with d16a6 (pm6) pistons