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: Engine Building

  1. d16z6 build
  2. Little Headstud Thread Problem
  3. [mini me] piston - valve clearance
  4. d16z6 block zc pistons with y5 head
  5. IAT
  6. FJ Discount?
  7. lil help
  8. Crank pully ratios
  9. Y8 head/Z6 bottomend Timing Issue
  10. D17 questions
  11. D15B2 vs D15B7 cam
  12. O2 sensors
  13. Engine bearings
  14. HELP! car wont turn over!
  15. Piston Query
  16. Is this a good rebuild set?
  17. Crower built head...
  18. What hea do I head?
  19. Look what I got in the mail today!
  20. Ring seating
  21. d15b2 with d16z6 head IN a 94 civic
  22. After engine rebuilding which Valve Lash clearance i have to use
  23. d16y8 block with a z6 head
  24. Need some info on rebuilding a head or....
  25. B18 Swap question
  26. Need help deciding?
  27. Throttle body question
  28. Jdm D15b Thrust Washer???
  29. Oil control valve
  30. Block building
  31. Easy crank pulley tdc question
  32. Question about D15 / D16 Cams and Gears
  33. d15b 3 stage from 97 exi need advice
  34. Is this TB from a F23?
  35. Mini-me
  36. D16y7 help me.
  37. Intake changed
  38. Where does this hose go to? I cant find it!
  39. a6 head z6 block ?'s and help
  40. Please tell me what is the condition of my bearings pictures available
  41. Engaging vtec pistons in rocker arms
  42. Anyone here ever replaced pistons with the engine still in the car?
  43. Help a bratha out
  44. Building a d16 with Vitara pistons for turbo
  45. Stock or LS rods?
  46. Z6 head rebuild
  47. Valve spring installed height
  48. Minime D15B7 Block~D16Y8 Head Internals Questions... THX
  49. D15b7 build
  50. Vitara Question!!! Help needed
  51. Questions about a minime
  52. pg6 or p29? different kind of question and confusion...
  53. Bought a sleeved D16A8 block; Need opinions on the quality of work
  54. Damn rod knocking
  55. Comp cams 53900 compatability question
  56. Tuning question - Im a noob...go easy
  57. Question about p29 in my setup...
  58. D-Series CP Pistons For Sale!!!
  59. Looking for complete rebuilt kit
  60. Will d16A6 head work with d16y7?
  61. a6 block freshly rebuilt no oil pressure
  62. Reputable engine shops in NY state or tri state area
  63. D-series vs B-series weight comparison
  64. d16 dizzy in a d15b7
  65. z6 crank in an a6 Block: Compatability Questions
  66. Mini-me spare parts build. Input needed quickly
  67. Prices for machine work....Boston, MA
  68. Check light came on
  69. A/T Drive Plate Removal
  70. z6 shortblock y7 head in 97' civic?
  71. HG problem ... Confused
  72. Worth it?
  73. p29's vs. stage x cam
  74. custom head questions
  75. Crower stg 2 cam question y7 tranny p2e brains
  76. Oil pressure
  77. Almost High As Possible Rev Limit
  78. D16Y8 rods problem
  79. d15b7/z6 timing
  80. Quick question
  81. Changing bearings after 1000 miles on rebuild
  82. Valve seats
  83. d15b/z6 mini me timing belt problems.
  84. Crower Cam question! help!
  85. Does anyone know where to buy a head rebuild kit for d16z6?
  86. My Little motor that could... just couldnt anymore
  87. To rebuild or not to rebuild, that is the question!
  88. Timing issue
  89. Higher compression pistons?
  90. HELP!!!! vitara build..seems to be noisy
  91. Interchangeability of rebuild kits
  92. Stock D16 build
  93. Y7 and Y8 block
  94. Time for a rebuild?
  95. d16a6 rods in a d15b2/y8 build?
  96. Prices for machine work?
  97. What head is PM3-18?
  98. Help with Compresion Ratio
  99. D15Y5/D16Y8 swap
  100. Mini-me conversion help
  101. Need advice
  102. I'm going to rebuild my d16z6 want to inc compression and other questions
  103. Rod question
  104. Help with valves question
  105. Double checking--- Swapping Cam gear
  106. Build questions
  107. Engine cc's
  108. d16z6 block d15b7 head
  109. Mini me questions and confusions
  110. Z6 Performance + Cali Smog =??
  111. Exhaust question
  112. D16a6 help
  113. How to take pistons off the rods
  114. Axle removal... Help Please?
  115. Help d15b7
  116. PM3-3 head
  117. Is this normal
  118. D16y7, quick question
  119. Oil smoke....
  120. d16z6 or mini-me swap in crx?
