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: Engine Building

  1. nube questions
  2. z6/y8 intake question
  3. Intake manafold
  4. A20A3???
  5. what is the best engine oil you have ever used?
  6. 190cc vs 240cc
  7. d16y8 hp limit with...
  8. eagle rod concern
  9. d16y7 questions
  10. TheDrizzle50's Build Thread
  11. just a quickie
  12. Building my Z6
  13. a6 block z6 head
  14. Pulling Engine this week. Advice?
  15. y7 valve ajustment
  16. y7/z6 mini me cranking noise
  17. D16Y7 w/ Z6 head quick question
  18. Oil pan for D15b
  19. question on d15b2 block 88-91 to 92-95
  20. D16Y4 budget build future plans
  21. bad gas mileage after zc swap
  22. bad gas mileage after zc swap
  23. Y8 im on crx?
  24. HELP!! Skunk2 IM Questions.
  25. canister on fuel rail?
  26. y8 head on a z6 block
  27. ZC/Z6 mini me swap help asap
  28. ARP bolts mini-me
  29. d16y8 build ? oil pump, water pump.
  30. d16a1 to a d16y7
  31. help with a vafc 2
  32. question's about mini me swap's
  33. DIY Engine building
  34. frankinstien
  35. 9000rpm Daily Driver?
  36. Where can i find a 2 layer head gasket?
  37. D15B2
  38. Mini me Hp increase.
  39. z6 block/ b7 head
  40. Turbo Kit with A/C
  41. Y8 oil pan
  42. Which head studs would you use for mini-me?
  43. y8 manual manifold questions
  44. car idle problem, running too rich
  45. Z6 head.
  46. how much REV? Read This!
  47. help! Will a b7 crank pulley work on my a6 block with z6 head?
  48. Lightest engine block?
  49. D15b worth the swap?
  50. Pls help me figur this out...
  51. I think I'm right but I'm not positive
  52. aftermarket pistons - need to rebalance motor?
  53. d17y8 Spare
  54. engine surges??
  55. bottom of y8 head...circlular metal thing
  56. amarok's vitara build up.
  57. ebay cam gear?
  58. Thumbs up for Bisimoto
  59. y7 TB on mini me?
  60. Wrist Pin Removal
  61. Valve Springs, Retainers?
  62. Someone design me a mini me D15B7
  63. A6 - Z6
  64. Crower Stg3 vs Bisimoto Stg2 ???
  65. Crower cams
  66. questions about high compression nitrous build?
  67. y7/z6 mini without adding vtec yet
  68. d15z1 can I swap a different head?
  69. pistons in all motor build
  70. Bottom End Building Questions...
  71. z6 into ek.
  72. D15B8 Power Upgrade
  73. Need A Little Help
  74. A6 Head Z6 Block Timing Belt Problems
  75. Help! Will A Y7 Crank Pulley Fit On A D16a6 Crank?
  76. To convert an A6 to OBD 1
  77. My Dizzy help
  78. Comparing intakes for MPFI swap
  79. P29 dome pistons and d16 head help.
  80. super loud valve ticking?
  81. y8 head questions
  82. will a z6 head work?
  83. head flow dohc zc vs sohc zc
  84. the difference between new or old??
  85. Welded combustion chambers
  86. z6 intake manifold problem..
  87. d17 motor question
  88. D16y8 Turbo
  89. Why haven't we named the A6 cam swap into a b1/b2/b7?
  90. My Rebuilt Head On Delsol!!!
  91. Which rods?
  92. B20 swap into Eg
  93. crower 1.5 connecting rod Qstion
  94. d17 civic READ THIS
  95. bottom end rebuild
  96. D16Y8 timing
  97. D15b7 Questions
  98. A1/A6
  99. Need a lil help
  100. Mini Me Question
  101. HELP !!! Crank Pully Hell!!!
  102. Ok, I searched but didnt find my answer...
  103. Some mock up pics
  104. new motor
  105. help for tq specs
  106. Cylinder Hone type?
  107. project need help/tips
  108. DPFI to MPFI - starting issues.
  109. D16Z6 tips on what to do now
  110. what is so special about SOHC ZC???????
  111. The Wiring of a D15B 3-Stage V-Tec
  112. Cam Pulley PICS
  113. Piston pin offset + Vitaras
  114. B7 Valves in Y8 Head
  115. parts from d16 to d15 question
  116. z6diz/a6head making sure i did it correctly please check.
  117. Confused with basic timing
  118. Motor Biuld Help
  119. Can I retorque new leaking headgasket? many questions....HELP!
  120. Stupid Question
  121. Help with TB for Skunk2 Intake Mani
  122. SOHC ZC or D15B
  123. otching block
  124. throttle bodies
  125. BSFC and VE for D16s.
  126. y8 cam in z6?
  127. First D15 turbo build
  128. Minime & Swap Questions
  129. y7 head?
