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: Engine Building

  1. Y7 and Y8 blocks
  2. Head Gasket Question
  3. Painted my valve cover
  4. Got a EG8!!! HELP!
  5. Can I use my stock ecu for z6 mini???
  6. Y8 mech. timing question (not starting)
  7. Reliable, Fuel Mileage build
  8. 62 hp of CARNAGE!!!!!!
  9. Degreeing crower stg. 3
  10. CNC machined rods...pistons???
  11. y8 head on y7 block questions.
  12. D15b2 mini me into my 95 hatch...
  13. Y8 ARP'S in a A6?
  14. Engine break... has anyone done it this way
  15. Issue with timing belt, cam gear, pulley
  16. FJdistributors rebuild kit
  17. JDM D15b vtec crank pulley bolt reverse thread??
  18. D15z1 build
  19. Will I See Gains Port Matching Z6 I.M for my a6 Cam?
  20. Craddle off
  21. z6 head on a z1 block with z6 pistons
  22. Engine run without crank 'key'
  23. Y4 Block with Y8 Vtec head??
  24. My 80mm Bore GONE!!! Need help from the D-Series Veterans.
  25. do i have an aftermarket cam?
  26. Rod knock on friends h22 hatchie :( :(
  27. Head gasket, ARPs and p29 question
  28. y7 engine build ideas...
  29. OBD2A D16Y8 into 99 OBD2B EK Chassis Help!!
  30. D16a6 block-d15b7 head can i do this??
  31. Degreeing cam
  32. y8/z1 build
  33. Priming the oil pump
  34. Just got back from making a screaming deal (Y8 goodness)
  35. D15B7 Blowing hoses and radiator after head mill.
  36. 1.6 sohc all motor Build v.1
  37. Which would be better y7 or y8
  38. D15b4 rebuild
  39. Want to build my engine for $$$???
  40. My buddy blew his motor what could it be?
  41. D15B head and an A6 head ?z
  42. Intake manifold
  43. Turbo b7~y8 mini me
  44. y8 build
  45. y8 cam in z6 motor
  46. Bad machine shop news, help identifying problem
  47. D16Y7 Motor Intake
  48. New, need direction
  49. Urgent z6 head on 1.5 z1 block
  50. Mini me swap question?
  51. Better to build: A6 or Z6 bottom end.
  52. D16z6 head
  53. Block notching!
  54. Rebuilding the d15b7
  55. Rebuild???
  56. Mixed up Aftermarket Cams
  57. Mini me r swap d16z6
  58. Camshaft Bearing question.
  59. d15b2 in HF max rpm?
  60. What brand of Piston Rings do you use?
  61. d16y8 building help. Urgente!!!
  62. D16Y8 Arias Pistons. Piston to wall clearence???
  63. ANOTHER Y7/Y8 Build
  64. Z6 cam in y8 head
  65. Engine coolant
  66. a6 head on y7 bottom end?
  67. New Build for my Brother's Sol
  68. Whats better a6 crank or Z6 Crank
  69. Head Flow
  70. Proper tap for the headbolt holes in the block?
  71. Which should i build
  72. Creating an Intake Mani?
  73. Head identification
  74. 1989 honda civic d15b7 white SMOKE???
  75. Did all D-Series come with cast cranks and rods?
  76. Knock noise after Rebuild
  77. D17A Z6 head?
  78. Don't remember oil being there before..
  79. Timing belt cover.
  80. Who wants to donate a D15B7 piston?
  81. Crankshaft Question
  82. Is it worth it?
  83. To the people installing vitara pistons backwards
  84. Planning out D16A6 build with a few Q's, Feed back needed
  85. D15B2 Rods, and Pistons
  86. Can i rig a vtec solenoid?
  87. In Need of a Z6 crank to finish build....
  88. LS rods in D16
  89. best price on head stud kit or head bolts.
  90. Golden Eagle cam gear
  91. D15 mods?
  92. First Build Q? about eagle block notching.
  93. Resizing connecting rods??
  94. Head studs
  95. D15b7/y7 head Q's.
  96. z6 head on z1 block??
  97. Not D related but opinion LS crank/rods in GSR block
  98. Tap size for chasing threads on headstuds
  99. Problem with 99 civic swap
  100. What should be my next move guys?(D vs. B)
  101. Previous owner says my civic has skunk2 stage 2 cams
  102. OEM Compression ring(2nd groove)
  103. Built motor getting hot
  104. Built d16z6
  105. Screw you delta... i need a y7 cam
  106. I have a cylinder wear question...
  107. ? P29 Piston users info pls..
  108. Main bearing cap bolts!
  109. Dpfi swap
  110. Z6 intake on Y7
  111. Throttle body gasket
  112. D series valve springs and retainers??
  113. D16z9 swap in my hatch
  114. D15b build ?
  115. What stock dohc parts can i put on my d16z6??
  116. D16z6 engine prices please!!!
  117. y7 Questions!!
