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: Engine Building

  1. Resetting The Timing ...
  2. An odd question...
  3. Weird Engine Swap problem...
  4. Leaking waterpump
  5. Anyone with FJT i beams have too tight of a clearence?
  6. Just bought a Skunk2 Cam. Valve train question...
  7. Ecu question
  8. Anybody come up with a way to use an upper timing cover on a mine-me
  9. Help with a setup
  10. Evans Tuning build videos.
  11. Engine help. Weird idle
  12. Whats your oil pressure?
  13. 88 Honda CRX Si D16Y8
  14. Tps swap
  15. D15b7 question about mini me
  16. How can i get 150hp?
  17. What the dilly yo?
  18. D16a6 builds and other non Vtec
  19. D16a6 builds and other non V-tech
  20. I'm lost
  21. Where to put a knock sensor on a obd1 engine
  22. help! d16a9 swap to d16z6!
  23. No luck finding new OE D15B2 rods
  24. Ebay head gaskets
  25. Differance between 96-98 and 99-00 EX cylinder head
  26. D16A6 with ZC rods?
  27. z1 head on jdm d15b
  28. Eagle esp h-beam for d15īs
  29. Crower spring with stock cam
  30. Can Anyone Help Diagnose My Problem?
  31. D Series Rebuild Kit
  32. y8 cam in a z6
  33. Head studs
  34. D16Y7 Rebuild
  35. Is the 1.5 and A6 timing belts different ??
  36. Spun main bearing? Low Oil pressure
  37. Watch as I rebuild this beutiful motor.
  38. A6 head with Z6 exhaust manifold?
  39. Rocker arms.. d16z6
  40. Oil pumps
  41. Z6head w/ ZCblock?
  42. What HG to use
  43. D15 v tec
  44. Thermostat on y7/y8 question
  45. My d15b2 rebuild with light mods.
  46. D16z6 exhaust manifold to D16a6 head?
  47. D14A4 mini me swap with D16Y8 head
  48. Skunk 2 intake mani?
  49. 1.5 and 1.6 crank snouts different
  50. Oilpan chart
  51. D16z arp head studs
  52. Father and son d16y8 project
  53. Search for a D16(Z6/Y8) block
  54. Mini me help
  55. One more bug to work out!! HELP!
  56. eBay lightened pullys......
  57. z6 block y8 bearing
  58. Kinda stuck
  59. Question about octane booster
  60. D15B2 Block w/ Z6 head w/ZC Pistons???
  61. Valve train question
  62. D15b7 head bolts? reusuable?
  63. Question on the z6
  64. Webber carb models
  65. No vtec
  66. D16Y4 - hi comp pistons for street setup
  67. Engine oil plug
  68. Mostly motor a6 hp? n2o?
  69. Pistons
  70. Camshafts for a D16z6
  71. HG blown?
  72. FS: My e-mail address
  73. Best route D15z6 or buid d15b2
  74. 165mm Arp Headstuds What Are They From??
  75. Broken crankshaft w/pics
  76. eBay Vitaras
  77. Piston PM3 in d15 vtec JDM
  78. y8 crank with z6 bearings
  79. Y7 block/Z6 head Question Help!!
  80. Is it possibly???
  81. D16z6 bearing help
  82. Stripped crank
  83. How to put in valve seals please haha
  84. Oil pump
  85. DIY request: 59300 install
  86. Y8 head on Y7 block- vetc?
  87. A6 And Jdm zc. ..help. (boost project)
  88. My y7 Block Work
  89. All motor or turbo with juice
  90. How to build a d16z6
  91. Z6head A6block?
  92. May have bad injector, how to tell?
  93. A few d15b Mini Me Questions
  94. Vitaras to low c/r for z6 build?
  95. Y8 build
  96. Code 22
  97. d16y8 built head with stock y7 bottom!!
  98. Vitara VS OEM honda strenght @ same CR ?
  99. D series specs on all popular d engines
  100. Bearing part numbers???
  101. My a6/z6 ej1 vitara build thread
  102. Using different rocker arm shaft caps from different head
  103. My paranoia settled in and now i need a new crank pulley
  104. B7/y8 mini me
  105. I got a question about c/r and boost
  106. Swaping from obd0 to obd1
  107. Help D16Y8 - D15B or D17A2
  108. Exhaust Question
  109. Seals for Build
  110. Oil pump priming questions
  111. ANOTHER mini-me question
  112. Stock internals on d15b2 block?
  113. D16a6 rebuild
  114. Tolerances too tight. (I was reading the MM's :hammer:)
  115. How much is this worth
  116. Oil cooler options
  117. D16y8 into my 95cx hatch
  118. D16y8 cam lobe height specs. service limit
  119. Noisy zc..d16a6-generic
  120. Value of my engine
  121. ls-v or dohc zc turbo?
  122. Please help with code 1, already replaced o2
  123. Build gone to shit
  124. Mini me help
  125. a6 head on b2?....
