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: Engine Building

  1. D15b7/a6 cam woes=[ (Videos inside)
  2. Weight of a y8 intake manni
  3. MY mini -me project. SLow work. Lots of questions will be asked.
  4. Does my cam timing look TDC?(Come take a look please)
  5. obd1 injector into obd2 harness wiring
  6. Charcoal canister removal?
  7. My vitara build
  8. Help quick flywheel question need answer asap
  9. Price for building an engine, finally spoke with a shop
  10. d15b7/a6 cam very very slugish until 4k?
  11. "D15B8" with DX transmission
  12. Cam Gears
  13. Quick Help needed what plugs are these
  14. Help!!Video Inside(A6 cam into B7 Swap)
  15. Help!!Video Inside(A6 cam into B7 Swap)
  16. y8 auto head question And y7 head also
  17. Chain Wrench on Crank Pulley
  18. vitara set up
  19. Vitara set up
  20. Rods and Pistons
  21. JDM D15B VTEC head = D16Z6 head?
  22. Please help!!!!!!!
  23. Quick question on rod bearing replacement on a GSR
  24. Changing a wiring harness with the engine in the car...
  25. D17A2 questions
  26. Doing The A6 Cam/B7 Swap Today.Need All The Help I Can.
  27. D16z6 head on D16y8 block, few quick ???
  28. Finding out if my curent motor has been milled
  29. Running-in a fresh rebuild
  30. Head question...
  31. AEM cam gear 3-bolt, why the bad rep?
  32. I Found the problem..!!!
  33. Compression test results
  34. CEL CODE 9? a6 with y8 head
  35. Noticed a few things about my cylinder head
  36. 8000+rpm redline?
  37. z6 head on y8
  38. Look what happened when notching block...
  39. Cars Apart, What To Do?
  40. Guess what i forgot to do?
  41. A6 block. hole above filter?
  42. P28 in a d16y7 no-tec
  43. Best Motor Build Option for Circuit/Track
  44. P to V clearance Y7
  45. The big question.. n/a vs turbo.
  46. d15b vti jdm rebuild
  47. Rebuilding my Y8
  48. z6 head question hond-tech couldn't help me
  49. Where to get Ferrea Valves? (d16y8 head)
  50. A/c or no a/c
  51. Y8 or Z6 Head for Mini Me?
  52. Mini-Me Head F/S (d16y8)
  53. Bigger valves, yes or no?
  54. Fuel filter
  55. p29's on ls rods in a d16z6
  56. Need Opinions on D16Z6 build
  57. D16y8 build HELP!
  58. Help, cam gear stuck on cam shaft!!
  59. Which timing belt for d15b7/z6 mini me swap??
  60. Shaved LS rods in D16
  61. D16y5 with Z6 head! Help bogging bad!!!!!!
  62. Mini Me CUTS OUT!???
  63. d16y7 on d15b7
  64. Mild y8 build....worth it?
  65. Head gasket question
  66. Connecting rod help
  67. Gapless piston rings
  68. How to go from mpfi to carbed for D16A6?
  69. How to differentiate a d15b e-vtec vs normal vtec
  70. d15b question
  71. 2 Part question.
  72. a6 bottom end in a 5th gen ex
  73. D16y8 block worth $150?
  74. D16y8 or not?
  75. Fuel rail on Y8 manifold swap?
  76. Need help
  77. Rod bearings
  78. D16z6 swap in 97 civic
  79. Crank Bolt
  80. D15b8 oil pan on d16z6? yay or nay?
  81. Rebuilding my d16a6 ?'s about installing rings
  82. Oil Pan Compatible ?
  83. Need answers about head
  84. D16y7 questions
  85. Supertech valve springs
  86. Need schooled on heads
  87. JDM D15B Vtec vs D16Z6 camshafts
  88. OBD2b distributor to obd2a
  89. Building my D16; need help!
  90. Loopy idle....
  91. Do you know where to get this? (Motorswap adapter)
  92. Broken bolt affect head ???
  93. Bisi ported head
  94. D16y7 motor
  95. Bearings
  96. Rear mount not matching up to tranny. Please help
  97. Rod and main bearing help
  98. Help w/ building my D16Y8!
  99. Jdm d15b block/d16z6 head
  100. DH-Racing/high compression build advise
  101. Dohc ZC rebuild for 300whp.
  102. Lightweight Crank pulley 1.5L bearings?
  103. 97 hx intake manni on a 97 civic ex
  104. D16y8 and d16z6 exhaust manifold compatibility...
  105. D16y8 questions
  106. D16z6
  107. SKUNK2 camgear
  108. Its about time.....
  109. Mini me swap.. Which head studs to use?
  110. My d16y8 build
  111. D16Y8 N/A Max Power?
  112. Just bought a 99 honda civic
  113. Mini me but not
  114. Block filling
  115. N/a vs turbo vs high compression
  116. Still burning a little oil
  117. Need input on my future build.
  118. Will these 450 injectors still work?
  119. Cam gear teeth d16z6/z9 and Y8.
  120. Should I build the HEAD???
  121. Block notching
  122. Beware the chain wrench
  123. Which cam for a z6/y7 mini me?
  124. Titanium valves
  125. d16z6 Rocker arm ratio???
