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: Engine Building

  1. Aftermarket roller rockers?
  2. Stripped head bolt threads in the block
  3. ED/EF 4dr swap
  4. Intake mani question
  5. Help with d16y7 build
  6. Mini-me swap help
  7. Introducing myself and my project
  8. SOHC Build up !!
  9. Doc's y8 HC Build. 1st build ever...
  10. SOHC non vtec street build..
  11. Dohc d16a1
  12. What valve guides for a z6
  13. D17a1 Block, D16 head
  14. Which rods fit D16???
  15. I dont know which ECU to use. Need help please!!!
  16. z6,y8,d15b(jdm)
  17. Eristic Gaskets?
  18. Upgraded oil pump
  19. Metal Z6 Headgasket on d15
  20. Slim Fan a good idea?
  21. Idea's on pistons....What u think...?...
  22. Vitaras with....Fj Spec or Eagle
  23. Not sure on getting a 90 hatch
  24. Need a question
  25. All motor d16z6 help?
  26. King Bearings
  27. Exospeed stainless steel valves????
  28. D16y8 Build up or B16 swap?
  29. JDM D15B/D16Z6??? Need help bad!!!!!!
  30. d15b2 in 95 hatch. did I fry something out?
  31. Idle Problems: d16y7 with JDM d15B block
  32. y7 intake to y8 manual intake
  33. New head gasket install!!!!
  34. Aftermarket connecting rods?
  35. Engine Build Question... Will it work?
  36. Building a mild b18b1
  37. D16a6 camshaft
  38. Help super tech valve springs are binding
  39. Engine Storage
  40. B18A1 engine comparisons
  41. Performer x intake manifold question
  42. What is this part of the gasket kit?
  43. Whats swapable between a D15B1 and D16A6?
  44. Sohc build info..
  45. How to id a z6 camshaft?
  46. Engine Just Rebuilt... Idle Problems... Possible Causes?
  47. Engine mount
  48. PM9-3 head on a D15b7 (usdm) block.. 92 civic
  49. y8 header on a b7 block.
  50. Taking apart a pm6 head?
  51. Dual-point throttle body upgrade???
  52. Car studders and cut out at about 12MPH
  53. JDM D15B internals???
  54. Honing my walls
  55. Deck Plates for boring necessary?
  56. Follow along as I build my car and first motor!
  57. H22 Swap Question
  58. Piston Rings?
  59. What to do first?
  60. D15Z6 vs D16y8 inlet manifolds
  61. Head gasket install!!!
  62. Y8 CEL problems
  63. Weird Z6 issue
  64. pm6 ecu code #20 HELP!
  65. D15b7 build help
  66. D16a help required lol
  67. Fuel rail and fpr question
  68. Question about valve seals.
  69. pm3 to be or not to be
  70. First Motor Build (Help a New guy)
  71. I need help with IACV, Crankshaft...
  72. z6 vs b7 i/m the same?
  73. Rod knock on fresh rebuild. D15b2
  74. Cam centerline
  75. Smoking like a mofo after assembly
  76. SC/ plus build?
  77. Reusing a metal headgasket?
  78. Acl std main and rod bearing oil clearances
  79. D15B7 Pistons Into a D16y7
  80. HELP!!! frustrated tired and sad...iacv problems on vitara build
  81. Rebuilding a d16z6 with a spun bearing
  82. In regards to: Main Bearing Cap Bridge Bolts
  83. d16z6 motor build
  84. where do i lift?
  85. can sum1 help wit mini me on my hatch
  86. Does this like right?
  87. D16Y8 Baffled oil pan
  88. d16 blocks
  89. Why ebay sellers need to know what they are selling
  90. Rod bearing clearance question
  91. D16A head/y8 block.. little confused
  92. No spark after compression test?
  93. Car starts but does not hold idle
  94. z6 rear crank support on a y8
  95. BLACKWORKS valve springs? Worth the 140$ or no?
  96. Timing Q on d15b
  97. Another roller rocker Question
  98. z6 swap....water pipe swap?
  99. bisi level 3 cam with boost?
  100. jdm d15b mini me
  101. Itbs build up begin ! pics inside :)
  102. Gude or Exospeed - A6 build Questions
  103. Low boost VS NA for my new engine rebuild?
  104. Buildin h/c d16 how long should i?
  105. After market Pistons
  106. Buying a "rebuilt" head
  107. d16y8 crankshaft/pully issue
  108. My build (need help)
  109. Thermal coating/barrier
  110. z6 head building
  111. z6 block, y8 head...obd1
  112. d15b help again
  113. y7 to y8 intake manifold iacv question
  114. vitara help please
  115. Crank pully and gear question
  116. Timing job 4 custom setup. Important question???????
  117. 1990 EF2 Civic sedan QUESTION??????????
  118. y7 block/y8 head
  119. Another N/A D16y8 Build. My 1st thou......
  120. Installing Eagle Rods and CP HC Pistons....
  121. What dizzy is this???
  122. I Smell oil =O
  123. Ticking
  124. I call this the "Billy Madison" build
  125. D15B, D16Z6 quick question?
  126. What Pistions for NA rebuild
  127. d15b7/z6 mini me got fuel and spark but no start??
