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: Engine Building

  1. d16y7 hastings piston rings
  2. d15b2 build questions
  3. question on what can be removed
  4. oversized valves or nah
  5. D16 Vitara Build Crank question.
  6. Engine Mounts
  7. engine builder in iowa
  8. ring end gap question
  9. D15B1 block- Z6 head, etc...
  10. Oil Pressure Questions
  11. Y8 Block Y7 Head
  12. D16 Lightening flywheel
  13. Running super rich out of no where
  14. high comp z6
  15. Need help asap!!!! D16y8
  16. Honda D15B3 Engine
  17. JDM D15B VTEC (P08) with 01-03 GX pistons - looking for confirmation
  18. Would you use this block?
  19. ARP head studs torque on re-use?
  20. How much YOU made with NIPPON vitaras?
  21. d16y8 low compression
  22. Help 97 intake manifold no IACV?
  23. Gates racing timing belt
  24. looking for feedback
  25. D17a1 with d16 crank
  26. D16z6 semi build EF hatch
  27. How Much Head Work for Turbo Build?
  28. Going to look at A z6 block soon need advice what watch out for
  29. D15Z7 Head Rebuild- What valves do I buy?
  30. Y8 crank trigger on a D15B7
  31. y8 block z6 head info
  32. Removing a D17A6
  33. Wanted in the UK
  34. Timing....
  35. my engine idles , cel 9 and hard to start at morning (d16z6 engine)
  36. Vitara p2w clearance
  37. first time head rebuild need knowledge
  38. head rebuild first time
  39. first time build
  40. My first build
  41. D16A6 Water Pump and Oil Pump
  42. 1st or 2nd Ring Gap Bigger?
  43. d16z6 rebuild idle problems
  44. help identifying cam!!
  45. z6 to -6 vtec HELP. !!!
  46. B18 type r 138mm rod
  47. Because Race Car!!!
  48. Girdle Notching Write-Up?
  49. D15z1 motor with d16z6 intake manifold and p28 ecu?
  50. Head build- Modified Valve job or Installing Over Sized Valves
  51. What Happens to a head in a Machine Shop
  52. Upper Radiator Hose Thermostat
  53. cam gear question
  54. pm3 head build need opinions
  55. D16a6 mini-me question
  56. Milling a block that was belt surfaced
  57. Y8 Head on Y5 Block Questions
  58. d15b2/y7
  59. Is this head still good
  60. Can I use a D15 gasket in a D16y7?
  61. Back cutting valves for improved air flow
  62. Which side of piston is intake and which is exhaust?
  63. Engine Machine Work Explained
  64. B16 Manifold on a D15
  65. Cam longevity thread
  66. h22 vti injector identification
  67. Oil Clearance - Help me out !
  68. The worst block I have ever surfaced.
  69. Why NOT to let your head be belt surfaced/sanded
  70. How to change Valve Guides In a cylinder Head
  71. Overbore or not?
  72. Super D
  73. 300,000 mile teardown pics
  74. Ported oil pump for y8
  75. Can anyone tell me what this bolt is
  76. fuel regulator help
  77. Replace head or no?? Opinions..
  78. Cold start stalls without throttle applied...
  79. D16a6 valve springs 25.4mm OD?
  80. Valve Guide Install
  81. Too much crank end float...
  82. Please help identify this part
  83. Throttle cable question
  84. This looks great...
  85. D16Y8 Full Build - Oil Clearances - How to get looser?
  86. d16a6 huge valve gap
  87. D15 Dualcarb carb choices?
  88. z6 head y8 block arp head studs??
  89. +1mm oversize valves install
  90. how bad is it to mix up pistons?
  91. Machine shop quotes (whats a fair price)
  92. K20 block
  93. where to buy crankshaft from?
  94. d15b non vtec
  95. do I need this?
  96. what do you guys think about my sad z6? tops of the cylinders have matching scortchs
  97. Calling Engine Wire Tuck Experts
  98. building y8 block z6 head what internals?
  99. Exospeed
  100. I need advice I am a newbie at building please read an feedback please and thank you
  101. How much is a d16z6 worth?
  102. vitara pistons no rod endplay?
  103. Looking for a place that sells a good Reman engine.
  104. Vitara build 500 mile mark. oil fouled plug :( sad day.
  105. Honda logo d16z6 project.
  106. Help with Skunk2 Alpha Rods and YCP Pistons
  107. Can you identify these pistons?
  108. Cutting piston skirts?
  109. help
  110. D16y7 block with D15b2 oil pump and pan?
  111. D16a6/d15b7 puzzle
  112. d15beast7 build, head gasket replacement question
  113. Y8 bisi 2.4 cam in z6 head - best cam gear route?
  114. Head gasket went
  115. D16Y8 Vitara Build Need z6 crank?
  116. D16y7 build for time attacks?
  117. z6 head build
  118. a6/y8 build
  119. two questions about replacement valve guides
  120. Oil Leak After Build
  121. cam degree
  122. arp head stud question
  123. d15b start issues
  124. start issues d15b.
  125. z6 water pump vs y7/y8
  126. auto to 5 speed
  127. head code help
  128. Can't find d16y8 cylinder head rebuild kit?
  129. Helppp, z6 head on y7 block
  130. a6/y8 hybrid help!
