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: Engine Building

  1. my build
  2. Stripped threads in block? help please...
  3. Cam problems
  4. Problems with new camshaft and timing
  5. Will my fuel work proerly
  6. Mini me a d16z6
  7. Valve adjustment for more power
  8. Y7/y8 turbo build.
  9. Distributer problem please help on civic ex 96
  10. ZC TEG?
  11. Which oil pan is interchangeable with d16z6
  12. Ecu for z6
  13. Engine timing
  14. NPR (NOA) vs. YCP p29's
  15. Foos > Ingalls - DIY Stiffy bracket
  16. MPFI conversion Problem
  17. Piston + Rod Questions
  18. What should i do to my d15b2..
  19. Few questions
  20. Highest D CR run on 94 octane?
  21. Distributer.. what do i look for ??
  22. What mounts to use for b20 on a 98 civic
  23. Q about main bearing damage/warpage
  24. What would cause this?
  25. High C/R cam selection.
  26. Need help Identifying a cam maybe you can help!
  27. Please explain obd1 obd2 to me (d16y8 into eg swap)
  28. I need some help, ran into a problem
  29. Rod Question
  30. What head?
  31. Nasty noise atfter 4500 at wot.
  32. Building another D
  33. Hondata Gasket on Y8
  34. Z6 SRP pistons in a Y8 ????
  35. d16z6 head on a d16y7 block in a 95 del sol si questions... please read
  36. Max bore on d16?
  37. Help! all kinds of funny sounds!
  38. I'm new here!!!!!!
  39. Another D15B7 Build
  40. Where to find PDN pistons ?????
  41. z6 block with y8 head and crower cam help?
  42. Car dies when its warm/i let off the gas.
  43. 76mm bore; resleeve or no?
  44. z6 and y8 crank pulley
  45. Just pulled off the head
  46. Oil pan??
  47. My build list....
  48. y8 oil pan on a a6 block.
  49. D-engine spec's 4 you in xls
  50. Bisimoto Stage 1 and 2 cams
  51. D16z6 question
  52. autox build
  53. clearence
  54. D15b2 bottom end with D16Y5 head
  55. When Buying Pistons do I...
  56. D14A4 (EUDM) + D16Z6head - Headers
  57. A6 rods??
  58. Rod knocking on y7, is this a good rebuild kit?
  59. Regarding crankcase pressure and oil pickup efficiency
  60. Crower stage 3 in a z6
  61. Cylinder bore questions
  62. Z6 Dizzy question
  63. What adj cam gear
  64. Bottom end cleaning
  65. Earls fuel filter.
  66. If anyone is interested
  67. Finally got a clean sohc head
  68. Newb questions, be prepared...
  69. Can i put 1.6 single v head on the 1.5 block
  70. Rod Bolts help.
  71. Need help BAD!!!
  72. cam gear
  73. Newb Questions + Piston to Bore clearance?
  74. y8 full gasket set for y7/z6??
  75. zeal autoworks, does it take into account pin placement?
  76. Question about mini-me timing
  77. Good Valve Train
  78. Timing Belt, Water Pump, Head Gasket Checklist...
  79. Question about a swap....
  80. Pump shimming Q
  81. Air conditioner belt replacement
  82. y7 block + z6 head building
  83. Budget build help quick my daily
  84. Rod to Stroke ratio....why is the d series so low...yet dependable?
  85. Spark Plug Wire went bad. Buying suggestions
  86. Anyone know a trick to get the siezed alt bolt out?
  87. D series compression calcultor
  88. Cylinder head questions
  89. r18
  90. D16y8 pistons to d16a1 pistons gets you 12.8:1 CR??
  91. Which dipstick?
  92. D16z6 rebuild
  93. Will this build work???
  94. z6 cranck in y8 block ?
  95. Pistons Arias or Bisimoto ?
  96. Rods ??
  97. King engine bearings.
  98. H22A Questions
  99. Are Y7/Y8 fuel rails and FPR's the same part?
  100. NPR vs YCP, Hasting vs NPR for p29 pistons ?
  101. d16y8 rebuild need advice
  102. Difference in A6 and Z6 blocks?
  103. Check out my cylinder walls, what do you think?
  104. VTEC light, new head gasket.
  105. Help!! motor swap (head/ block combo) questions!!
  106. 75.5mm Pm3 pistons for my B2
  107. D15B Valves
  108. D15 timing belt problems
  109. Worn cam journal - can this be fixed?
  110. Mini-me build
  111. Opinions wanted, Hows my block Notching?
  112. Dumb question
  113. D17 Stroker
  114. Engine Worthiness
  115. D16Z9 pistons???
  116. Best way to remove rust?
  117. Needed: Axial play between wrist pin and circlip.
  118. D16z6 rebuild crankshaft problems?
  119. Crank question
  120. Thrust bearing are all the same from 88-00?
  121. D15B7 engine, D15B internals
  122. Mini Me Swap
  123. D16-zc Cranck in a z6??
  124. Noob question about a minime boost build.
  125. D16z6 versus d16y8
  126. E85
  127. z6 bottem, 1.5 head?