  128. Worth the sacrifice ? Pics inside !
  129. Denso 3 bar map sensor or not ?
  130. HELP! Mini me frying ICM
  131. D16Y8 got over bore can I change it for a D16Y7 ?
  132. P29 in a stock rebuild kit?
  133. D16 Build and questions...
  134. Blackworks valve springs? any expirience
  135. Mini-me swap question
  136. Looking for Turbo Superkit for Honda civic with D16Z6 Engine
  137. Have a question about a motor...
  138. Crespocams valve springs???
  139. dohc zc needs timing??need some help!!
  140. D15b vtec in my 92 vx
  141. tdc
  142. z6 vs zcvtec vs d15b vs y8 valve springs.
  143. Swap complication
  144. H23 in a 93 coupe
  145. ZC y8 build
  146. Sometimes get a slight antifreeze smell under hard acceleration...
  147. Cant find OEM head bolts for JDM D15B SOHC VTEC anywhere?
  148. lower timign belt cover
  149. My findings on Delta 260 and 272 non-vtec cams
  150. D16y7 build in California
  151. d16y8;bad stories?
  152. Oil Cooler Question
  153. Scouring on the rocker cylinders
  154. Crower stage 2 camshaft. do i really?
  155. Cam binding up, HELP!!
  156. This has probably been gone over many of times...
  157. Need help asap....no spark
  158. HELP!? just put a d15b2 in the hatch. WONT START!
  159. Head gaskets
  160. Need a new hg, any ideas?
  161. Qustion on D16 bearings
  162. How to identify an a6 cam vs a 1.5 camshaft
  163. what could i do to my D16ZC and build into a mini me
  164. Machine shop ls rods
  165. D16z6 / B15
  166. Removing spark plug tubes
  167. Non interference motor's?
  168. 1991 civic hatch back stutter problem!!!please help
  169. Need help y7 block z6 head
  170. Overbore?
  171. D16A6 bearings -> D16Y8?
  172. Hi! I am an idiot :) Please help me with my ITBs...
  173. Bisimoto Dyno Vault
  174. y8 HG on d16z6
  175. quick Q about ring thickness, D16Y
  176. Need serious help!!! Obd2 d15b 3stage vtec
  177. Need crankshaft answer quick
  178. Ebay Head Gasket Bolt Set
  179. Turbo d16y7/y8 smokin
  180. About to buy built D
  181. ok did a mpfi swap and i have no power to any of the injectors
  182. HELP Part number Vtec Seals?
  183. Car starts but wont stay running
  184. Head and block decked - dowel pin too long?
  185. Building my Y8
  186. Na d16y7
  187. z6/y7 mini me.NEED HELP
  188. Need help with a choice
  189. Anyone ever have a skunk2 water neck issue
  190. Mild z6 build
  191. Need help with compression ratio
  192. Got fuel got spark im time...no start
  193. Intake mainfold
  194. Help on a loud exhaust!!!
  195. 96-99 ZC sohc nonvtec into a 95 civic hatch
  196. LS Vtec little problem with the timming plastic cover.
  197. What can I bolt on to d15b8 to up my power
  198. Ok so Today the engine finally died
  199. Any advice?
  200. Mix and match
  201. And you thought p29's were bad..
  202. D16 fastener kit
  203. Vtec-e qustions
  204. Zc/y8 mini me in obd0 crx dizzy ?
  205. Looking for pistons, D-series
  206. my del sol build :D
  207. My del sol build :D
  208. Z6/Y8 head/intake Hybrid
  209. maybe a noob
  210. Rebuilding a D15
  211. Fresh y8 turbo build
  212. Help! z6 Pistons?
  213. Y8 and Z6 pump rotors are the same.
  214. D16Y8 Engine Build Up
  215. SoCal D-Series Part Out!
  216. Would you???
  217. My ring lands packed up! (w/ pics)
  218. Head cleaning, how?
  219. rankenhead
  220. Just Built a D16A6. Head Choices?
  221. I think my engine is dieing :(
  222. First motor build
  223. Swap question
  224. Compression Calculator
  225. Anyone else have any problems with MLS headgaskets?
  226. Timing and CEL needed help OBD2-OBD1 p28
  227. PM7 pistons - question about the oil temperature
  228. ummmm idk
  229. Quick Question
  230. D15Z1 to a D15B
  231. Fuel line on the dohc zc.
  232. Im about done with machine shops
  233. What I did today!
  234. What happends when your rods are mixed up?
  235. Head swap
  236. Car wont start!!!!!!!!
  237. Freshening up a D16Y8
  238. D15b7 with a d16y7 head
  239. Valve adjustment
  240. What should be fabbed for the D but isn't?
  241. Is it possible...?
  242. D16Y8 oil pump. Can you swap in a D16Z6 pump?
  243. Installing 450 cc injectors
  244. Single layer for high boost?
  245. D16Z6 questions...please help!
  246. U.K EJ9 D14....Tuning tips please.
  247. I got a Crower regrind is this good ?
  248. Mini me question
  249. Crank pullies looks like it wobbles
  250. D15B2 Build Scenario