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: Engine Building

  1. noob in trouble
  2. Frankenstein D15B7
  3. HELP ME PLEASE (possible change of heart)
  4. "Noob" motor swap
  5. d16 block
  6. swaping a d16y8 into 1995 cx hb
  7. 1995 civic cx/ d16y8 build
  8. d16a6 pistons and rods in d16y7 bloack??? need this info asap plz
  9. d15 mini me question
  10. d16y6 vtec or d15b2 vtec???
  11. Exhaust thermal warp
  12. Mini me help.
  13. stuck camgear
  14. ARP rod bolts WITHOUT resizing......
  15. re ringing
  16. P&P head with stock valvetrain setup?
  17. Oil break-in
  18. N/A carb question..
  19. question on engine build
  20. MPG
  21. vtec conversion
  22. i want one of these
  23. Fuel Pump ???
  24. need an eyebrow job lol
  25. engine building procedure
  26. need help quick!!
  27. Rebuild kit Rpmrons
  28. Vtec solenoid
  29. Z6 Head
  30. Do i need a bigger tb?
  31. Sleeve prep for std forged pistons
  32. Need some opinions! build or what!?
  33. how to measure your cam?
  34. Eagle Rod question
  35. OBD1 ,OBD2 confusion :-s
  36. Oil magnet
  37. B2 head on B8 block?
  38. d16 pistion in a d15
  39. another prob tonight
  40. cracked pulley
  41. D16Y7 with D16Z6 Engine head
  42. Valves adjustement screw with regrind cam ?
  43. is the head worth it
  44. Can compression be lowered this way?
  45. Are JDM ZC DOHC and D16A6 cranks the same?
  46. need some advice for my handicaped ef zc auto
  47. b2 block y7 head wat belt ?
  48. need help finding a d15b crank.....?
  49. Yet Another Mini Me?
  50. Rocker arms... (with pics)
  51. Great News
  52. Honda OEM valves
  53. transfering accesories from z6 to d15
  54. b16 tb swap gone wrong
  55. y7 ecu, will it run a 2 wire iac?
  56. easiest way to remove crank pulley?
  57. anyone/shops rebuild engines in the tri-state area?
  58. need some advice buliding a d16z6!
  59. dizzy swap
  60. Wiring
  61. Ok ok here me out....!
  62. Can I use this port to vent the crankcase?
  63. Oil change question...
  64. wtf is wrong with my motor!?!?
  65. pulled pan after blowing motor.....
  66. bearings
  67. Torque Damper
  68. head question
  69. sohc zc/z6?
  70. Adjusting valve after port and polishing head?
  71. Swapping Because I Dont Have Time To Tweak With The Zc
  72. Quick Question. Need Help Please
  73. Engine Tools
  74. Need Help w/ Skunk2 Camshaft
  75. Ticking/Knocking noise... What the hell is it??
  76. ARP head stud questions
  77. y7 with z7 head compression?
  78. JDM carboy exhaust
  79. Just a little teaser to keep me going...
  80. obd1 conversion, and manifold swap, code 43??
  81. D16Y8 hose/wiring diagram
  82. Gasket set?
  83. Timing Off?
  84. dash light wont turn on
  85. please don't flame me! D16A1 + ZC Head...
  86. y8 back form the shop
  87. B7 or Y7 head?
  88. Fuel Vapor System
  89. y8/ z6
  90. GUDE PERFORMANCE DOCUMENT !! take a look !
  91. need help D15z1 head d16a6 block
  92. eg mount, near timing belt, is it the same as ek?
  93. need help with alt pistons.. P2E in z6?
  94. fuel line AN size
  95. Threaded headstuds WTF!!
  96. runs rich
  97. good link on exhausts i came across
  98. Scat vs TT vs Eagle
  99. Wtb List
  100. Building a Z6 to spec
  101. Intake manifold comparison
  102. Crank scraper and windage tray
  103. D16Y4 mod advice please
  104. non vtec head
  105. hmm, thinkin about what i wanna do now...
  106. plug wires from ebay???
  107. ZC vs. Si tranny
  108. Cast VS. Forged pistons
  109. future setup
  110. Some Pre-build questions: Injectors, IM's, etc
  111. Y8 intake springs on Y5 rockers
  112. Quick Z6 to Y8 Questions
  113. need help finding site for crower valves springs/retainers under $500
  114. Zc D16a8 Full Mod Advice Please
  115. What to do with jdm d15b non vtec
  116. ls/vtec Q's
  117. my build any good or?
