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: Engine Building

  1. new guy
  2. Y8 block
  3. Random Question
  4. d16a1 in to a eg
  5. is this fuel cut off?
  6. P29 piston on d16a6 block
  7. build list... suggestions?
  8. where can i buy a crane 251-0012 cam?
  9. My D.I.Y. Port & Polished Y8 Head
  10. 92-95 civic swap
  11. My modded PM6 pistons - need opinion
  12. D16Z6 swap for xxx?
  13. D16Y Cam in D16Z6
  14. Dizzy Question....
  15. eBay
  16. Future Spec list Ideas, your thoughts?
  17. noise from bottom end
  18. question: installing arp rod bolt
  19. noisy valvetrain
  20. d15b1 question!!!!
  21. Can't find one...
  22. help on y8 IM swap too a6
  23. finally have my car back and i had a question about the valve lash
  24. Bad night, maybe a good Day. D15B1
  25. just wondering...
  26. Oil Squirters?
  27. ITB intake manni flange question.
  28. B7/Z6 swap- b7 dizzy
  29. Going rate for a D16y8?
  30. re-timing engine
  31. Block Guard
  32. Need a new oil pan...
  33. budget d16a6 build question
  34. D16z6 Vs F23a1 Which swap would be best for all motor???
  35. setting timing using marks on cranshaft pulley?
  36. need help fast. ignition not giving a spark
  37. .040 pistons for D16A6
  38. ??? SOHC accord engine in a CIVIC ???
  39. flywheel question
  40. Eagle Rod help?!?!
  41. z6 header o2 sensor
  42. Engine storage question
  43. First attempt port matching intake to TB, tell me if this is junk
  44. Can't select the right setup on Zeals Calculator, help needed please
  45. "ultrabudgetbuild" D16Z2
  46. D15b build up - Start to finish with pics and updated regularly
  47. What is my motor made up of?
  48. Fuel Injected vs Carb'd ITB's
  49. Engine Built, Runs but not really-HELP!
  50. JDM D15 help....
  51. wierd idle
  52. engine bogg
  53. f23 swap
  54. D16y7 o2 sensor ?'s
  55. Valve Spring ?
  56. valve lash sequencing
  57. Someone please ELP!!!! skunk2 cam stuck in head...wont turn!!
  58. First post
  59. How much estimated horsepower
  60. engine weight?
  61. 91 dx D16Z6 motor swap Dpfi to Mpfi????`
  62. please read
  63. f20a swap question
  64. no spark!!!!
  65. d15b7 vs f20a
  66. QUESTION! Would you trust this?!
  67. Help me fix a few problems after rebuild...
  68. A budget D15 rod/piston setup??
  69. Tuner Toy Rod Info
  70. What are some good brand names???
  71. engine hoist load leveler
  72. z6 head on y7 block.....
  73. 98 D16y8 Auto to 99 D16y8 5-Speed Swap Wire Harness Issues???!!
  74. Mini-me valvetrain??
  75. d15b vtec p29 pistons compression issue. help
  76. What arp bolts to use for a d15b7 bottom d16y8 head, ecu pinouts for the ecu harness
  77. JDM D15B VTEC Piston question
  78. rod bearing question......this is total BS!!!
  79. timing belt
  80. minime still nogo
  81. D16Z6 N/A or TURBO???
  82. Poll:What would you Do????
  83. Spark plugs WIRES
  84. my Intake Valves..w/pics
  85. rod bolt torque question......
  86. rod question, ok or not
  87. A6 head on a Y7?
  88. How is this price for my rebuild?
  89. ZC SWAP
  90. <<<Oil Pan for a d16a1>>>
  91. block replacement parts
  92. can this work?
  93. My SOHC ZC head, casting numbers questions
  94. Does someone make an oil distribution block?
  95. D15b7 power N/A????
  96. What headers would you use on a JDM EG Hatch
  97. dowel pins ( i cant spell )
  98. Head gasket question. . .
  99. sensor question!!
  100. have an idle problem need help
  101. swapping the d16y5 mani
  102. show me ur posts
  103. what would i need to do
  104. how much modin would i need to do?
  105. swapping engines, immobilser problem?
  106. D16A6 camshaft
  107. D16Z6 bommm swap for D15B2 block and head
  108. y8 mani on y7
  109. What mini me should i do?
  110. ---> Sohc Zc Vtec Build <---
  111. Tougher Pressure Plate?
  112. Valve spring color
  113. NEED HELP FAST.......z6 skunk2 cam problem
  114. Header for a d16y7??
  115. b7/y8 question
  116. LS Rods
  117. New engine Woes!!!
  118. Wiring Harness Help....Info Please...
  119. who is using oversized valves?
  120. valve clearences
  121. air con removal
  122. Can anybody say me if this diagramm right?
  123. Suitable Exhaust
  124. Gaskets....which are good?
  125. Nology Hotwires
  126. timing cover?
