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: Engine Building

  1. Need another opinion on some piston wear...
  2. SRR Cam Gear?
  3. what vitara rings do I use ?
  4. Crower Stage 2 regrind - does it exist?
  5. Quick mini-me question
  6. How to use a y8 (or y7) pan with z6 engine
  7. repairing head gasket issue worth fixing?
  8. bisi 3.6 z6 what do i have to cut on the rockers?
  9. D-17A Engine build
  10. Need help with d15b7 turbo build
  11. D16 + CP Pistons: Honing Crosshatch Angle
  12. Help a noob pronounce a decimal number LOL
  13. Need some opinion on thrust washers
  14. Bad TPS calibration??
  15. D15B2 Milled head question
  16. Need help deciding on a replacement for a D16y8 bottom block
  17. D16z6 STOCK burning oil @ high RPM 5w30 to 10w40 oil?
  18. Quick question involving d16y8 head
  19. Piston & Rod D15B Quandry
  20. valve springs queshtin
  21. Grey in coolant
  22. PM9-5 head... weaker springs than PM3? -.-
  23. rods with P29 pistons?
  24. anybody every had an ebay headgasket fail on them?
  25. Rocker Assembly, does it just pop apart? a6
  26. What method do you use to install Piston Pin into Rod?
  27. Selling turbo single cam swap
  28. ebay remanufactured cylinder heads
  29. Junk yard engines, which one?
  30. What Does An Oil Pump Sound Like When It's Bad?
  31. d16z6 issues
  32. D16Z6 build advice needed..
  33. Australian MINI ME D16Y1 head onto D15B4 dual carb??
  34. best cam to use!!
  35. D16 rods and D15 pistons, CAN IT BE DONE?
  36. How does DSO feel about this D16Z6 crank?
  37. balancing bottom end
  38. Picked up a D16Y8 head from the yard, Need advice *pics
  39. HX to EX; no knock sensor?
  40. Question About Re-Using HG
  41. 1990 civic si circle track car, questions on y7 long block.
  42. Cx racing rods in b7 block with z6 head compression
  43. Building up a D16Y7
  44. timing issue ?
  45. Over sized piston or standard?
  46. Compression ratio calculator app for Iphone/Ipad/Ipod.
  47. nOOb question how much will they quote me to assemble vitara block
  48. Question about Vitara/Xxx rods
  49. D16A6 Block - mix n match pistons?
  50. 75.25mm piston with 75mm bore, is it possible?
  51. Watch out about aftermarket camshaft install
  52. d15b7 block/d16y7 head, no power when hitting the gas..?
  53. Mini me timing problems
  54. found this d15b7 in the ditch. head porting
  55. What engine is this crank pulley from?
  56. y8 block / z6 head headstuds
  57. D16a stock cam question
  58. do you change the main bearings
  59. clearance concerns....
  60. Intake swop on a D series
  61. Oil pump housing bolt leak
  62. D16A6 Catch Can Return
  63. d17
  64. B18b overheating problem. Can't figure it out
  65. Brace for Carnage... Cam destruction
  66. Lovin some D.
  67. Check my math CR
  68. JDM D15B Block with Y8 Head
  69. D16 rebuid low oil pressure
  70. D15z1 engine w/z6 intake manifold adj. FPR will it work????
  71. Piston speed?
  72. D16A + eagle rods
  73. Injectors not opening.
  74. help me figure what jdm engine is best for me !!
  75. D16a8 - d18 stroker
  76. car in limp mode after mini me swap
  77. What are the specs of this Headbolt???
  78. Engine No start rough idle/ engine knocking sound. FML..
  79. need help on a possible motor swap.
  80. HELP d16z6 rebuild vitara suddenly no start/rough idle??
  81. P2V on y8 9,8:1 ??
  82. HELP! z6 build
  83. d16z6 CEL Code 22?? code @ 4th gear 4k???
  84. How to find the absolute perfect timing?
  85. Jdm d15b timing always half a tooth out!!
  86. Looking for an exospeed camshaft
  87. LS Vtec Vs. D16Z6
  88. VIN question with engine replacement
  89. How to vtech a non vtech d15b1.
  90. D16y7 rod to block clearance H-beam rods
  91. Oval Racer is in Da house!!!!!
  92. Confused about Y8 head
  93. D16Y8 Main #1 Scratch
  94. vx mini me questions
  95. d16y7 to d16y8 mini me
  96. D16Y8 build - main studs - replace?
  97. Pistons hit the spark plugs
  98. Turbo Build Head/Valvetrain ?s
  99. ZC vs A6 lobes measured!
  100. i need help please look at my pictures d16y7
  101. O-Ring on Darton MID Sleeves
  102. worth saving my blown d16y7?
  103. D15B7 leaking oil and knocking.
  104. White 8 head with d15b block
  105. Condition of My Eagle Rods
  106. getting started on rebuild. valve compressor attachment?
  107. Engine building books
  108. My Arias pistons
  109. D-series alternator weight?
  110. Mechanical timing half tooth off
  111. d15 po3 pistons in a d16z6 experiment...