  131. thinking about a d16y5 swap...
  132. D15b2 w/ d16z6 head. Need help!
  133. d15b7 won't engage any gear
  134. D16y8 head damage
  135. d16a6 build checklist and plan
  136. what do ya'l think about these diagnostics results
  137. d15b with y8 head
  138. Custom Pistons
  139. Checking for roundness diy?
  140. d15b7 worth building? im a newb
  141. D16Z6 Main Stud question...
  142. 99-00 jdm d16a?
  143. D16z6 vitara eagle h beam Do i need crankshaft balance???
  144. whats the best way to protect rings during head gasket material removal?
  145. Skunk2 Manifold w/ stock throttle body
  146. ARP Head studs... L19?
  147. i have hit a wall (HELP)
  148. Y8 Head Milling, CC Volume & Zeal Calculator
  149. dpfi to mpfi
  150. mini me swap problems
  151. D16A rebuild
  152. d16z6 rod cap clearance issue
  153. Looking for Crower 3 cam card
  154. A couple of questons
  155. d15b bottom with y8 top end
  156. D14A1 help :)
  157. Comp 59300 vs. ?
  158. .002 main bearing clearance
  159. SOHC D16zc questions
  160. Anybody use the Edelbrock cam gear yet?
  161. Crankshaft locks up
  162. D16y8 turbo internals help!
  163. d16 crank question
  164. possible rod knock and bearing purchase questions
  165. Help Installing ARP head studs/bolts d16z6 no instructions/??
  166. F*cked all project before started
  167. Burning oil on the dyno...
  168. strength of y7 P2E pistons?
  169. d16a block with z6 head timing
  170. D16A6 Rebuild! I need help!
  171. my d16z6
  172. I need some valves...
  173. d16a6 with z6 manifold
  174. DPFI - MPFI issue
  175. NO oil pressure problem
  176. Gasket compatibility Z6/A6
  177. Did I get sent the wrong pistons?
  178. cracked block, need answers.
  179. Suggestions on intake, fuel rail, fuel pump
  180. D16A6>D16Y8??? plz help
  181. How good/bad do these bores look?
  182. z6 darton sleeves problem
  183. Slow D16z6 Build 92 EG
  184. d16z6 block, 89 d16a1 internals?
  185. Should I look for/get bigger injectors?
  186. obd1 b7 block with obd2 y8 heaD???
  187. Questions on DB15B2 head swap
  188. Broken crankshaft?
  189. ONE of my Hastings rings has too large of end gap
  190. Gap on oil ring spacer?
  191. d15b2 in 97 civic crank sensor?
  192. AEM tru time cam gear.
  193. Looking for a good engine rebuild kit for a D16Z6?
  194. did my Oil sandwitchplate cause spin bearing??????
  195. 89civic hatchback dx
  196. d16y8 rockers
  197. D15b need help guys
  198. timing z6/y7
  199. D16z6 motor overheating???
  200. .020 over head gasket
  201. time to start my d15b8 build
  202. Exhaust spring locators, below or ontop of seat?
  203. y8 manifold question
  204. Head Ticking After Rebuild
  205. Cam upgrade
  206. beginner forgers question!!
  207. DOHC ZC rocker arm pad repair?
  208. z6 head, y8 block; ARP's
  209. Help identifying Eagle Rod
  210. D15 turbo budget build
  211. What valves to run and cam repair...
  212. y8 rocker always loose
  213. timing belt cant get it correct pictures
  214. Yet another crank and bearing question
  215. Can i use the pistons from a d17a2 on a d16y7 block?
  216. d13b2 injection swap from d16z6
  217. To Build the D15B?
  218. Engine mount question
  219. Few questions I need answering (D15Z6)
  220. misfire
  221. oil pan coating coming off
  222. David Vizard cylinder head porting book
  223. Sad day..
  224. Engine no start/knocking noise d16z6 rebuild?
  225. Got me a new block :-)
  226. D15B7 TO D15Z6.. in need of some help asap :s
  227. 2001 D15B JDM Motor....
  228. b7 intake cracked, only locally available are obd2. what do?
  229. Quick Question About a Shortblock I have
  230. D17 Stroker with Viataras
  231. D16Y8 Crank In D16Z6 Block?
  232. Eagle rod direction
  233. Turbo Z6 Spun Bearing(s)
  234. Need help quick! Would you buy this for a rebuld??
  235. First oil change, gold flakes in pan
  236. D16(z6) to B18 swap need help!!!
  237. New SOHC D16z6 Owner Building Now
  238. Would you buy a crank from this guy? *Ebay Seller*
  239. Oil Cooler Too Big?
  240. Need help Calculating Dynamic Compression Ratio
  241. Paronite head gasket dissolved?
  242. Rebuild bottom end while still in the car?
  243. How much WHP gain..?
  244. Should I Turbo D16Z6 or D16Y8??
  245. D16Z6 setup
  246. I would love to use my 75 mm pistons, How lucky will I get?
  247. barebones y8 vitara build questions
  248. Cam Selection - Looking for Opinions to get the best one
  249. How's my cam timing?
  250. D16/b8 setup?