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: Engine Building

  1. blown?
  2. JB Weld to the rescue?
  3. Swapping pistons and rods with engine still in car
  4. Who Ports Intake Manifolds?
  5. Put engine in and now taking back out
  6. Anyone have personal experience with PCT pistons w/gsr head and block?
  7. Best OEM intake manifold to use?
  8. jdm d15b block swap z6 head
  9. help with z6 swap in 99 civic ex
  10. Rebuild question/ebay/rod piston combo
  11. We do forget things over time !!
  12. D16Y4
  13. HKS cams
  14. Engine build Bearings what oil weight .015, .002 to .003???
  15. no compression in #2 & #3 cyl
  16. Looking for some info on a build.
  17. OEM style fuel strainer/sock?
  18. Crank Journal question
  19. Fully built d16z6, piston choise help.
  20. D17A2 K1 rods and Wiseco forged piston question
  21. Should I wait for warmer weather?
  22. swapped D16Y7 to Y8 and now need help!!
  23. Swap or build, opinions needed. 130HP Goal.
  24. K20A Rod Bolt Length?
  25. Square or Round Edelbrock Intake Better?
  26. New engine, leakdown results
  27. D16y8 engine break in
  28. D16y8 rebuild
  29. Identify Skunk2 Valvetrain?
  30. T.b. Butterfly
  31. D16z6 block and D16a6 block
  32. Water pump option?
  33. y8 Block for my build
  34. Crank has groove on main seal, put new seal shallow?
  35. D15b2 h-beam rods
  36. HG went after 5 months.....
  37. d16z6 for mpg or d15b7
  38. Chipped crank snout (B18C1)
  39. Cleaning residue left on head by MLS gasket?
  40. D16Z6 Timing Belt Jumped
  41. Reassembly - Tq connecting rods before main girdle?
  42. spun bearing rod still ok to use?
  43. To have the head milled or not?
  44. rebuild smoking
  45. Codes: 17 and 20 (VSS and ELD) Help!
  46. D15B6 Calculations
  47. what causes these threads to strip?
  48. D16Z6 Cooling System Issue? Please Help!
  49. d15b vtec head bolts ?
  50. question about my d16y7??
  51. oversized pistons
  52. p2w and end ring gap question using methanol injection
  53. Rebuilding D16A6; obtaining the correct size bearings?
  54. zc cam with non-a6/small valvesprings?
  55. 105 105 130 115 compression numbers too low?
  56. 75.5 Vitara P2W for a 300-325hp build???
  57. Can i use a black iron coupler for e85 fuel?
  58. Back to Honda's after a long break - Turbo Build Opinions needed
  59. Sparks plugs for nos
  60. Putting a d15b1 head on a d16z6 block
  61. d16y7 to d16y8 swap
  62. stock compression but forged pistons
  63. Built z6 initial start
  64. SRP Forged piston questions.
  65. delta regrind
  66. Rebuild after loss of compression
  67. Valve Guide Replacement
  68. Question y8 head on d15b8
  69. yes another 272-2 thread...
  70. leak down numbers
  71. Can i use an afermarket y8 cam in a z6 head?
  72. D15z1 build?? turbo/ or N/A options ECU???
  73. looking for which oil pan would be best for drag racing
  74. d15 head to d16y8 bottom end
  75. new build was running now wont start!
  76. Build or Boat anchor?
  77. d16y2 engine with d16z6 intake manifold
  78. Replacement Rings Wiseco Pistons
  79. Quick question about intake air temperature sensor wiring
  80. K&N drop in air filter cleaning oiling??? worth using filters dirt???
  81. D16z6 oem connecting rod with arp bolts how much torque
  82. Fuel pressure gauge placement
  83. Honda Connecting Rod Forging Differences
  84. Help what ignition timing line do i use on the crank pulley/adjust dizzy? d16z6
  85. High compression jdm d15b vtec
  86. Z6 vtec dizzy install help wtf?
  87. d16y5 idling issues
  88. Can you swap Z6 rocker/cam races w/o maching?
  89. Timing Difficulties
  90. Inline fuel pump relay amperage.
  91. Used cp pistons
  92. Gasket Compatibility D16z6-y8
  93. Mini E on d15z8
  94. First time engine swap d16z6 in EG.
  95. mini me bottom end options
  96. motor oil caltex delo 400?
  97. Help
  98. D15 rebuild?
  99. High Compression make hp?
  100. D15B vtec block, Y7 Head
  101. New injectors have smaller ends
  102. d16y8head on d16y7block
  103. will z1 fuel line work on y8 rail?
  104. D16y2 engine running a d16z6 map, timing issues
  105. Best aftermarket oil pan to d16z6?
  106. Ball-Hone to fix mild "egg shaped" cylinders..? Or better method?
  107. my first build
  108. How to make fuel return larger?
  109. zc timing belt help plz
  110. Rebuilding my D16z6, some questions
  111. e85 with water meth inj.
  112. What pressure plate is this?!?
  113. Replacing D16Z6 with D15B2
  114. confused??
  115. Girdle Notching Required for P2P H beams?
  116. From D16Y2 To D16Z6
  117. My D17A2 Turbo & Supercharged Build Project
  118. D16z6 high compression build
  119. My engine Bay's
  120. 0.450 Lift Too Much for Z6 with PG6B Pistons?
  121. Best manifold for d14?
  122. D15b2 complete rebuild with arp headstuds
  123. What are the oem spark-plug part # for a d16z6 engine???
  124. comp 105300 cam with stock springs?