  126. Carnage pics and new build
  127. Z6 minime-swap
  128. Throttle body gasket
  129. D16Y8 Cat SMOG CHECK
  130. Cam regrind illistration
  131. DIY - Y8 Oil Pump Shim, Prelim Port DIY Pics
  132. Strongest D-Series BLOCK
  133. I now have an infraction
  134. What CR is this?
  135. y7-y8 intake mainfold
  136. ECU problems
  137. Losing oil pressure
  138. Vitara's w/ stock rods
  139. Crank Pully
  140. Rear main oil seal
  141. No gas to injectors
  142. D15 crank in d16 block
  143. High Compression Build
  144. Oil Pan
  145. d15b2 head to d14a4
  146. Intake manifold question
  147. ???? lost
  148. Z6 wont start after swap?!?!??
  149. How much hp can a d16z6 handle
  150. Best tool for SOHC valve removal/installation?
  151. Iacv Q 3WIRE TO 2WIRE
  152. D15 block/d16y7 head. PROBLEMS!!!
  153. Piston question
  154. Intake Manifold Question???
  155. How much do D16Z6 w/trans sell for?
  156. 120k z6
  157. Obd1 engine in obd2b car.
  158. Jdm d15 head on a d15b7
  159. Mini~me
  160. Timing
  161. Cleaning engine parts
  162. D15 toga rod bearing q
  163. Bearing question?????
  164. Piston to wall clearance
  165. Head?
  166. Picked up a d15b8
  167. Shave or not for d15b vitara build...?
  168. Building Question for a y7 block and y8head
  169. Opinions needed: Piston still usable?
  170. Legalities.....
  171. What injectors to use??
  172. y8 intake swap Q's
  173. How long can engine stand before rings go bad?
  174. Help with removing valve seals
  175. Help Compression Ratio
  176. Y7 to Y8 IM swap Idle issues
  177. Aftermarket mani no spot for fitv
  178. Yearly maintainance
  179. Vtec ecu question?
  180. D16 pistons in a d15?
  181. D15B VTEC vs. D16Z6; N/A and Nitrous Q's...
  182. Rebuild gaskets??
  183. Building D16z6 need help.
  184. D15b build questions
  185. D16y7 compression input?
  186. Need Opinions
  187. Not sure what wire harness i need for my d15b7motor???
  188. Motor mount advice solid or oem?
  189. Y7 Plan to buil engine
  190. Blown head gasket??
  191. For sale
  192. Question about valve adjusgtment
  193. z6 pistons in y8 block?
  194. Seal behind flywheel
  195. Need Quick Answer. Obd0 -> Obd1 02 sensor
  196. Vfac piece of crap
  197. D15B7 Block/Y7 Head Problems
  198. How can you tell if you have a ex head or an hx head...???
  199. Oil Pump for D15B Jdm
  200. D15b water pump which one?
  201. Hastings Rings
  202. Camshaft and Springs
  203. Bent valves?
  204. Piston Slap
  205. Crank pully
  206. D16a6
  207. Arp head stud torque
  208. ideas/opinions d16y7
  209. question on oil pump gasket
  210. Regrind cams: The importance of parkurizing
  211. Re-Ring a motor with less than 2k miles
  212. Another bearing question-just need clarification
  213. Change stock sleeves without machine, for 75mm JE pistons is posible?
  214. New plan....
  215. What the hell is this
  216. INTAKE ?
  217. Eagle h beam rod torque
  218. To mill or not to mill??
  219. Camshaft valve timing?
  220. Camshaft valve timing?
  221. Pistons for a d16z6
  222. (d15b7)A6 cam vs. Z6 Mini-me
  223. In need of a good oem d16z6 crank
  224. D15b emergency!
  225. Sohc valve train???
  226. Anyone used a z6 HG on a y8 before?
  227. What do I need to achieve 300whp in a d16a6?
  228. Newly acquired d15b8 94' hatch
  229. Crank and other ?s
  230. Turbo d desperately need help question
  231. Distributors
  232. Changed timing belt, major mpg drop...What happened!
  233. Enlarging main bearing holes
  234. D16a6/y7 combo questions
  235. Rebuild to stock?
  236. D16a6 into EJ6
  237. D16z6 bolts
  238. D15b7/A6 cam Good for turbo?
  239. MILD 1.5 build questions
  240. z6 head top dead center.
  241. question on rods
  242. T-belt
  243. The most DD friendly combo to yield 11:1 plus compression
  244. Crower Stage 2
  245. b20 swap into an ek
  246. diy port jobs
  247. I cant find any DIY on an a6 cam swap..
  248. Oil ring
  249. D16z6 / D16y7
  250. Knocking...