  126. 11:1 wiseco piston for d16z6
  127. D16 All Motor Build....The reality of hp gains?
  128. Back to D's! Building a motor! Questions
  129. Rebuild zc/y8 vs y8 vs z6
  130. Vitara piston rings 2nd ring, should the nouch be facing up dwn?
  131. Scat rods with ARP bolts torque specs?
  132. Quick question d15b2
  133. FACTS: about the y8 oil pump
  134. ARP head studs question
  135. Question about bearings
  136. Frankenstein sedan.
  137. Will a 59300 cam fit a y8 head?
  138. Aftermarket oil pump
  139. Y7 valve train in y8 head with vtec disabled: it fits and I've done it :)
  140. Can I re use a MLS head gasket?
  141. D16y8 crower rods
  142. Bisimoto springs are too much stiff for stock valves.
  143. My hatch
  144. Welp I think i'm gonna Swap to a B16
  145. Not your usual block/head combo
  146. Where can i get ACL bearings in PA?
  147. D16y8 block w/d16a1 pistons
  148. D16Y Engine swap
  149. Can I use a z6 block with y8/OBD2 setup?
  150. Fitting B18B pistons
  151. Looking for build advice
  152. Couple of ?s
  153. Twofer
  154. D16 conrods
  155. Making a DX a Si (Wiring)
  156. D16z6 top dead center question
  157. Jdm D15b In 89 Crx Si Help
  158. My y7 Head Work
  159. ZC block 97 EX D16Y8 head
  160. Question about dizzy advance
  161. Opinions/thoughts on my new head plz
  162. Y8 intake can it be use the b7 fuel rail?
  163. Covering vtec solenoid hole on head
  164. D16Y8 Stroker Kits? who Has them?
  165. Crank bore code decipher....
  166. Changing Piston Rings, d16z6
  167. D15b7 in india- suggestions needed
  168. Where to find an inexpensive engine?
  169. Main bearing failure help (pics)
  170. Another motor down
  171. Is this a good buy?
  172. Let me get this straight..
  173. Need help on building d16z6
  174. VA Tuner Shop Question??
  175. D16 Mini me begins!
  176. Cyro treatment??
  177. High compression question
  178. D15B vTec identification??
  179. Crankshaft Speed Fluctuation sensor on 1.5 cx motor ??
  180. Mini-me on d15b1
  181. What timing belt do i use?
  182. Sohc zc vtec/ d16z6 info...hard time finding what im looking for
  183. What better a d16a6 or sohc zc
  184. Exhaust help
  185. Has anyone ever heard of Votec (or Yotec) oil pumps? (D16Y7)
  186. Mini Me P28 Question
  187. y8 headstuds on a z6?
  188. Adjusting AEM Cam gear trouble!
  189. Need help
  190. Timing problem with crank and cam gear!! help!!
  191. eBay engine kits
  192. Concern of useing a larger oil filter...
  193. Should I?
  194. Its all her fault
  195. Engine ticking...
  196. y8 with D15 head
  197. D16A8 help?
  198. Worth it?
  199. Dizzy permenant removal
  200. Which Skunk2 valvetrain springs are which?
  201. Need professional opinions on my block condition + a ton of questions
  202. Anybody ever head of taiho rod bearings
  203. Valve question.
  204. Fix it or New engine?!?!!? Help?!!?
  205. Question about A/F meter
  206. Where can i get internals???
  207. Where can i get internals???
  208. D15b questions
  209. Stock z6 cam
  210. What would be better?
  211. D16y8 obd2 full swap into EG
  212. P29 High compression Dome Pistons???
  213. Girdle removal, what else?
  214. y7 questions
  215. Head stud torque patten
  216. D16a6 bottom an y8 head
  217. Cam and cam gear question
  218. Stripped Headstud Bolts
  219. Compression calculator
  220. Thin headgaskets????
  221. ISB, which way should face up?
  222. Hybrid Y8 Block Z6 Head Wont Start!
  223. Oil heater/cooler.
  224. I Just Got Done With The Build
  225. SOHC ZC realistic power targets
  226. intake mani gasket
  227. D16Y7 Block, D16Z6 Vtec Head Question!
  228. D15 and D16 compatiblilty
  229. DIY tips to remove ISB/internally accessable bearings?
  230. Y8/A6-- something does seem right.
  231. JDM D15 question
  232. Can I?
  233. How do I Align my ACT clutch?? HELP!!
  234. Sohc Zc Vtec Head Rebuild?
  235. y8 bottem, y7 head, notec, turbo!
  236. My JDM D15B DEL SOL...
  237. What do I need to bring to the machinist?
  238. How much HP can stock z6 rods handle?
  239. Obd2 crank angle sensor issue obd1 motor in ek coupe
  240. .10 hg clearance?
  241. Getting ready to build my first honda
  242. After swap, intake question.
  243. How do you get the rod caps off when plastigauging?! GRRR
  244. Who is in Indiana or Kentucky???
  245. y8 and z6 rocker arm / lost motion assembly the same??
  246. d15b swap
  247. Haha check out these bitches
  248. Motor with rod knock?
  249. I Dont Know What Im Looking At!!!
  250. Need ideas please