  121. Question from my little friend
  122. Question on intake manifold?
  123. DOHC zc bairing question..
  124. Block Issue?
  125. Crank snout groove...
  126. not to open a can of worms but: e85
  127. D16z6 budget build!
  128. mini me swap issues
  129. Nippon pm3 Ring Set - Suzuki G16?
  130. D15B7...Rebuild or Swap out?
  131. timing belt cover
  132. D16 throttle body matches
  133. First post
  134. overheating
  135. Heres a prolem to make you think - burning oil in all cylinders!? WTF!?
  136. ok noob question
  137. JUST GOT MY D16y8 virtara running!!!
  138. can anyone tell me how to block of the egr valve on the side of the y5 intake mani?
  139. Performance Parts for JDM D15B
  140. use A6/Z6 ARP Head studs on y8 head swap
  141. picture of stock d16y7 cam gear please
  142. Crankshaft Questions
  143. Can anyone tell me if this is an auto or manual intake manifold?
  144. Rod Bolts?
  145. building an engine
  146. Intake Manifold?
  147. pm6 pistons in z6
  148. D15B2 Claying: Results
  149. Very weird problem...stutter while cranking
  150. Crank gurdle stuck...
  151. Need help and advice
  152. Pulley Holder Confusion
  153. D15B...junkyard style
  154. So I was about to get to work on my block
  155. So I got this block...
  156. Speedi Sleeve
  157. bad cylinder head???
  158. Why the difference
  159. ARP Head Studs
  160. Valve Cover Issue...
  161. d16 swap
  162. Piston weights???
  163. Possible D16Z6 Engine Buid
  164. New cam with engine build?
  165. Milling head-valves or no valves?
  166. Engine swap question b18..can you do this???
  167. I need some advise
  168. D16z6 engine build
  169. Couple of Q's..
  170. Search EJ9 connection diagram for D16Z6 mini me
  171. Problems with piston and rods
  172. Piston Wrist Pins
  173. D15b7/A6 cam. Head mill .040.
  174. cool website when your board
  175. D15b valve clearance
  176. d16y8 intake and exhaust valve CC question
  177. A few mini me swap?
  178. Rahhhhhhhhhhh
  179. What Combo
  180. Pg6 pistons in a d16z6
  181. Re-using metal 3 layer HG with or without copper spray
  182. New Engine Issues
  183. Z6 Block/Y8 Head
  184. vtec
  185. Please help!!!!
  186. What the hell kind of y8 mani is this??
  187. Building engine for boost: Few questions / help please
  188. JDM D15B VTEC Build questions??
  189. d15b7 possible build
  190. Can you put 1.5 head on 1.6 block
  191. D16a6 pistons question
  192. Do I have a problem here?
  193. Shaved 0.020 crank it is safe to use
  194. D16 Camshaft Comparison (Honda | Crane | Crower | Crower | Gude | Skunk2 | Zex )
  195. D16y7 + header + no cat?
  196. Mini me help
  197. Good source for Hastings rings?
  198. Project Fresh
  199. Do it right the first time???
  200. Problem With Vtec Solenoid...
  201. D15B2 manual ??
  202. Turbo build and switching blocks?
  203. Missing?
  204. Looking for the cam card specs of a y8
  205. Does anyone know what the specs are for vitara
  206. Valve adjustment on a d16 z6
  207. Intake manifold
  208. Wire Tuck
  209. Coolant lines, disabling the idle adjustment system.
  210. Where do these parts go?
  211. Quick question...eagle rod cap/arp bolt torque spec
  212. Zoom clutches
  213. D15B to D16Z6
  214. Skunk2 D16A6/B7/B2 springs? Q's for the old school
  215. y8 swap into a eg
  216. New to d-series.... y8 head on y7 block?
  217. Dead car?
  218. What happens when you don't use OEM water pump.
  219. 13.8:1 compression
  220. Problem still not solved, hard to start when hot.
  221. Piston rings, im doing something wrong
  222. Bare block parts list?
  223. Engine Design Discussion
  224. What are the pro's and cons?
  225. Looking for coolant line diagram/pictures
  226. CRX Electric Water Pump Where is it??
  227. D16z6 and D16y8 valve stem seals the same?
  228. Please tell me what you think
  229. OBD0 d15b2 to OBD2 d15b w/ stage 3 VTEC Conversion
  230. Injector Question
  231. Looking for good info on the d16y8 engine, why its designed as it is
  232. Frankenstein Question?
  233. Sorry! another b question....
  234. d15b and d16z6 parts
  235. Is this block ok to rebuild
  236. Honda Cut off
  237. Decking z6 block help
  238. Which ZEX cam, (Again) with milled head on d15b7..and ARP stud question.
  239. My new build ideas...any input...??
  240. Prepping a new engine for the first start
  241. SRP pistons yay or nay
  242. Question!
  243. Answer my question please!!!!
  244. Planning first build, done some homework but still have some questions
  245. Will the cam work?
  246. ARP question. . . . are mine eeff-ed up
  247. a6 crank/y7 block with vitara/eagle question
  248. Decking block for better compression?
  249. Y7 and Y8 blocks
  250. Head Gasket Question