  130. Distributor differences?
  131. Injectors?
  132. ball bearing?
  133. very interesting stop by and help out!!!!
  134. Few last 'mini-me conversion' questions
  135. dyno'd and tuned what next
  136. Radiator hoses barely fit e-bay radiator
  137. HELP: TUNER TOY RODS with Stock BORE Issues!
  138. need info
  139. Parts For D15b
  140. Question on Z6 injectors and Y8 injectors
  141. 3 stage vtec minime question
  142. Compression question
  143. Threads ON block are stripped
  144. Help....
  145. D15B Built D16Z6 Head
  146. Head gasket question
  147. Hi Everyone
  148. Question: Tuner Toy H Beam Rods
  149. omfg valve cover bolt broke help asap
  150. Boring/Head Gasket Question
  151. Where To Buy?!
  152. Need To Replace The Crank?
  153. D series crank
  154. A6 cam vs. B1 cam
  155. racing motor mounts?
  156. d16y8 crankshaft ?
  157. A6 cam swap , are d15b1 valve springs strong enough?
  158. A6 Head on B2 Block
  159. Stupid question about motor mounts
  160. just got a hydrolock
  161. Who has fabricated thier own merge collectors?
  162. help
  163. B2/Z6 mini me done, now what?
  164. z6 or b7
  165. hey
  166. building my z6
  167. Engine mounts
  168. mdog244's SOHC ZC Swap (56k beware!!)
  169. Question on increasing oil pressure...
  170. Engine wont start..... Wtf
  171. d16y7 timing issues
  172. b2 block y8 head??
  173. Swapping stock intakes
  174. What sensor is this??? (PICS)
  175. tying up loose ends to finish my bottom end within several weeks.
  176. D15b Vtec
  177. d15b2 first time taking engine apart
  178. I'm confused about a mini-me project underway
  179. Will a Z6 Cam fit in an A6 head?
  180. arp head bolts
  181. Any one tested the D17A2 HG?
  182. Resistor box Karma
  183. Engine Harness Question
  184. Distributor questions
  185. rebuilding a d16y7 for turbo
  186. Question about a possible engine purchase...
  187. Head Gaskets the Same, but price different?
  188. Clicking, missing, sputtering and being retarted!
  189. Piston not reaching top of cylinder.. ANSWERS QUICK PLZ!
  190. cam sproket problems
  191. Q: Springs, Retainers and Valves
  192. Recommended Static CR for Crower Stage 2 for a z6 head?
  193. Cylinder boring, engine building
  194. Head Casting Number Question
  195. Complete rocker / valvetrain failure w/ Zex 105300
  196. Engine Build Help: A6 Block With Z6 Head Turbo
  197. GX Pistons/LS Rods?
  198. HELP! Serious car problems after mini-me (LONG read..)
  199. cant get my cam timing right
  200. difference between y7 and y8 headgasket
  201. difference between y7 and y8 headgasket
  202. Mini-Me VTEC wiring questions, HELP!
  203. 3 to 2 iacv conversion
  204. i dont know which 1 is right
  205. question about A6 and Z6 block.
  206. Restrictor
  207. sohc zc help
  208. d16z6 rebuild
  209. need help. asap... mini-me prob.
  210. d17 oil pump
  211. posting vs. blockgaurd vs. filling, which one for a beater?
  212. Block Guard Question
  213. A6 head on a b7 block
  214. Z6 vs Jdm Zc Vtec Cam Diff???
  215. My a6 rebuild
  216. B16/B18 Throttle Body bolt on to Y8?
  217. d16z6 engine build advise
  218. Fuel Pump Question
  219. extracting the crank
  220. will y8 arp head bolts fit z6?
  221. timing belt
  222. question about catalic converter
  223. Crankshaft ??
  224. let's get this cleared up
  225. block question
  226. 22mm vs 24mm crank "snout"
  227. OEM 8 pound flywheel
  228. Rebuilding my SOHC ZC??
  229. D16A1 Bearings in A D15B2
  230. I need some help with a major build project ALL GURUS READ
  231. well here goes
  232. Ticking...still...
  233. picture of D15Z1 crank?
  234. piston pin size?
  235. D15Z1 main bearing
  236. Look what i bought for $7.42, lol. haterz comments are welcome. lol
  237. Oil pressure question
  238. Need some ideas on my D15b Motor
  239. HELP!! Real messed up!!
  240. Making An obd1 B18B Into obd2
  241. Talk me into or out of...
  242. just got a y8 head...cleaning tips
  243. how do I know I have an A6 or B7 head?
  244. Whats this plug 4???
  245. Engine D15y4
  246. I keep changing my mind..boosted d or motor b?
  247. Mugen Ecu
  248. d16z6 built/y7 head here is my built got some problesm
  249. is this head toast?
  250. mini me compression