  125. burn mark on connecting rods
  126. D15b1 build?
  127. ignition timing adjustment problem
  128. Bisimoto pistons?
  129. Fuel line re-routing
  130. y7 block z6 crank z6 head
  131. MPFI Swap (Will my parts work?)
  132. not about my race car!!!
  133. JE pistons 149199
  134. D16z6 Crank pulley: Good or no?
  135. D15B2/B7 mixed up parts
  136. z6 head gasket on a6 issues
  137. Can someone help me identify this sensor ?
  138. y7/y8 oil pan
  139. Engine vacuum @ 6500 feet... need a canister?
  140. Y8 swap in a 93 Vx? O2 sensor problems
  141. Noob D16 build ?
  142. F23 Roller rocker head (ULEV)
  143. i are a dumbass and don't read the rules damn
  144. zc sohc first build
  145. Should I get new rings?
  146. D16z6 Engine mount driver side d15b mount interchange?
  147. Ignition timing problem
  148. turbo engine build
  149. first time mini me swap
  150. z6 pistons in d15b1
  151. help!! zc crank in y8 block
  152. Tore Down a Minty D16, Vitara Build. Stock bore or go to 75.5 .003ptw
  153. D16Z6 alternator on D15B7 engine?
  154. Final comments on A6/Y8 cam thread from the OP
  155. D16z6 with y8 head p29 high comp pistons good idea?
  156. A6 or Y8 cam for mini-me?
  157. block and head warp tolerances.
  158. n/a cam choice on y8 mini me swap q
  159. Is there any other after market head gasket??
  160. d16z6 vtec not working
  161. pistons above deck .020?? help
  162. D16y2 cam upgrade
  163. Mini Me Timing
  164. d16y8 to y7 conversion help
  165. clooneyBut the important
  166. What are We Gonna Do About These Rockers?
  167. 88-95 oil pan?
  168. how much to shave *DOHC zc to retard 9 degrees of timing
  169. oil pickup
  170. z6head on y7/8 block with aftermarket pistons? ?
  171. Timing issues
  172. Head questions ???
  173. What brackets are these?
  174. Need engine build help asap
  175. D16z6 engine mount tb belt side bottom bolt stripped????
  176. Fresh engine not starting
  177. d15b6 Piston Help
  178. D16y7 - OBD2B -> OBD1 quick questions
  179. please help! d16y7 to y8 im swap, idle hunting
  180. d15 vtec head on y8 block
  181. 89 d16a1 converted to zc obd2
  182. decisions, decisions n/a or turbo
  183. timing belt help with a milled head and decked block
  184. y8 Intake Manifold -> y7 Question
  185. jdm d15b mini me help
  186. WTF D16Z6 swap good then not?!?
  187. D16z6 vitara and turbo worth it or go stock b motor??
  188. JDM D15 Non VTEC to D16Y8 mini-me head swap
  189. piston and rod combos
  190. Vitara Pistons... Why?
  191. damage to oil pan mating surface
  192. girdle identification?
  193. D15B1 and D15B2 engine harness differences?
  194. How much power should I be producing with a mini me swap with a comp cam!?
  195. Machine shop woes, details inside
  196. Where do you pick up your D Aftermarket parts
  197. Bad oil leak. Warped oil pan?
  198. will b7 started work for y7
  199. need to lower compression
  200. D16Z6 Hoses
  201. Only firing on cylinder 3?
  202. motor mounts for y7 in eg
  203. SOHC ZC Rebuild questions
  204. D16 custom length rods and rebuild kit
  205. D16y8 oil leak where ????
  206. b18 ek swap mounts?????
  207. Can anyone ID this cam?
  208. need help guys
  209. Taking out a d16z6 swaping in a d15b1
  210. Head swap valve clearance?
  211. d16z6 cam issue
  212. Automotive Calculators
  213. blown head gasket?
  214. Frankenstein build questions z6 block/z1head
  215. Mini-me D16Y8 swap, Help!
  216. Pre build Info quest
  217. Head to Machine Shop
  218. New Rebuild Questions
  219. Upgrading cams on a b18b auto?
  220. P29 slugs clearance question - y7 head
  221. d16z6 Cam Gear bolt broke off adjusting tension.. HELP..
  222. d15b7
  223. D16z6 ATi Super Damper Alternator Belt Problems
  224. Non vtec D15B
  225. Proper way to install D16z6 timing belt cam gear moves????
  226. Tips for building a D16z6
  227. D15b7 forged rods question
  228. building a d16y8
  229. major oil leak fresh rebuilt y8
  230. cracked ringland?
  231. Cam Block Head ?
  232. Oil sand witch plate/ which angle to mount on d16z6 oil pressure sensor???
  233. Can a y8 crank be cross drilled?
  234. Retainers
  235. cylinder scratch
  236. D16z6 napa Gates timing belt Tensioner spring???????
  237. To pressure test or not to pressure test?!?
  238. Bit of help needed (d14a4/d15z6)
  239. B8 Crank Pulley on Z6 / Ignition Timing Question
  240. another which timing gear/belt do i need with a twist
  241. Need help with crank
  242. Need help with turbo ideas
  243. y8 head assembly help..
  244. TB swap to fix idle issue
  245. engine surgin after mini me swap y7/y8
  246. fuel presure trouble.
  247. Overheating Problems 1998 Civic EX Coupe D16Y8
  248. oil noticed rear headgasket after installation????
  249. D14Z4 to D16z6 engine and box swap
  250. best deals on bearings and seals?