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: Engine Building

  1. what you think??
  2. Q? about injector clips
  3. y7 build-update-
  4. D16a6 head build
  5. D15b question.radiator lines
  6. Taking block out
  7. D Motor?
  8. z6 cam gear ?
  9. adam408's Project Thread
  10. MPFI use SI harness or mod the DX harness
  11. Bolting the block to an engine stand
  12. Engine rebuild help
  13. Valve Spring Compressor ?
  14. How to remove the rocker arms?
  15. Labor Cost
  16. Putting it back together
  17. Head lift?
  18. Plan b get new block
  19. D15b
  20. Need a general consensus
  21. To notch before or after boring
  22. Snapped arp head stud
  23. Quick HG question
  24. The A6 Keep Shittin On ME
  25. D17a2 Intake Manifold Help
  26. Finally ordering my springs tonight for my head, which ones?
  27. Rings and rods bearing for JE SRP 75mm DOHC ZC (D16a9)??
  28. Q's on torquing rod bolts
  29. D16z6 swap help!!!
  30. Advice on head job please
  31. D15B egr valve
  32. Easiest way to remedy a jumped tooth?
  33. Please D Series Gods.. Distributor Selection Help.(Long Winded)
  34. Help build a JDM D15B non-vtec??
  35. D15b bearings urgent
  36. Rebuilding a D15B6
  37. What is the power rating for a Mini Me build?
  38. Valve guides
  39. "Breaking in" a new/rebuilt D15B2
  40. Oil ring expander ring gap?
  41. New to D-Series and a question about Mini me Swap
  42. Fuel tank pressure switch
  43. Crankshft pulley bolt and crank rethreaded urgent
  44. Clutch question
  45. Dowel Pins....y7 and y8?
  46. Vitara build some questions..
  47. LMA Differences
  48. New here and need advice for my 5thgen
  49. Warped Cylinders.. what should i do?
  50. Cost of machine shop services: 3angle vj, resurface, hottank??$375??
  51. Head???
  52. Aftermarket cam in a d16y8
  53. Full size radiator vs half?
  54. D16A6 Pistons in D16A9
  55. Fuel lines
  56. help with my build please
  57. D16y8 options
  58. Vtec only when cold??!!! WTF?
  59. Aem cam gear key?
  60. d15b7/d16a6 vavlespring?
  61. Dizzy?
  62. Headstud question
  63. b6/z6 Mini Me swap
  64. Quick d15b question
  65. NEW build y8 block with z6 head
  66. d16y7 to d16y8
  67. D16 all motor + nitrous
  68. NDC or ACL bearings
  69. E-bay Radiators
  70. Odyssey battery in an ED
  71. Eg rad in an ED
  72. Rebuilding my D16z6
  73. D15b which other d15 cranks work?
  74. A6 Crank In Z6 Block
  75. MY BUILD ?'s
  76. My D15b..
  77. Pully Question
  78. D15b torque specs
  79. Main bearing clearance question.
  80. Dash Z Racing header...
  81. Custom or stackable HG
  82. Head/Cam?
  83. Need Help ASAP
  84. Y7 To Y8 IM swap completed
  85. D16y7 upgrading
  86. Some tips plz.
  87. Two Z6 cranks, but which to use? Pics inside...
  88. Porting and polishing my d16a6 head
  89. D16a6 build questions
  90. My Build! D16Z6
  91. D16z6 N.O.
  92. What cat fits in a de cat ?
  93. Engine building cost
  94. New sticky material ?
  95. Check out my video of my d16z6 swap
  96. Which has a better chance of blowing out.....
  97. Compression with cam info ?
  98. Boost and juice
  99. Should i rebuild...? d16z6
  100. Need help..Not to sure what the problem is..
  101. Should i fix this engine or replace it?
  102. D16Y8 Project
  103. D15B2/B7 Pistons and Z6 Block
  104. Problem solving. Wont rev pass 5k
  105. Rod and main bearing help
  106. PTW clearance
  107. Cranks??
  108. I need rods Yesterday, who has em, plz read
  109. Swapin out the D 4 a B
  110. Crankshaft offset grinding
  111. Engine timing on point. ignition timing way off?
  112. New head gasket! help
  113. Strongest oem rod
  114. Cam lift limit, non vtec
  115. D16y8 intake manifold on d16y7
  116. Ignition Timing on a D16Y8
  117. y8 short and long block differences
  118. What is the deck height on p29's in an a6
  119. Next step in my build.
  120. d16z6 rebuilding
  121. d17 crank in a d16 block?
  122. Manifold swap
  123. Which arp bolts to use in mini me swap
  124. A noob question
  125. installing bearings, help!!!
  126. Choices for d16b7
  127. What could be wrong?
  128. Torque specs for arps
  129. Opinions about JG 301 D16A6 cam (stage 3)
  130. d 15b bottom end, z6 head, is this possible?
