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: Engine Building

  1. D16 Head on a D17 Block - Discussion
  2. Camshaft Y7
  3. d16z6 w/ p29s - break-in Q's
  4. fuel pressure regulator
  5. Need Help Rebuilding
  6. Foos plays with a 4th gen
  7. D15B7 Worth rebuilding?
  8. Jdm D15b with y8. what timing belt?
  9. Good cam for a JDM d15b vtec?
  10. Civic D13B Carb to MPFI Turbo build
  11. KMS pistons+FJ custom Ibeams
  12. Y7 Head clean-up
  13. got some build questions
  14. Swapping z6 head onto a y8
  15. Question on automatic y8 head
  16. d16a6/z6 head bolts
  17. Mpfi swap help, fuel line from filter to rail question
  18. What spark plugs?
  19. d15b2 minime camgear
  20. jdm D15B build
  21. d16z6 build
  22. Rocker arm question
  23. Beating a Dead Horse: The Great Torque vs. Horsepower Debate
  24. weird clicking noise
  25. My project head
  26. making my d15b 4 injecters and vtec
  27. d15 dizzy need to rewire to obd2
  28. D16y5 burnt rod journal
  29. Clutch trouble.. Already tried a few things
  30. Clutch bolt Question
  31. d16a6 build
  32. d14a4 to a d16z6
  33. z6 into a 90 std hatch
  34. Machining Prices?
  35. Rebuilding motor to stock specs, machining questions
  36. Piston scratch
  37. d15 ek kinda starts problem
  38. Grinding sound on cold start-ups
  39. Hm what about D14? Need some help in here :P
  40. just when u think its perfect the build fails
  41. Need help with MPFI & head swap on OBD0
  42. MPFI Swap help please
  43. help
  44. d15 color code
  45. Help help help
  46. Need some CARB advice (fork in the rebuild road)
  47. Yet another prob from mini build
  48. Oil Breather Box and Engine Harness Rebel Plug
  49. To notch, or not to notch? (the main cap)(pics inside)
  50. Replacing a D16Y5 with a D16Y8
  51. Bearing question
  52. Torquing arp rod bolts
  53. 1.64 r/s d15b build idea
  54. d16 ore d14 underdrive crank pulley better?
  55. Need help installing a oil pressure/temp guage...
  56. Econobuild: HF vs VX heads
  57. Best maneger for tune??
  58. blox tb
  59. D16y8 head on a D16y7 block
  60. How does this setup look? Please Scrutinize.
  61. Better intake for an ek
  62. Latter half of a rebuild... couple questions.
  63. Quest for More Power
  64. Question about snapped timing belt
  65. Looking for a good website...
  66. acl vs king bearings
  67. Vitara/Eagle compression??
  68. Motor Mounts
  69. D16Y2's camshaft gear same with D16Y7/D16Y8's camshaft gear?
  70. What timming covers
  71. Does this look ok? (d15b build assemble stage)
  72. Question about setup
  73. Anyone using a y8 crank in a z6?
  74. xxx can someone help me xxx
  75. Reputable place I can buy an engine?
  76. civic hx p2p?'s
  77. D17A2 head on D15b2??
  78. dented bearings?
  79. 91 civic hatch
  80. Bike carb setup
  81. Mini-Me Questions
  82. Cam for d16a? (the JDM vtec one)
  83. Rebuilt block, or not? Pics, please help.
  84. d16z6 worth rebuilding?
  85. ZC or mini me
  86. Grounds???
  87. Eagle rod bolts
  88. D17 Stroker Q's
  89. Stock B series cams for boost
  90. My Boosted y8 build.
  91. Motor gets pull next week
  92. Help with building my block
  93. DPFI to MPFI Build question
  94. D-series tranny choice?
  95. Blown engine, options what to do?
  96. help finding parts
  97. I need valve keepers
  98. Question about head studs for a A6 ZC motor
  99. what pistons
  100. Motorcycle Exhaust On A Car?
  101. ah shizzle! what this in my mail box?
  102. my big idea (motor build plans) help me if im wrong.
  103. race gas, what mod to the ecu?