  118. New advice with apexi v-tec controler in in d16z6
  119. Map Sensor
  120. Obd1 engine into obd2 What do i need??
  121. Unknown cam help!!!
  122. N/A Y7 build
  123. Engine problems after swap. Please help fellow members.
  124. Custom Z1 rods
  125. New motor wont start
  126. New d16z6 build
  127. Strange noise after engine rebuild
  128. D15B7 help.
  129. Timing belt.
  130. Build wont stay running
  131. Mini me swap
  132. Sensor Questions
  133. Stuck ARP head studs.
  134. Valve springs impossible to find
  135. D16z6/y8 vtec
  136. Building a d16 but having a slight brain moment help!
  137. D15B2: What can be done to it that it'll survive?
  138. Question on removing pistons
  139. Dpfi to mpfi problem
  140. New to the d15b vtec missed something
  141. Dead Vitaras
  142. Which pistons
  143. Oil Rings DIY?
  144. The_abuse build thread
  145. Oem upgrades for the mighty a6
  146. HALP!! What the hell is going on?
  147. D15Z1 compression ratio increase?
  148. Having issues spinning the crank/ cam
  149. VTEC "port" on block
  150. Z6 on Y7, which gaskets and belts to use?
  151. ARP 8740 rod bolt torque
  152. Heli-coil maybe??
  153. z6 head.... port & polish?
  154. Found a engine
  155. D16 eagle rods
  156. Stock head with p29s
  157. How do you organize your bolts/nuts?
  158. D16z6 head
  159. D16A6 rebuild
  160. Wiz's why not rip it out thread?! 56k... psh
  161. Helacoil kit?
  162. Eagle rods balanced or not???
  163. Lost motion assembly question
  164. My Z6 Turbo build
  165. Breaking in a built motor
  166. A little confused, crank breaking?
  167. Del Sol d16 help!!!!!!!!!!!
  168. Your thoughts on using a crank that needs turning
  169. I Need Help With my Circletrack Civic!!!!
  170. Machine shop overbored engine block ....What to do?
  171. D16Z6 rebuild question (piston/ring/rod) mods
  172. d16z6 swap on y7 bottom help! please read and post!
  173. Need help with understanding my head...
  174. Golden Eagle Adjustable Cam Gear
  175. Hey Y5 question
  176. D16y5 crank pulley marks
  177. Cervans Half a$$ build thread.
  178. d15b2 crank pully on sohc zc non vtec?
  179. Crank Pulley
  180. D16y4 build
  181. Stock ECU + Vitara/Custom I-Beam setup
  182. BREAK IN with boost???!!
  183. Strange issue after HG replacement
  184. Z6 Pistons in a Y7 block
  185. Intake maniflod question
  186. Exospeed
  187. Cam gear... missing sticky info
  188. crx alternater pulley swap
  189. pnp
  190. Help with my build
  191. PTH clearance for pm6 in y8
  192. Built my first vitara motor
  193. Was going to rebuild my D15B2 until...
  194. Edelbrock Camgear
  195. Mini-Me Cam Timing Help!?!
  196. D16Y7 Set Up!
  197. Pros and Cons
  198. Target CR... stock ecu
  199. Question about d16z6 gasket kit...
  200. Which distributor? d15b
  201. D15b7/z6 mini me: valve clearance ?
  202. z6 piston pick and crank walk all over.
  203. Y7 head problems
  204. H/i/e
  205. Mini-me a6 block with zc pistons
  206. Mini VTEC BELT HELP
  207. Bearing question, can i do this?
  208. Y8 or Z6 Cam
  209. Question about D16 blocks
  210. Need help! Won't start.. d16y7 head, d15b block
  211. Flywheel problems
  212. USDM D15B7/2 rotating assembly concerns/disscussion
  213. Got my vitara's in, but I have a noob question
  214. Think this is because of the crank pulley?
  215. No grove in crank gear??? how do I setup timing?
  216. My first build. Ideas?
  217. Lower timing belt cover
  218. Mini-me
  219. d16y7 head on my d15b oil squirer?
  220. ZC block with Y7 head
  221. z6/y7 mini me...?
  222. Piston 2 wall clearance help
  223. Order of valves
  224. Should I do a mini me swap?
  225. Reoccuring problem completly stumped
  226. Blew a hole in my block, Rebuild time
  227. Crower Stage 2 cam for Z6/D15B VTEC
  228. Building a d16z6 where to get parts
  229. a6 tensioner or z6 tensioner
  230. D15b7 with d16y7 head does timing marks change?
  231. SOHC ZC in a 97'
  232. Building d16y7
  233. z6 and y8 crankshaft differences (Or indifferences..)
  234. Weird problem.
  235. OBX stage 1 cam
  236. Vtec - yay or nay
  237. Need my d-series peoples opinion
  238. Mini me--timing belt cover question
  239. Dpfi to mpfi
  241. y8 pistons in d15b1 block...?
  242. Pistons - Finding alternatives?
  243. Difference between D16Z6 and D16Y5?
  244. Rocker Shaft
  245. Y7 Block Z6 Crank which pulley?
  246. D16y7 First Turbo Setup (Ebay Kit)
  247. Buying Y8 Swap, what do I look for?
  248. Whats are best choice?
  249. dohc zc
  250. Re-rebuild of a d16y7 questions and suggestions...