  131. Question about tap size
  132. Hey guys need a lil info for my build
  133. Im LoOkin fOr VaLve Job an My HeAd Mill.
  134. Rebuilding my d16z5 motor
  135. Fuel injectors
  136. P29 piston question
  137. Undecided on my first build
  138. New cam for a d15b7
  139. D15 idea..
  140. y7 y8 cam the same or no?
  141. Vitara pistons with what rods?
  142. y7/y8/z6 cranks swapable?
  143. My First Build
  144. D16z6 with p29/pm7's
  145. CEL, but no fuel prime and doest start.
  146. Pulling engine
  147. A few questions..
  148. 88-91 A6 Si valve springs VS 88-91 B2 DX valve springs
  149. Torquing the mains???
  150. Alternator ??
  151. Finaly got car back!!!!
  152. Two a6s but different girdles
  153. D16a6 + z6 head
  154. How much milling is safe
  155. Dilemma : To get Stg.2 or Stg.3 Cam (with valvetrain)
  156. D15B Vtec and D16Z6 heads identical?
  157. Vitara build
  158. Mini me -- obd0 to obd1
  159. Motors
  160. mini me question
  161. Oversized D15B Pistons
  162. oilpan code ??
  163. Post up your DIY ported head
  164. b7 crank z6 crank
  165. Which head for zc mini me
  166. D16a6 into EG
  167. Code 91 FTP sensor
  168. D16/15 question
  169. Need some strate anserws!!
  170. A6 throttle body question
  171. Injectors
  172. Power gains with an a6 cam...
  173. Will a a6 crank fit a z6 block?
  174. The first steps to my own build thread
  175. New D16z6 Build
  176. y7/y8 mini me upgrades
  177. Crankshaft speed fluctuation sensor...
  178. Harness help
  179. Are the valves the same?
  180. z6 crank and girtle in a 7y?
  181. y8 ported and polished =]
  182. Made Progress...Anything else?
  183. More bearing BS, seriously though
  184. My z6 vitara EJ coupe build
  185. Porting a z6 head, take a look
  186. d16z6 questionS!
  187. D16z6 oil pan
  188. D15b but no vtec
  189. Rebuilding my Z6 motor?
  190. I am a noob, and i have a question
  191. Rod bolt size for d15b1
  192. y8 question
  193. ZC internals in d16z6?
  194. 97 civic si mounts
  195. Took the head off to get some work done, and after 30psi, this is the cylinders
  196. Vtec solenoid compatible
  197. Need help as far as building my z6 head
  198. Spark plug tube removal
  199. Building a D15b Vtec for BOOST!
  200. Plug Leads
  201. Help verifying Venom Cam Gear Y8 / Z6 ?
  202. Build for Nitrous+pics+questions
  203. Attn need help quick for jeezy
  204. If theres is bottom end noise, what could it be?
  205. Use d16A6 cam gear for mini me ?
  206. Intake manifold??
  207. sohc zc crx hf build
  208. Not a D But Is a B18a1 a interference motor or not???
  209. Timing marks for mini-me swap
  210. D15Z1 head building theory
  211. Pm7 piston with y8 head, its safe?
  212. Is this intake worth while getting
  213. Thought about d15b
  214. Tuning Vitaras
  215. d16 gurdle tourq
  216. D15B7 with D16 internals
  217. D15z1 / D16z6 Combo rebuilt
  218. Upgrading valvetrain...what's with the keepers????
  219. D15b internals
  220. 96-00 Exhaust on a 94?
  221. oem parts
  222. ARP Head bolts
  223. Auto math 101
  224. F23/h23 hybrid
  225. bisimoto d16z6 nitrous cam 2.3 streetable??
  226. Do I understand the concensus correctly?
  227. cakened bearings
  228. POLL which setup would be best
  229. Y7 and Y8 oil pan interchangable?
  230. JG Engine Dynamics Camshafts
  231. Crower Vs Bisi
  232. Stg 2 cam OK with stock valvetrain??
  233. Headgasket question
  234. D16y8 head mild .40mm off need help with clearance
  235. PM9-6 Cylinder head, D15B stamped block
  236. Intake choices
  237. Least compression needed
  238. Some quick work from tonight.
  239. Will it fit
  240. Can i swap the head from my 90 crx si to my 92 civic cx?????
  241. Raising compression without tuning
  242. Going to swap need some answers
  243. Seattle machine shop
  244. Sohc ZC question...
  245. Ok guys looking for Opinions on Motor Swap...
  246. Help!! Anyone ever seen this before!!!
  247. D16z6 Tranny Work With SOHC ZC Engine
  248. PM6 pistons in a y8
  249. D16y7/78 minime
  250. Dyno results, unfortuneatly, Need help inside...