  104. Intake manifold
  105. Quick question z6 bottom end
  106. Need help!
  107. Cam selection
  108. Cant figure it out
  109. I searched...another mini me question
  110. Mini me swap part duex
  111. Camshaft has to much thrust play
  112. Mild head..how much?
  113. Which ones?
  114. Did we ever find flow numbers?
  115. D16.Y7 ..new guy.
  116. b18 obd0 conversion help
  117. California CARB information
  118. Help? plz.. lol
  119. z6 /p29 pistons
  120. d17a2
  121. D17 rods with D16 pistons
  122. Piston choices
  123. z1/z6 minime turbo build ,need help
  124. Build Help and Options
  125. Mini me swap issues
  126. d15 engine question: decking
  127. D16Y8 Turbo Build
  128. Torque Wrench Loss
  129. Vitaras and Custom FJ Rod Compression Test
  130. not quite a d, but a harness question
  131. d15b vti cam
  132. Possible diagnosis to engine problem???
  133. Fastest way to remove motor?
  134. The Big Boy Internals Thread
  135. D16y8 head parts in d16y5 head
  136. Done a compression check on my Vitara/Eagle Build today
  137. HELP!!!!!!!!
  138. What motor should i bulid
  139. Will it work need some advise
  140. Causes of low oil pressure in a z6?
  141. Ring clocking diagram
  142. a6 head on d15b7 block
  143. In Need of major Help, d15b head to d15z block
  144. Removing valve springs?
  145. Hasting or NPR rings? CanĚt make a choice
  146. Jdm d15b swap going down hill
  147. Headers that fit a/c???
  148. Head Surface Turned Black
  149. best piston rings for high comp..? And where from?!
  150. Polishing exhust port
  151. Timing belt needed?
  152. DOHC or SOHC? goin from muscle to tuner...which one shld build
  153. d16z6?
  154. Identifitying a cam?
  155. Ported head "is it good enough?"
  156. So my crank is out and well...
  157. Where d16 Rods, Piston and Race Bearing for rebuild to buy?
  158. My block wants the best head available
  159. How much is too much
  160. Wtf iac mofo
  161. Mini Me swap debate going on in my head!
  162. What are flow rates of a6 head?
  163. a6 obd2?
  164. Vtec killer cams
  165. online shops
  166. Vitara build wanting more cr
  167. D16z6 crankshaft
  168. Building my DOHC ZC
  169. d16z6 turbo build
  170. New To The Site Mini Me ??
  171. Sleeved block - take a look
  172. Help... pulling my hair out.
  173. My D16a1 and my b18b1
  174. Arp head studs
  175. d16a6 build
  176. Pump gas build
  177. weird problems with d15
  178. D15b1 with y8 Head?
  179. Custom length timing belts
  180. Timing belt question
  181. Buring oil and coolant?
  182. Blox internals???
  183. Name that mount!... please?
  184. Eagle/Vitara after 13,000 Miles
  185. Oil pan bolts?
  186. New to the scene
  187. Y8/Y7 mini me help
  188. D16a6 turbo build
  189. Oem parts for JDM d15b engine
  190. b series throttle body on a d16y8
  191. JDM d15b cam in mini me y7/y8???
  192. B2 cam, y8 head?? help...
  193. Differances between d16z6 and zc vtec?
  194. Name this failure...
  195. D16z6 75mm vitara ptw
  196. D16z6 crank pulley?
  197. Stroker
  198. Replacing the oil pump.
  199. d16z6 valves with d15b head
  200. ARP head studs on my mini me?
  201. what head is this
  202. Confused about vtec? please help
  203. My D16z6 build
  204. Junkyard motor
  205. "i was putting on a new headgasket"
  206. Just bought a 93 hatch w/ mini me... has questions
  207. Alright I have to ask, what's the best I can do...
  208. d16z6 with y8 parts
  209. Some of my port & polish works
  210. d16y8 built for boost
  211. Mini me IACV?
  212. BENT VALVE?!?! please advise
  213. Cam suggestions for y7
  214. Installing cam in b7...
  215. Question bout Turbos.
  216. HELP me plz!
  217. F22b1 build and swap. GET 'ER DONE
  218. Spark plug tube
  219. D15Z6 Head on D15Z3?
  220. a6/ z6 minime tight dowel pins
  221. dpfi to mpfi gasket question
  222. 200k Z6 need HG and more
  223. D15b7 head on D16A6 block.
  224. z6 crank+girtle y8 block
  225. Build D15b7 from D15b2
  226. noob vitara build w/ PICTURES!
  227. Some help on a d15b project
  228. Thickness of oil give rod knock?
  229. Question on throttle body.
  230. Question about the plugs on the Vtec.
  231. I have a y7 can i put the head off of a z6
  232. PGM-FI harness question
  233. help! trying to start a build: d16z6
  234. d16y8 first engine rebuild
  235. obd2a d15b2 help
  236. Stripped head bolt
  237. What is a D15B2 Block made out of?
  238. Y8 gasket question...
  239. y7 block/z6 head
  240. Knocking head? Engine perfectly healthy (video inside)
  241. Knocking D16
  242. Water and Oil ? what is normal
  243. Swapping to carb set-up
  244. Valve cover fit?
  245. Random intake question...
  246. y8 swap wiring
  247. Another Gasket Kit Question..(yea I searched)
  248. Need help. Rpms go up and stay up.
  249. Cyl bores out of wack?
  250. d16 help