  127. Burning oil
  128. Mini Me Cams
  129. complete rebuild
  130. ARP headstuds on a boosted z6
  131. valve lash
  132. Am I fucked or what?
  133. whats the relief valve piston and spring on the oil pump?
  134. D16z6 Sleeve Help!!!
  135. Any N/A Dailys just venting PCV?
  136. Evap removal??
  137. blocks...is the d16z6 the same as y7?
  138. Valves coating ?
  139. New Motor!
  140. How to buy TunerToy rods
  141. Engine Swap Help
  142. recommend P&P company?
  143. torque question
  144. help if possible? what else will i need?
  145. Got my block today - Holy crap! PICS
  146. Potential Problem converting to odb1.
  147. Potential Problem converting to odb1.
  148. tach problem please help me!!
  149. Scarred cylinder wall
  150. piston ring placement
  151. Couple D15B questions
  152. crank won't spin when torqued down
  153. eating belts
  154. manifold brace?
  155. b7 Head Questions
  156. 97 civic with a y5 vtec hx come vtec
  157. Want to get a new cam
  158. anybody ever done a y5/z6 mini?
  159. does anyone know?
  160. Motor Swap wiring????
  161. damaged piston?
  162. Check My Block Please (Is it cracked?)
  163. D15b
  164. head studs for d15b7
  165. crank girdle on d16
  166. ok ok I need some help
  167. gass..
  168. Gasket Fitment
  169. valve job cost
  170. y7/y8 dizzy
  171. D Series Crank Interchangability?
  172. replacing flood damaged engine.
  173. breaking in fresh build
  174. need help choosing a tranny
  175. help please!!!
  176. y7 block y8 head
  177. tach problem
  178. Should I modified my head?
  179. Anyone had luck restoring performance of old IACVs?
  180. Help me build a fast d15 engine on a low budget
  181. Good brands
  182. help y7 block with a b7 head and a6 cam
  183. Recommendations for pistons?
  184. Time for my first D Build (all help is app)
  185. y7 and y8 block difference
  186. Head gasket question about putting the middle layer from a 3 layer metal gasket.
  187. tuner toys cometic head gaskets?
  188. exhaust header gasket info please
  189. y7 and y8 pistons
  190. i broke a head stud
  191. ??? about all motor d16a6
  192. Short break-in video
  193. ReBalance Crank
  194. I made sacrifice: I cut y7 head to see how ports are made
  195. HELP: D16A6 Girdle - Eagle Rods Problem
  196. val cover
  197. D16A1/ZC camshafts
  198. skunk2 intake mani hits firewall :(
  199. D16A1 Build
  200. d15b2 build up?
  201. Horsepower estimate with my mods
  202. ACL Bearings....
  203. WWTTFF D15b (jdm) piston specs??
  204. my setup??
  205. D15b peace of mind
  206. noob needs help
  207. insane crx buildup
  208. d15b vtec or d16y7 block?
  209. NA OBD1 ZC Plans
  210. How well would a gsr thottle boby work on my D.
  211. checkin codes on obd1 ecu
  212. NEW zeal calculator- WOOOOOT!!
  213. n00b minime o2 sensor questions
  214. compression check
  215. Time for my second build!! Little help advice and help needed please
  216. YES!!! Engine is being built!!
  217. stud broke off in skunk2 mani, need to remove
  218. good tranny on D16Z6 Auto
  219. need some help new to forum
  220. Block Posts
  221. delta 272 cam into d15b
  222. Distributor help!!!
  223. D16Y7 camshafts
  224. Rebuilding with spun rod bearing??
  225. Nippon Turbo pistons
  226. TT Rod and Wrist Pin Quick Question
  227. aftermarket oil pump......or should i keep stock
  228. dangers of being cheap
  229. d15b7 vs. d16a6 head?
  230. Rebuilding ? - Use old Oil Pump or get a new one?
  231. z6 & b7 intake manis?
  232. Rear Main Trouble
  233. D16A6 cam in d15b7 ?
  234. 5th Gen tranny into a 6th Gen? PLZ HELP
  235. dx block with vtec head, worth it?!
  236. Rattling on hard accel?
  237. Need Help With a Few Questions
  238. help
  239. WTB: D16Y8 Head
  240. What do i need for a d15b vtec swap for a dx hatch?
  241. will this intake work...help
  242. swap d15b3 to d15b 3 stage vtec
  243. Y8 problems
  244. D16 Y8 vs. Y7 block difference?
  245. question regarding pistons
  246. Steps for the D16Z6 internal rebuild... such as Eagle Rods...
  247. swapping to mpfi?
  248. valvetrain help needed!!!!!!!!!!
  249. Need Some Help...
  250. ZC pistons in a d15 or d16??? with VTEC