  128. So i started porting a z6 head
  129. Highest comp oem pistons for d15?
  130. Z6 Injection Components on a Y7 to Z6 Head Swap with a Y8 IM
  131. My first build...
  132. My first build... '
  133. Head stud woes...sohc zc, y8 head
  134. Boost kits
  135. Engine building books?
  136. Skunk 2 cam. need help
  137. Thrust bearing
  138. Notch after honing
  139. Propane powered honda?
  140. Head studs
  141. Starter Question..!
  142. H beam problems
  143. How well will this cam work for boost?
  144. Small End Width on D16A1/ZC rods
  145. aking a d15z1 into a d15b7
  146. Z6 Bottom end vs A6
  147. The rebuild of the DD. woo hoo.
  148. Good price on D16y8 OEM Pistons or aftermarkets?
  149. y7 head dowel pins?
  150. D16y8??
  151. Need some swappage insights
  152. p29 piston rings
  153. Rod bearing help
  154. Swapping in D16y8 in place of D16z6
  155. Different OEM crank pully
  156. Bottom end binds when assembled
  157. Valve seal replacement
  158. ZC in AWD wagon
  159. Ecu question?
  160. I need advice timing on d16a6 y8 head
  161. D16XX questions!!
  162. Want to MOD D15b dual carb
  163. Need info
  164. Teardown on z6 block
  165. Want help with full y8 build???
  166. y7 - z6 swap
  167. Friend forgot to put thrush washer in good or bad???
  168. Boosted autocross motor
  169. Going for 400!
  170. Any info on D13B with D15B7 head?
  171. D16Z6 Need Head Gasket
  172. Coolant leak.
  173. Jdm D15b
  174. D16z6 problem
  175. D17 oil pan on D15 block ???
  176. Diesel engine oil
  177. Head gasket finally went, and i'm broke
  178. I need some help. please
  179. Wiring delima plz help a brotha out
  180. D16a6 into eg?
  181. Stock y8 cam shaft
  182. Vitara. More than normal slap.
  183. Old SKool Power
  184. D15b High compression
  185. Whats a good one to get...
  186. skunk2 cam?!
  187. Milled head.
  188. Trying my hand at porting
  189. Build time here we go...
  190. Y7 FPR and injectors on a Z6 rail running a Y7 ECU
  191. Just installed a fuel pressure regulator
  192. Finally starting a build
  193. First time honda Engine Build
  194. D14a1 build.. maybe
  195. Is my P2W clearance too much?
  196. Changing valve stem seal
  197. Good d15z1 rebuild kit
  198. z6 oil pump interchangable on a y8?
  199. .040 overbore PMS pistons available?
  200. Fluidampr for D?
  201. Making a 94 lx vtec-e?
  202. Jdm d15b internal fit d16z6 head?
  203. Opinions on 'reconditioned rods' for 230hp
  204. Can anyone tell me what these seals are for??
  205. Radiator too small??
  206. Coolant hose pics (d16a6)
  207. 3G Civic hatch project car
  208. Whats the LPH on the OEM FP
  209. Need some help!!!
  210. y7 cams or minime conversion ?
  211. My dilemma
  212. What rods to use?
  213. What to use for notching block
  214. 90 Civic hatch with motor in the rear...aka my d16y8 build
  215. Question: Locking vtec with air pressure on d16y8 to degree cam
  216. z6 head hitting shop tommorrow, few ?'s
  217. Wanabe headport :]
  218. JDM D15B Bearings
  219. Ignition System Question JDM D15b
  220. MUST READ: Short rods VS long rods explained !
  221. Help PLZ Thanks
  222. Crower Stage 3 Cam Degreeing Question
  223. First Engine Build Plans (please comment)
  224. Ok. Here is the result, now I bore or am I still ok?
  225. Oversized oem bearings discontinued!
  226. RPM Limit on FJTs and Vitaras
  227. Vitara pistons question
  228. D16 crank hp limits
  229. Engine disassembly got questions
  230. D16y7
  231. You think this is fixable?
  232. Need help crankshaft...
  233. Notching the girdle
  234. SOHC ZC D15 b head
  235. Does anyone know if you can or how to
  236. Head machining
  237. I think i have gone tarded
  238. JDM B16A block / USDM B18B head
  239. Misfire/ spudder after swap - Code 9
  240. Timing belt fustration
  241. Need help asap ecu wire color??
  242. Is there any forged rods that don't require notching of the block?
  243. NA Throttle body question
  244. Worth rebuilding???
  245. Piston size
  246. Parts needed for v-tec swap
  247. Z6 Valve cover Screw Broke off In Head
  248. What rods to use?
  249. Desoldering tips
  250. Which way vitaras face???