  112. How Many Degrees Cam Adjustment
  113. crank pulley sohc ZC vs D15b2
  114. 88 crx dx swap a d16z6
  115. charcoal canister question
  116. Making a CRVtec reliable: A quickie.
  117. Y8 Turbo - Clevite Bearing - P or H/HN Series?
  118. d16y8 head on d16y7 block
  119. Acceptable Amount of Cylinder Sleeve Scoring
  120. Build question: Y8 head with d15b block
  121. Which sump is which?
  122. jdm d15b vtec water pump gasket
  123. Honda Rotating Assembly Balance Auto vs Manual?
  124. Carb upgrade help!!
  125. What is my best decision? (higher comp poss.)
  126. What D block can I put under my d15b vtec head
  127. What is that for ?? Can it be removed ?
  128. A6 intake manifold on z6?
  129. d15beast milled with zc, what cam gear
  130. Favourite Valve Spring Compressor to make the job easy
  131. Clicking noise when blower motor is off
  132. D16 cam gear
  133. Swap Question
  134. Forged Z6 Question
  135. Y8 cylinder head, y6 block , y6 sk2 IM )- hose question
  136. Intake manifold question.
  137. Knock sensor y8 head on a6 block
  138. A6 head, rebuild the stock core OR upgrade. 7200rpm
  139. different rockers?
  140. headwork in my race engine
  141. Question on piston to deck
  142. Rebuilding A Stock D15z1 for FE
  143. Cracked block..
  144. PCV valve, Z6 intake, D15B2 block
  145. z6 cam help
  146. Check my Main/Rod bearing selection
  147. crower 402t dohc
  148. Ring end gap
  149. D16y7 block y8 head z6 IM what throttle body can I use? 97 civic mini mi
  150. ferrea 500 series +1mm flat valves in jdm d15b vtec head (p08)
  151. Who sells F22 valvetrain components these days?
  152. d15beast7: what gaskets needed?
  153. 76mm PG6's in d16z6 block
  154. Where to get z6 block?
  155. Crank sensor bypass
  156. 96 EX D16Y8 oil leak
  157. Blown rings? What do I do from here?
  158. Mini Me Checklist...
  159. Found NPR pg6 pistons
  160. No pwr after 5k rpm
  161. Possible valve stem seals?
  162. Help with installing edelbrock intake manifold
  163. Sumps the same?
  164. Junkyard cams: auto A6 vs carb'd ZC
  165. D16 stroker build, need opinions on which head to use
  166. intake mani P32 vs PM6
  167. need a6 block
  168. Swapping out d15b7 for d16z6
  169. y7 w/b7 manifold
  170. D16Y7 Delta 272 Tuning?
  171. Cp pistons not 75.5?
  172. Best Intake Manifold for Torque
  173. ARP rod bolts, attempting a 600hp build
  174. First engine build. It's time, and I'm pumped.
  175. D15B8 crankshaft
  176. Head leaking oil?
  177. Rebuilt motor has a small oil leak
  178. Best Engine Build For MPG?
  179. Intake Manifold Coolant Bypass Delete
  180. New rebuild vacuum gauge question and about 1500miles??
  181. Custom ITB's
  182. reputable engine shops in Central valley
  183. D16 stock comp turbo build
  184. Darton vs Ge sleeve
  185. D16z6 build
  186. reasonable hp goal
  187. HX to EX mini me; need part numbers codes
  188. Piston / Rod combo Turbo Build.
  189. D16y8 intake questions.
  190. Valve spring options? D16a6
  191. Custom pistons
  192. Rebuilt low to no compression
  193. HELP Identifying Cam ?
  194. D16A Build
  195. ARP Head stud TQ questions D16y8
  196. Learning the ropes - D16Y7
  197. Z6 parts ID
  198. Cheap block with spun bearing worth it?
  199. what aftermarket parts for d16z6 rebuild?
  200. d16 z6 spark plug tube question??
  201. d16y7 to D15b vtec swap help
  202. im still confused on mechanical timing. y7 z6head
  203. Shops in L.A, Ca
  204. 302 Factory repair manual needed.
  205. Preparing for the "worst" how are you sure your block/head/timing is correct
  206. oem spec rebuild help!!
  207. crank gear
  208. Not A D question but an H/F question... balance shaft delete kit
  209. mini me swap *HELP*
  210. D16a6 Head rebuild/upgrade. Which internals to go with
  211. d14z4 obd2a conversion to d16w4 obd2a
  212. brian crower stage 2 turbo cams question
  213. Crank and rod bearings
  214. Obd problem
  215. arp head studs/ lightning motorsports
  216. small turbo/econo build
  217. Eagle h beam rods??
  218. Affordable bore gauges $200 budget
  219. y7 block z6 head *help*
  220. taking head to machine shop before rebuild
  221. stock intake on d15b7 or z6
  222. P29 vs PG6 pistons for high-compression z6 build
  223. Cylinder head Chip inside combustion chamber
  224. Locking vtec
  225. Compression Test with Engine and Trans out of car
  226. valve cover difference
  227. Looking for confirmation that my build plans are accurate.
  228. D15B1 Z6 mini-me swap
  229. D16B5 Fuel Injector Question
  230. Starting problems.
  231. D15b vtec gx pistons+nos
  232. Knife edged D16z6 Crank
  233. How to tell if an oil pump is bad?
  234. turbo build going in new direction...
  235. building for boost z6 with y8 head?
  236. y7 head to z6 head
  237. New to D-Series
  238. valve job
  239. Difference D16 block
  240. First time engine rebuild/installation need help
  241. Hole in block. Rebuilding again with z6 shortblock.
  242. jdm d15b vtec aftermarket rods please help.
  243. ARP rod bolts under 7k rpm? d15b7
  244. Headgaskets?
  245. D16z6 style Intake manifold on 2000 D16y8 head
  246. y8 camshaft in z6 head
  247. y8 intake manifold on a z6 head question
  248. Exhaust help
  249. do i need a tune??
  250. Camshaft selection for head build on high-comp motor