  118. EG rear mount
  119. dissy
  120. EACV questions
  121. ARP individual Studs
  122. y8 in EF staying obd0
  123. CRX swap....i need help quick
  124. Motor Mounts
  125. dumb question only quick reply needed
  126. Ported Layer Texture
  127. help w/the Delta 272 spec sheet
  128. OEM oil cooler on a z6 motor
  129. the new build
  130. Followers went bad???
  131. Valve Spring Compressor
  132. Planning Stages of a Mini-me
  133. d16z6 or the JDM D15b which one?????
  134. NPR piston rings
  135. ported intake manifold pics
  136. ZC SOHC Non-Vtec head question
  137. IACV fix, 97 hatch, honda guru needed
  138. miner buld quiestions
  139. i cant believe i...
  140. d15b block a6 head?
  141. Integra help?
  142. hi torque starter?
  143. Something Is Wrong!!!
  144. Looking for next step
  145. the anti mini-me
  146. Turbo z6 Build (Daily)
  147. sohc zc parts
  148. 91 civic with d16z6 smog?
  149. Started My Z6 build
  150. MiniME swap on a del sol
  151. a6 rpm limit
  152. Engine Weights
  153. lining up marks on y8 cam gear to y8 head
  154. my d15b vtec (z6) head work, what all think? 56k pics
  155. CAI vs. SRI
  156. p28 ECU conversion
  157. Would it be beneficial..
  158. AEM FPR on a stock Z6 Fuel rail and IM
  159. innovating a D
  160. Oil fliter relocation and oil cooler question.
  161. Y8 oil pan fit on a Z6 block, what about the internals?
  162. Eagle rods torque and how to remove rods when plastigauging??
  163. Y7 regrind cam in a D15 ? Which cam gear ?
  164. jdm d15 non-vtec
  165. act clutch kit
  166. pistons?
  167. my furking car... what can it be?
  168. z6 swap charcoal canister?
  169. Break in period
  170. Micropolish
  171. d15z1 to d16y5 build up
  172. What engine is best for high rpm,N/A ?
  173. Z6 Head
  174. going B to D - budget built tips please
  175. ZC rods in D15
  176. Ebay Clutch kits
  177. block help
  178. civic head
  179. valve stem seals
  180. stock cam Q's
  181. Head gasket for 76mm bore
  182. wont start
  183. Y7 head questions
  184. help car wont start
  185. can this be done
  186. Whats this for...
  187. help me diagnose this
  188. necessary to clean piston tops / if so how ??
  189. ca headers?
  190. Broken intake & exhaust springs???
  191. got a problem with junk.......
  192. Need advice/guidance on 00' Civic DX build
  193. Best catback for z6 crx...
  194. rev limit
  195. D15b7 Head Studs
  196. dizzy help
  197. What cam should i get
  198. D16a6 with D16z6 mini-me?
  199. if anyone looking for a deal on ebay mpfi
  200. should i buy this engine?
  201. d16y8
  202. I'm in trouble. How do I fix this in car?
  203. crx d15
  204. Mini-Me Three-Way!
  205. Mini Me Help Needed Badly!
  206. Y8 or Z6 short block
  207. Y7/Y8 Oil Pump Relief Valve Shimming
  208. What Can I Do With This Engine!!!
  209. interchangeable camshaft
  210. build for boost questions
  211. Z6 Head to ZC ?????
  212. Piston-to-Deck Height
  213. A6 dizzy on Zc vtec???
  214. Does anybody have a y8 or z6 for sale?
  215. D15z1 Stroker
  216. problem with fuel injectors
  217. Vitara circlips....where can I get them?
  218. Vitara piston ring question
  219. D15Y5 Engine
  220. Standard journal size
  221. y8 rocker assembly on z6 head
  222. Cam options
  223. motor mounts?
  224. A6 slugs in Z6
  225. Undecided setup!! Need help to choose!
  226. Overbore d16z6 with Nippon Racing/NPR 75.5mm pistons...what specs?
  227. Machining costs?
  228. When reinstalling rocker assembly...
  229. Replacing rear main seal
  230. High compression D16a6
  231. D15 Block
  232. 95 coupe D15b8 My goals post here
  233. D17 injector plate on a Y8 mani? Would it work?
  234. oil jet on turbo motor
  235. crank pulley
  236. question for all engine builders
  237. a question for mista bone...again...
  238. My Ecu please help i tried to chip it
  239. building a z6 vs mini me
  240. Opinions on ERL-Performance!
  241. PM7 Pistons in a D16A6 ?
  242. doing mini me conversion
  243. Holy crap... low prices!!!
  244. noob at building engine...please help
  245. California Smog question
  246. Stupid question...
  247. Peak & hold or Saturated Inj. better?
  248. Please post pic of greddy headers
  249. Skunk2 mani hits
  250. Torque Monster